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on August 15, 2012
I bought this two months ago, and now it is completely non-functional. I have used it for my banking online so that it is separate from my other internet surfing for security purposes. This means I have used it only about eight or nine times in two months.

Today when I turned it on, I got a "A disk read error occurred,Press Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart".

Nothing I have read online to fix this problem works. Some suggest pressing Alt+F10 when rebooting to get to a recovery screen. Pressing Alt-F10 just gets me a cursor.

This is the first and last Acer product I will buy.
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on October 15, 2012
I purchased an Acer Aspire One. It is back for repair for the 2nd time. When it returned from the first repair (warranty hard drive replacement), it would not stay on line via WiFi (a new problem). I insisted on my money back or a replacement unit. After hours on the phone, I received what appeared to be a replacement. Hurrah! Then I was contacted by tech support telling me that I had be shipped the wrong computer & that mine was just fine when they received it. They were shipping my original unit back with the software re-installed. I tried this before I sent it for repair!! When I told them I would keep the one they sent back to me as a replacement, I was told it belonged to another customer (no files or passwords on it at all). If I tried to keep it, I was told I was a thief and that Acer would report it stolen and send the police to my door. This is a $235 unit!!!! Do not do business with this company. I have returned the unit and await the return of my broken unit. The customer service rep that called me a thief and a liar and threatened me with the police will be getting daily calls until this is resolved.
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on April 24, 2012
This is a very reasonably-priced and quite robust little Notebook. The construction is surprisingly solid even though there is a lot of plastic.
Have not tested the battery longevity yet, but expect results to be similar to what others have already reported. The embedded Windows 7 starter OS is fine for casual usage, there is a good amount of disk space, and the wireless networking works well. The screen is pretty crisp and bright, the keyboard has a pretty good tactile feel to it, though it's a bit cramped for small fingers (I keep hitting the CAP LOCK by mistake). Overall, a good buy. With it, I also ordered a 2 GB memory upgrade from (Crucial CT25664BC1067 2GB 204-PIN PC3-8500 SODIMM DDR3 Memory Module) and within minutes, had a 2 GB system up and running. Youtube contains several instruction videos on the DIMM replacement process. Contrary to what others have reported, this memory module works fine.

I did make the mistake of ordering the "SiliconTech USB 2.0 External CD DVD RW Burner Drive for Acer Aspire One, DELL..." external CD-ROM unit. It absolutely won't be recognized by this Acer or any other PC I tried it on running Windows 7. I'm going to try the "LG GP10NB20 Portable 8X Slim DVD+/-RW External Drive," which appears to be a better match.
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on October 18, 2012
I purchased a acer netbook earlier this year, so far, I got two times repair. I just got it back last week, and it is still not working properly. This morning, while I was working on something, the internet explorer crashed two times in 40 minutes. It did not even say what was wrong and why that happened. The two times repair was because the hard drive that damaged that I could not even open the windows( I asked the repair center, they told me that it could happen without any wrong doing). Because of that problem, I lost over two hundered pictures. And the computer would not let me reinstall my office after I got it back, it kept saying that the product key was invalid; therefore I gave to my friend to try it, he installed it without any problem. So now, I have to purchase another office. By the way, when I called the service center, they sounded like they knew nothing about fixing a computer. The last thing that I am not happy with is they give wrong information and they change their sayings. Thank God that they record all concersations everytime. Personally, I am not gonna buy Acer product anymore.
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on November 16, 2012
Please do not buy an Acer product. I have had nothing but trouble with my Acer Aspire laptop which is now unusable. I bought an Acer Aspire laptop last year and at first it started having booting issues like these:
And then when called customer service and these testimonials couldn't be more spot on, in particular the review dated 10/13/2012 by Jodie...and other reviews
Long story short I got the cds but they did not work due to a problem that has happened before...
I switched over to ubuntu but the wireless Broadcom card continued to have problems on and off.
And then my computer stopped booting altogether. First began as this...
and it would also boot in circles where the logo would appear but would not load and then go back to the logo...
Please think before buying an Acer. I know for the price it sounds very enticing...for the specs, it is great. But the bottom line is this. What good is a $500 laptop with 4gb ram, 640gb hard drive, windows 7, dvd, wifi, webcam, etc. if it stops working after your year warranty is up? I sent Acer an email and have not heard back. If I can persuade one person not to make the same mistake I did, I would be happy.
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on May 22, 2012
This netbook, like another recent electronics purchase from Amazon, was dead on arrival. The power came on but it would never boot, or at least the monitor would not work. I am not sure which. Amazon took it right back and I ordered another in black as unfortunately there were no more aquamarine in stock. This one has worked fine since I've had it. It is very light and easy to travel with which is why I purchased it. I am currently writing this review from Amman, Jordan. It has great battery life, about 8 hours of normal use.
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on August 20, 2012
The Acer Aspire One is just what I had in mind for carrying in my briefcase on longer trips to check email and have web access. I purchased a CD/DVD R/W drive to load other programs I typical need and use on the road. Using Window 7 you need not load any additional software to get these USB connection drives to work -- at least I didn't and it worked flawlessly. I would not recommend writing directly to this drive unless 1) you have the computer plugged in and 2) you have an abundance of time. Copy data to a flash drive and burn the data on something with a more reasonable processor speed. The many of the evaluations I read all noted that the memory of 1GB was a limitation and 2GB was recommended. I did this, but be advised that unless you have a great deal of confidence in your ability and the right tools, the memory module on this model is under the keyboard. Therefore you must remove the keyboard to change out the memory card. Takes only a few minutes for a skilled and equipped professional to do this and cost me an additional $30, which I consider well worth it rather than chancing breaking something in trying to do it myself without know where I needed to go or having the equipment to get there.
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on May 24, 2012
I purchased this netbook mainly for portability reasons. The size is perfect for me, as it fits in a medium sized purse and I can use it while at work without cluttering my desk. I have no problems with the keyboard (but I have tiny hands). Occasionally there will be some websites that can't be viewed properly because the screen size is too small, but this is usually limited to online games. The speakers are good enough for listening to music at normal levels, but not blaring it.

