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on December 7, 2009
I have owned this monitor for six months now and it has been one of my best purchases in years. I wanted a some what large monitor to use on my glass computer desk which consist of my PC, Xbox 360, PS3, and an original Xbox. First, this awesome thing is full 1080P (1920X1080P) via HDMI, DVI, VGA and even component! it's also widescreen 16X10 and not 16X9, confused? it looks a bit taller and larger than other monitors of the same screen size (25.5).
All 16X9 material like PS3 and Xbox 360 games are upcoverted to 16X10 meaning your gaming world will look just a bit more skinny and taller, this makes the games look awesome though, I have switch to 16X9 mode a couple of times (you get slight 1 inch thick black bars on the top and bottom) but original 16X9 looks weird to me now, characters look fat etc similiar to when a full screen picture is stretch to fill a widescreen display. You will love gaming on 16X10 trust me it looks wonders without any loss of picture quality. I have my PC on VGA, my 360 on HDMI, my PS3 on DVI (via hdmi to dvi) and my original xbox on component running in 480p (note that this component input is capable of full 1080p though) I noticed that 480p on this monitor looks so much better than my old Sony 32 inch HDTV, games like halo 2 and ghost recon look like 720p games! I recommend to not use the build in speakers though (who does?) buy yourself some nice PC speakers and just use the audio out jack from the monitor and your set.
The 2ms response time is brilliant on first person shooters with no ghosting at all(ghosting is what makes the screen blurry when turning or slowly moving in games). The bluish tint was there with factory settings so take a few minutes to adjust the brightness and saturation, or use these:
SPLENDID : Scenery. BRIGHTNESS 100. CONTRAST 100. SHARPNESS 100. SATURATION 73, ASCR: OFF (VERY IMPORTANT) COLOR TEMP: Cool, SKIN TONE: Reddish. ASPECT CONTROL: FULL (BUT USE 4:3 FOR NON WIDESCREEN GAMES) and for xbox 360 go to your display settings and choose "1080p" from HDTV SETTINGS, choose "standard" from REFERENCE LEVELS, and choose "YCbCr709" from HDMI COLOR SPACE, for PS3 is all automatic so don't worry about it. There it is! enjoy!
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on April 1, 2009
This is an excellent monitor for the price. At 25.5 inches diagonal, this is a huge screen (by the standards of PC monitors). The pixel size is slightly larger than my old 1680x1050 21 inch monitor, so I get more pixels without having to squint at the screen-- in fact the VW266H is slightly easier to view.

The only two downsides to this monitor are the stand and built-in speakers.

The stand only allows the monitor to be tilted up and down; no other adjustment is possible. Given that an Ergotron mount with full adjustment (and the ability to rotate the monitor to "portrait" orientation; this monitor can make an awesome e-text reader) costs about $100 at the moment, I can forgive Asus for not including a more capable mount-- it would have increased the cost by a pretty penny, and most people can live without it.

My gripe with the speakers isn't that they don't sound very good-- what do you expect from speakers built into a monitor?-- but that they turn off when the monitor goes into standby mode. This can be good or bad, depending on your particular circumstance. For me, I'd rather the speakers always stay on.
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I originally posted this as a comment to an unhappy review but would like to share my comments with a broader audience:

You need to spend some more time and have a little patience. So many reviewers are not likely to be wrong. We're not all dummies.

I got this monitor, I have some but not a lot of experience with photography (OK so that's a lie---I taught some courses), with some searching on the web I was able to get a starting point and eyeball settings for the monitor myself... standard mode, DVI: Brightness 100, Contrast 80, Sharpness 54, Overdrive 40, Custom color temp: RED 92, GREEN 80, and BLUE 50 (what a correction) makes mine stellar!

When viewing head on from a couple feet away the whites and grays are very pure---whites are beautiful snow-whites without a hint of any tint, grays are neutral, colors vivid, sharpness and clarity of text and images is pretty stunning. In fact this monitor is now the standard and better adjusted than others I am seeing, mine and other people's.

Beats 2 other nice branded monitors I have. Viewing side to side doesn't change the color shift, but viewing from below a little bit makes a noticeable shift---OK, so don't do that.

