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on October 21, 2013
Hey there,

I really dig the Acer Aspire R7. I love my tablet but wanted the full CPU power of a regular laptop and this is it. I did buy at Best Buy as they were much cheaper for some reason.

While investigating the R7 it was everything I was hoping for. Nice processor/RAM, touch screen, tablet convertible... perfect! I almost went with an ASUS "something or other" which was very nice but in comparing I discovered the R7 had the better screen resolution and the speakers on the R7 are quite good. I've never had a laptop with excellent speakers so that was an unexpected bonus.

I spoke with 3 Best Buy associates and they all tried to talk me out of the R7. They were quite adamant I might add. Here's why they didn't like the R7... The screen doesn't fold flat (true), the keyboard is in the front... That's it! They were horrified by the configuration.

Here's why their "dings" on the R7 were actually a benefit for me... I thought the keyboard in the front was brilliant! I always disable the touch pad because I end up deleting huge paragraphs of info without even realizing it. Even with auto save it's hard to get back info I typed 30 minutes ago that got highlighted and backspaced out of existence when I wasn't looking. Gah! Not with this rig! I can leave the touch pad on and jump on it as needed and it is never in the way. I have long fingers and I like to rest my hands in front of the keyboard, off of the laptop when typing. I wasn't sure how that was going to go but I found it to be a better typing experience on a table and in my lap. I'm thinking that some folks may not like the keyboard up front but it was an improvement for me.

Part 2 is the fact that the screen does not fold flat in the tablet configuration. I have to admit I was in the store 3 hours messing with the R7, comparing it to other convertibles and it did bother me but I decided it was still in a configuration I could use as a tablet anyway so I bought it. In reality the partly open tablet configuration turned out be be a bonus! Seriously!

With the slightly raised top it gives me a place to hold the computer without having to put my fingers on the screen. You can get a good grip too. Who knew? When I found myself carrying the R7 around the house with my music blaring and the sports/politics news updates running wild, I kinda smiled and realized that the gap at the top was a very lucky move by Acer. At least for me anyway. I can't imagine that was on purpose but who knows? The flat convertibles do look very slick with the flat fold down. If you need that look then by all means get the flat rig. However, once the functionality of the slightly open top comes into play when toting this rig around you will love it. Promise! :-)

Note that as a tablet the R7 does feel a little heavy. I am 6'5" 220 so I swing it around the house no problem but for the Shire folk (Hobbit reference for fun) or the lovely, dainty ladies this probably isn't your best bet if you are looking to carry it around like your tablet.

I'm not much of a gamer (I dabble just a little) but I'm thinking this wouldn't be great for that. However, video, audio, multitasking, ergonomics etc. are fantastic. The coolest (temperature-wise) running rig I've ever had by far. I like the thin profile. Note that the arm that holds the screen is very firm and sturdy. I was concerned that it would be "floppy" but it is quite the opposite. It feels very high quality.

No DVD bay. With that, I have needed to load software from a CD but so far I've found all the software online. So no problems there. I'm sure there could be something that is not online so we'll see how that goes if that occurs.

In summary, it's a nice laptop as performance goes. Very well rounded with the resolution and speakers. Nice high quality "feel." I mostly use it as a laptop (in my lap, sometimes on a table) and as a tablet about 2-3 times a week. Probably not a MMORPG rig but video, audio and the rest is outstanding. Plus, I think the chicks dig the flipping screen thing. They know who they are. :-)

If you agree with the keyboard/touch pad comments and the configuration comments, and looking for a nice convertible laptop I think you are going to love the R7 like I do. Best rig I've had by far.

Thank you,
- Rob
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on November 15, 2013
The Acer R7 Laptop is a bag of interesting. This innovative mixed bag of design and function is one of the most forward thinking designed laptops since the invention of the hybrid laptop. This is a long review so lets get to it.


