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on July 26, 2012
Ok, for starters, I'm not some blind fan-boy trying to boost the hype behind this thing. I'm more the type to tear it down if it wasn't worth every penny I paid for it. I have been using Android for several years and am very familiar with it's pros and cons.

I have to say, honestly, I haven't touched my laptop or netbook and have barely used my phone (for anything other than calls) since I got my Infinity (and dock.) Truth be told, I'm using it to write this review.

Display: The display on this thing is nothing short of beautiful. I've always loved the idea of watching movies on my back patio. Unfortunately, it's been a headache-producing, eye-squinting nightmare on every tablet, computer, phone and portable DVD player I've owned...until now. I intentionally loaded it up with Resident Evil: Apocalypse (because of the many dark scenes in it) and headed for the back yard. After being thoroughly impressed with how well I could see the movie, I decided to walk around the yard with it, in the midday sun. Only then did I have to turn on IPS+ to see the darker scenes and it worked perfectly. This display renders colors very true (not over-saturated or washed out) and blacks and whites are BLACK and WHITE. Text is crisp far smaller than I'd ever be willing to spend any time reading.

Speed: I don't know what else to say but it's very VERY fast. I've loaded over 225 apps of many different varieties on it, so I'd say I've put it through its paces. Now, I'm not saying that you won't have a sluggish moment here or there. What I AM saying is that if you do, it's probably the app you're using that's to blame. A poorly written app can cause a plague of problems on any device. I have a couple of apps that I'm willing to forgive shortcomings for because of functionality they offer but I can say that their shortcomings aren't nearly as apparent on this tablet as they have been on any of my other Android devices.

Battery: If I beat it REALLY hard, I can kill the battery (tablet only) in about 6 hours. My version of beating it really hard is multi-tab web browsing with Flash turned on, switching back and forth between several other apps, installing apps, downloading from my account, playing some games, using a remote desktop client, etc. All the while running either native movies or YouTube streams in Stick It Player (resize-able, floating, video player window that renders on top of whatever app you have open.) If I use it like most people would normally use a tablet, I can easily break the 10 hour mark (tablet only.) With the dock (I'm using the Prime dock,) I get anywhere between 9 and 16 hours of use out of it.

Dock: I'm using a Transformer Prime TF201 dock because A) It has a bigger battery than the Infinity dock and B) it was about $50 cheaper than the Infinity dock. It works perfectly. All of the ports, the keys, the charging, etc. work exactly as they should. One thing is, it's a little bit tighter of a fit but all that really means is that there's less play and you have to manually slide the lock over to secure it.

Cameras: Front-facing is great for video chat (tested with Google+ Hangouts and Skype) and the rear-facing takes absolutely beautiful pictures. I'm almost willing to consider being "that guy" who uses his tablet instead of a camera.

Bottom Line: I haven't found a single thing I dislike about this tablet. It really is everything they say it is, which is rare in this day and age. I would happily buy this tablet again.

Edit: Now that I've had it long enough for the newness to wear off enough that I'm actually willing to put it down once in a while, I'm getting 12-13 hours of battery life on the tablet alone and 17-18 with the dock. Again, results may vary but I'm still at the heavy end of the usage spectrum, so I don't foresee anyone having to worry about finding an outlet in the middle of the day.

EDIT #2:For Christmas, my wife bought me a Sandisk Ultra 64 GB micro SDXC card.
I have tested it in both SD slots and the USB port (via USB card reader) and it works in all three. Apparently there are some SDXC cards that aren't working properly with the Infinity, so I thought I should post a link to one that does. DO NOT reformat this card. It works perfectly right out of the box with the standard exFAT format it comes with.
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on July 19, 2012
This device is very slick in both style and design. I would compare it to the elegance of the Ipad. The device is also very light, and I have no problems holding it hours on end. Even while reading e-books and supporting it on my chest its lighter then a real book. Watching 1080p videos on this is incredible and the built-in speaker sounds pretty good too.

We also have a Plex Media server in our house. I installed the Plex Android Client on the tablet and tried streaming both 720 and 1080 content. The streaming performance was outstanding. Not one glitch even when moving from floor to floor. The other cool thing is you can do is output the tablets video through the micro-hdmi connector to your TV. Wow. We have a a TV in our basement that's not connected to cable so I decided to try it. It was just like having a blu-ray player on the TV! I also tried Netflix, Hulu and Crackle. Both performed without any issues. I can't wait to travel for work with this thing! No more boring nights in the hotel room.

I'm not a big gamer, but if you go into the TegraZone app download a game called "Dead Trigger". You won't believe the graphics.

When I bought this I knew it didn't have cellular conductivity, but that didn't bother me since I always carry my Android phone. What you need to do if you don't have WiFi, but have a phone with data is install a tethering app on your phone. This allows your phone to function as a WiFi access point to which your tablet can connect to. I use this on my quite a bit with my laptop. The tablet works the same.

I recently got the keyboard dock and this really extends the functionality of the device. For one if your typing quite a bit the keyboard vs the screen is much more productive. Two, the dock also has another battery which extends the battery life to 14.5. It also contains an SD card slot and a USB port. I bought the TF201 dock which is used on the older "Prime" unit, but it does work on the "Infinity". This will save you $50 if you want the dock. Use Goggle there blowing out the old docks for $99 bucks.

Asus recently announced that Jelly Bean is coming for this device in the next few months! :)!
The latest firmware update from 7-28-12 fixed the slow usb transfer speeds. ver:

Super fast performance.
Love the IPS screen mode when using the tablet outside.
Touch is very accurate.
Screen size is perfect for reading a full size html website and ebooks.
Outstanding Video performance.
Front and rear cameras. Quality seems pretty good, but not as good as standalone camera.
GPS performance is great, even inside my house. I use the CoPilot app.
Side button placement does not interfere with your hand placement irregardless of the tablets orientation. The buttons also take a good amount of pressure to engage, thus when its sitting on something (like your lap) the button wont accidentally get pressed.
WiFi conductivity is excellent. No problems connecting and maintaining connections. Signal strength is great.

No 5Ghz wireless N support. Only 2.4 Ghz is supported.
Not running the latest Android OS (Jelly Bean).
Internal speaker is on the back of unit. Sound is muffled if its laying down on a table.
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on July 20, 2012

I just deleted my original 5-star, glowing review (I was one of the first early adopters who bought the TF700T when it first came out last Summer).. I was eagerly waiting almost a year for a full-HD tablet and on paper everything looks good and should be good. This was my first tablet and of course I didn't know better so everything seemed nice and "fast" at the beginning, just like the 70% of people giving 5-star reviews here right after purchasing this tablet. Well, what an expensive mistake it turned out to be!

