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on September 7, 2010
I recently dropped my POTS landline and got Vonage as a replacement. I needed a phone that I could plug the base into the Vonage V-portal and have satellite handsets throughout the house. This particular model features Link-to-Cell bluetooth technology that allows you to pair up a cell phone with the ATT base unit. I had no trouble linking it to my Evo 4g, Iphone 3gs, and an older Samsung Motorola phone. Placing a phone call is simple; just dial the number then press either Home line or the Cell line to dial out (Requires a cell phone paired to the base unit). When receiving a call, the appropriate line will flash letting you know if the call is coming in on your home line or your cell-linked line.

- The buttons are large and they light up when pressed so you can see them in low light situations.
- The range and battery life of the handsets are excellent.
- The speakerphone is one of the loudest I've heard.
- The voicemail is super easy to use. Even my father, whom I suspect was born in the stone age, was able to use it on the first try.
- Can be linked to your cell phone so cell calls can be made and received from any of the handsets (as long as the cell phone in use is near enough to the base unit to maintain a bluetooth connection).
- Can download a cell-phones contact list into the ATT handsets contact list through the use of bluetooth.
- Extra handsets can easily be added as needed (Maximum of 12 handsets)
- Handsets can be used as an intercom. My mom no longer has to scream at the ceiling to get me to come downstairs to fix something she broke on her computer or show me yet another animal she bought on Farmville (I still love ya Mom).

- The blue circular charging light that comes on when the handset is on the charger can't be turned off. That and all the other junk I have (NAS drive, router, modem, etc...) is starting to give my room a 'Close Encounters of the Third Kind' theme at night when I'm trying to sleep.
- As another reviewer pointed out; if you are planning to use this phone as a link to cell device only you will get a 'No Home Line' message on your display that cannot be turned off. While this won't affect the usability in any way it is a bit annoying.
- The menu isn't quite as intuitive as it could be. Pressing the menu button takes you to the menu only, to navigate the menu requires the use two separate buttons. However after a week of use the awkwardness was gone and navigating the menu feels natural again so I suppose it's just a matter of practice.

Overall this phone works great with my Vonage service. The cons are really just minor gripes and not major design defects. Definitely recommend!
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on August 29, 2010
In spite of the fact that I seriously dislike AT&T as a phone company and avoid their land and cell services whenever possible, I've found over the years that their land line phones are the most dependable, best sounding consumer phones on the market. The DECT 6.0 doesn't fail to deliver.

The most important feature in a phone to me is the clarity of sound and this phone is just what I expected.

Since the speaker phone is in the handset, I had low expectations. I'm happy to report that even the speaker phone sound quality is better than the competition. Not like a Polycom SoundStation, naturally, but it will get the job done with both ends of the call functioning adequately.
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on May 24, 2010
I purchased this cordless phone as a precurser to ditching my landline and adding an inexpensive additional line of service on my cellular family plan. The AT&T cordless phone seem well built. However there are some issues that a person needs to be aware of.

1) No way to turn the warning message "No home line" off. Well duh, there is no home line if I ditch my landline. So there should be a way to disable that message.

2) The caller ID NUMBER passes from the cell phone to the AT&T cordless phone, but not the NAME.

3) Random disconnects of the pairing. I use an iPhone 3GS, and it would not always automatically link up and I would have to re pair the the devices.

4) The center select button on the handset is just that, just select. The separate up/down buttons are not as intuitive as they also have other functions.

For positives:

1) Excellent audio quality through the cell phone.

2) Excellent range.

3) Ease of use.

for me, the cons outweighed the pros, and I have opted to return the unit and wait for a more mature device to come out.
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on January 7, 2011
We received our AT&T TL 92270 yesterday, base with answering machine, handset and 1 remote handset, from Target (to use a gift card). Target shipped fast. Total $87.51 with shipping, without sales tax. We are in the process of replacing an older Panasonic KX TG2383. The Panasonic is a 2.4 Ghz base answering machine circa 2005 likewise with handset on base, and two remote handsets. It received excellent reviews in its time.

The neatest thing about the TL 92270 is that it really does easily connect to bluetooth cell phones. The TL 92270 thus provides in each handset a connection to two cell phones and one land line. The handsets have a blue button that lights up for a cell phone call, and an amber button lights for the land line. The handset's LCD screen shows which line -- cell 1, cell 2 and landline -- the incoming call is from, and each can be given a distinctive ring. All that is great! I really, really like all that, it is very useful. Too bad the follow-through on that isn't to the same level of usefulness.

The TL 92270 handsets had a range that covered our whole house, cellar and second floor. So did the older Panasonic. I did not test the range outdoors. The sound quality of the TL 92270 handsets was great. It was slightly better for a land line call. On the other side of the line people calling me said the quality was great. We were never that happy with the sound quality of the older Panasonic, but it was adequate, better than the Samsung cell phones we have but not as good as a wired handset.

The cutting reason we will be returning the TL 92270 is that it isn't a great earpiece coupling to the ear, and the unit is not very easy at all to use handsfree, holding it to your shoulder. It's a flat thin handpiece, not very ergonomic, although it is better engineered to how it survives a drop.

