Customer Reviews: ATLiens [Explicit]
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on December 12, 2003
ATLiens is a blend of funky beats and crafty wordplay from Big Boi and Dre. Southernplayalistic was a good way to begin their career really getting them on the map and Georgia too. I see that as their second greatest album ever. ATLiens is just too good, few songs on here are not considered "great" by every day standards. Aquemini is a great follow up to ATLiens and is the key success that Outkast with these three albums that Outkast is one of the greatest in the hip hop world.

Here is how I rated the album. I rate on three different things (Lyrics content, How good the beat is, And how good the flow of the rappers is with the beat). I take all the scores and find the average then take the total from all 15 songs and find the final rating.

1. You May Die (Intro)- A piano for the beat while a women sings a funky melody and sets the mood for the entire album.
Lyrics: -- Music: -- Flow: --

2. Two Dope Boyz (In A Cadillac)- A very short song (lasting about 2:45) to truly begin the album. This is just a classic song to roll your windows down to and drive down the street. Dre's first verse comes hard and also a great chorus by Dre.
Lyrics: 9.5/10 Music: 10/10 Flow: 10/10

3. ATLiens- My favorite song on the album and one of my all time favorite songs. Big Boi's first verse is the best ever in my opinion with crafty word play (Well it's the M-I crooked letter, aint no one better and when I'm on the microphone you best to wear your sweater cause im cooler than a polar bear's toe nail.) And the coolest hook ever of course. (Now throw your hands in the air-er and waive em like u just don't care-er. And if you like fish and gritz everybody say Oh yeah-er)
Lyrics-10/10 Music= 10/10 Flow=10/10
Total score=10/10

4. Wheelz Of Steel- Crazy song. My second favorite and second best on the album with the greatest minute of scratching you will EVER here. The verses are short but sweet. The set up is perfect (Dre giving the shout out's at the end before the scratching begins) And a whicked beat.
Lyrics=10/10 Music=10/10 Flow=10/10
Total score=10/10

5. Jazzy Belle- One of the first story telling songs of Outkast (Aquemini full of them). Story about a . . . named Jazzy Belle. This song is the first change in the album. Before all the songs were quick paced and "hardcore" this song has a lighter slower beat. And a heavenly chorus sang by women just humming "la la la". Good scratching too

Lyrics= 10/10 Music=10/10 Flow=10/10
Total Score=10/10

6. Elevators (Me & You)- Another slow song but not quite as soft as Jazzy Belle. Outkast sings the hook themself here (Me and You, Your mama and your cousin too, rolling down the strip on fours, coming up slammin cadilac doors) haha great hook. The beat could've used work though, I don't think it goes good with their flow. The beat is good but would've been better with a different song. Good . . . wordplay though.
Lyrics=10/10 Music=8/10 Flow=9/10

7. Ova Da Wudz- "Something's gotta give"- First words of the song then the beat lays in. Crazy beat is in, every 8 seconds or so you hear a voice in the back "ummmmmm". Really plays with your mind. Good hook and pretty good wordplay. Big Bwoy is awesome.
Lyrics=9/10 Music=9/10 Flow=10/10

8. Babylon- Dre is very good on the track with some good lines (" I came into this world high as a bird from second hand cocane") And a good hook and light soft beat. Another smoootth track.
Lyrics=10/10 Music=10/10 Flow=9.5/10

9. Wailin'- Kick . . . kick . . . kick . . . kick . . . beat. Would've loved the song more with a hook. With a crazy beat like this they could've made an awesome hook. Outkast shines again.
Lyrics=10/10 Music=10/10 Flow=10/10

10. Mainstream- Song begins with a splash. Then about 15 seconds into the song the beat comes in. This is the third best song on the album. The beat is a light quick paced beat. Good hook ("Think is it but it aint all peaches and cream. That's why I sing this song floating face down in the main stream") Dre and Big Boi are the best on this track but the guest appearances verses are alright.
Lyrics= 10/10 Music= 10/10 Flow=10/10

11. Decatur Psalm- One of my favorites and one of the most creative songs ever. Good beat and better lyrics and a classic hook (" It won't be over till the Big girl from Decatur sing") haha I love this song.
Lyrics=10/10 Music=10/10 Flow= 10/10