Amazing value for the money. Of course not perfect. Agree that out of the box first impression can be bad. Maybe very bad. If sharpness is not adjusted right really can look like cr*p. When all set right this thing can outperform much pricier monitors---its beauty can be revealed. I am VERY picky about my displays. When set correctly, this thing has amazing blu-ray playback---can show grain and the slightest flaws in all but the most perfect source material.

When this thing shipped the ASUS QA team was on vacation or wearing funny tinted pink sunglasses, or something was miscommunicated verifying the calibration settings or something went wrong or there was some limitation in the software or hardware for the default settings. Fortunately you can customize to overcome this problem.

Those complaining about bad text display and color shift just don't have the settings tweaked right. OK the company could have done a better job at the out of the box settings, but if they did you'd be paying a lot more for the monitor---c'mon, do the extra work and we'll keep the secret to ourselves.

Go back and spend some more time calibrating---well worth the effort.
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on October 9, 2009
After doing a lot side by side comparisons (top contenders Acer, HP) I bought a ASUS 242 (HD, 24 inch) for my wife. She questioned the two extra days I spent doing market research but all her complaints vanished instantly as soon as i turned it on. She loved it at first sight. She is hard to please and her first reaction was simply "wow!" This is how much better she felt this monitor was compared to her previous Dell 19 inch LCD. I am an ageing academic who is about to adopt reading glasses and who spends a lot of time in front of the computer writing and reading. I used her monitor to see how i felt and i loved it too. I pulled an all-nighter to write a paper with a stiff deadline and so much liked the experience that I went ahead and ordered the VW266H for myself. Again Wow. The things that most impressed me are the size (could comfortably work on two full size pages side by side in Word), the resolution (text and images are really crisp even the 6 pt fonts), the connectivity (HDMI, components!, DVI, VGA, and the user interface), and the speed (2ms). It has several presets that work well and do make a difference (standard, game, scenery, etc.). I have external speakers so I do not use the built in ones. I connected my laptop with VGA / Windows vista and after reboot the computer recognized the HD monitor and adjusted itself to its full resolution. Simply gorgeous. Probably the view from an angle deteriorates quickly and it will not satisfy a color purist who is disturbed by greens that do not strictly comply with ISO standards of purity and uniformity, but for the rest of us, normal users that look straight at the monitor and can do with 32 million slightly imperfect colors I would say this is a great monitor. It works right out of the box. It has a lot of connectivity options. And the price is right. I would suggest taking a close look at this one.
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on December 24, 2009
I do some digital art as a hobby and have a dual monitor setup. I picked this out as my primary monitor which this monitor isn't really suited for that purpose but I was on a budget. It works great but has some flaws...

As you can expect from a lower priced LCD, the color depth is slightly lower than true color. If try to look at a true gradient in a graphics program there is some minor "stepping" instead of a perfect gradient. Other than that, the color is great and it has a sharp picture.

One very annoying problem, though, is the presets. The monitor has a few modes: "scenery, standard, theater, game & night view". You can modify the color settings in each one and in the menus there are presets that are supposed to make it easier. They all suck. All the preloaded color settings have to be manually tuned right from the start. I only bothered manually tuning Standard Mode since there's not much reason for me to switch. I bought a 19" ASUS and that was the same so it's definitely a factory issue. If you don't mind fine tuning it for 20 minutes to an hour then you can get a real nice picture out of it, though.

In short: A nice monitor for the price. Requires some time to tune to colors but has a great picture.
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on December 1, 2009
This monitor was cheaper than other monitors and has great features. A 2 ms GTG response time (BTW GTG is different than BTB so a 5ms BTB can be faster than a 2ms GTG). It's HUGE! nice looking and came in well packaged. Also a big plus, you can change the inputs from dvi to vga to component, to hdmi so you dont have to keep swapping cables! The stand can adjust viewing up and down but cannot move the monitor up or sideways. Came with DVI cord, VGA cord, Power cord, Audio 3.5 cord, and manuals/cd. The speakers are okay but not great, however there is a audio out via 3.5mm jack which is a plus! ASUS MAKES GREAT COMPUTER PARTS AND NOW I LOVE THEIR MONITORS!.

