Customer Reviews: ASUS Transformer Pad Mobile Dock TF300T (Blue)
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on May 14, 2012
In addition to echoing the superlatives posted by other reviewers I also want to to provide some tips that really help out.

1. As some others have mentioned, the tablet is finely balanced when it is docked and even the slightest tap on the screen can send the whole unit toppling backwards. While you can put something behind the tablet as a brace I find that simply putting something about the size of a modest paperback book under the rear resolves the problem nicely. It also has the added advantage of raising the angle of the keyboard which can make typing much easier.

2. Memorize the keyboard sequence that toggles the touch pad on and off. If you don't turn off the touchpad before you start writing you could, and probably would, find the cursor jumping all over the screen as you inadvertently hit the pad as you type.

3. There is no real documentation for the keyboard beyond an explanation of what the function key logos represent. But if you go to transformerforums (dot) com and do a search for "master help guide" you will find an excellent collection of short articles about android tablets including a priceless one that details all of the keyboard shortcuts that can be used with the keyboard to control the TF300's browser, mail program, file explorer, etc. (I don't understand why Asus doesn't provide that info with the units.)

The shortcuts make it unnecessary to be tapping the screen for many operations and that really speeds the work flow. It also cuts down on the falling over problem if you haven't propped up the keyboard as I mentioned.
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on May 3, 2012
It's a great accessory. It is something I will use often with my tablet. Keyboard is fairly comfortable considering the size. It takes a little adjustment to get use to. It's brilliant the way it will use the dock's battery to actually charge your tablet. Construction is solid. Alot of handy keys are accessible on the keyboard, like volume, wifi, etc. A full size USB and SD card reader is great to have. They got some unexpected drivers ready with the USB. I plugged in my wireless logitech gamepad (f710) and it worked perfectly. Plug and play with a lot of the newer games that support gamepads on Android. A few complaints though.

With the tablet and dock set up it makes it top heavy. Have to be weary of it falling backwards.
It works pretty well with Android, but it's not nearly as optimized as Windows for keyboard use. Makes some tasks cumbersome. Some apps just aren't going to be ideal for it. Also a little disappointed with the price. This is a bit of a downgrade from the previous keyboards from Asus. The battery is significantly weaker. The price should reflect that, but they are priced the same. Asus also missed a great opportunity to add a center speaker with the keyboard.

Overall I'm happy with the purchase. I would recommend it if you're a heavy user and want to use your tablet for things beyond consuming media.
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on May 13, 2012
First off, come on, this dock is THE REASON you bought the TF300 over some other very good tablets. And it's a very good reason, too- it's fantastic!

This keyboard dock is fantastic. Of course it also acts as an external battery as well, providing up to 15 hours total life between charges (what laptop can say that??). I'm a 6'1" 200+ lb guy, and I find this keyboard to suit my needs (read: meaty hands) perfectly fine. They keys are large and easy to see/use. All of your Android functions are also built in- Home, Search, and Settings all have hard keys on the bottom row, and even the Back button is where the Esc key usually is. Otherwise it's a very usable QWERTY laptop-style keyboard. It has brightness and media controls, wifi/bluetooth on/off, and even the beloved laptop function button is on there. Also, it's super easy to release the tablet when you want to go into tablet mode, just slide the key to unlock and pull it off. To dock the tablet is even simpler- line the arrows up on the dock and bottom of the tablet and push down until it clicks.

The tablet holder itself also feels very sturdy. If it's anything like the prime's, there shouldn't be a problem anytime soon about it growing weak and not being able to hold your tablet at the angle you desire.

The trackpad - one thing I did really like over the Prime's trackpad is that it has a built in chrome clicker on the bottom. On the two previous Primes, and on the Infitinity as well it looks like, you had to tap the pad for a click. This trackpad both lets you use the hard button at the bottom AND click the pad like on the Primes. Why they didn't put this feature on the higher-end tablets, I don't know.

Also, it's super fun when people go "What kind of notebook is that?" for you to freak them out and say, "It's not a's a TABLET!" and pull the TF300 off the dock. Just watch the amazement.


1) Keyboard is a little laggy at first. This is only an issue if you buy this at the same time as the tablet and hook it up immediately. As of time of purchase (5/13/12) there were 3 firmware updates that download immediately and fix this problem. So really, not a con if you think about it.
2) The dock is pretty light, the tablet is less so. Meaning, with the tablet docked it's top-heavy. So if you do an extremely far lean-back with the screen it wants to tip over. You can fix this by either buying a tablet stand to support the back, OR just not lean the damn thing so far back. Again, really in my mind not an issue.

To sum it up, there is basically NO reason for you to buy this dock unless you bought the TF300 for media purposes exclusively. I'm pretty sure in my mind for the iPad 4 Apple will come out with a very similar keyboard dock station and play it off as something brand new that they came up with. Not knocking Apple at all, it's just the Transformer series is redefining what a tablet should be capable of, period.
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on May 11, 2012
I chose to buy this on line to save a few dollars when I purchased my ASUS TF300 at Best Buy. The keyboard works as promised- but I find the fact it ships without a power cord to be very disappointing. Asus products require (naturally) their own proprietary charging cable and they are not as readily available as one might expect. ALSO- important to know the charging cable appears to only work in the ASUS wall plug-in unit- seems quite finicky about using USB feeds from PCs or other branded items. :-(
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on June 18, 2012
-5 hours additional battery life
-Full size USB
-SD card slot
-Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) works great with the cursor
-Something to type on besides a touch screen

-USB port cover has annoying plastic tether
-Adds a bit of heft
-Obviously not a full sized keyboard (Is this really a con? Probably not in my book, but the right shift key is shrunken to fit the direction arrows which does annoy me)
-I think $99 would have been a good price point vs the $130 I paid

I've had my Transformer Pad with the keyboard dock for a week now and I'm very pleased with them. This accessory is the reason I bought the Transformer over another tablet. First, the act of docking is very simple and easy, you don't have to fiddle around to get it to dock. The docked tablet, now netbook, is a little heavier than I expected, but if I threw it in my travel bag, I don't think it would be noticeable, especially when compared to a netbook.