I saw this thing sitting in the Open Box section of Best Buy when I was looking to upgrade my laptop. In fact, I noticed that there were several of these sitting in the Open Box section which should have been my first clue, but more on that in a little bit.
This machine is amazing, it fits the bill as I am an Engineer that travels very much. I needed a machine that I could use on the plane that would allow me to work comfortably. My biggest issue pertains to using a traditional laptop in Coach on the plane. The seats are so tight that if the person in front of me decides to recline, it forces my laptop closed. With that limited space, I end up shoving the laptop into my gut or using it at some weird position.

The Acer R7 new Ezel design allows me to not only use the laptop as a laptop, but I can move the screen forward if the dude in front of me wants to recline. In fact, I can lie the screen nearly flat and go from laptop to tablet. The Ezel design also allow me to flip the screen away from me and place the laptop in a Presentation Mode. If someone wants to know what your working on flip the screen over and show them. The screen also reorients itself.

Acer has swapped the touchpad position with the keyboard, so the touch pad is now in front of the keyboard. This means you have to reach over the keyboard to use the touchpad. Weird but necessary position as the screen can be placed over the touchpad allowing you to simply use the touchscreen instead. This eliminates the need for the touchpad but Acer left it there as there are some things that you still need the touchpad for. Example, ever tried to select a sentence to cut and paste using touch? I have and it sucks.


I like this machine for the specs. You have 12GB Ram in this machine and have a 24 GB Solid State Drive and a 500GB Hard Drive. You can upgrade the SSD (Solid State Drive) to 256GB and the Hard Drive to 1TB. You also get a third generation i5 processor, 2 USB 3.0 Drives, 1 USB 2.0 Drive, Bluetooth 4.0, Wifi (which we will discuss next), HDMI and a backlit keyboard which I am using in the darkness to write this review.

The Wifi issue and the Workaround

Remember I told you that there were several Open Box R7's at Best Buy...guess why. By now you know that this laptop out the box has horrible Wifi. This info is all over the internet. What you dont know is that Acer is not the only manufacturer with this issue. In fact, the problem is that the manufacturers placed new wifi cards into the laptops that are compatible with only dual band Routers. They just forgot to tell us.

I noticed immediately that my network connection speed ground to a halt in a few seconds. I was getting 1.0 MB/S (Megabits per second) at home. When I took it to back Best Buy I was getting 20 MB/S. When I asked what router they were using, they said "dual band N routers". I am using a 6 year old Netgear G Router. I plugged in my Apple Express Base Station (Dual Band) and now I am running at 10 MB/S (11 MB/S is my max speed at home).
The workaround is to get a Dual Band Router or have Acer send you a new laptop under warranty. This is especially true if your Laptops SNID(or Serial Number) starts with a number below 3300. They did not make the new Wifi receivers backward compatible to the older routers.

In short, you have two options, get a Dual Band Router or contact Acer and they will overnight you a brand new replacement computer. They actually have great service. Mine is on the way and if your thinking of using an external Wifi USB adapter......forget it. Note not everyone is complaining but you will if you try to take your computer anywhere where they are using older single band routers like hotels.


The Ergonomics on this machine just plain sucks. Lets start with the keyboard. Since the keyboard and touchpad positions are opposite that of a normal laptop there is no palmrest. This causes your wrists to sit lower than the keyboard and subsequently your thumb does not press the spacebar fully. The result is thatyourwords willhave nospacing andyou willhave to correctthem. The good news about the keyboard is that it is backlit. I previously had a Samsung laptop with backlit keys but the backlighting did not come on until you logged into Windows.

Now the weight. All these features come at a price and that is weight. An ultrabook is classified as a laptop device weighing 5.5 pounds or less. Although it is classified as such, this aint no ultrabook. It may be thin, but it weights 5.3 pounds and that aint so light. Whats worse is that it is so unbalanced. All the weight is to the back of the unit when placed in laptop configuration.
The saving grace is that you can reposition the screen so that the Center of Gravity can redistributed, which makes it more balanced. All of the weight issues are resolved by simply placing the laptop onto a table.

The Screen

On a sub $1000 laptop the screen is the most beautiful thing. It is 15.6 inches and the colors are just plain vivid. The screen is also full 1080p (thats 1920 X 1080 resolution). The touch capability is very responsive. What more can I say.