After 8 months of daily use and having tried other TF700Ts (all with similar issues) and comparing it to other newer hi-res tablets, I'm *gladly* getting rid of it. Despite the quad-processor and all the nice on-paper-only-specs, what kills it is the slow NAND RAM memory (not the storage memory) and the ASUS GUI overlay on top of Jelly Bean. To make things worse and adding insult to injury, the RAM is limited to 1GB(!).. it's like having a PC with very slow non-upgradeable 512MB RAM after system overhead. It makes using the tablet feel "bloated", lagging and excruciatingly slow. Of course people who just bought it (including me then) are blinded by the shinny full-HD screen (pun intended) and excited by the on-paper-only potential but that wears off pretty soon once you put the tablet to heavy use and realize how other tablets handle the same load. Don't take me wrong, the tablet works relatively well doing passive stuff (like reading) and the screen is bright and nice but that's it. The first months I was hoping for a miraculous firmware update, many came but nothing really changed. This thing stutters while browsing or just using apps. Typing gets extremely annoying if you are used to fast computers, smartphones or newer tablets. It takes time for the tablet to catch up with you and sometimes freezes up or blanks out. No, not even cold re-booting or updating to the latest firmware will fix this (I just updated to ASUS's latest modified version of Android 4.2.1) and it's still slow and buggy. Yes, you could root the 700T (cleanrom, data2SD) but that misses the point. I should not be the one half-fixing a mediocre engineered tablet and on top of that losing my warranty doing it. Besides SD cards have limited read/write cycles.

I bought a Nexus 10 directly from Google and the difference is like night and day, the Nexus is very snappy and you don't feel the "lag" time while typing, browsing or just interacting with the tablet. You don't feel like running faster than the tablet despite the fact that the Nexus pushes way more pixels than the TF700T. And yes, I'm using the same apps and browser. I also got an OTG micro-USB adapter to use my flash drives, micro-SD memory cards and hard drive with my N10. Pure Android is the way to go from now on. I want the Android experience the way Google designed it: clean, lean and fast. With Nexus devices you get quick updates directly from Google servers, which is the icing on the cake. Just in case you are wondering, devices in the Nexus series although produced by different OEM's, they are mainly designed and sold directly by Google to showcase it's Android operating system at it's best and of course do not have manufacturer (or wireless carrier) modifications and are also unlocked. OEM branded devices (Asus, Samsung, Sony, LG, HTC, etc) usually have heavily modified and bloated OS overlays on top of Android.

Also, another reason not to buy this tablet is that the 700T is almost 1 year old (it was announced last Spring) so hopefully expect an improved model soon with fixed specs. Of course I would not get one because of the modified version of Android they use with ASUS bloatware and other crappola which is always running in the background bogging down everything. But that is just me.
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on July 21, 2012
*** Update 11/3/13: So I decided to do an update to my review since there are still people buying this tablet. Just my two cents. I do like this tablet, but it has a major I/O bottleneck issue. You can research this yourself to find out what it really means, but what it comes down to is that the device will slow down and even become choppy. There are workarounds for it but from what I see it is only minimal performance increase. As I stated below, when you pay over $500.00 for something, you should be able to install as many apps that you want from the PlayStore and it shouldn't slow things down. I hear using different browsers helps and uninstalling some apps, but once again, why have a tablet if you can't have all these apps installed, especially when you get a 64 GB model like I did. I have not rooted, and have not unlocked. I'm over my year warranty but I'm not one to delve into modifying a device and risk bricking it. It is still usable, and games run smoothly. It just isn't up to par with my standards for being really slick. It started out smooth, but moved on to being jittery and unpredictable at times. I don't have any screen issues like others have reported. I have moved my star rating down yet another notch because of these consistent I/O bottleneck issues that haven't been fixed and not sure they can be fixed by OTA updates. I still like most of the things about this tablet, but I feel that today, there are probably better devices out there. Maybe they don't have the keyboard dock with the SD card slot, or the Micro SD card slot on the tablet, HDMI output and USB port that we all love to have, but when it comes down to it, I want a stable smooth product and this just isn't quite living up to my expectations and I am clearly not the only one who loved it at first then became disappointed after a while.

*** Update 4/5/13: Jellybean 4.2 came out the other day, I updated and it works fine. Please note that Photosphere is not included, apparently this is only on Certain tablets like Nexus 10. I was hoping for it, but it isn't there. Also, my tablet is slowing down a good bit and hiccups more than I would like. I'm considering doing a clean slate format to see if that clears things up a bit. Overall I'm still happy, but for the specs and money we pay, you would think it would be consistently smooth and it just isn't. I'm dropping my rating by one star for this. Keep in mind this is just my experience. I hear other people say they have no problems at all. Maybe I have just too many apps installed, but isn't that the purpose of having a tablet? I have also installed some apps from Amazon's free app of the day, so those can slow it down too I suppose. I may just format it and only install the stuff I regularly use and see if there is a performance boost. If I get around to it, I will update to advise how the factory reset worked. At times there are no issues at all, so who knows what I will do. PS, mine is not rooted. I've only done the push notification updates from Asus.

*** Update 1/21/13: Thought I would update to say that I still love my non-rooted Infinity. There have been a few updates since the Jellybean 4.1.1 came around, and so far everything is going pretty good. I still notice some hangups here and there when using certain websites on the stock browser. Many people prefer other browsers so you might want to try those out if the stock it sluggish for you. The current build number on mine is which is supposed to improve MicroSD card compatibility, guarantees that the music played in the background will no longer have lag if the user is switching between tabs in the browser, and also fixes an issue where some exported videos cannot be played to the end, a few bugs for the camera, Mio map, and movie studio app are fixed. I have seen a few apps in the store that were not compatible with this tablet. At this time I don't recall which ones they were, games, or Live wallpapers, or what, but I was surprised. Most games run silky smooth, but there are some that have glitches. Facebook is horrible on this tablet, and I'm not sure why. Pictures are HUGE in your regular news feed. I wish those were reduced in size unless you click on it, but that is most likely the app, not the tablet. The latest Youtube app is no longer able to play full screen since it is missing that button, but I hear they may be working on that. Workaround is to uninstall the updates.
Photos have been really smooth in transitions since the latest updates, so now when flipping thru, it is really snappy. I currently have about 349 apps installed overall. I'm sure things would run more smoothly if I uninstall some, but where is the fun in that. I have stuff there for me and other people. My TF201 keyboard dock works great. It used to be a tight fit, but now it works perfectly. I don't notice any other problems with the dock. GPS locks on lightning fast. I get over 31 Mbps on's app. I do notice significant decrease in Wifi thru just a few walls, but it still works well. Mt favorite wallpaper, which I chose to buy the full version, is called GyroSpace 3D. But Planets Pack is great too. Battery life is great alone, and even better with the keyboard dock. I still highly recommend this table if you like customizable options. If you are a stickler for stability, then you may prefer the Apple line of products, but I am very content with my Infinity.
Still waiting on the official Jellybean 4.2. Hope this helps everyone.

