Absolutely Mad DVD bonus material? Hey, I got the Absolutely Mad DVD and it's great. But I know some people have had trouble finding the "bonus items including ... stickers, posters, maps, postcards, labels and much more." The trick is to click on the table of contents entries for the super specials. That will open a separate file of the posters, stickers, etc. (Or you can just browse the disk, and look for a file like T003A.PDF, which is the additional material to the Mad Trash Volume 3 from 1960.

However, I still can't find the paperback book covers. Am I looking in the wrong place? Anyone else have this problem?


[UPDATED] asked by Zack Urlocker on November 8, 2008
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While this product is a lot of fun, there is one glaring error; they forgot to scan those in. If you look enough on the internet you can find pictures of them.
Ford Madox Prefect answered on February 19, 2009
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