NO Dead pixils
Came with many cords
Built in speakers
Audio in/out
Reliable ASUS NAME

Takes time to adjust color
Speakers can be better
Doesn't make me dinner

Conclusion: For 288.99 no tax and free shipping this thing is a steal! I love it, hooks up to my ps3 and computer no ghosting!
5 Stars beacuse of great color (when adjusted), and many features!
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on August 11, 2010
1st one had 8 stuck pixels along the bottom of the screen, 6 were massaged away easily, 2 turned out to be
completely dead no matter what software or massage method I used. So I returned it same day, thanks to
Amazon's great exchange policy, got my replacement in 1 day. The 2nd unit is flawless after careful examination.

The monitor's great for gamers, no question about it, enjoyed every minute of metro2033, COD MW2, BF:BC2 and SC2.
I like everything about this monitor except for the Blue tint coming out of the box. It is not easy to calibrate
color properly by hand. Here is where I left off.

Red : 86, Green: 80, Blue: 65. This gave me decent color accuracy, could be a tad warm for some people.

As for the contrast/Brightness: I found that using Gaming mode at night is optimal and reduces eye strain,
during the day, I'm using normal mode: 70 brightness, 80 contrast.

The fonts are a bit skinny with the resolution of 1920x1200, gave me issues when viewing docs and web-pages,
had to zoom in 115% to not strain my eyes.
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on November 2, 2010
Overall a nice monitor. Yes, it has tint problems out of the box, but you should calibrate every monitor you get anyway, regardless of quality. It can make a huge difference, even if you're not editing photos or the like. Calibration solves the monitor's blue tint problem completely, so it would seem to simply be a matter of poorly selected defaults at the factory.

I only have two complaints. The first is a simple problem that Asus simply should not have overlooked. The monitor has no height adjustment, and the stand is pretty short. If you set it on a desk with proper height adjustment for your arms, the screen will likely be too low for you. I put mine on a nice solid mounting arm to solve the problem. The second is more serious, and concerns the picture quality. I am driving my monitor from a brand new Mac Mini through the HDMI port, and there seem to be color bleed issues. The edge of bright colors should be sharp and crisp, but the left and right edges bleed over noticeably, at a darker color level, yielding what looks like a sort of faint line on the edge. I have the screen in native 1920x1200 mode, so there really shouldn't be any antialiasing issues or somesuch. In any case, none of the other monitors I've used with the mac (3 others today) have this problem. This seems to happen more with certain colors than others, and does appear to depend on the background to some extent. Bright reds and greens are the worst, bleeding over a couple of pixels, but other darker colors don't seem as bad. This could be due to the fact that I'm using HDMI instead of DVI, but since I run dual-headed (and my other permanent monitor doesn't have HDMI), I have little choice.

Because of the color bleed issue, I would not recommend this monitor for things like photo/video editing, or anything that requires clean, sharp lines. But as a monitor for everyday browsing, document editing, and probably games (this is for work, so I won't be trying out any games on it), it should be fine. The price is right, at least.
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on August 8, 2010
Update: Aug 14 2010
Upgraded to an Asus AH3450 512Mb video card. Text issue goes away. Great monitor. I'm about to take the protective strips off around the bezel. Guess it's a keeper.
Update: Aug 10 2010
Text. Several references to crappy text. This was getting to me a little. The effect is worse on black text on a white background. Looks blurry and tends toward green on some characters. Seems to be worse on uprights (the letter 'L' in particular.

The problem seems to be the display effect of smoothing fonts using Clear Type. Select standard and the blurring effect goes away. Go to Control Panel/Display Settings/Appearance/Advanced

Not sure if that is due to my older card or just using VGA (see below for why I use VGA). I may jump to another card that allows DVI at 1920x1200 (any excuse to send my debt spiraling).

Still loving it!
Original posting:
After hours of clicking, reading, evaluating and mental torture I plunked 'my' money down on the Asus VW266H. My money was actually birthday money from mum; thanks mum!

5 Stars?

5 Stars for Amazon service
5 Stars for Asus value
5 Stars for Asus functionality, design and features
3 Stars for screen uniformity compared to perfect (more on this later)

Having completed a circuit board project and preparing images of it on my last monitor (surely too grand a word?) I once again came to realize that I needed to upgrade. Good in its day the 17" Sony Trinitron that I bought used 6+ years ago was taking 10 minutes to get focus and I would never know how a photo would look on a monitor that worked (I use eBay and a website to sell stuff), so I would check color on my laptop. Not an ideal situation.