The only time I have ever noticed any lag problem where a memory upgrade might be necessary, is if I try to load an additional tab in Firefox while the current tab is loading or when opening Microsoft Starter that comes with the netbook. It's usually not a long wait though (about one to four seconds depending on what else is running).

I think this is a great netbook. I haven't had any problems so far. It's a great size (for me), light, and the battery lasts about 8 hours on power saver, 6 hours with the balanced setting. I mainly use this for programming and internet browsing, sometimes writing. I can usually run several applications on it at once without suffering from lag.
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on October 12, 2012
my 18 inch laptop wasn't fun to carry around campus and on public transit so i finally broke down and bought this little thing. though i can not stress enough i would hate the thing if i had to use it for everything, it's been incredibly useful so far and i like it a lot! a day in i replaced the os with ubuntu (much faster and cleaner, highly recommended!) but here's stuff you should expect regardless.
the keys are good for its size but flush and make it hard for some to type on with any kind of precision. it has only one tiny speaker (on the left hand side) and no sound or graphics cards or drivers. the quality out the speaker is tinny and it will frequently reduce music online to garbled glitch junk unless you jiggle the volume level (this doesnt seem to happen on bandcamp though, so food for thought). it has no cd drive and one useable gig of memory. it struggles with even short video.
that being said, it's perfect for school. it's zippy on the internet on all things nonmoving and can handle a word processor and the battery lasts 6 hours at least. it weighs like a pound and has stood up well to every day abuse.
i am very pleased with the little fella
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on October 29, 2012
Hope this is of help to those that want to install Windows 8 on their earlier versions of Acer Aspire One. Using a wireless connection to desktop's shared DVD was able to install Windows 8 on my Acer Aspire One running XP.
Pros. Start up and shut down are very fast. Am able to see all other computers on my LAN. Windows 8 allowed me to access other LAN computers.
I had to upgrade Java to version 37 to run any program using Java.
Cons. There is a learning curve. Apps will not work as resolution will not support apps. Touch screen does not work. Using pointer you go to upper right corner of screen to open a window on the right which provides other commands. To shut down or put to sleep command, for example, select settings from this new window. To access your desktop, you use your pointer to scroll the apps to the right. You will then be presented with other system icons. Click on anyone of these and you will be taken to your desktop. Some XP written programs will not run on Windows 8. You will need to access Microsoft's accessible guide to verify if a program will run under Windows 8 before attempting installation.
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