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on November 20, 2009
As a small internet business owner, I needed a laptop that is portable and reliable. I originally started looking at the 10" netbooks, but found them to be too small and I hated that they only ran the Windows 7 Starter version which has some major restrictions. This 11.6" laptop has a decent size screen and a nice size keyboard. I was deciding between this and the HP, but when you customize the HP to have all the same specs as this Acer, the cost was over $800 so this became a no-brainer.

I've had my Acer for about 1 month now and it is great. Windows 7 takes a little getting used to, but I've had no issues with it at all. I hooked it up to a wireless network printer without incident and it wasn't loaded with a ton of garbage-ware. My only issue was that it only comes with the student/home trial version of MS Office, and I am an Outlook user. The entire office suite is expensive, so instead I tried Mozilla Thunderbird which is free and it works just as well as Outlook. Once my trial period for the MS Office software is up, I will purchase it for only $149 and keep Thunderbird as my email client which will save me a pretty penny.

Amazon had this laptop out to me in 3 days with free shipping (HP charged $35 for shipping).

If you are looking for a "net-book" with all the capabilities of a regular sized laptop, I highly recommend this Acer.
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on November 29, 2009
I have begun traveling more often for work, and though I like my Dell Laptop (Latitude D620) it is heavy, too large to use on an airplane and battery life leaves a lot to be desired. I initially looked at the Dell Inspiron 11z but reviews say the track pad is terrible and the 6 hour battery is huge and extends below the bottom of the back.

Then I found the Acer Aspire 1410. It has a screen that is the same size, a larger hard drive, and wireless n instead of just b & g. So basically I got more, all at a lower price. And the 6 hour battery doesn't ruin the nice slim profile of the machine.

My plan was to just use this when traveling, primarily for web based apps (google docs and gmail, which work on and off line) and light stuff. But I've found that it runs everything including much heavier applications very well. Videos look great and it makes for a great entertainment machine on the road. Office works well, I've used the Gimp to edit photos and I've played some games.

There wasn't much crud to uninstall and I've been very pleased with Windows 7. The machine boots quickly and I'm up and running in no time. Wireless is great, the sound is good and I love the display. I usually dim it down when on the road to maximize battery life, but it still looks pretty good. When hooked up to power, it can be very bright and looks very good.

I'm not crazy about the glossy screen, though I'm getting used to it. I don't like the glossy black of the case either and am looking for a skin. As of right now it's a fingerprint magnet and looks like I rubbed a stick of butter all over it.

But it runs all my apps great and has exceeded my expectations for such a compact and affordable machine. I find that I'm using it all the time, not just when I travel. It's awesome how light and compact it is but still doing everything I need.
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on October 28, 2009
Considering the specs, that it comes with Win 7 Home Premium, and the price, this is a fantastic little machine. I wanted to use this for a perhaps slightly different purpose than most netbook users. I am a photographer and really wanted the ability to check photos in the field. Making sure things are in focus, for example, is often important because I do a lot of macro photography. It's impossible to really tell on a camera LCD how the image has turned out. I own an older laptop, but it's just too darn heavy to lug around all the time. I was a bit worried that the resolution of a 10-inch netbook would be too low to see good detail but with this netbook and its bright, higher-res screen, the details are all visible and the photos look great. Not that it would replace my desktop, but that's not its intended purpose. That said, it's useless in full sunlight but if you can find any sort of shady spot, it's pretty good. A lot of my work is done indoors anyway. I've found I have to crank up the screen brightness outdoors and that helps a lot. That probably would affect battery life, but I don't anticipate running out of power on a typical shoot anyway.

Of course, I've only had the thing for one day, so I can't comment yet on reliability. It does run pretty fast and boots up quickly, so no complaints on performance. I don't intend to put Photoshop on it since I just want it for review purposes and Windows Photo Viewer is perfectly adequate for that. Unfortunately, my camera uses Compact Flash cards and there's no built-in reader for them, so I have to use an external USB reader. One more thing to carry, but I can live with it. Not a huge amount of crapware on this machine and what there was was easily removed.

The only other con (common to all netbooks) is that there's no CD/DVD writer. I have yet to figure out how I'd restore the system without one if the hard drive ever had to be replaced. Apparently there's some way to use a USB thumb drive but haven't figured that out. I just decided to order a USB CD/DVD writer. Don't think I'll need it much but it will just make life easier - not only for disaster recovery but for any software installations I might do.