Overall this is a great laptop with more positives than negatives. The negatives being the weight and the Wifi. I would recommend if you buy this GET YOURSELF A DUAL BAND N ROUTER and/or call Acer for a replacement computer so that you have a Wifi receiver that is backwards compatible. I think you will find this computer to be a great addition once you get past the negatives. I enjoy it and its capabilities. You will too.
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on September 9, 2013
The ability to place the screen right behind the keyboard keys is what makes the touchscreen really user friendly. The keyboard placement itself is also easier on the hands for typing. I can see how reading pdf files in "tablet mode" will also be really helpful, especially for material with tables that are often too small to read. I didn't realize until just a few minutes ago that I can turn this machine on its side to get a "portrait mode" for reading documents. I will be using this in a classroom where the adjustability will come in handy to more easily access the screen while standing and while the computer is placed on a tv cart shelf that's at about counter height. I'm excited about this machine. I've got the features of my Note 8 tablet merged into a very cool laptop.

I purchased mine from Best Buy because I needed it right away to replace a 2-year old Lenova that's got a failing hard drive.

Update: You'll need a mouse for this thing because the touchpad is a little weird (for me anyway) and the touchscreen doesn't always work for certain links I've tried getting into or that are too awkwardly spaced to click on with accuracy. I still will keep the 5 star rating because this thing is still an awesome machine and the touchscreen has worked for most things that I do. I thought I'd have issue with the lack of a 10-key pad, but the touchscreen keypad has worked just fine for everything I've done so far. Still, it's something to consider for people who do tons of data entry.
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on January 9, 2014
got this about a week now and loving it. its flat, quick boot up, great screen, plenty of processing power. I got this for work (Access, Excel, AutoCAD), school (online line learning), social media (facebook, Farmville, youtube, etc.) and so far my disappointments are negligible (everyone's a critic, right).

Let's start with the Cons, cause that's why you're reading this.
- it does not connect to all routers. it connects to 3 of the 4 places i frequent. a reviewer mentioned it only works with 'N' routers... no idea what that means.
- it is heavy. 5 lbs doesn't sound like a lot but you notice it when you have to carry it around. I drive and parking is close so its not a big deal but if you have to take a bus you'll need a back pack for this.
- no DVD/CDRW which is an issue if you have to make a recovery disk. you can do this with a usb drive but you need a dedicated flash drive for this as it will wipe the drive clean to put the recovery files on. 32gb will do it.
- no VGA or LAN port. if you need those you'll need a to get a Mini CP Converter Cable. it does come with an HDMI port so you could use that for a secondary screen.
- it comes with a trial version of Office 10. you have to pay to get the product key. All out-of-the-box PCs I've bought comes with Office so WTF.

the reason I dropped 1 star was just cause they don't tell you about the router thing and the Office thing. i think if more people knew this they would cater for getting a new router or an adaptor and the Acer R7 would have less pissed off customers and higher reviews.

Now for the pros, much of which I've heard complaints about but i have no problems with.
- The form factor is great. Its a solid build. I thought the ezel would be a little wonky but its not.
- Never thought I'd use the display mode (with the screen facing backwards) but it comes in handy when watching movies.
- The screen does not sit flat in tablet mode but that has no effect on my work.
- The keyboard is on the front edge and the touch pad is in the back. The keyboard works out great that way as the pc it flat enough to have your forearm and wrist on the table when you type. some say its weird using the touch pad but when you think about it, why do people use a mouse with their laptops... because touch pads a awkward to use in any configuration.
- the touch screen is very responsive. the multi-touch function means you can resize while you scroll.
- great loud speakers.
- boot up and shut down is under 10 seconds. Knowing windows this will probably increase with every update.

I got this on a sale for $499. It said factory refurbished. Whatever the defect was on the production line they must have fix it cause it runs great. This is my first intro to Windows 8 so there's stuff to re-learn but so far i like.

ps/ the power button is on the right side, same as the volume control and its easy to push the power and shut it down but the good this is it auto saves so i have not lost anything is way. this just happen as i was writing this review but when i switched on again it started up where it left off.

