Customer Reviews: Ab Rocket Twister Abdominal Trainer
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on July 15, 2011
Wow! Don't those late night infomercials make this one look great? There's a lot of problems in this one both versus what they say and versus other Ab machines out there (and I swear - I pretty much have them all, I'm a sucker for a good infomercial).

So, here's the rankings vs. what they promise:
- A back massage and neck support: 0 stars
Those rollers sure look like they'd give a massage - but, in fact, they are not comfortable and there is definitely no massaging going on. I'd say this is easier on the back than crunches - but not by much. Since the back is one size fits all - whether you get neck support is going to vary by your neck and torso length. Tall people be particularly wary. That said, you are not on it that long. It's really a five minute work out.

- Quality: 1-star
Really flimsiy made for an exercise machine. Particularly cheap handles and attachments. Doesn't click the way they say it will in the ads. If you are a larger/wider person this thing may not stand up to your weight, and the small seat is definitely going to bother you. It's made cheaply all the way around - or there is poor quality control going on.

- Ability for anyone to use it - 4.0 Stars
Comes with a DVD that has routines for every level from beginner to advanced, and three different level tension cords that attach the seat to the back that make the exercises harder or easier. There's also they typical meal planner and recipe book that comes w/ all of these because any promises of losing inches ARE ALWAYS based upon you BOTH following the plan and using the machine.

- Value of exercies for abs - 3.0-4.0 stars
If you just sit on this thing and rock up and down like a rocking chair, as the ads imply, it won't hurt - but isn't going to do that much good (and there's far better machines out there for that like the Ab Lounge Sport that give you better range more comfortably. However, those are harder to work the obliques - and the twister motion on this works. But, the way this does the most is by following the routine that's appropriate for you on the DVD.

-Versus other ab products 1-star
I liked the idea of this because I thought it combined the benefits and ease of the Ab Lounge (without being so big and bulky) and my favorite all time informercial ab machine, the AB Dolly Plus (without requiring the hard floor space to use) into one. But, the poor design and flimsy construction, plus the lack of comfort using it just don't stand up.

BOTTOM LINE: There are better all around and better made ab products out there that will do the job as effectively, if not more so. This one just doesn't deliver on the promises of the ads and for the cost it's quality is below par. It's just not one I'd want to use everyday. Recommend looking at other options.
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on September 26, 2011
This review is a review for both the product and the company that makes it since I believe that a great product has a great team behind it.

Bottom line: This product does not work. Why? I'll give you a detailed account.
The first day I got this product in the mail, I was super excited to try it. I opened and set it up, and put the lowest resistance bands on since I don't work out at all! The exercises on the DVD made it look so simple! My only problem was that I could never get the headrest in the right position- I just didn't know how my head is supposed to rest on the headrest and where? The brochure didn't make it very clear. Anyway, I start to do the exercise and even though it felt ridiculously easy and I didn't sweat a single drop of water, I felt that maybe I needed the medium resistance. Still nothing. My muscles didn't get a lick of workout after sitting on it and going up and down for thirty minutes. Finally, astounded I put on the hardest one and that gave my abs just a tad bit of workout. Mind you, I am in decent shape and I have some fat around my tummy but I just wanted to firm and tone my ab muscles and after 21 days of religiously working out on this ridiculous thing, I saw just a tiny bit of improvement from just rocking on this thing, I guess. It just didn't work for me at all.

Now, here comes the fun part. When I went to return the product, I was first told that my 30 days trial was up and I couldn't return it. I told the lady starting from the day that I got the product and to that day, it had only been 23 days. She apologized and said, okay send it back! So I used UPS to send it back so that it would get there in time. Well turns out, UPS took 11 days to deliver it. So by this time, it had been 35 days and when I called them to see what was taking them so long to process my refund, they flat out told me that they couldn't give me because I was over 30 days. I told them that it's not my fault that UPS took 11 days and after much talk, the customer service guy just hung up on me! I couldn't believe it! First he was rude, and literally shouting in my ear, and when I told him that he is being disrespectful, he just hung up the phone in my face. I was appalled! I have never had a cust. rep just blatantly hang up while I am talking calmly! Anyway, I called my c.c. company who gave them a call and when the lady picked up the phone, she sounded so frustrated as if I was making her take time out of her busy non-nonsensical job to.. you know, actually help the customer and after much harassment from her (and this while my credit card company is on the 3-way!!), she finally agreed to process a refund but she told me she couldn't give me back the $14.95 which they advertised was refundable if I returned the product! After, I explained this to her, she started screaming and shouting to the point where I was just asked her to calm down. She pretty much told me to go fudge off and hung up the phone on me! Again!! I am the nicest person you can ever meet and I am really sweet to everybody so for them to just hang up on me like that was so extraordinary! Even my credit card company's rep was shocked! Anyway, I have learned my lesson. NEVER order from tv infomercials EVER again! Amazon is the way to go.
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on June 30, 2011
The seat that is added is too high and too far forward so there is no lumbar support. My back aches after I use it. I would not recommend this to anyone.

Plus you will have to pay for the return postage.