A missing and needed feature is that the handsets have no jack for an headset and the do not make up for it with bluetooth. That compounds the lack of ergonomics that would allow the handset to be held with the head against the shoulder. YOU CAN'T ROAM AROUND THE HOUSE OR OFFICE WITH THIS HANDSEY HANDS-FREE. You'll only be able to use a bluetooth headset, and that can only be used within a few short steps of the base.

We roamed easily with the older Panasonic handsets, they even have a belt clip, and the ergonomic shape of those old handsets allowed it to easily be held between the ear and the shoulder.

Additionally the Caller ID from an incoming cell call only shows phone number, not the name.

And as others note, the big round button in the middle LOOKS like similar on cell phones but does not work like them. It's only a one-thing button, not a 4-way direction mouse-type button. That's distracting. You can learn it quickly enough but it's still a distracting thing.

Also that bright blue button's light when on the charger means taking the handset OFF the charger at night in the bedroom. That's inconvenient and stupid.

It's a great idea to have wireless home handsets that can handle the family's docked cell phones, it helps bring a family together in the home. But you really need to be able to use the handsets hands-free, and you can't. Therefore we still have to carry our cells with us, and thus lose the connection to the base. That is, WHY BOTHER?

I look forward to At&T getting the needed details right on this great concept.

Update Mid Feb 2011: We ended up buying a Panasonic KX-TG6513B, and like it. Also not perfect, but very good in sound quality, ease of basic use, and use of landline and two cells. The Panasonics have handsets with jacks for headsets, and sit on the shoulder without slipping off.
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on March 6, 2011
I purchased the Vtech DS6321-3 bluetooth phone set to try first and after a couple of weeks I decided to try this AT&T phone thinking that maybe it would have better features or at least maybe have better speakerphone sound. Turns out once I setup the ATT phone I realized it IS THE EXACT SAME PHONE AND CLEARLY MADE BY THE SAME PEOPLE as the Vtech. The displays and menus are identical, the same ringtones, same everything. Just to be sure, I even tried registering one of the ATT handsets with the Vtech base, and it worked perfectly. Internally, these are the same phones. The Vtech has a better button layout than the ATT, so between the two definitely go with the Vtech which is also a better deal on Amazon as it comes with 3 handsets for about the same price as two with the ATT.
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on November 27, 2010
Picked up this phone yesterday. It was very easy to set up, the screen is clear and easy to see in all light conditions. It was easy to pair up my Bluetooth phone with the base station and I like that you can set up distinct rings for the three types of incoming calls (land line, mobile phone 1 and mobile phone 2). Sound quality is excellent. I have yet to receive a message on my phone so I cannot judge the answering function.
However, like most people, I would like a phone in the bedroom. When the phone is charging there is a LARGE blue charging indicator on the charging handset. This charging light is so bright that you could almost read a book under its luminescence, so much so that I am considering returning this great phone. I did post a question to AT&T customer support on this. I'll post an update when I get a response. :-)

I recommend this phone at this price point and feature set, except when the handset charger is to be located in a bedroom.

UPDATE - 13 December 2010
At&t support contacted me the next day. Unfortunately there is no way to dim the charging light. In my bedroom I turned the charging base around so the charging light is facing away from us. This makes it manageable. I still think the phone is a solid phone. I am averaging over 7 days of phone standby time (time left off the charger).
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on April 25, 2015
I can't say enough about this phone. I have six handsets in the house and can check the answering machine through each one of them. The clarity is like a corded phone. The speakerphone is top notch. I use the intercom feature often with other family members in the house. I have a 1 acre property and the phone works flawlessly from any part of it. You have about 3-4 hours of talk time before returning to the handset to charge and after four years I have yet to have had to replace a battery. No downside to this phone whatsoever.
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on October 30, 2010
Bought this to replace our land line cordless phone and answering machine. After reading up the DECT 6.0 technology was the what I wanted and also saw that we could get a phone that could use the mobile or land line.

Very easy to set up and the display is clear and bright. Buttons are big and easy to use.

One slight complaint is learning the interface to find your phone numbers. A little clunky after using google...

Bottom line, works as advertised and enables the mobile phone to be charging and have a handset in every room.
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on June 26, 2012
Not much bad can be said about these phones. They work great. I bought them so I can use them with my cell phone for calling long distance and use them now for even answering my cell phone at home. Phones sync with your cells address book and even can be setup for specialized rings. These are a really cool set of phones when you sync them up it's your cell via Bluetooth.
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on October 18, 2011
Purchased this item because I needed 'Bluetooth' abilities and because of the name! Grossly disappointed when it was hooked up. One, implementing it 'Bluetooth' capabilities required 'rocket science' knowledge and abilities both of which I don't possess. Second, when all was 'said & done', the quality of the audio was second to none for the worse around! I had Verizon check and recheck my lines but to no avail.

Finally, I returned this unit for a refund which was a pleasant and simple process through Amazon! Thanks, Amazon!

Purchased another model of the AT&T phone system without 'Bluetooth' capabilities and true to it name (AT&T) this model is 'king'.
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