Update (June2014):
I've had this for 6 months now and I love it. Wouldn't change it for anything. Hindsight being what it is, however, there are a few things I've had to get over the months;

-Anti-glare screen; the screen on this is super glossy. I always have to be adjusting the screen to get a good view angle. I bought - "Kai Anti Glare Screen Protector for 15.6" Acer Aspire R7"

-LAN adaptor; 1) if you're having wireless connection issues with G/N router thing then this is a quick fix. I know this not what some folks want to hear but it one solution. 2) if you sever is slow, going wireless is 10 times slower. This makes all the difference for network printing, internet browsing or viewing/sharing files off the server (especially for large file like databases or CAD drawings. I bought - "Plugable USB 2.0 to 10/100 Fast Ethernet LAN Wired Network Adapter"

-VGA adaptor; if you intend to use an auxiliary monitor then you'll need this as there is no VGA or DVI ports on here. There is a HDMI and a thunder-bolt port, if that's helpful. I bought - "Cable Matters Mini DisplayPort (Thunderbolt(tm) Port Compatible) to HDMI/DVI/VGA Male to Female 3-in-1 Adapter"

-A skin; the paint job on this is a nice semi-gloss silver-gray. I've scratched it up in 2 areas so far. 1) with my ring on the left side, a nervous tic I thick cause I keep doing it in the same area. 2) when I move the screen back and forth, under the screen scratches the top of the unit on either side of the mouse touch pad. I have not bought a skin but I've been looking at those from MightySkins and there are many decals to choose from.

-Another item I'm considering getting is a keyboard gel cover. This is not necessary but I eat while I'm using the R7 so I want to be careful. If I do I'd probably go for the "Folox TM Keyboard Protector Cover for Acer"
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on March 7, 2014
So far it has been 6 weeks and I held off until I could get ALL windows updates and apps installed to see how it truly operated.
I sent in my work laptop when I switched jobs so I figured I could buy my wife a new laptop and use it while my new company sent me out a new laptop. I am thinking I will buy one of these for myself since I like the new design so much. I love the fact the touchpad is out of my way since I only use that when I do not have a mouse connected. the speed is great and the size of the touch screen is MASSIVE!!
I spent a long time researching and I am a techie in IT.
I have owned between 25 and 40 laptops dating back to windows 3.1 and I felt the need to write a review on this one.
I am not sure why folks at best buy told me they were not going to carry this anymore, and not sure why folks complained about their purchases but I can tell you that I use the bluetooth and the wi fi heavily and there were updates that a person should apply for this laptop to get the hardware up to current driver versions.
Let me just say that the website for ACER was easy to use and find my updates for my model - the R7 - I noticed there was a 571 and a 572 but mine is the 571 purchased on valentines day (talk about killing 3 birds with one stone) I am as ANAL as you can be when it comes to expecting a laptop to run fast and not hang and this thing has been flawless.
so for folks who actually are going to buy this here is the plan I followed to get it up to speed out of the box.
It comes with windows 8.0 so anybody who says why do I need to upgrade to 8.1 (my wife included) just needs to stay with their current piece of crap and save their money.
the first thing you do is apply ALL windows updates to windows 8.0
then google the free upgrade to win8.1 and in my case the upgrade went fine with just my single user account tied to my wifes HOTMAIL account.
this is important for some reason since I upgraded another laptop to 8.1 and I had several local accounts and I ended up with a directory named windowsold.
in this case since I was signed into microsoft and the laptop was clean it had no issues upgrading in place and removing all temp files.
this thing has like a 500 gig hard drive so no worries either way...I am just saying dont screw with anything until you apply updates to 8.0 and then upgrade to 8.1.
so now the OS is as new as can be then you hit the ACER website and look for drivers for your model...their site was easy to navigate.
I found about 10 or 15 device drivers for example the video card, the network interface , the get my drift you simply download all of these to the downloads folder and extract them each to their own folder and look for the exe file to run.
i have done this for years so not hard for me but i suggest you find the files and call ACER to walk you through installing.
my BIOS was 2 versions behind and thats the thing I ALWAYS make sure is current.