All in all, I'm pretty happy so far.
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on December 6, 2009
I have a slightly different model, the 1410-2936, which has a more powerful dual-core Celeron SU2300 ultra-low-voltage CPU and a 160-gig hard drive. There are several variations of the 1410 around the $400 price point with varying combinations of CPU, hard drive, and RAM, but the rest of the computer is identical. Read the specs carefully before you make your choice.

I've installed Ubuntu on dozens of laptops and desktops in the last couple of years. Laptops can be problematic because of hardware oddities, but the Acer 1410 is an ideal, pain-free Ubuntu Linux platform.

I didn't even boot Windows 7 -- I inserted a 2-gig USB thumb drive containing the Ubuntu 9.10 installation image, and about 17-18 minutes later I was up and running with Karmic Koala installed on the hard drive.

It's blazingly fast, especially when compared with my daughter's Atom-powered Aspire One. With one exception, everything worked, slick and fast, right out of the gate -- webcam, multi-card reader, USB, touchpad, display, wireless and wired networking, etc.

The one exception was the internal microphone. A bit of Googling revealed a one-line command (sudo apt-get install linux-backports-modules-alsa-karmic-generic) that fixed the microphone for everything except Skype. Then, once I unchecked Skype's option to automatically set volume levels, the microphone started working, too.

The 11.6 size is a great compromise between the portability of a netbook and the usability of a notebook. The keys are full-size and the layout is sane. The screen is very, very sharp and the 1366-pixel display is wide enough for real work with multiple apps. Video performance is very good, handling Hulu's Flash video quite well.

The smaller Atom-powered netbooks win the cuteness contest and can have longer battery life, but I think the 1410 is a much more practical package, and the best value for the price I've found anywhere.
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on December 4, 2009
I will say upfront that I have a robust Acer Desktop Mini-tower as my primary PC so I don't need a laptop with every bell and whistle. That being said, I am floored by the performance of this little Acer 1410. Its primary use is for linking to the client database I have running on a small server at my office. But it does so well with the fun things like streaming YouTube, Hulu and the web in general. I am not a gamer so I can't comment there.
Windows 7 is clean and efficient feeling on this laptop, as if Vista and Ubuntu merged and only left the better parts. It works great so far grabbing wifi signals and even running Skype video calls.
The mouse pad pinching and scrolling feature is very helpful, iPhone-ish.
I guess I was expecting it to lag with only a 1.3 gHz Celeron but it does not let me down. The Atom equivalent seems much less capable in the Netbooks for some reason. If you are in the market for a Netbook and can stretch the extra $100, check this unit out.
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on November 7, 2009
Acer Aspire AS1410-2497 11.6-Inch Blue Laptop - Up to 6 Hours of Battery Life (Windows 7 Home Premium) All in all great machine. However, be aware that this model sports a single core processor. The newer dual-core model with increased performance is model number 1410-2801 (with a smaller 160GB drive). Consider upgrading the internal hard drive to a larger WD WD6400BEVT 640GB. Have fun!
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on December 10, 2009
I received my Acer AS 1410-2039 yesterday and am quite pleased. I have been an HP fan but they don't have anything that matches these specs at this price, just under $400. I purchased it with 2 gb of memory which seems to be adequate. If you are going to do heavy duty computing, I would get more memory but for email, letters, excel etc it is just fine. It is very light and the battery seems as though it will be good for the advertised 6 hrs. The fit and finish are excellent. Some do not like a shiney screen as it is difficult to use in bright light; this computer has one. The sound volume is not great and I suspect it will be difficult to hear in a loud room. My two complaints are the touch pad which has minimal definition: the area next to it is brushed metal and the touch pad itself is dull metal. The aesthetics are fabulous but a more defined touch pad would be more useful. My second complaint is a bit more serious. After I had started to customize the machine, by removing bloat ware ( there is very little of that ) and installed some programs, a pop up came up asking if I would like to make a backup restore disk. The information next to this said it should be done right away before programs have been installed. This information is correct; I was unable to make a set of backup disks. Acer will send them to you.
That aside, this is a terrific little computer which should work well travelling and as a bonus has wireless N as well.

