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103 of 106 people found the following review helpful
on July 19, 2012
About me: I am a grad student in a major city. I walk/take public transportation to class and was using a large laptop for the first year. I needed a lightweight computer for use in class because carrying the larger laptop around was a hassle. My criteria were 1), lightweight 2), long battery life, 3) be a Windows 7 PC, 4) have Word, and 5) be relatively inexpensive. I was redeeming Amazon credits, so my out-of-pocket was insignificant.
This Acer Aspire One pretty much fit the bill and I would recommend it to anyone in a similar situation or someone looking for a budget lightweight laptop to take with them to work or school. Here is the pro and con breakdown:

Lightweight: a little over 2.5 pounds.
Has Word Starter: perfect for class notes
Battery life: just leaving it on (not in sleep mode), but not in active use, the battery lasts a little over 7 hours.
Windows 7: does everything a normal Windows computer can do and supports the standard apps.
Good construction material: Does not feel like it is cheaply made. Some other computers at the same price range have keyboards that seem flimsy, etc.
285 GB Hard Disk

Slow: Shutdown time is about 1 minute and 15 seconds, startup is about 5 seconds faster, from start menu to being able to search on Chrome is about 17 seconds.
Really Slow: do not plan on much multitasking, because the computer slows to a crawl if you start opening too many windows. With just Chrome open, the window will freeze if you open up more than 10 tabs.
Do expect to anything too complex: this computer cannot be used for any high-end processing like video/photo editing or gaming. The Windows Experience Index gives it a 3.2 based on its processor. Also has 4.9 memory, 3.9 graphics, 5.5 gaming graphics, and 5.9 for primary hard disk. Probably could play some less graphically intense mid to early 2000s games.
Word Starter: have to update to Microsoft Office if you need it to write research papers, because Windows Starter does not have foot/endnote abilities.

Overall, I give it a 5 because the processor is a little better than I would expect for a computer like this. Two and a half years ago I had a Toshiba that I bought for a grand that was only marginally faster than this computer. Also, it is good for the price, lightweight, and does what I want it to (type and internet search).

Update, October 1: purchased SSD on Amazon and also more memory on another site. Went for the 120 gb, which really is a steal, especially if you have Amazon Prime. Putting the new memory and hard drive in was easy as could be: youtube has good how to videos. These computers are essentially like four parts, so its just unscrewing the back and snapping the stuff in the right places. Cut boot and shutdown time to less then 20 seconds each. About a 100 dollars investment that makes the computer run like a 600 dollar laptop.

Update, October 2: One little problem, which does not change my view of this computer in totality. The screen seems to randomly brighten for no reason. It really is minor, since you can darken the screen easily with the keyboard. Also, I have seen other reviews mention the touchpad sensitivity. It is sensitive and takes some getting used and can be irritating, but is more of a minor inconvenience than a serious problem.
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on August 8, 2012
I got it from Target. The computer is not lightning fast but fast enough and definitely faster than any Atom netbook.

The biggest battery drainers are WIFI, screen brightness, processor speed. The screen brightness in Windows has 10 levels, from 10% to 100%, and you can choose power plans like "Power Saver" or "Balanced" etc. I made some measurements of the battery life since it is only 4 cells:

A. Power Saver, screen brightness at 30% (acceptable in a dark room), WIFI OFF, reading Kindle and word processing with MS word: battery drops 13%/hour -> 8 hours

B. Power Saver, screen brightness at 50% (acceptable even outside in a shadow), WIFI OFF, reading Kindle and word processing with MS word: battery drops 15%/hour -> 7 hours

C. Power Saver, screen brightness at 50%, WIFI ON with constant browsing, Skype on (but not talking): battery drops 20%/hour -> 5 hours

D. Power Saver, screen brightness at 50%, WIFI ON, Netflix streaming "The Tudors" with HD off: battery drops 30%/hour -> 3 hours and 20 mins

The touchpad is ELAN. I fixed the palm sensitivity by adjusting "PalmTracking" in the settings. What I hate about ELAN trackpads is that they don't have "momentum" like Synaptics so crossing the screen takes several flicks on the touchpad.