****Update 10/1/12: I just received my Jellybean update to version 4.1.1 and so far so smooth. I do notice a smoother experience while scrolling on the homescreen and in the default browser. There are a few enhancements to the lock screen and when you press the power button in for a few second you get a few different options. The upgrade did not delete any apps for those concerned about it. But it is usually recommended that you backup anything you are concerned about losing. The Gallery scrolls much more smoothly now. Very nice. They added Asus MyFrame in the Live Wallpaper. Just an overall improvement so far. And Adobe Flash seems to be working fine on mine. I will test out more of it tonight and report any odd findings or any cool features. I'm sure they will be posted somewhere though. Have fun everyone!!!

****Update 8/29/12: Sorry for the constant updates, but I forgot to include in yesterday's update that I have been experiencing an odd behavior with my Infinity. I usually use the keyboard-docked Infinity and when done, I just close it to put it to sleep, then when I open it later, all is fine... I may do this a few times, then suddently, here and there when I open it, I get a blank black screen and I have to press and hold the power button for about 10 seconds and it restarts. This is a little annoying when you want to open it quickly to do something, so I have no idea why it does this. I always have it docked to the keyboard, so I don't know if that is the underlying problem or if it is something else. Thought it was worth noting, but not enough to cause me to drop a star rating.

****Update 8/28/12: Time for a much needed update. So first I'd like to start by saying that I'm very satisfied with the tablet. It isn't perfect, but it suits my needs. I have no regrets getting the Infinity.
I will let you know that a new problem that I have noticed is sometimes, during some web browsing, the default browser will freeze up and then just close by itself. The good thing is that when I reopen it, it takes me right back to where I was. Some sites that I use with a login have quirks that make it annoying, but not enough to make me mad.
Another thing I noticed is when playing videos that are at 720p, I notice a little stutter now and then, as if it pauses for a millisecond, but the audio stays in sync. Doesn't happen all the time, but still happens even when on the Performance mode setting. I haven't read anything about anyone else having this issue, so maybe I have to adjust something or turn off other apps running in the background. I thought it was worth mentioning.
Games run smoothly, most web browsing is smooth, Youtube plays nicely. I'm Still happy.

****Update 7/27/12: First off there was an firmare update over the weekend. For those that don't know, Asus is very good at pushing out updates. This seems like a big one and it only stated that it was to improve performance, but I found an online comment of the changelog, and it was a lot of stuff. For info, look it up. firmware v9.4.5.26 should help you find the info.
OK, regarding my comment below about Riptide, turns out that it only needed the options tweaked to higher graphics and now it looks a lot better. I guess the default is the lowest settings to improve performance. But the Infinity has no problem handling the graphics boosted all the way up to the highest setting. I'm sure we will still run into some problems with the apps not being enhanced for the 1920 × 1200 screen.
I'm still loving my Infinity. Hope everyone is having a good experience with their tablet as well, regardless of which brand or model you chose. There is something for everyone.

****Update 7/28/12: Sorry for the constant updates, but I figured some people would want to know any additional info as I find out more info. I loaded Draw Something app and it will not open on my Infinity 64GB. It loads the company logo then just closes. I've seen several apps in the Playstore that are not compatible with this device.
Also just be careful with the case you order if you get one because several say they are for the Prime and Infinity, but the buttons are located in different places, so it won't work. I found a nice one which I will review as well. Fits nice and snug. It is the Poetic Infinity Case TF700 PU Leather Portfolio Stand for tablet and keyboard dock. All cameras are viewable without any blockage, just no magnet holding it closed. I ordered it here at Amazon.
After several days playing with the Infinity, i can say that there are slight glitches, but I love it. I feel that it was well worth the money and the wait. Just my opinion.

****Update 7/26/12: So I purchased the full version of Riptide GP, and when I started it up, I was disappointed in the graphics this time around. It looked great on the Prime, very crisp and clean. But on the Infinity, the edges of everything are very jagged including the water splashes on the screen. I assume that this has to do with the HD screen, and the game wasn't designed for that 1920 × 1200 full HD screen. It runs smoothly, but looks crappy. Hopefully an update will come out that fixes this. I also got the demo of Puddle, and it looks really bad too. Let me rephrase that, it doesn't look as good as I thought it would. Plus the physics of the liquid isn't as smooth as I think it should run. I'm mentioning these games because I think it has to do with the games not being enhanced for the 1920 × 1200 screen. I don't blame the device itself, just the lack of support for now.

****Update 7/24/12: I've browsed some websites, played some games, played some lower res .avi clips, watched some Youtube videos at different qualities, and everything seems very nice and smooth. There were some minor hiccups in watching some videos at times, but could have been due to many other reasons, like the internet connection at the time, etc. I've seen that happen on the iPad 2 also.
Also, when viewing high resolution photos that I've taken on my digital camera, as soon as you pull up the photo, it starts out looking kind of low resolution, but about 1 second later, it pops into really clear resolution. So if you flip through pictures quickly, you won't necessarily see them in their full glory, unless you allow it a second to fill in the detail. This is true even with the default sample photos on the Infinity. I believe my Prime (when I had it) did the exact same thing. No worries to me. I think when I viewed the photos on an iPad 2, they showed up straight away without having to redraw the details like that. I will check later tho about the iPad 2. I don't know anyone with the New iPad to compare there.
And can anyone else download the Starlight Live Wallpaper Free version and let me know if it is all screwed up now? I think it has to do with the wallpapers showing the full image and remaining static vs. scrolling side to side as you swipe the main screens left and right. I really hope this gets an option to switch to either option in the Jellybean OS update, which JB has been confirmed for this tablet with no set release date as of yet.

****Update 7/22/12: So while typing on Amazon comments, I had some weird glitches happening where the cursor would jump suddenly to another part of the text field and it really was annoying. I will try another virtual keyboard other than the default one that I'm currently using.

****Update: I forgot to mention the charge time for the tablet. I charged it fully as recommended before using it initially. Then I let it run down to 1%. I timed it to see how long it would take to fully charge back to 100%. Time taken was 2 hours and 5 minutes. This is just the tablet, nothing to do with the docking keyboard.