Cheap by nature, I often buy used and a few generations back but this time I thought I would get new. In the end not just new but something beyond what I needed. Gift money can do that.

After all those hours of deliberation, tribulation and finally jubilation (OK, I wanted to be a writer) I not only chose this monitor but went for 1-day delivery. It actually arrived within 24 hours (thank you FedEx). I had actually worried about it being left outside but they required a signature.

First 24 Hrs:
And so the monitor. It is big. I use a few wide-screen monitors at work, all 16:9 and 22-23". Let me tell you a 26" 16:10 is a lot of real estate. I had to remove the top shelf of my beloved Ikea Jerker desk. About one half inch too low.

It also has some heft which is good as it is less likely to be moved by the cat rubbing against it etc. The supplied stand is OK and quite secure but the joint twixt stand and monitor allows some movement. This may serve a purpose by shock absorbing. It is not annoying under general usage thus far.

Inputs cover my needs and HDMI which is not a need but may get used. Cable access is just OK. Seems to me the removable back cover could be used to facilitate connecting the cables when removed and covering them up when in place? Comes with DVI and VGA cables.

OSD menus are logical but rather nested and take a little getting used to. The software crashed the first time I installed it and I haven't tried it again but I will.

Real buttons! Actually I don't mind touch-sensitive. As with most things in life just open you mind to new possibilities and embrace change. I really appreciate the shy blue indicator while on and orange when off.

And what of that most important part of being a monitor, display quality? Those that are still following may recall just 3-Stars? Some have commented on the uniformity top to bottom and left to right and I can confirm that there is variation as you move your head when the monitor sits about 24" away. The morning of the second day I do not notice it as much.

It is certainly eye-popping compared to the old Sony. Most controls are turned down. Not figured out the purpose of the Splendid function yet. I understand what they are trying to achieve but the differences are rather subtle. An open mind on that right?

The screen itself is non-reflective but looks a little dead compared with a Viewsonic I use with a glossy screen. Not a big deal as reflections are a royal PITA.

I use PCB123 to design circuit boards and that app needs more screen as the app itself is a bit clunky with zoom and pan. Not a problem now. Can't believe I put up with the old 4:3 17" at 1024x768.

Likewise, JASC Paint Shop Pro. I fact I find the size to be more than needed for many applications and re-size the windows closer to what I am used to. That allows side-by-side viewing which is neat. Almost as good as 2 monitors with significant cost and footprint saving.

THE ONE BIG GRIPE. Not actually an issue with the monitor but my video card. I checked the card would support 1920x1200 but when I hooked it up it would not display correctly. Turns out the card (Nvidia FX-5200 AGP) only supports the higher resolutions via VGA not DVI. I need to upgrade my card to get DVI to work. Note this is not an issue with the monitor, just something to be aware of. Unfortunately not all vendors give the DVI resolution just the maximum. Nvidia does give this information. You have to know that it's there though. Later AGP and, I assume, all PCIe video cards will work without an issue.

So all my comments on the display quality are based on VGA input. I shall update this review as my experience with this wonderful monitor continues.

One last detail. Bad pixels. There was one. Bright red in a significant position. Brushing my finger across it removed it but it came back. Did this a few times but it would return. I searched for 'pixel fixer', found and used JScreenFIx ( [...] ) which seemed to work. Nothing to download or sign up for, runs via your browser.

If you want a perfect display at this size pay more. If you want a great display get one of these. I doubt you will be disappointed.
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5 of 5 people found the following review helpful
on September 30, 2009
Great monitor, great price, and big...big...big!
Before I purchased, I did a lot of homework, I think the reviews that gave this monitor only average ratings were nitpicking. All monitors in this class have field of view issues, and this one is no different. If you're sitting at your desk you won't notice anything in that regard. You have to compare apples to apples, not sub $300 monitors to $1000 monitors. Too really get a top quality monitor at this size, you may have to spend that much or more.
This monitor has lots of hookups in the back that give you much flexibility. I had no problems with buying it new at Amazon. The monitor had no stuck pixels, and it was in great shape. At this price, anyone who doesn't rave about this monitor isn't being fair.
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