The sound coming from the tiny speakers on the bottom is correspondinly tiny. It can be amplified by going to Speaker Properties > Enhancements and checkin the Equalizer, then max out all frequencies.

Netflix streaming stutters on High Definition. On the other hand High Definition from YouTube plays without stuttering. The problem is some incompatibility between AMD processors and Silver Light used by Netflix to stream video. You can google its all over internet. The problem is resolved by disallowing HD streaming or reducting the maximal streaming speed in your Netflix account. Do NOT update Silver Light and the video driver, it makes the problem worse, I had to restore the system to factory defaults to be able the stream Netflix without stutter at low definition again.

Model AO722 has the same processor but 6 cell battery that should last longer. I didn't get it because it has too many reports that is gets broken fast. There is another model AO756 with a faster celeron processor with a correspondingly worse battery life: 6 hours in scenario A; 5 hours in scenario B; 4 hours in scenario C, which is not acceptable to me.
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on June 30, 2012
... and I have large fingers. I was surprised at the size of the keyboard. Positives about the Aspire One 725-0899, which I got a few days ago at Target for $299: Very lightweight; Windows 7 makes navigating between apps a breeze because it puts everything into little work groups, so you can have a ton of windows open a flit between them all in seconds. The screen is crystal clear, though you will want to change your settings to increase text size while browsing the Web and using programs like Microsoft Word. I also use full-screen mode online to maximize every inch of the 11-inch screen.

Negatives: The mouse is way too sensitive. I'll be typing and the bottom of my hand will touch the mouse and my text will delete or I'll end up writing in another paragraph somehow. So if you have a habit of resting your wrist on the mousepad, this will mean trouble for you. Also, the speakers/volume could be more powerful. I wish it were twice as loud.

Overall, though, this is a well-made, solid little machine. I may be getting rid of my tablet now that I have another ultra-portable option, this one with a very functional keyboard.
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on August 6, 2012
I have always been a devoted customer to Toshiba when it comes to any kind of laptop or portable computer. However I must give Acer credit for creating a solid and very high quality device at a every affordable price. I purchased this Acer Aspire One netbook, upgraded the memory to 8GB which was a very simple upgrade to do. Added a 16GB USB Scandisk Cruzer Flash Drive, 32GB Class 10 Transcend SDHC Card dedicated all 32GB for ReadyBoost to speed up the processing to the max. Once I was finished removing all of the free-ware games and apps (crap-ware) that these devices come loaded full of it is now running perfectly, and is very fast. I am able to do just about anything that my laptop can do including running games such as MAME ARCADE, WoW, Diablo III, Unreal Tournament 2004, Ultima Online: HSA and all development software for FREE EMU Server. Anyone who tells you this netbook won't run games is dead wrong! I am very impressed. Supports and plays all formats of Movies/Videos, and Music. There is no CDRom drive (pretty standard for netbooks not to have one) but you can install just about any piece of software for PC's by coping the CD's contents to a USB Flash Drive and then install the software from the USB drive just as if it was the CDRom. Only downside is if the software has a CDRom check (as some games do) then you will need a NoCD crack for the software to work. Great buy overall!

To upgrade the Memory Module, simply turn the netbook upside down so your looking at the bottom of it (with the battery port facing away from you). Remove the battery first by sliding the locking switch fully to the right and pull the battery free. Now you will see that the bottom has a large square area in the middle which is held in place by a single screw at the bottom edge. Remove that screw, then place your palm on the center pannel and apply a bit of preasure while pulling downward towards you. It should slide down and release. You will now see the installed 1GB/2GB Memory Module (depending on what yours has). There are 2 silver clips holding it in place (1 clip on each side). Gently move each of the clips outward away from the Memory Module and they will release it allowing it to pop-up to a 45 degree position. Simply pull the memory module out and then insert your new memory module, then push down so that it clips back into place. Replace the pannel and put the screw back in place. Install the battery and turn on your netbook. Should boot into Windows 7, then check using Welcome Center and you should see it stating your new memory module size. 4GB, 8GB whatever you installed.