My initial review: So after many months of waiting since returning my Asus Transformer Prime, I finally received my Infinity. For the most part it looks similar, but there are some noticeable enhancements. I'll start with my pros and cons and will only mention things that matter to me, and I may miss some things that you find important. Just ask in the comments if you need any questions answered and I will do my best to get back to you.
*I opted for the Amethyst Grey color this time around, and although I really like it, I think I prefer the Champagne Gold. But regardless, both colors are very nice. I don't think you can really go wrong either way.
*The screen is very nice and higher resolution to the previous Prime. I hear people complain about it being a fingerprint magnet, but I've used many tablets, and they ALL are fingerprint magnets. Using a good stylus can help here, and the cloth that comes with it works perfectly for cleaning those nasty fingerprints.
*Asus did not load too much bloatware, and the stuff they did preload is mostly useful. Some people may not agree, but at least there aren't too many really large preloaded apps.
*I got the 64 GB model, and that is plenty of storage, plus the MicroSD card slot adds to that, and the cloud storage. We should be good to go for a while.
*Sound is excellent for being a single speaker. Using headphones sounds even better yet for music or games.
*Power button is easier to use than the Prime, and the volume rocker is placed in a better location IMO.
*So far apps have run smoothly. I'm sure there will be glitches but none yet.
*Web browsing is smooth so far also. I'm using the default browser for now to test it out.
*As most people know, it supports Flash. This was important to me.
*Both cameras were upgraded and are very nice. I still have to play around more with it to get to know it better.
*ICS OS runs pretty good. This can get better if and when we get JB.
*GPS locks on really quickly for me. It took forever on my Prime when I had it, so this was nice to see that it works now. In less than 5 seconds I have 5 satellites, then a few seconds later, I have 14 in view per GPS Test app. And this is in my apartment on an overcast day.
*WiFi Analyzer app shows that the antenna is working better this time around also.
*Anything I bought previously on the Google Playstore shows purchased and ready for me to download again without buying again. Some people may not know that.
*There can sometimes still be lag when scrolling, but nothing serious. And I hear JB OS will help that out too.
*I think there are plenty of apps, free or paid, available for Android, but some people may prefer the Apple store for iPad since they have "more" apps. I do think Google Playstore should have a section exclusively for apps enhanced for tablets rather than having us rely on telling each other, or finding out for ourselves. But so far, no problems.
*Sometimes I feel like the tablet can dig into my hand when holding it and can be uncomfortable. But it feels better than the Prime did due to the slight redesign.
*Some random crashes here and there when closing the docked tablet to the keyboard when reopening it
*Some random crashes while using the default browser. As well as some quirks while trying to click on data input fields on some websites and pulling down dropdown menus.
*I noticed some slight stutter while playing back 720p videos out to my HDTV. Very slight though.


I have to say that I am impressed with this tablet, however I don't notice a HUGE difference in the screen, since I don't have the old Prime any longer to compare against it. Yes it is very nice though.

The redesign is very nice. I prefer the location of the volume rocker and headphone jack, and I like how the edge isn't as beveled as the Prime, so the plugs aren't as exposed, and the MicroSD card doesn't stick out at all now.

I have read some people's reviews complaining about the plastic strip and the power/volume buttons looking and feeling cheap. I don't find this to be true. It fixes the problems that the Prime had, and I think they did a great job redesigning it to blend well with the color. It feels very solid to me.

The one minor complaint that I had, which didn't change my rating, it that Amazon listed this as available for order and available for 2 day deliver, which they did not hold up to that quote. I have Amazon Prime and should get the 2 day delivery, however, I ordered mine Monday morning and received it Friday afternoon. According to my calculations, that is more than 2 days. Come on Amazon. Don't post what you can't deliver.

Eagerly awaiting the availability of the keyboard dock.

I will update my review as needed depending on my findings.
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on August 4, 2013
I originally bought this Tablet and Keyboard dock last November (2012), and then bought my wife an identical setup 1 month later. The TF700 boasts great specs on paper, but using it will eventually make you want to drink drain-o.

PROs: Pretty HD screen. RMAs get sent/returned very fast.

CONs: Everything else. You ever had one of those bad dreams where you're running away from a bad guy and it feels like you can barely move; like you're running in slow motion? That's what using the TF700 is like. Everything is laggy. The tablet is constantly trying to catch up with your inputs. That includes when typing, especially when web browsing(I've tried Chrome, Opera, Firefox, and the default browser). Some of them suck slightly less on this thing than others, but it is always a frustrating slow experience. Like many of the others on here, I prayed and prayed that the JB firmware updates would liberate this thing's performance. That hasn't happened yet, so either Asus' programmers really suck at buidling their version of the Android updates or this thing just doesn't have the speed.

No joke, it is actually slightly faster for me to do the same tasks, games and web browsing on my first-generation Kindle Fire than using the TF700. My wife's Samsung Galaxy S3 blows the doors off this thing, and its a PHONE.

My TF700 also suffers from chronic lock-ups and reboots out of the blue. I just got it back from RMA yesterday (not rebooting anymore) but the touch interface is now screwed up. My understanding is the NAND memory in these things is really slow, and that's what causes the problem. The solution I'm told is to root your device (voids the warranty) to bypass that memory

I've had to RMA BOTH my TF700 and my wife's in the last 5 months; and mine's going back again tomorrow. My wife's is the same amount of laggy, but it also stopped charging after about 2 months of use. They replaced the MOBO and its back to its normal laggy self.

Mine (for several months) rebooted and crashed constantly even after factory resets. The keyboard then stopped charging and working, so I RMA'd both. The keyboard now works, but the TF700 touch screen action is all glitchy. I have to tap on the same icon 4-5 times to get it to do anything. Its almost like the system is locking up very briefly every few seconds as I'm using the touch screen.

I don't know what's wrong with it now... I just know I'll NEVER EVER EVER buy another Asus Tablet again. I wish I'd gone with the Galaxy Note 2 or something else. This thing SUCKS and is expensive for something that's slower than Amazon's first generation KF.
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on January 26, 2013
After months of comparison shopping and test driving all of the best Tabs on the market (thanks to Best Buy) I'm extremely happy with my TF700 and dock from Amazon. I now get to enjoy my TV episodes, movies, games, and yes, even my Excel and Word files I bring home from work. My previous Tablets were the Ipad2 & the ASUS TF101 which I also loved, but I wanted the Quad core and Hi-Res of the TF700. WOW! I'm in love all over again!

For storage I'm using a 64gb microSDXC card for the Tab and a 64gb SDXC 133x card for the dock. It's not necessary to go that high or that fast for some users out there, but I find that it makes for quick access & response times when saving files to the removable SD cards and provides zero lag when playing back Hi-Res video as often as I do. To each his own.

I have not experienced any crashes, reboots, black lines on the screen, or missing pixels, and only the rarest of force closures. By the way, I am rooted, which was super easy to do (less than 15min), but it's not unlocked. This is not an endorsement for rooting, nor does rooting violate the Mfr warranty when rooting can be easily reversed & restored via the Voodoo OTA RootKeeper app avail thru the play store. However, unlocking does violate the warranty & blocks you from receiving OTA updates. I have still received three OTA updates from ASUS in the last 5 wks since I have had this, all while being rooted. The latest was JB10.4.4.25. Thank you to ASUS for their continuous support & improvement of their products.