The keyboard is nice, of course it is a netbook sized keyboard, so difficult to type on for long periods (as you'd expect). The scrunched keyboard only bothers me with two keys, the right shift key being narrow and the lock button on top of the backspace key. The quality of the keys is good, touchpad is responsive (though small). The fact that the keyboard gives you an extra 5hrs of battery is great!

The most important features (to me) are the full sized USB port and the SD card slot. The first thing I did when I unboxed the dock was connect a USB mouse. This is when I noticed con #1, the USB port plug is tethered with a plastic strip that I couldn't unplug and connect the USB cord with one hand. If it doesn't soften up, it's getting clipped. The mouse connected flawlessly and was every bit as responsive as the touchpad (you can even hit a button on the function row to disable the touchpad). So with the proper keyboard/mouse combo you could type comfortably, but really, to me, it's a tablet and that's not really what it's made or used for, I'm just saying you could do it. Also tested a flash drive and it worked just fine.

As soon as I was able to get to my Nikon D5100 I popped the SD card out and within 15 seconds I was browsing photos and uploading them to Google+ where I do light exposure/contrast editing. This dock has me doing everything I was going to buy a budget laptop for, but with all the entertainment functions of a tablet.
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on May 12, 2012
I ordered this keyboard dock at the same time as my tablet and got to use it with the tablet immediately. Overall, I really like the keyboard dock. Specifically:

Speed: 5/5
The speed of the mouse and the response time of typing is perfect. I never experience any lag with the dock.

Portability 5/5
It's very easy to attach the dock to the tablet itself. The dock is also very thin and quite light. The tablet and dock together weigh just a little bit less than an Asus eeePC netbook of mine, and it's less than half as thick! It's easy to carry around, and comfortably fits in my roocase netbook sleeve that I already own.

Feel: 4.5/5
It's very smooth to the touch, and the keys are bouncy and nice to type on. The keyboard is a little bit tinier than full size though. It's much better than typing on the tablet itself, but it takes just a little bit of getting used to. I've typed word documents and long emails on this easily though, and feels great on the lap.

Convenience: 4.5/
The dock is wonderful to have around if I want to charge my device after some light use but don't want to plug it in. I just dock it and let it charge for a little bit while I do something else. Then I come back with a fully charged tablet, and the dock can be plugged in to get back to 100% battery. The dock does not come with its own charger, but it uses the same charger as the tablet. It's not like you would just get the dock, it's unusable by itself.

Overall: 5/5
I'm very happy with the purchase. Turns my tablet into a netbook with 15 hour battery life. I can do just about everything on the tablet that I do on my laptop now with the dock. If you have any questions, please comment and I can try to answer your questions!
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on June 7, 2012
This product is well made, as is expected from an Asus product. The keyboard works without issue, and the way they've made it so that the tablet charges off of it when connected is ingenious. The touchpad leaves much to be desired, but I have yet to come across a touchpad I have liked. The keys are designed to work well with the functionality of an android tablet, and a usb plug is great for an external hard drive, or a mouse if you're like me, and can't stand touchpads. With the extended battery life this provides, I have no problem running the tablet at close to 10-12 hours a stretch, and I mean actually using it. Well worth the purchase if you don't like using the screen to type, and need extra battery life.
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on May 12, 2012
I love the USB, extra battery and card slot. It came with a charging cable. The keyboard is easy to type on. I'm using it now to type this review. The home button and wifi button gets used a lot. Very happy with this dock!
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on July 30, 2012
The keyboard works as it should. There isn't much to say about that. There is the tipping backwards can be an issue. For me, I leave the leather case attached and fold it backwards add some support. Others have placed an object behind the screen, that works too. I would highly recommend you get some help with the keyboard shortcuts. One important one is to disable the keypad touch if you do much typing. I kept getting the cursor to jump around on the documents. That gets annoying. I knocked one star off since there was no documentation for these strokes. Just the basic what the special keys do. Would have been nice to at least have a link to a web site to review the other key sequences. Oh and one more thing, should have added a charging cable in the box. The one that comes with the Transformer works on the keyboard too but a second cable would be very handy to have.
Enjoy your Transformer, I am having fun with mine.
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on January 10, 2013
The Mobile Dock looks and feels like it should. The keyboard and touch pad feel fluid. Having the Mobile Dock charge the Transformer's battery is convenient. Although, I wish it came with its own power cord. The USB port and SD reader are nice features to have. There are countless USB devices out there and many of them are compatible with the Transformer. This product may seem expensive, but it's worth buying in my opinion. I recommend buying a Mobile Dock if you own any of the Transformers.
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