I'm still using this netbook and it's running strong almost 3 years later... great little netbook by far the best I've seen for the money!
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30 of 34 people found the following review helpful
on July 28, 2012
Had someone told me that for $299.00 I could purchase a notebook/netbook (what ever they want to call this) of this perfect size and specs plus the quality of video,I would of laughed.But here I sit with this little gem on my kitchen table happy as can be with my purchase,although I do plug in a USB mouse but I always have done this with any laptop.I have a full size laptop also which is actually a desktop replacement of good quality yet the screen resolution on the Acer is much better.Great full size keyboard,light weight and solidly built I give this unit 5 stars.How much is the cheapest ipad after taxes etc.around $500.00 bucks? It won't do everything this little guy will that's for sure.Good job Acer and I do suggest this model hands down!
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on August 16, 2012
This netbook will do anything my larger (15.6", 2.2 GHz Celeron) Windows 7 notebook will do.
The processor, hard drive, and RAM are nicely balanced.
The USB 3.0 port is state-of-the-art and it works great.


Update August 22, 2012:

The statement in the glossy description that, "...with USB 3.0, you can charge your USB devices when your laptop is asleep, hibernating or even off!", is not true for this computer.

Mine did not work that way and when I checked with Acer on the charge-while-off capability; the eventual reply was, "I apologize for your frustration. However, the information posted on Amazon is incorrect for the AO725. This model does not support that feature."

It has USB 3.0, but not the charge-while-off feature.


Update October 12, 2012:

I ran a USB HD TV Tuner, a USB video capture card in display mode, and an internet video signal simultaneously the other night as a test; it loaded the RAM up to 87-93% and hacked it. Three separate video displays at once.


Update February 2, 2013:

I upgraded my RAM to 8GB as an experiment and it does run smoother. I can hardly exceed loading 4GB so 4GB would be plenty for most users.

The WiFi card is weak and I am soon replacing it, too.

It is still a great computer as delivered, especially considering the price.


Update May 5, 2013:

I am dropping my rating to four stars. As much as I love the overall package, I realize that the WiFi card is lousy. I picked up a USB WiFi card and the difference is amazing. (I then did the same thing with my other, older Acer and the difference again is amazing. The internal WiFi cards were substandard from the beginning in both of my Acer computers!!)


Update October 15, 2013:

Not powerful enough to support external player for Blu-Ray but fine for DVDs and CDs.


Update October 10, 2014:

I installed a Solid State Drive (SSD), an AMD Radeon R7, and the installation was easy. The new 7mm SSD fits perfectly without any spacers. I went with the recently released AMD SSD in consideration of the AMD processor.

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13 of 15 people found the following review helpful
on September 19, 2012
Acer Aspire One AO725-0899 11.6" Netbook (AMD Dual Core Processor, 2GB RAM, 320GB Hard Drive, Windows 7 HP 64 bits) Volcano BlackThanks to all who have made comments on the 722 and this one the 725-0899. I have a mac air 11.6 from work and i wanted a low priced, light weight travel netbook that i would not cry if it died or got stolen. I got my 725 at Target last week for $50 less than Amazon. I got my add on stuff from Amazon.

Corsair 8 GB Module (1x8GB) DDR3 1333MHz PC3 10666 204-Pin Unbuffered C9 Laptop Memory CMSO8GX3M1A1333C9