The Wifi & GPS reception is full & strong from a distance of more than 50ft away from my ATT router when I'm outside lounging on the back patio. The battery drains & recharges differently on the TF700 when docked than it did with my TF101, which took a little getting used to for me, I admit. But it still recharges quickly. The TF700 has awesome features and settings for prolonging battery life between charges. When combined with Juice Defender it's even better. The battery life is at about 7-9hr undocked and an additional 5-6hr when docked depending on continuous use vs sporadic use and a prior clean full AC charge. And also depending upon your power saving settings. Explore the many options avail in the system settings to see what best suits your needs and usage. Because I use the Tab daily I recharge overnite. I program in the settings not to push email, app updates, or any notifications between the hrs of 11pm & 6am. But once 6am rolls around the Tab comes to life and starts sounding off like a happy R2D2 with all sorts of email downloads & app update notifications. It's like having my very own alarm clock, only better. So far I have never not made it thru a full day without plenty of charge left on the Tab. But then I keep it docked most of the time, where it recharges itself whenever it needs to. However, I did need to fully drain & recharge the Tab & dock 3x over the first few days, before experiencing the long battery life from each, like the user manual suggests.

I also get great Blue Tooth reception for my hands-free BT device, & my DBEST PS4003 BT stereo speakers for extra volume when I'm watching videos, movies, or even games. And great tether reception and Internet connection thru my Inspire 4g phone for on-the-road Internet access. I just turn on both the Mobile network & Wifi Hotspot connections on the phone, I turn on the Tablets Wifi connection in settings, more, Tethering & portable hotspot, and you should see your phones device name there. Click on it, wait a few seconds till they sync with each other, enter the security access code into the Tablet that is displayed on the phone screen, hit OK on the phone to accept the connection, and you've got instant Internet access thru the Tablet via the phone. This only has to be done once, for the very first time. After that, anytime I need Internet access thru the Tablet when away from home, I just click on the phones Mobile network & Wifi Hotspot from the quick access Taskbar, the Tablets Wifi connection from the Tablets quick access taskbar, and they automatically pair up every time. Quick & easy.

I transferred my 258 apps from the TF101 to the TF700 and all ported over flawlessly except 1 game, which was the app Mfr fault, not the Tablet. I wrote to the app Mfr and they said they are already in the process of updating the app to take advantage of the TF700's Higher Res. The app still's just that it doesn't expand to the full screen size of the Tablet. (about 1/4" shy of the Lft & Rt edge) That is the only prob I've had with any app not running or displaying correctly. There were 4 games with large data files that I attempted to restore but would force close on me. The problem was that the data was originally downloaded from the Mfr website after the play store installed the app. I had to delete the app & data, then allow the play store to re-install the app, and allow the app to re-download the data from the Mfr website. Then I used Titanium Backup to restore only the data for that app, in order to get my saved history back. Voila! I only had to do that for the 4 games where the data exceeded 100mb. I think it is because the play store & the Mfr website can place the app & the data in diff storage locations on your device, which can be specific to the make & model of your device. Your backup software can't always get it right when backing up your apps & data from one device then restoring it to another device. That was of no fault of the TF700.

I experienced the same prob when porting my phone apps over to my TF101. Some apps had to be re-installed directly from the app store because there was a diff ver avail for the Tab than for the phone. Same when porting apps & data from one Tab to another because of the diff make, model, & storage locations of each device. It happened to me when restoring apps from my TF101 to the TF700 because of the Quad core capabilities of the TF700. The app store has diff vers of some apps that specifically take advantage of Quad core devices capabilities. (Riptide, ShadowGun, FieldRunners, Anomaly Warzone, Sentinel3 for example) Just a heads up for those who already have an android phone or Tab and are wondering if their old files will work on the TF700. They will. But for those apps that were enhanced to take advantage of the Quad core, you WILL have to download the enhanced ver of the app from the app store, then download the additional Mfr data from the Mfr website. Then you can try restoring only the data from your backup software for that app to get back your saved progress. I've been lucky with Titanium & My Backup Pro so far. And I have not lost any data progress in the transfer. And wait until you see the stunning graphic details of these enhanced apps on the TF700. AMAZING! Even many of the apps that have not been enhanced look sharper & more detailed thru the 1080p Res.

I've read other user reviews where they speak of the proprietary USB cable, the weak sound output, the lack of 5g network access, the slow response from ASUS tech support personnel, etc. But in my experience the USB cable was never an issue for me even with my TF101 other than its length, which I easily remedied by ordering two 6FT 3.0 USB aftermarket Transformer cables thru Amazon. Or the sound volume, which is a vast improvement over the TF101 & the 201 series in my opinion. The standard vol is sufficient for most of my needs. But when I need more, I use my DBEST PS4003 mini rechargeable duo Blue Tooth speaker pair that puts out Loud vol & deep Bass for such small & easily portable speakers. I take them with me whenever I'm out & about. I've never had bad or slow Wifi reception at home even tho I do have a 5ghz connection and the Tab defaults to the 2.4ghz it's still fast for my needs. I'm not downloading huge files or P2P data thru my Tab even if it was capable of faster speeds. But that's just me. Luckily I have not had to contact ASUS for support via phone or online for any problems across my two ASUS Tabs in the past two yrs, so I cannot attest to their response time or lack there of.

I know this is a bit long winded for a review, but there are a lot of people out there who may be put off about getting this Tab. After all of my research on the TF700 I wanted to share what I've learned from others in hopes that it saves them from having to surf the web for this info like I had to. There is a lot of mis-information about this Tablet. Everything I've learned about this Tablet is thru my own daily use of the TF700, the user reviews like mine here, and much thanks to the many user forums and expert reviewers out there that I read thru before I purchased my TF700. Definitely check for yourself to see what others have to say. It took some time for me to type all of this out but I thought it was worth it if it helps anyone out there who may be on the fence about the TF700. I hope I've touched on the main points that may be of concern to most readers. If I've left out something important or got something wrong I apologize in advance.

I highly recommend this device to anyone interested in taking advantage of not only todays apps, but also the future apps that are sure to take advantage of the TF700s superior speed and Hi-Res capabilities in the months & years to come. With its strong Wifi & GPS connections, HiRes screen output for videos & games, the Quad core speed, the awesome battery life, and ease of tethering Internet access I have no complaints with this device. It is an absolute joy to take back & forth to work, or to play with, and all around fun. I get loads of compliments from friends who at first assume it's an Ipad. My old Ipad2 was no match for this. Not even close.

