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on May 16, 2012
SHORT REVIEW: Do not purchase unless you already have seriously strong fingers; will provide a strenuous challenge for individual fingers. Should provide a moderate challenge for those just interested in working on full-hand grips. Five stars for utility and quality.

LONG REVIEW: If you're like I was, you probably think the Gripmaster series is for strengthening your grip. This is one of the uses of the Gripmaster, but the intended use is improving individual finger/thumb strength. Sure, the individual tension pads should be a dead giveaway, but Gripmaster ships with limited instructions on how to use it. Prohands clearly hopes that you will take an extra five minutes to visit prohands.net to see their 11 exercises.

I would recommend visiting the site: many of the exercises are not intuitive and will come as a pleasant surprise. My favorite exercises work the daylights out of the thumb, a great help for a console gamer such as myself.

With that said, this model has 11 pounds per pad. I thought I had a strong grip (I've used traditional "nutcracker" grip strengtheners for years), but when this model broke down my grip into individual fingers, a little humbling was in order.

If you have a weak grip and want to improve individual fingers, I would advise starting with light or medium tension, and work your way up the tension scale. This model is not the place to start.

Two final notes: Pro Gripmaster models are bulkier than the "regular" variety and have rubbery covers on the pads. I don't believe there's a difference in pad tension (i.e., Extra-Heavy is going to be 11 pounds per pad on both models), so if you have smaller hands - or just want to save a few bucks - the regular Gripmaster line should do the trick.

Finally, both Pro and regular models are extremely well-made devices and appear to be relatively indesctructible.
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on February 21, 2008
I was given the Medium Tension (7 lbs) Gripmaster as a hand-me-down gift almost a decade ago. It looked brand new when I got it, and it looks brand new today.

I eventually upgraded to the Heavy Tension (9 lbs) version, which was the strongest version you could buy for a long time.

Amazon remembered my Gripmaster purchase and decided to alert me to the new Gripmaster Pro products.

I could not have been happier to hear about it and I ordered it right away!

The construction is much beefier than the standard Gripmaster. And if the standard model lasts for 10+ years, I can't even imagine how long this one will last!

You have to have a larger hand in order to hold it comfortably and The curved part is not removable like the old Gripmaster, which I kinda miss.

I am very happy with the product and will continue to buy stronger version as they become available.
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on June 10, 2009
I'm learing how to play the acoustic guitar and I bought the gripmaster as a way to help strengthen my hands and fingers. I found it useful for developing strength to be able to play barre chords. The medium tension is a bit too much for working the pinky finger so I also bought a lighter tension for that. I highly recommend this product for a begginer guitar player.
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on December 12, 2008
I have been climbing walls indoor and outdoor for over 5 years now and this gripmaster pro is really impressive. It is build extremely sturdy and fits my hand much better than the regular gripmaster (which I would also rate 5 stars!). I purchased the 7 pounds and the 11 pounds pro version. I use them for hours everyday, whenever I have a free hand I grab one and it definitely increased my strength endurance. Now when I am struggling to finish a climb this little device gives me the extra strength that I need.
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on August 29, 2008
I bought this item based on other reviews I had read and I highly recommend you consider trying lighter tensions first. The Gripmaster Pro's are a really great product, but after buying the medium and heavy versions, I put them in a drawer and purchased the extra light and light tension units. If you're interested in developing individual finger strength and dexterity you better start with the extra light version. I am actually having a hard time working with it! The light version is now in the drawer,too. No, I'm not a 12 year old girl. I'm a 52 year old man and have worked physically my entire life. I also had double carpal tunnel surgery a year ago and feel I'm pretty much back to where I was before. If you just want to grab them and squeeze the crap out of them using your total hand strength, then go heavy. Otherwise, start extra light. Developing individual finger strength is a whole other story.
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on December 6, 2010
Great product. "Pro" Grip size is larger than the regular Gripmaster, but still reasonable. Finger surfaces are more comfortable on the Pro unit, but palm surface could benefit from a hook like on the regular Gripmaster. Medium tension is about right for the fingertip exercises, heavy tension is good for the closed fist exercises. Be sure to visit manufacturer's website to view all 11 different grips to use to strengthen different areas of hand and forearm. Really helping with ache & stiffness in my knuckles plus improving strength.
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on March 13, 2009
I've been using Gripmasters for many years now and my only complaint was that rubber piece that sits against the palm kept twisting off the grip. So when I lost my Gripmaster and decided to replace it I was thrilled that I found the Pro unit. It resolves my only complaint about the Grimaster by removing rubber piece and molding a new palm rest directly into the unit.
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on December 6, 2010
I bought this to help get strength back in my forearm after breaking my wrist. It works very well. Being able to use each finger individually was very helpful because my fingers were all whacky on strength after the broken wrist.

However, within two weeks, I needed the stronger Gripmaster (which I had purchased at the same time).

Anyway, these fit my hands well, worked well, and are a fair price.

If you go to the manufacturers website (prohands.net), they show a bunch of exercises to do with the Gripmaster.

I definitely think this thing was worth the price. The only difficulty will be determining which "tension" you should start with. The place I go for therapy for my wrist uses these (the regular Gripmaster, though, not the Pro), and watching other people use them makes it obvious that there is a wide variety of grip strengths--some people had a very hard time with the lightest models. Starting light is probably better so you can do the exercises correctly.
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on May 20, 2013
I bought this primarily to help with my grip and finger strength for shooting pistols. However, I usually don't grip it in my palm. I put it between all my fingers and my thumb and squeeze it in a sort of pinching motion, so I can develop the index finger and thumb strength needed to rack back stubborn slides, as well as improving my all-around grip strength on the weapon. (The directions do show a two-finger pinch using just the end of the exerciser and I use that method too.) What I like about this style of hand strengthener is that it forces ALL your fingers to work instead of relying on just the strongest ones to do the lion's share of the work. It's definitely working, especially for my non-dominant hand, and in a surprisingly short period of time, which is why I need to move up in weight already. It's simple, effective, and quite portable. I use it at work as well as home because it's easy to just pick it up when you have a spare moment or two and start exercising.
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on October 23, 2014
Very nice and tolerable pressure for the casual exercise while you wait. Very nice surfaces to grip and touch. However, I have broken two of these already. You can't abuse it.

Update: I received this order on Jan 21st, 2015 and the first one is basically destroyed today; two days shy of 4 months. First the back piece starts cracking around the bases of the springs. Then one of the springs in the back section breaks in two and the two sections jam into a solid piece. That increases the pressure on the back piece and it cracks all around the springs bases. I have disassemble this piece several times and applied crazy glue to delay the end but at this point this grip is about done. Take a look at the attached pictures...
review image review image review image
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