12. Millennium- Dre just rips this track apart. Probably his best verse ever in my opinion (his first) and a creative hook that you would never expect. Dre just goes off for 25 seconds of so with (" uh uh uh uh uhu huh uhuh uhu uh uhuh uhu") While a little girl repeats "Planet stars--- Earth, Jupiter, Mars--Hoes, clothes, car-- It's who you are.
Lyrics=10/10 Music=10/10 Flow=10/10 (One of the best)

13. E.T. (Extraterrestrial)- Just a crazy . . . song. The lyrics are awesome. I'm not sure about the beat though.. at one point I'm thinking they can do better but at another I'm thinking how creative and soothing it is. I don't know.. buy the album and be the judge.
Lyrics=10/10 Music=8/10 Flow=9/10

14. 13th Floor/Growing Old- First minute 30 is just a piano with someone talking. Then a sick slow whicked fascinating beat cuts in. One of the best tracks on the album.
Lyrics=10/10 Music=10/10 Flow=9/10
Total= 9.6/10

15. Elevators (ONP 86 Mix)- A remix of Elevators me and you. With a better beat.
Lyrics=10/10 Music=9.5/10 Flow=9/10
Total= 9.5/10

Total Score For ATLiens= 9.7/10
Nearly Flawless

If you don't find this review helpful.. you're just a hater
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on February 2, 2000
"Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik" was good, and I do not doubt that it was groundbreaking and put Outkast on the map. But "ATLiens" was by far and best album they put out. The Source gave it 4 mics and gave "Aquemini" 5, but I really believe that they were giving "Aquemini" an extra mic to make up for not labeling "ATLiens" a hip-hop classic. I can understand how fans of the first album might not have understood or liked the new sound, and it truly is a departure from the pimp stylings of their debut. "ATLiens" runs deeper, fusing soul, R&B and smooth-as-molasses hip-hop with Big Boi's street-wise raps and Dre's spiritual soliloquies. It's a beautiful album, and one that any real hip-hopper should have in their collection. Highlights, well, every song is a highlight, but when it comes down to it, the driving beats of "Ova Da Wudz," "Jazzy Belle" and "Elevators" surpass anything Master P or the Hot Boys ever came out with. And "13th Floor/Growing Old" is one of the most poignant hip-hop spirituals of all time. Get this album.
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VINE VOICEon July 23, 2005
Don't get me wrong, the other original four albums were straight up amazing. But ATLiens, OutKast's sophomore album, might be my favorite. A change in style leaves back their teenage ideas and the bluesy, jazzy beats and brings a more soulful, thoughtful, mature tone. The whole album really works as a straight beginning to end listen, because the songs can relate to one another. The production by Organized Noize is just phenomenal. I just love their style here, with the space-age beats and the whole comic book thing.

It starts with an intro by Joi, Big Gipp's wife, that sets the pace for the album. "2 Dope Boyz in a Cadillac" is so good, Andre bashing sucker MCs over a piano and eerie singing. "ATLiens" is one of OutKast's best songs, with an awesome chorus, great music, top notch rapping ("Cooler than a polar bear's toenails"). After another smooth track, "Wheelz of Steel", the album moves into a phase of reflection and contemplation in which the songs "Babylon", "Decatur Psalm" and "Mainstream" featuring Big Gipp (my favorites on the album) and "Elevators", the most popular song of the album, are included. I like "Jazzy Belle" too, a good slow song with smart rhymes. The masterpiece finishes with a song called "13th Floor (Growing Old)" which starts out with piano and a speech by Big Rube and gives way to a smooth beat. The whole album is so good I can't put it into words.

