ASUS RT-N56U with Multiple Xbox's Just wanted to see if anyone has hooked up two Xbox's and got them both to have an open NAT with this router? I noticed the reviewer American Taxpayer says he has two hooked up and he gave a great review and didn't report any problems, so sounds like it works fine. I just have to have this work since we play with two Xbox's simultaneously all the time and I know some routers will not work very good like this. UPnP has to work correctly. Thanks.
asked by J.B. on March 11, 2011
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JB: So I just got this router and I absolutely love it, it has a one-touch Quality Of Service feature that automatically looks for "Gaming Traffic" and gives it priority. It works, lag has almost vanished, and when I'm hosting in Black Ops or Reach I can genuinely see the difference in my K/D ratio from my old lynksys p.o.s. router.
Now I just had a new roommate move in who is also running xbox (we both have the new elites) and once the router shook hands with his we haven't had any problem with the NAT type, and I could be in the middle of the Gears 3 Beta and he'll be playing co-op in Portal 2 and I cant even tell that someone else is online
erin badger answered on May 10, 2011

Erin: Thanks a lot for the info. That's good to hear. That's the same games we usually play.
J.B. answered on May 19, 2011
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