If folks have trouble doing those upgrades then it has nothing to do with the laptop, that is what I would do if I bought another name brand...everytime I buy a new device I look for firmware updates or driver updates because if they are out there then some other poor smoo had problems and the vendor had to find a fix.
this is my first ACER and I had alot of others but i think this is PERFECT for me, it is a big screen and the keys really like the way I hammer on them, so far I have not seen them make a mistake that was not my fault...what else...the track pad works well if you like that but I am extremley fast with my mouse and at night i flip it in tablet mode and I actually LIKE the fact the screen is about half an inch higher in the back! it helps me figure out where the front and back is and provides just a slight angle to deflect any reflection...I assume the engineers designed it that way. My wife had a big laptop with 17 inch screen and hated my sons laptop that was 13 inches so I was looking for the biggest touch screen i could find, my wife did not even care, but I know her well enough to know she will love the tablet mode and if not then I got me a sweet laptop to walk around with!
Hope this helps folks make a decision, it took me months to go for this thing since some folks gave it bad reviews, but i guess they were just people who did not know how to update or something. KUDOS to ACER
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on January 14, 2014
thankfully the unit i got did not have any wifi issues. it is really fast , so far i tested skyrim and bat man arkham asylum at 1280*720 with low to medium settings , runs both games smoothly . when in tablet mode it doesn't quite fold flat , while it feels a bit weird to hold in the hand , it just works perfectly on a table top since the screen is sightly tilted towards you. i installed blustacks app player as well, now the device functions as a windows laptop/tablet as well as an android laptop/tablet .the gyroscope functions as well. also it has some the the loudest and cleanest speakers i have ever heard in a laptop this size, and to top it all of they are surround sound speakers, windows 8 really does bring this device to life with an eight second boot up time,
truely one of the best devices out there. as long as acer has dealt with wifi problems i have read about, i will recommend this device over and over again
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on September 25, 2013
I love this laptop because the special Eazel hinge makes screen adjustment and positioning so, so comfortable. Just what I wanted in a convertible. I've had it about three months now. I went from a souped-up Lenovo laptop (ThinkPad series) to this. The R7's large 1080 touchscreen is simply gorgeous and just right for Windows 8.

The keyboard is backlit--a deal-breaker for me, which had knocked out some earlier convertibles (e.g. the Yoga). But it's true what people say about the keyboard's space button: it mis-strokes unless you learn to press it near the top of key, as opposed to lazily pressing near the bottom edge. So that's a slight adjustment I had to make as I began to use it.

Other than that, I love this laptop. Mainly b/c I work and play on it long hours and I move around as I do. The adjustable hinge allows the laptop to adjust to me---tilting the screen higher, lower, changing angles, coming forward towards me, back away from me---as I move around from sitting straight up, to more of a slouch, to laying down, whatever. *I SO HOPE ACER KEEPS THIS HINGE IN THEIR CONVERTIBLE DESIGNS*, but they probably won't b/c high powered reviewers squawked too much about the repositioned track pad. I never use the track pad and use the touchscreen + a wireless mouse instead (which can wire up on airplane if needed), so the track pad is a non-issue. I would trade the repositioned track pad for a more comfortable working and browsing experience any day. The components are standard-to-above for this price point. You get *a lot* for your money here.
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on November 18, 2013
I use this laptop for both work and pleasure. Lots of presentations and connecting to networks for clients systems. Most of my use is from the desktop, but I have found the Start screen tiles useful and the touchscreen works fine. The wireless connection finds and connects to systems as expected.
I have only had it for a month, but I like the design. The hinge allows me to bring the screen closer so both I and someone I'm training can see the screen better. It is also is useful when flying as the screen can be moved toward you and allow a better viewing angle and reduces the risk that the person in front of you will recline and hit your screen. I have never liked to use the touch pad, so moving it to behind the keypad works for me. The screen does not lay flat on the keyboard so when in tablet configuration the “top” of the tablet is a little over an inch higher than the “bottom”
I have used many laptops in my work and I would rate this as the best yet. The response time seems fine but I am not timing it. It has 3 USB ports, 1 USB 2 which is used full time for my mouse and 2 USB 3 one if which I use for my headset. I also purchased an adapter that allows an additional USB port, LAN connection and an extra screen or projector. So far I like this a lot.
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on February 9, 2014
I actually have the updated model with wifi fixes and the newer processor. However, this doesn't appear to be on Amazon yet. I just wanted to address the mistakes many of the tech sites and professional reviewers are making when they write their reviews. The thing they all want to complain about is the placement of the track pad above the keyboard. If anyone complains about that they are not using this hybrid laptop correctly!