Update as of 6-22-2013
It's been 6 months now and I love this Tablet even more than I did at first glance. After re-reading everything here in my initial review, the only correction is that I have now unlocked the Tablet and installed a Custom ROM (CROMI-Xenogenesis) from xda developers website which adds customize-ability to the Tablet as well as many other bells & whistles for ease-of-use. My initial concern was about the Tablets output volume. I was able to increase it significantly with an app called Bass Booster. I still use my DBEST BT speakers alot because of the awesome sound quality and output. But with regular use the Bass Booster app is enuf for my needs. I also upgraded the SD card from 64gb to a Lexar 128gb 400x card for more video storage and backup space. I have not dropped it because it doesn't slip from my hand. I have not experienced any bad pixels or light bleeds or the glass pulling away or separating near the corners. Nothing of that sort at all. I have zero complaints. The compliments never end as my friends & acquaintances see the Tablet docked and think that it's a Netbook until I separate them. Battery life is still amazing with no need to ever recharge before the day is over. When they see the Hi-Res display and the snappy response moving from app to app or surfing the Net they are always impressed. I absolutely love this Tablet with no regrets.
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on August 2, 2012
I ordered this the day it became available and Amazon shipped two days later. I am writing this review after using my tablet for two weeks. This is a great tablet. The brightness level lets you read outside in almost direct sunlight, although the glass is a bit too reflective and shiny when outside. Indoors is no problem. The TF700 finds and locks onto WiFi connections with ease and the GPS locks onto multiple satellites quickly even indoors. The tablet is fast and the only lagging I have found was due to the software I used to borrow books from my local library. The touch screen is very responsive. The battery drains a bit fast when on-line or playing games (though much more slowly than my wife's Kindle Fire) but lasts at least nine hours when offline. It charges quickly. The tablet is light and easy to hold and it looks good. The high resolution display is fantastic. I noticed the only time the case became hot was when I was charging and surfing the web simultaneously. If you do one or the other, the tablet stays cool. A number of useful apps and widgets are included. Internal storage is 32GB and you can add another 32GB micro SD card. I use my card for backups. You also get Asus cloud storage and can connect a USB flash drive or connect to an external PC through the dock/power supply connector (cable included). The manual included with the tablet is sparse and basically useless, but you can download the full manual from Asus Support and, while not perfect, it provides much more information, especially for the included apps.

This is my first exposure to Android (and my first tablet) and I have found ICS to be intuitive and easy to use. We all know that the Android app store is small in comparison with Apple, but I found all of the apps I wanted at the Google Play Store and Tablified Market. The selection may be small, but you probably can find what you want there.

My only complaints are trivial: - the small plastic connector cover for the dock/power connector falls off easily and the screen is a fingerprint magnet (Asus includes a cleaning cloth). Using a stylus helps.

I choose the Asus over an iPad for several reasons, including (for the TF700): 32 GB on board storage, DDR3 RAM, a fast clocked Tegra 3, SD card slot, USB port (inexpensive USB f/f adaptor needed for some interfaces), Adobe Flash, cool operating temperature, and screen customization capability with ICS, all at a lower cost than a 32GB iPad without these features. I did a side to side visual comparison with the iPad retina display and the TF700 and honestly could not see any difference.

If you want a fast, well executed tablet I highly recommend considering the TF700 before you make your decision.
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on August 24, 2012
The tablet is outstanding. Great for watching movies editing photos, just anything you want to do. The real point I want to make here is I got the tablet here on Amazon. Getting great service with fast shipping. The dock is what you need be careful buying. This takes a TF201 dock. Even if you buy a dock saying it is a TF700 dock for $159.00..It is not. Its a Tf201.. Even says TF201 on the box along with saying for TF700. Point being you can buy the TF201 for $99.00 or less and it works great on the Asus 700. It even auto locks. I got my dock at Office Depot for $79.00. Office Depot tried to sell me the Tf700 dock for $159.00 until I showed them on there boxes it is the same dock. The dock is also outstanding and gives you a mini laptop with everything you need for work and play. The tablet can out do any IPAD and with the dock you have better then a Macbook Air at about half the cost. I know the Mac Heads will disagree but that is why they are Mac Heads. So buy the Tablet here on Amazon then go to a local store and get your dock. If I have confused you just remember buy the TF201 dock!!!!! Save your money. Asus has enough money most of us do not...
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on July 19, 2012
UPDATE: Review updated based on second identical TF700 that arrived. Only minor updates as there were no changes with the second device.


First, I should note that I've already gone through several tablets in my ongoing search. Several months ago, I started with the Asus Transformer TF201, Acer Iconia A510, Toshiba Excite AT305T, Acer Iconia A700, and now, the Asus Transformer TF700T. All in attempt to find a solid and somewhat high-end tablet. But in the end, they were all returned due to one or more issues that simply couldn't be ignored.

Of them all, the TF700 was probably the most anticipated of the bunch. It had the most promise based on specs and early reviews. Folks have been talking about this one almost immediately after the TF201 was released. So let's just jump in!


The first thing I noticed was the left and right sides are flat at first, then curve towards the back. The top and bottom still curve almost immediately. And the back itself is a very smooth surface. There is also the expected plastic bar towards the back/top of the device to help improve wireless reception (more on that later). This is also where the rear 8MP camera, mic, and flash are located.

These are good things as I already noticed the tablet is a bit nicer to hold as the sides don't dig into your hands. This also means that when the MicroSD card is installed (left side), it's completely flush with the device. The power button is at the top left, volume rocker top right, headphone jack on the left towards the bottom, and MicroHDMI right above it, also on the left. Dock/Power ports are still at the bottom of course. The power cable is a bit loose when attached to the bottom, but never felt as though it would fall out.

I did notice while gaming the tablet "feels" slightly warmer than the TF201. I think that might be due to the different material they are using now. It feels more plastic-like than metallic. However, while playing some Tegra 3 games, I only saw a max temp of 95 degrees with my infrared thermometer. That's the same temps I saw with the last ASUS tablet.

So this is by no means hot or uncomfortable to use and is the coolest running Tegra 3 device I've used. And other than that, there isn't really a whole lot changed with the physical hardware. Which also means my TF201 Burlex case fits. Although the top volume rocker is a little tricky to push as it's partially covered. So it's not quite perfect, but it would work.


Unfortunately, we still have poorly installed gorilla glass. While holding at any position, you can push down slightly along the edges of the glass, which has a small amount of play. This was the same issue I had with two previous TF201s and now, two TF700s. There is supposed to be a beveled glass edge around the whole device, but it's noticeably higher than it should, more so in some areas.

In fact, at the bottom, there is one area that's keeps lifting up higher than the rest of the edges. Keep in mind, we are talking about a relatively small amount of play. But it is noticeable, something I've only seen with ASUS tablets, and it get's annoying every time you hold it and feel the squishiness of the glass.

This poor build quality has always been of concern to me regarding how long this glue is going to hang in there before we see some real separation going on. If you're using a case or with the keyboard, where you are less likely to actually hold the tablet itself, you might not care as much.


