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on August 22, 2013
In my opinion, this is one of the better TEAS prep guides out there. When I decided to go back to college to study nursing school, I discovered that it's not quite as simple as just applying and being accepted. Evidently lots of other people of all ages are also interested in becoming nurses, and there simply aren't enough slots for everyone. Competition for these slots is fierce, and a big part of that competition involves doing well on the TEAS. As someone who had been out of high school for over a decade I knew the odds were stacked against me, and I was going to have to work hard to achieve my goal.

So I bought three TEAS study guides; this one, and two others. At first I made use of all three; I'd rotate among them during my nightly study periods. But I gradually found myself spending more time studying this one, and after a while I never really looked at the other two again. And yes, I did well enough on the TEAS to qualify for nursing school. I worked hard and kept my nose to the grindstone, and it's possible I could've passed the TEAS using another guide, but I'm sure I wouldn't have done as well as I did if I hadn't had this guide. Here are some of the reasons I recommend this guide, and a few areas where I think it could be improved.


It's well organized and the information flows logically, with new information building on things that came just before, as opposed to the other guides I had. In both of them the instructional material seemed somewhat disorganized, sometimes jumping from one topic to a new one that didn't really seem to be related. This guide made the information easy to follow.
It's written in everyday language that you don't have to have a Ph.D. to understand, so it's accessible for everyone who needs to take the TEAS. It's not that there aren't some big words in the guide, because you're obviously going to have to know quite a few big words to do well on the TEAS. But the book explains these academic terms you may not be familiar with by using ordinary language. Anyone who has earned a high school diploma should have no trouble understanding anything in here. In the other books, the language at times could be very dry and academic. If you already had a degree in nursing you would have no trouble understanding those books, but why would you be reading a TEAS guide then?

The information is presented in small, bite size chunks. This is much more manageable for most people, compared to long chapters with very few breaks. Others may disagree, but I prefer this format.
It's not just paragraph after paragraph of instructional material. There are lots of examples and illustrations given to help make things crystal clear. I found this especially helpful when it comes to math.
Even though it's written in ordinary language, and presented in small chunks, the guide is very thorough, covering all the subject matter on the TEAS.

There are three full length practice tests, which is really nice. You can use these to help make sure you're ready for the TEAS. Not all guides have this many practice tests. By the way, I didn't take all three tests right in a row. I took one immediately after I finished studying with the guide. Then I took the second one a few days later, and the third one a few days after that, right before my actual TEAS. I wanted to make sure I was retaining what I had learned. The practice tests were pretty similar to the real thing; this is one of the best things about the guide.


There were a few typos. Not many at all, and no major ones, but I'm a perfectionist and these things jump out at me.
The guide could stand to be about 5% shorter. There was some occasional repetition and fluff.

The distribution of the question types on the practice test didn't line up exactly with the question types on the actual TEAS. But they were pretty close, and as I said, the practice tests made a huge difference.


I highly recommend this guide for anyone who needs to take the TEAS. Am I saying you'll ace the TEAS if you buy this book? No, not necessarily. Especially if you only start studying right before you take the test. I didn't just read the guide; I put a lot of time and effort into actually studying with it. You can't do that in a couple of last minute cram sessions. I'm saying that this book helped me do well on the exam. It will probably do the same for anyone who's serious about prepping for the TEAS.
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on April 3, 2015
The book is well organized and goes through each section of the test. Each major section then contains smaller segments that break apart the individual items that you have to study. There are examples sprinkled throughout in order to further explain different concepts. The math section in particular gives tons of examples, which is helpful.

The format is easy to use and everything is well explained. Some of the stuff is common sense, but is still a useful review and can be skimmed over more quickly. More challenging sections bear further review and rereading afterwards.

The best part is probably the practice tests. There are three at the back of the book, broken down by section, with detailed answer explanations following them. The answer explanations are extrmely useful as if you missed the problem the first time it's because you didn't know how to solve the problem!

At the very back of the book are test taking tips and some strategies for improving in how you approach the test, outside of just knowing the material.

Overall, it's a thorough review and definitely helpful as you get ready to take the TEAS test.
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on January 14, 2014
This book has the same material that is on the real exam. It really helped me! Highly recommend to anyone taking the TEAS.
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on December 2, 2015
I have to say that I loved this practice book! It was inexpensive and had everything I needed to "ace the TEAS." Yes, there are a couple of typos, but it doesn't take a rocket scientist to understand what they meant. I did not encounter anything on the actual test that wasn't covered in this book. I scored in the 99th percentile, getting a perfect 100% on the math and reading portions, and I owe it all to this study guide as it was the only one I used. Just study for a little bit every day for at least two weeks and you should be able to pass!
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on December 1, 2015
This book really helped, the info in the book is on the test. The book only missed a couple of things that were on my test.After using the book I made high enough on my TEAS and I will be in the nursing program at my school Spring 2016.
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on December 16, 2015
I have not taken the TEAS yet, but the guide is truly helping refresh my memory on math. I will update once I take the TEAS to let customers know if the guide helped with preparing for the actual TEAS.
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on January 4, 2014
I ordered this for my daughter to prepare her for her TEAS test that is coming up. She has been studying diligently with this Study Guide & said it is really good!
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on February 26, 2015
Good study resource for what the book cost. As other reviewers mentioned there are a few grammatical errors, however anyone who knows their grammar and spelling will know what the publishers are saying. With that, there were a few exercises in the practice test that had errors, which I didn't think was fair because how could I take a test to practice when I didn't know what was being asked in the questions.
Also, I wished there was more material to study. I know there is a lot to study, but this book is more or less a broad study guide. I wished there had more more detailed information, especially in the science category. I took my test the first time scoring a 72, and the nursing school I'm applying to ask for a minimum score of 73. I feel had the topics been more specific I would have scored better.
Overall, I would recommend the book to any of my friends.
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on March 1, 2016
I ordered this in preparation for nursing school and I would say that this is an excellent preparation tool. The book starts with a review of the basics in reading comprehension, math, science, and use of the English language. There are three practice tests that include each of those four sections. Each practice test is accompanied by an explanation of each answer. At the end of the book is some test taking tips, which I found particularly helpful.

The practice questions seemed quite similar to those found on the TEAS V test. The practice tests are written in the same format that the test is given in, with time limits and number of questions. For those who have taken other placement tests, this is in a similar format with similar content. I found the material quite similar to SAT or GRE reviews.

Overall, this is a good option for anyone considering taking the TEAS test or for anyone looking for a good review of basic test taking skills.

I did receive this product at a discount from the seller.

This study guide seems geared toward individuals with at least a high school education. The information is written as a review, meaning it is assumed that you have learned the material before. Personally, I have a bachelors degree in health and found this to be a good review of material I have not studied in years. It may seem overwhelming to someone with less than a high school education.
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on August 28, 2015
The kindle version price is one of the cheapest well-rated study guides out there. This was the only study guide I used before taking TEAS exam, and I scored 94% overall.

Pros: the study material and practice tests were very similar to what was tested. Nice price, convenient format for iPad user, manageable (about 100 pages study and 3 practice tests), and test answer explanations were good (but Google was needed to further explain some grammar rules).

Cons: page composition of study material is dull; no pictures or variation to a monotonous layout. But the test itself is dull, so I guess, "oh well."

Overall, very pleased with this purchase.
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