It's a touch screen laptop and there really is no need to use the touchpad at all. You can pull the display up and completely cover the track pad. This places the keyboard and touch screen in nice proximity to each other. An added benefit is the balance it creates also. The display sits dead center over the base and makes for a wonderful feeling. I have to imagine anyone that makes the complaint of the track pad just hasn't bothered to pull the display forward and use the thing the way it is supposed to be used.

My big criticism is it can be a little hard to move the display around into all of it's positions. However, once you do it stays solidly in place. There is no play or wobble. Also, I have accidentally tuned it off a couple times while moving the display by pressing the power button on the side.

The IPS based panel also has a beautiful picture. There is none of that inconsistent image based off of viewing angle that you get with TN panels.

I'd say Acer could ditch the track pad altogether and replace it with a keyboard thumb stick.
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on January 15, 2014
I've done a lot of searching high and low for just the right laptop. Much searching online and much playing at Best Buy. I'll get right to it.


1. The amazing HD screen! Wow! The size, color, crispness, thickness just can't be beat! It's true HD. The colors just pop. Photos on my other PC look horrible compared to the same photos on this PC. Everything you do on a PC is viewed on the screen so it's really important to have a good one and this one is impressive.

The viewing angle is the best I've ever seen. I can see what ever is on the screen, perfectly, from ANY angle. Yes, even from the side (180 degrees). Never seen a screen better. No degradation in what you see from any angle, unlike any laptop I've owned or used.

The screen is edge to edge glass with no cheap feeling plastic bezel. The look and feel really is nice.

The touch function of the screen is terrific. Very responsive. The gentlest touch works without having to apply any pressure.

2. The Ezel hinge is so nice! Having a touch screen laptop where the screen is out of reach is just not smart to me. I couldn't figure myself buying one where I had to constantly reach way out in front of me to use it, especially when chilling on the couch with me feet propped up. The Ezel hinge allows you to get the beautiful touch screen right up close to you so that you can actually use it. Comfortably. No reaching. It's just there. Ready to touch. I love it.

The Ezel hinge is extremely solid and sturdy. I was concerned it could be "loose" or "wobbly". Exactly the opposite. It feels strong and secure and it is. No jiggle and it won't move unless you do so with purpose.

The ability to adjust the screen in to almost any desired position is no to be under appreciated. I've used it in every configuration and appreciate them all so much. Each has it's use and it really feels like I have several laptops in one.

Most folks are concerned with the pad mode since the screen doesn't lie quite flat. I PREFER that it doesn't lay flat. The slight angle makes for much more comfortable use of the screen when in pad mode. Additionally, I have a place to grip that isn't on the screen meaning I'm not smudging it unnecessarily, but more importantly, I'm not putting pressure on the screen when I'm moving it around.

As for the presentation mode, that's great too. Perfect when I watch movies. And, when actually "presenting" to people, don't forget this laptop has bluetooth. I use my bluetooth keyboard when actually presenting on it.

3. The keyboard is slightly recessed and back lit. The recess allows the screen to be moved over the keys without touching them. The keys feel quality and not cheap and plasticky like most keyboards.

4. Ports and Features. This laptop comes with two USB 3.0 ports. This is important because most convertible laptops come with just one USB 3.0 port. It matters because I often connect two USB hard drives to transfer data between them (back ups). Having two 3.0 ports gives me great speed whereas with only one, my speeds would be bottle necked down to the one on 2.0. And, this does have a third USB port, being a 2.0.