This is an update as I have now had the computer for a bit more than 4 months. It is slow; I added 2 gb of memory to give it a total of 4 and although it will process more at one time, the speed has not picked up. This version has an intel celeron 743 processor. Other models are available with a dual core processor. If speed is more important than price go with a dual core processor. My two other complaint are the touchpad and the anemic sound from the speakers. The touchpad is extremely twitchy and sensitive to the point that I hate it. A wireless mouse or any mouse is a much better way to go - or use lots of Tums. There is no way to improve the sound; however you can use earphones which help

Aside from these three complaints, this is a terrific light weight computer. It is great for traveling as it is very light and has an excellent battery life.
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on November 27, 2009
Purchased this notebook as an alternative to a netbook. It comes with Windows 7 Home Premium and a 60-trial version of McAfee internet security. My only complaint is that the notebook came with 2GB of memory USING 2x 1GB modules filling both slots. I purchased a 2GB module to upgrade to 3GB. Other than that minor issue, the product is light, very well made, and yes Windows 7 does seem more stable and much faster than my Vista system. I highly recommend this notebook if you are looking for a little more horsepower and storage space than a netbook. Like the netbooks, this system has no CD/DVD drive so you will need an external USB device to load software, watch DVDs etc.
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on October 23, 2009
Technically a Notebook according to Intel and Microsoft, but priced like a Netbook. Intel and Microsoft won't allow more than 1G DRAM and 160G of HDD in a Netbook and they MUST load Windows 7 Starter and they MUST have an ATOM.

If it is a "Notebook", based on a Celeron, there aren't any restrictions and they are ALLOWED to pay extra and load Windows 7 Home. In this case, it looks like Acer made a great deal on Win 7 Home and the Celeron big brother to the ATOM. Plus it has just enough better graphics to run Win 7 home. Most ATOM 270 or 280 units don't have the graphics strength.

Maybe it's just marketing on Intel's part, but look up the ATOM and Celeron family trees in Wikipedia to better understand what is going on here.

This is a rose by another name and such a deal!

Another option is the Acer AS1410-2285 which has a dual core Celeron but a 160GB hard drive instead of 250GB. It's a trade off, but either is a good buy vs. the typical netbooks that are available with Win 7 starter. The Acer units have twice the DRAM, a little bigger screen, a "real" Win 7 O.S. and much better graphics than any of the similarly priced netbooks.
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on January 28, 2010
I would always much rather upload a video response than type out a long text one. The vid is about 8 minutes long and hopefully worth your time. It at least gives you a live look at the computer itself and some specs on it.

Unfortunately when I tried to upload to Amazon the file size was 11mb over the 100mb limit. I've already re-recorded once and instead of killing more of my day, I've decided to post a link to youtube where I uploaded it instead.

Not sure why, but the review won't let me post the link to this computer. If you want to search youtube for my video review, here is the exact title of my video: Acer Aspire 1410-2039 Note (Net) Book Review. Or, if you prefer to find it via my channel, my username is pastorebbs. I ALSO POSTED A DIRECT LINK IN THE COMMENTS OF THIS REVIEW DIRECTLY BELOW.

For a quick-look, here are my list of pros and cons I covered in the video:

Trackpad: Can be hard to identify from the palm-rest area of the case. Trackpad is smooth, case is textured in a "brushed" aluminum sort of way.
Speakers: Are all the way on the bottom on the case. Muffles the sound horribly when sitting on your lap.
Webcam: Is just a 1.3MB resolution. Makes for grainy chatting and ghost-trails with movement.

PROS: (Far outweigh the cons you'll notice)
Size/Weight Ratio: 11.6" OLED screen is compact, but substantially bigger than 10" netbooks. Weighs in at just 3.5 lbs.
Screen: OLED backlit screen is so sharp and intense I have to take the brightness down to 1/3 just to tolerate it.
Keyboard: It's full-sized as opposed to the 10" netbook keyboards being dwarfed due to the screen size.
Battery: Mine is still conditioning, but I believe I can pull over 6 hours out of this baby. It's a 6-cell, netbooks are 3-cell.
Keypad: While it's a con, it's also a pro due to it's multi-touch capabilities. Most functional is the enlarge/reduce motion
Webcam: Also a con, it's fully capable of skyping with the quality of MOST full-sized laptops. MOST PC laptops still have a 1.3mp
Performance: Celeron processor destroys all others, especially a netbooks atom. 2GB RAM, 250GB Hard Drive, Wireless, B, G, N, Windows 7 Home Premium. Netbooks are only available with Windows 7 Starter. Which is a much weaker version requiring upgrades.

Conclusion: This baby will do most everything you want a full-sized laptop to do and more, while maintaining the size/weight/functionality of today's tiny netbooks. I've only had it for two weeks, but I'm convinced this suckers solid construction and usability are Acer Aspire AS1410-2039 11.6-Inch Black Laptop (Windows 7 Home Premium)built to last and be carried for a while.
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