Out of the box you've got Android ICS 4.0.3. Which is exactly the same as any other ICS tablet. There is also a ASUS firmware updating waiting as soon as you finish the initial setup. However, it looks like it only updated the Kernel as it's still at 4.0.3. I didn't expect 4.1 quite yet, but 4.0.4 was loaded from the factory on the A700. There's always time for more updates.

Otherwise if you've used ICS on a tablet before, everything here is pretty close to stock. ASUS does have their updated menu with a few extra shortcuts, such as Power Save / Balanced / Performance settings.


Naturally, this is one of the biggest new upgrades going from the TF201 to the TF700. It's got 1920x1200 pixel resolution versus the old 1280x800. That's a lot more pixels on the same 10.1" LED display. That's the same resolution my 24" monitor runs at. Combined with the same Super IPS+ 600 nit display, and you've got one nice (and bright) looking display. Viewing web pages and PDFs in particular, look excellent in landscape or portrait mode.

I've been playing several HD (720p to 1080p) videos and everything looks great. This new display has gone towards a much more neutral color tint versus the decidedly warm/yellow tint of the TF201. The colors are vibrant, accurate (to my eye anyway), small text is crisp, detailed, and it's just a nice screen to look at. Super IPS+ is most certainly readable in daylight. It's very, very bright.

One negative that I've noticed is that on a very white images, with the brightness at any setting, there is vertical banding on the screen (in landscape mode). It's basically dozens of faint slightly off-color bands that appear to "move" as you tilt the tablet left to right. This is the first I've of seen this on any tablet, and was present on both TF700s I have.

You can google this to get a better idea of what I'm talking about; although be aware this term is used to describe a wide range (and severity) of related symptoms. This would be on the lighter, but still noticeable, side of the spectrum. On the plus side, other than banding, the screen color and back-light is very even and uniform. In other words, no light bleed on either device.

Something you should also be aware of is scaling with lower resolution content. Low res content tends looks a bit worse since you're having to stretch a small number of pixels across, well, a LOT more pixels. Basically, just more pixelated and jaggies (aliasing). So until everybody at least gets up to 1080p/1200p, it's something to be aware of.

And this is something that affects all LCD displays.


What initially gave me high hopes for this device over the A700, was the fact that it had much nicer looking specs, while running at the same resolution. The TF700 has a slightly higher-end Tegra 3 chipset, better thermal design (for heat dissipation), higher clock speed, and faster DDR3 memory. I was hoping this, along with ASUS tweaks, would be enough to help the tablet keep up with pushing a much higher resolution of 1920x1200.

The good news is that it is noticeably faster than the A700, which struggled to keep up with virtually everything I threw at it. I've already played several games including Shadow Gun, Glow Ball, Siegecraft, GTA III, and Dungeon Defenders. They all ran much better, although with Shadow Gun, it still has a slightly lower frame rate when there was a lot going on.

For some reason, Adobe PDF kept partially loading pages. But viewing large PDF's with Polaris Office worked, and isn't as bad as the A700; but still not as smooth as I'd like. There are still times where I have to wait a few seconds for it to load a page I skipped to. And really, the whole tablet overall has a bit of sluggishness to it depending on what you're doing. I frequently get the "wait for program to respond" messages in just about everything.

In particular when tasks are running in the background. Which kind of makes multi-tasking an annoying experience. Try downloading apps and opening another program? Expect the Market to hang and stop responding. I think there's just too much going on with this high-res screen than what the Tegra 3 can effectively handle. If nothing else is running, navigating menus and scrolling is nice and smooth.

Browsing sometimes takes a negative hit in speed depending on what it has to load. I often load the desktop version of sites. So when there is a lot of rich content to display, I often found myself sitting at a blurry or partially loaded screen while it tried to load everything up. If you're a bit more patient with it and completely wait for the page to load, there are fewer issues with the browser hanging.

Browsing has never been perfect on the Android platform, regardless of browser, but trying to push a higher resolution with only slightly faster hardware doesn't help. Is it usable and playable? Yes, of course. But it just feels like a step backwards in terms of overall performance from the earlier lower res Android tablets. And sad to say, not quite up to the "non-android" competition.


These aren't super impressive compared to the lower spec'd A700. Although I tend to focus on more real-world use, they are a good to have for certain comparisons.

Quantum Standard 2.1.1: 4581

CF Bench v1.2 Overall: 4301

AnTuTu Benchmark v2.8.3
Total: 10777
CPU: 6821
GPU: 1301
RAM: 2000
I/O: 655

Smartbench 2012: 3933

Vellamo Mobile Web Benchmark v1.0.6: 1480


ASUS took a lot of criticism with poor wireless and virtually no internal GPS functionality with the TF201. As expected that has been resolved thanks to the plastic strip at the top of the back cover. I can get as good if not better wireless reception at the other side of my house than what most of my notebooks can manage.

Before even going outside to find some satellites, I fired up 'GPS Test' inside the house next to a window and within a few seconds already found a dozen satellite and narrowed my location down to around 30 ft. This is how GPS is supposed to work. Going outside of course improved this quite a bit.


Yes, as noted before, there is only one. For a single speaker, it really isn't all that bad. It provides reasonably decent sound for it's size and what is basically horrible placement. It's on the back, exactly where your right hand is going to cover it up (or when placed on a flat surface). With games and system sounds, the sound volume is acceptable and quality is just OK.

However, there are no user controlled audio adjustments or volume boost functionality added in from ASUS. So when watching movies and videos, I found the audio to be much lower than I'd like. Making it almost difficult at times to make out what was being said. After hearing considerably louder and higher quality speakers (and better placement) from Toshiba and Acer, that is a little disappointing.

I suspect you could find an app to boost the volume. You can only do so much with a single poorly placed speaker. I've said it before, and I'll say it again. Speakers need to be on the front of your tablet. :)


I usually don't even bother mentioning the camera on a tablet since I'm rarely ever going to use it. In particular since they are normally such poor quality, you wouldn't want to. However, I was surprised at the quality of the 8MP camera on this device. Both videos and still shots look crisp and detailed, with a good color balance.

Well, at least in good lighting conditions. And I always like to see the LED flash, as I'm probably more likely to use that than the camera itself. They are bright and quite useful when you need some quick light. The front 2MP camera is decent enough for video chat.

The battery, as expected, lost some run time compared with the TF201. There's more screen to push and higher speeds to deal with. I was looking at about roughly 7 hours of battery life with moderate to heavy usage. With my "normal" usage that involves browsing and an occasional video or game here and there, I could easily go 2 days without a charge. So that's never been a huge deal for me.