This does have HDMI and bluetooth. Very nice and I use the bluetooth often. It has an SD card reader. Interestingly, it has a "Mini CP" port as well. Some folks don't know, but you can buy a Acer Converter Cable (Mini CP to VGA/LAN/USB) to plug in to it. That cable provides you with a LAN socket, VGA port, and another USB 2.0 port. They are $35 on Acer's website. So, if you need a VGA or LAN, that's available to you.

5. The speakers are great! I actually like listening to music and my movies via the built in speakers. Normally I go with my headphones, but the sound is strong and crisp. Very enjoyable.

6. Windows 8.1. This laptop came with Windows 8 and I promptly (and for free) upgraded to 8.1 and I love it! I love Metro and the app store. Desktop mode is great. The Windows experience is superb with a learning curve of course. The only caveat is I wish there were more Windows apps available. Having this amazing HD touchscreen, I want to use it as much as I can.

7. Battery life is very acceptable. I get 3+ hours of heavy use when unplugged.

8. This is a very beautiful rig. It's very sleek. Both the screen and the main unit look thin and sexy. It has a nice look and feel, both open and closed.

9. I love the touch pad being at the back of the laptop instead of the front. I NEVER use the touch pad as I hate them. I always have my mouse connected (nano receiver) and take it with me when I go out. I rarely, rarely ever use a touch pad. With it being in the back, the screen stays up close to me within easy, comfortable reach. Acer made a great decision with this layout!! And the few times I've used the touch pad, the reach has been a non issue for me.

10. I almost forgot to mention how fast this laptop is! A fresh boot takes all of about 45 second from pressing the power button to surfing the web. Very, very fast.


A. Wifi. Yes, all the reviews are true about the wifi. It's terrible and honestly hacks me off! 90% of our digital experiences today involve being online. We stream our movies, shows, and music. We upload, download, check news and sports. So, for Acer to put in this terrible, terrible wifi is beyond me!!!

I have a single band N router. I connect to it fine. However, my speeds are half of my 5 year old Toshiba and my other Acer laptop. Half. And that is in the same room with the router (router is in the open). When I go downstairs, I lose another half speed. Granted, I have 50MB from Cox, so half is still amazing. But it's not amazing when it should be faster. As fast or faster than my old laptops!!

My testing was pretty extensive. I would download identical files from identical locations on different laptops to compare to this one. I downloaded files from CNET, Microsoft, Canon, and others in my tests. I also ran a number of COX speed tests on them. The wifi issues are indeed true as my old laptops would download files (some as big as 300MB) in half the time it would take this Acer R7.

I have an old USB wireless N adapter (for an old desk top PC I had downstairs) that I plugged in this laptop and the speeds are right back to blazing fast (have to disable the built in broadcom wifi adapater when connecting a USB wifi adapter to make sure it's using the right one). Now, I don't feel I really have to use the USB one when sitting in my living room near the router. But, if other reviews are true, then I'm concerned that when I take my laptop to other places (I don't take it out much), that I wouldn't be able to connect without. So, it's going to go with me when I take it out. Again, it's a shame that Acer screwed up so bad with such an important feature. But, I'm glad I have a very acceptable work around. And, if other reviews are true, I'll someday upgrade to a dual band router and not have anymore issue with it.

B. A minor issue is the space bar. I love the layout of the keyboard and the lack of a palm rest. The space bar should have been engineered with this in mind though. The space bar is standard, expecting a straight down stroke of the thumb to work. Because of the slight angle due to no palm rest, you never hit it straight down. Your thumb always hits it at any angle. Just the simple physics of it. So, until I "trained" myself on how to hit it properly, I had a lot of words run together that I'd have to backspace and fix. Again, not a huge deal, but something you have to learn to deal with. I've typed this entire review on my R7.

C. It is fairly heavy. Not as heavy as a desktop replacement, but heavy for an ultra book. It has the look and feel of a beautiful ultra book, but at 5+ pounds, it would get heavy quick if you're holding it in your hand. But, then again, with a 15.6" screen, it's going to weigh more than ultra books with 11.6" screens.


This is the best 2 in 1 laptop around. Big, amazing screen and a great design. Only issue is the wifi. I got mine at a terrific price. If I had paid full price, however, I wouldn't live with the flaw. I would have sent it back to Acer to fix.
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