Save your time and money.
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I have had the most fun working out with this. Though I workout daily, I HATE two things: push ups and crunches. Just hard for me to ever do comfortably without wanting to stop. I found a push up bar where you can roll out with your arms that solved that I actually like ab work.

I have to say however that there is a trick to this after watching my friends use it wrong. You don't want to work your back...okay, you work it slightly which is good, but not enough to hurt if you do it right. If you do a sit up wrong, you'll just use your back not your abs and you want to work those if you got this...The best explanation I've ever heard for doing it right and correcting the most common mistake of sitting up, was explained by Jillian Michaels. you are aren't getting up like you are getting up from laying down on the couch. Instead, you need to think of your chin being attached to an invisible string that's attached to the ceiling (Not the wall...yes, the ceiling) and being pulled up. If you always remember this, you'll always do it right. Like someone is pulling up your chin to the ceiling. Don't look forward at a wall with your head down...pull your chin upward as you lift. There is your perfect form. If you do this, those who have issues with where they sat on the seat will no longer have them and you won't work just your back, your abs do the work.

Begin all the way laying down. The headrest is adjustable. Be sure you read the directions to put it together because there is a stabilizing bar that's hidden under the seat that you pull out that I'd never known about.

Also you'll also find that there are 3 different colored bungees you can choose from from very light to hard resistance. Quite frankly I think they should include one even harder so as you progress you can do mega-pushups but I think the hardest one is sufficient...just in a perfect world I'd add another.

What is different about this is the handles allow you to have good resistance when pushing up, but still help yourself up a little as needed yet get results anyway...BUT you do NOT want to pull yourself up with your arms. The more strength you use from your arms, the less work you'll get from your abs. You don't have to use the handles at all, but it's still a nice placement of your arms for comfort and can be used at the initial push up with a harder resistance from the bands.

What I find different in this than many ab workout machines is that it works all the muscles. Even the side of your waist with the twist. And the DVD walks you through how to do it right. Once you get the routine down, this doesn't take up much room so you can sit in front of the TV and get the six pack on.

Remember to go slow...going fast gives you momentum which you don't want to use for your movements. You want to use your muscles.

Remember to adjust the head rest so your head is resting on it before you begin.

You don't sit all the way up. When the backrest stops, so do you, and go back down and continue. Many think that a sit up means you sit all the way up. You actually work your abs better if you don't sit ALL the way up. The chair lets you know when to stop and move back down to the floor.

If you keep your feet off the floor, toes pointed away from you, you'll get an even better workout.

For an even better workout than that, crunch your knees and thighs to your stomach as you pull up, then as you lay back town, point your toes back away from you.

Your head won't leave the headrest as you do this the right way, and you can sit all the way back in the chair...that doesn't mean your lower back has to touch the backrest if you are thin, you just need to concentrate on where your head is and moving your chin up and the rest just falls into place.

It's made of a cushioned seat like you'd see on a weight bench and the backs are made of the material such as you might find on a raft that isn't a blow up raft but a floating one-piece molded soft cushion one. It is metal but the back pieces join the metal with plastic end pieces and screws.

I was surprised that it was mostly all put together prior to arrival. I only used a screwdriver on 2 screws. AND it came with the screwdriver tool!!

You can't see your abs until you lose fat surrounding them...but this will still make your waist smaller even if you have fat to lose as strong muscles take up less you diet, your whole waist will get smaller.

Yes, it works and it does make form easier and it is one of the favorite things I've found to make something I hate more fun. I do suggest learning with the DVDs anytime you try something new.

Negatives: I don't like how you remove the pin to swivel the seat. If you leave the pin in it clicks, but I don't want to have to lay it on the floor as it will quickly become a fun cat toy. That's the one design flaw that seems obvious to me. You should be able to pull it back and click it then have it spring back when needed rather than having to remove it.

But can I feel this work? Immediately, even with assisting some with my arms as I did since I assume many will use it that way to start.

Remember the string tip...and you'll do it right easily every time. You'll sit right and you'll use your abs not your back...Try it on the floor mats that way too. That's how you do them regardless of how you do your sit ups. BUT on this the other good tip to remember is that if your head goes off the head rest you have sat up too far. You never sit up all the way in a sit up...your muscles stay engaged going part way up then down.

Keep your tummy sucked in as you workout and remember to breathe in and out as you do your moves, some hold their breath in during a strength don't want to. Muscles want your oxygen. :-)