OutKast abandoned some of their player image from Southerplayalisticadillacmuzik on this album, but it's so good. The album is amazing lyrically and musically, and I recommend it to all because it is among the best of all time.
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on August 9, 2005
All I can say is this one of my favorite cds of all time and I own over three hundred. This is bob your head, smile wide, jump up and down, chill out music. I don't skip any tracks on the album but my favorite songs that I keep on repeat are Two Dope Boys, and Elevators. Many people are put off by the new poppy Outkast but people that love old school classics are sure to feel this.
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on July 14, 2006
"Greetings Earthling".... From the first words spoken after the melodic introduction you are instantly aware that what you are about to experience is unlike anything your ears have ever heard. Speakerboxxx/The Love Below may have made Big Boi and Dre a household name, but the true heads will allways remember them as just "Two Dope Boyz in a Cadillac". 10 years after it's release, the impact of this album is more powerfull when you take into account the fact that we may never again hear these two men rapping together on a track. Emotional, groundbraking, heartfelt and powerfull. I could write pages crammed full of adjectives and quotes, yet words cannot compare to the pure visceral journey that is this album. ATLiens is unlike a modern rap record; no skits, no filler, just pure, raw, unadulterated hip-hop. You cannot consider yourself a fan of genre without this in your collection. One almost cannnot blame Andre 3000 for putting down the mic, when you realize that everything that can be said with the genre, he already did 10 years ago. Outkast may have three other classic hip hop albums; Southernplayalistic, Aquemeni, and Stankonia, but this is the one. In the 90's the West had The Chronic, and the East had 36 Chambers, but it was the South who produced the greatest hip-hop album of all time. Pop this in, turn off the lights and listen from start to finish if you don't believe me.
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on February 20, 2006
Outkast have shone with lucidity on this album, all the while showing too that where they come from is never worth forgetting. By intertwining urban philosophy with masterful storytelling and go-beyond musicality, Outkast has raised the bar on what hip hop can be and how polished it can become without sacrificing it's essential rap flavor. At times reminiscent of the under-recognized "Let the Rhythm Hit 'Em" by Erik B. and Rakim, Outkast follows suit with sounds that evolve, sounds so thickly claivoyant that they make a journey into outer space seem superfluous. While it was of course Erik B. and Rakim who turned rap music from streetcorner hollering to journeys through sound and city life, Outkast took advantage of their uniquely southern stylistics (and some newer big budget production technology) to add another trusty thruster to the now-maligned but once authentic hip hop rocket ship.

The first song to stand up and recognize on ATliens is "Millenium." When Big Boi culminates his turn at the microphone by announcing the immanent threat to hip hop sanctity from shady dealers, and up-and-crummy rap stars, his fatalism is disheartening, but still one feels that all hope is not lost:

When your back was turned, them slackers learned and now we fallin apart

You lookin me in my eye, but you ain't feelin me in your heart

Yes, yes Lord, give me the power within the final hour

These n****z, they leavin me stranded like Rapunzel in the tower

Now or never, let's stick together and overcome

But they don't feel like marchin, cuz they shoes is overrun

Ain't that a b****

"Now or never, let's stick together, and overcome, but they don't feel like marchin cuz they shoes is overrun." This line alone illuminates the struggle and the contradictions facing anybody who recognizes that the problems they face are never theirs alone. One senes that Big Boi knows what it takes to protect the game and break the chains, and one can touch his disgust when he recognizes amidst his desperation that the people are too tired to make happen the movement that would save their situation. Dré, too, hits the very soul on this tune, with lyrics that astonish in their pulsating, vital truthfulness :

Life never lived up to my expectations, so I accept the patience

Expect the worse but now I'm pacin

Back and forth, inside, I'm melting like water on wicked witches

A monster truck done came and ran over my picket fences

I had the best of life in my clenches but monkey wrenches was thrown

Like chairs kings sit on, my prayers seem to long

I fall asleep before the endin, don't even get to say Amen

I hope He understand I be on bended knees

Of a life that can get away, there is no better professor. But ATLiens is not all truth in philosophy, there is also that storytelling and wheel-spinning urban flavor for which Outkast made themselves know on "Southernplayalistic." And then there is "Growing Old," which is by far the finest treatment in hip-hop history of aging and mortality :

see all them leaves must fall down, growin old

Fat t**ties turn to teardrops as fat a** turns to flab

Sores that was open wounds eventually turn to scab

Trees bright and green turn yellow brown

Autumn caught em, see all them leaves must fall down, growin old

For Outkast and ATLiens, the cycle of life can be painful, and illusions can crash smack into forces beyond our control, but there is something to be said for the good times that come along the way, and it is only knowledge of the inevitable that brings breathing room to a people who've known what the meaning of difficulty is.
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on January 30, 2013
On "Atliens", Outkast are at their peak. Their debut was good but it didn't have the flow that this album has. From start to finish, there aren't any weak tracks. Both Big Boi and Andre are amazing with their delivery and their guests don't feel like they're making cameos; it all feels like part of the experience.