Seagate Momentus XT 500 GB 2.5 Inch Solid State Hybrid Drive ST95005620AS

I took out the bloatware and defragged the HDD. Then I put in 8GB memory card and an SD card for readyboost. Very easy to do as reported elsewhere. I had my wife do a blind weight test and the mac and 725 were equal to her. Important because she puts this in her carry on stuff. The 725 is smaller than the mac, point to 725. The wall plug for the 725 has adjustable prongs so it can fit any plug arrangement. Point to 725. The mac didnt need bloatware removal, readyboost, or defrag, point to mac. Both the mac and 725 got updates today so no points to either. I made backup software with Acer erecovery (3 disks) and windows (4 disks). Then i put in the seagate momentus. The windows recovery did not work. the Acer recovery worked great, except 75% of the bloatware returned. I took that off, and went through an hour of updates. Then i rebooted 5 times. The Air gets to the password 20 seconds faster than the 725. The air gets to the home screen 8 seconds faster than the 725. The 725 gets to google on chrome 5 seconds faster than the mac. in my opinion, the hybrid drive is nice but not the same as a ssd. But the price difference is substantial. When price is considered, the Acer gets the nod, but it takes some doing to get there. I didnt see a lot of improvement over the stock hdd of the Acer, so i would suggest upgrade the ram, use readyboost and see how you like it.

Added- so far still working just fine. I added kingsoft office for work stuff and played with msconfig to keep my startup times working.
So far so good. 9-29-2012

10-27-2012 I just loaded Windows 8, and i really like it on this machine. It is fast, and using the acer upgrade tool made it easy. I left my mac air at home and am writing this on the 725. the cursor jumps a bit, but it feels better with win 8 than it did with win 7. I still have some exploring to do. FYI it took about 3 hours to load it all, but i had a slow connection for downloading the drivers. Very worth it at $15.
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9 of 10 people found the following review helpful
on August 28, 2012
Almost perfect. Any of my issues are self-imposed I'm sure. I swapped out the HDD for a SSD I got elsewhere, and swapped the 2GB SODIMM for an 8GB (you actually get 8GB despite the documentation stating 4GB as max). Both functioned perfectly. I installed Ubuntu 12.04 64-bit from a USB drive. No problem there. The multi-gesture touchpad requires some command-line weirdness to get it working, and the fn-F7 to toggle it shows the "off" icon even when it's turned on. It's probably a flaw in the Ubuntu or Debian drivers for this device, as it's very new. But I've had to do things like that before, and they tend to get fixed in the next release (in about 2 months), so no biggy. None of that is Acer's fault, of course.

The hardware is peppy enough. The keyboard and touchpad are perfectly usable. The screen is nice, too. I do like the re-designed access panel (hdd, wifi and ram behind one big panel lock by one screw and then sliding a couple milimeters forward). I also like having USB3, although I have nothing that benefits from that just yet.

It seems like the WiFi card in there doesn't really do "802.11n". I have an N-only access point and the Aspire does not report it broadcasting nor does it connect to it "hidden" if I supply the name. It connects just fine to my 802.11g, but Verizon's cruddy boxes only have WEP, so I'll be spending another $12 getting a replacement half-mini PCI-e card, and that will also give me bluetooth, so worth it just for that I suppose. Hopefully the $12 card will connect just like my HP laptop is able to from Ubuntu...

I'm also hoping someone comes out with a larger battery. The only option I can find (August 2012) is for $39 + $10 s/h Acer will give you a second 2500mAH (what it initially comes with). That's rather lame. The 722s have a 4400mAH as an option, and for the older models you can get 3rd-party batteries. The 10.1" AD255 I got a 7800mAH for less than a hundred bucks. Maybe they'll come along after this has been on the market for a while.
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6 of 6 people found the following review helpful
on August 15, 2012
Fastest laptop I've owned, and reasonably priced. Love the HDMI output, I can plug it directly into my flat-screen TV and watch Netflix, or just work with a huge monitor. Also, this computer does NOT GET HOT. I've never experienced a laptop that runs as cool as this. After ten hours straight of watching movies on it, the bottom is barely warm. Fan is quiet, processor is fast, screen looks great, and has long battery life. I own it and I love it.
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5 of 5 people found the following review helpful
on August 19, 2012
Wao! If you want a monster under 300.00 and ready with USB 3.0, this is it! I replace my old Acer Aspire 10 inches by this one, full keyboard, great colors and easy for my eyes. This is just great! and with camera? What more do you want?


This is NOT a 399.99, are you carzy??
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