+ Very nice HD Super IPS+ Display
+ Nice form factor
+ Functional GPS/Wi-Fi
+ Included cleaning cloth
+ Optional Keyboard Dock
+ Corning Gorilla Glass 2
+ Good 8MP Camera (with LED)

- Performance Issues
- LCD Banding*
- Speaker/audio quality
- Loose glass fitment*
- Build Quality
- No Micro-USB Port


Many will quickly dismiss these negatives either because it doesn't bother them or they don't notice it. Or maybe hold out for a future update to help out with some performance issues (ie. Android 4.1 "Jelly Bean"). Which I really can't blame them as there is a lot to like about the TF700. Especially that nice looking high-res display and great form factor.

As somebody who has been in various fields of the IT industry for 20 years, I've seen both sides to this equation. On one side I understand how and why these things happen, and in some cases, I'm even willing to live with them. Then again, as a consumer who spent $500 (+ tax!) on a top-of-the-line tablet, I tend to be less forgiving.

At the end of the day, it does come down to what I'm willing to accept for my hard earned dollars. And as much as I personally wanted to love this TF700, as the device is out of the box, the negatives simply outweigh the positives. And that's just the bottom line for me.

*** 2ND TF700 UPDATE 7/19 ***
The second tablet arrived sooner than expected. Unfortunately, as I suspected, it has all of the same issues the first one had. Loose glass panel fitment and LCD banding. Performance is also the same. No significant changes in initial benchmarks.

As mentioned earlier, the performance isn't horrible. Just not what I'm expecting for a tablet in this class. OS updates can potentially help in the future. But build quality and LCD issues, not so much.

And for those keeping track, these were both "C60KASxxxx" serial numbers.
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on November 30, 2012
Below is a review of several tablets I tried in MY chronological sequence with them, with explanations of why I rejected all but the Samsung Galaxy 2 10.1 tablet. I am placing the same review under each model I tried.

Background - I am now 65 - NOT a member of the electronic generation! I love playing Scrabble and thought intensive games in general. I know very little about smart phones or tablets. I firmly believe that a company OWES SUPPORT to their consumers and NOT at additional cost! Customer service is VERY important to me! Before anyone accuses me of bias: I have NO connection to ANY of the companies mentioned. I am simply a consumer relating my personal experiences!

iPad - first generation - EVERYTHING you do with it is tied to iTunes. When I tried it, there was absolutely NO manual or documentation available for iTunes. Beyond the first 90 days Apple wants to charge for tech support. I found iTunes and the Apple OS to be confusing and difficult to use. The tablet, itself, performed well but I prefer an OS that allows direct folder and file access.

Samsung Galaxy 7 inch tablet first generation. This device runs Android 2.3. It is now several years old and STILL functions perfectly. The battery still holds an all day charge with moderate usage. I have never found an app that is "incompatible" with this model. This is an important point in the reviews that follow. I even used it to shoot surprisingly excellent videos of a music/dance presentation in a dimly lit auditorium. Now, several years later, with cataracts growing in both eyes as well as "floaters" in both eyes, I was seeking a screen larger than the 7 inch.

Motorola Xoom 10.1 tablet. It is HEAVY. While it worked well, for reasons unknown to me it was not compatible with several of my favorite apps. Furthermore, the screen seems to get greasy very quickly!

Asus TF300 Transformer 10.1 inch tablet. While the construction of mine was solid, all the other negative observations of other reviewers were immediately apparent. The tablet would not maintain wi-fi contact even close to my router. The Asus TF300 was also incompatible with many of my favorite apps. Finally, the Asus TF300 (and TF700 mentioned below) has a strange auto-spelling correct system that FREQUENTLY screwed up my typing. To their credit, Asus did answer my question with instructions on how to turn the spelling correction off, but only via email. They have NO telephone tech support.

Samsung Galaxy NOTE 10.1 inch tablet. While it offers a pull out writing stylus AND a rear facing autofocus camera, I saw little difference between it and the Samsung Galaxy 2 10.1 table discussed below. At roughly $200 more than the Samsung Galaxy 2 10.1 tablet, although it performed well, I did not feel it was worth the difference in price.

Asus TF700 Transformer Infinity - suffers many of the same problems as the less expensive TF300 model. SPASTIC OS, intermittent wi-fi disconnection. The auto-brightness control also appeared not to work or not to work properly. Perhaps worst of all, possibly because of the increased resolution (the improved resolution was NOT apparent to MY eyes - it appeared to me about the same as all the other tablets) the device is incompatible with MANY apps!

Samsung Galaxy 2 10.1 tablet. It performed as well as my first generation Samsung Galaxy 7 inch tablet until I tried to download the QuickMark app to scan bar and QR codes. According to the app developer, the app is incompatible with the tablet because the tablet does NOT have an "autofocus" rear facing camera. A phone call to Samsung tech support, and YES - Samsung BELIEVES in customer support at no extra charge, confirmed the absence of autofocus in the rear facing camera! Since I do NOT carry the tablet with me when I go shopping and am NOT likely to scan Bar or QR codes often, I felt I could live without the autofocus rear camera. However, I did find a different QR code app that DOES work on the tablet. I have now had the tablet for a week and am loving it. SO FAR, I have not found any incompatible apps other than QuickMark. I find the screen to be bright and sharp (auto brightness works well), and the contrast to be superb. I have used it to watch Big Bang Theory via the TBS app. The Samsung Galaxy 2 10.1 inch tablet maintains strong wi-fi connection both anywhere in my home and at the school where I attend classes. Other than the lack of autofocus in the rear camera and the lack of direct USB connectivity without their proprietary cable (sadly, this lack of standardization is still common amongst tablet manufacturers), I have absolutely no complaints at this time.

IF you do not need or can live without a rear camera that autofocuses (it DOES have a rear camera and a front camera for SKYPE and other functions), I highly recommend the Samsung Galaxy 2 10.1 tablet. At the current price of $300 for the wi-fi 16GB model (memory is expandable through a micro SD card. I see no need for a 32GB model), it is VERY reasonable! I think there are also cell phone service compatible models at additional cost.

Advice to tablet shoppers:

1 - Buy from a source that allows easy returns without restocking fees. Amazon is EXCELLENT for their customer service, but you may want to buy from a local store to avoid shipping time and costs. Buy from a source that does NOT charge a restocking fee AND allows a reasonable time for device trial.

2 - Download as many apps that are free and that look appealing to you. Try each one at least briefly. NOTE any apps that are not compatible with the tablet you are testing. How important are they to you?

3 - Look at each screen under bright and dim lighting. How do YOU find the brightness (usually adjustable, if auto-brightness does not work well for you), the contrast, the sharpness?

4 - Log into your email account and/or create a Gmail account. Type an email to someone. Does the auto spelling correct work well for you? Is the virtual keyboard suited to your style and needs?

5 - Play with the tablet for a whole day, if you can afford the luxury of sitting with it on. See how long the battery lasts.
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