The sound of the music is definitely influenced by Funkadelic, jazz artists, and even has an experimental feel that I haven't heard on many rap albums. The stuff they rhyme about can get really deep and has universal messages. At the same time though, on some tracks the duo rhyme about street life but they try to educate and elevate as they're doing it for the most part.

There aren't any bad songs on this, although the remix of Elevators doesn't sound as creative as the original; just some standard hip hop beats. It sounds like both of the guys put their minds and souls into this and it pays off well. Definitely a classic rap album that any fan of hip hop should add to their collection.

PS: It gets better with every spin.
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on January 14, 2015
A Seminal rap record released, oddly enough, in the last years of "rap" music's existence. Outkast was so different, sonically and visually, than any of the current rap acts dominating the scene in '96. This is the real deal, and everyone should at least listen to this record, if not own one (which Id say most folks white--black-or blue ages 30 to 50 do. These guys were as original or unique as Bone-Thugs-'n-Harmony, but with much more staying power and room to grow...hence their evolution, which, after 'Aquemini,' began to decline drastically. The song 'Elevators' is so spooky and musically enthralling Id take it to the proverbial desert island. The first 6 songs of the album are 'un-skippable" as I say. Get this on CD and wax now that it is available...PS here is a funny story about how this cd made me get up at 7:30 am on two consecutive Saturdays when I was a typical weekend late sleeping teenager
THE COVER OF THE CD GOT ME TWO SATURDAY SCHOOL DETENTIONS MY SENIOR YEAR IN HIGH SCHOOL. Our dikheaded vice principal, who thought he was Charles Bronson, was walking around in the parking lot of our school, saw the CD, which has a DRAWING of a naked black woman, and slapped me with two Saturday schools, which was the equivalent of going to hell for 3 hours, in the fall of '96. Double the misery as I had played football the night before and had broken my right hand ring finger deflecting a pass...oh the good old days.
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on July 21, 2005
Rating: A+

Its been almost ten years since Outkast released their sophmore followup to SouthernPlayalisticCadillacMusic, and this album only gets better with each listen every single day. Quite possibly one of the most flawless rap records ever put out, Outkast's ATLiens is right up there with Enter the 36 Chambers, Reasonable Doubt, and Dre2001, as some of the best rap albums of all time. Although Aquemini has some extremely great tracks and funny@$$ skits, ATLiens is straight to the point as Big Boi and Andre3000 have propelled their style and flows into outer-space with this album, stepping up past the tight flows and beats from their prvious effort and showing everyone how to make a classic album in the process. While radio singles like Elevator's earned Outkast a spot on mainstream radio solidifying their reputation, it is with tracks like Jazzy Belle, Babylon, Mainstream, and Millenium that Outkast truly show how much they can make a song shine. However, these are not the only great tracks on this album, as truly you can pop the cd in let it ride and just bask in the atmosphere and vibe permited from this perfect album. Subsequent releases by the dynamic duo were excellent as well but this album showed Big Boi and Andre in their prime unafraid of what to say and do, creating a landmark classic that few can argue will ever get old.
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on October 5, 2005
Listening to this album is like listening to a Jazz album. The sound here is so smooth and polished. The lyrics and the style is on point, both Andre and Big Boi flow nicely over every beat. Everything from the cover to the style come together perfectly. OutKast did a wonderful job making people understand their transition here. Usually when I buy albums I like about half the songs but ATLiens is very consistant from beginning to end. I enjoyed every song. On the album Andre and Big Boi is experimenting with an original kinda futuristic space age sound which really shows a more diverse creative side of OutKast. What I like about OutKast is that they are full of surprises, you never know what to expect from them weather it's their music, their fashion, their video's they always keep their fans and others on the edge. OutKast keep you guessing and wondering what they're going to do next. I know today it's hard to find quality artists but if you're a person trying to spend hard earned money on an album that's going to give back more then you bargain, then you should definitely consider this album. You want be disappointed especially if you enjoy quality like I do.
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