Does it feel too easy? Don't pull up with your back or hands but also remember that you won't typically feel soreness from strength training until the next day. And muscles are built by microscopic tears in the muscles. That's what the soreness is from...meaning you are building muscle. So ab soreness is not a BAD thing at all! If you just feel it in your back and not your abs the next day, check your form.
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on February 3, 2012
I have used it three times this week so far since receiving it Tuesday 31st. Hard at 1st but you MUST follow instructions on CD & keep your head on the headrest. The guy on cd isnt doing it right so ignore him!!!! Dont use it on carpet. Must be on hard surface. I started out with the blue spring & beginer level & did it 1 1/2 times & yes I was sore Wed. morning so skipped Wed. & did same thing on Thurs. & yes a little more sore & also had done 20 reps extra of just abdominal crunches. Just got done today, friday, with doing beginers 2 times. The twisting reps are really hard for me but probably just because I am over overweight!!! IT IS VERY IMPORTANT TO FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS ON FORM!!!! Be patient & you will get it right. Good luck !!!!!
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VINE VOICEon September 19, 2011
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
For about 5 years, I've been the not-so-proud owners of a much lesser piece of abdominal training equipment, the kind that cushions your head and helps you roll through crunches. It's been nice, but it hurts my neck and it doesn't do anything for your lower abs, which is probably the biggest problem I have with it, and which is the reason that I use it far less than most of my other exercise equipment.

When I saw the Ab Rocket Twister, I immediately saw this as an improvement over what I had. It is that, certainly. The main function of this machine is actually opposite of what my old machine was used for - with the ab rocket twister, you usually end up pushing down rather than up. This has the added advantage of working your lower back muscles just a little bit as you work out, though I did notice that my abs were less strained after going through the exercise video with this than with my other piece of equipment.

It's a bit of a pain to assemble, and it's garishly colored, but it's pretty good for what it does. Keep in mind when you're looking at this that you could certainly do all of the exercises without the machine, and many more, without getting it. A good crunch-and-bicycle kick will do you far better than this will. However, if you need a stepping stone, then this is a good product to look at.
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on December 15, 2011
A few simple design changes would have resulted in a very good product. The first problem is that the stabilizing brace that swings out backwards from under the seat to keep the ART (Ab Rocket Twister) from tipping backwards does NOT create a stable and solid base. The ART still wobbles and tips backward so that the front bar raises as much as 1" off the floor.

The second problem is the back support...or relative lack thereof. In the video (and in the picture used by Amazon), the back support is vertical or nearly so. With the assembled ART, the back support is nowhere near vertical, is at more like a 70 degree angle and doesn't make good contact with your lower back. I agree with the other reviewers that the the yellow and blue tension springs are way too weak.

When the unstable base is combined with the mediocre back support, using the ART can aggravate or even create back problems if you are not careful. This also means that the assisted crunches are more about working your arm strength than they are about working your abs. I think that I can minimize the first design problem by mounting the ART on a plywood base and I believe that if the base is stable and solid, it will minimize the back support issue. The ART can work right if it isn't wobbling and feeling like it is about to tip backwards when you use it and I see the potential for a decent product if it can be stabilized.

One other design feature is important to mention, but it is not an issue for me. As I am 5'6" tall, the head and neck rest can be adjusted to support my head and neck. However, if you are much taller (2-3"), I don't think that you will get the proper head and neck support. The back support should be able to accommodate a taller person. In my opinion, the ART does not accommodate a person who is more than 5'10" tall.

UPDATE - December 15, 2011: The unstable base of the ART can be stabilized. I mounted my ART on a 5/8" thick piece of 2'x4" plywood that I later cut down to size (2'x 2.5'-3') using my table saw. I used 3/4" Oatey plastic clamps that I got from Home Depot's plumbing department and used 2 of them to clamp down each bar of the hand grips (4 clamps on each side of the ART seat for 8 clamps total). 3/4" is the exact right size and clamps the bars securely to the plywood base. Using plastic clamps doesn't mar the finish on the ART. I used #6 1/2" screws. The result was a solid and stable base for the ART.

My stabilized ART is much better now. The difference is like night and day. As I suspected, with the forward-backward wobble factor gone, the back support is better and you are using your abs more (as opposed to arms) to perform assisted crunches, as well as the twisting exercises. After I did a workout along with the trainer on the DVD, my reaction was "Now we've got something that can work!"

I felt the result of a good workout exactly where I wanted my abs and obliques. I look forward to using the ART now.
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on July 9, 2011
Thank God, I chose to purchase this... from Amazon! What a complete piece of JUNK! Regardless to which one of the so-called tension springs you use; there's absolutely NO spring back support to help you rise up from leaning back. Compact? Ha! After you take the time to unscrew the 2 knobs on each side and pop the cheesy so-called tension springs off. And you have to do this anytime you want store it? PAAAAALEEEEEEEEZE! The product is cheap feeling and clearly not worth even $25.00! If you want a decent ab crunch machine, check out the following product available from Amazon: (...)
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on September 3, 2011
I have just received that item two days ago, but unfortunately, it is not as they advertise it on T.V. I do not feel that work comes from my abdominal part, it comes from my back that is why I call it "back rocket twister" although I followed what I watched in TV and DVD, Also, the back of that machine is far from its seat which enhances the problem I am talking about. I thought that finally I found an abdominal machine that can help, but this teached me that lots of adevertisements are deceiving.Please display my review for others who can avoid being disappointed.
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on July 17, 2011
this product didn't seem bad at first. But the dvd exercises were so short I didn't think they were worth it. Also the gap at the base of your seat and back really hurts if you don't fit just right into it. It caused some really bad lower back pain for me.
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