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Size: 21.5-InchChange
Price:$138.40+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime
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on August 29, 2014
This monitor is large, bright and has great picture. I'm very happy with the performance of this guy, and it does a good job being a monitor.

Word of warning, this monitor has a GLOSSY face which means if you're wearing a bright shirt and watching / doing something that is dark on the screen you'll see yourself perfectly in it. When a darker screen is up this monitor acts like a mirror. I'll post a picture of it.
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on March 28, 2013
-Gloss screen, seems like glass(good quality)
-Great Back lighting! more than enough....had to turn it down
-Interface to adjust things is EASY to use...learned it in 1-2min
-Best bezel I've ever seen on a monitor
seriously...i'm tired of seeing monitors with horrible flashy glossy bezels, this is how its done right
-the monitor's stand is GREAT and doesn't shake as much as other monitors....looks simple and gets the job done...i love it because it doesn't look flashy and plastic-y...its very elegant
-IPS panel, great viewing angles and color
I'm listing that as a Pro because I'm starting to see monitors without DVI and only hdmi/VGA
-All cables included! including a vga cable....I feel sorry for you if you're using a vga cable, no offense.
-No dead pixel! yay!
-PRICE, very good for what you get (currently 180$)
-surround 3 Monitor Gaming? look no further, this is it.
btw i'm jealous if you are surround gaming with 3 of these Beauties.

None, unless you dislike glossy screens
....or if you like TN panels better

Other thoughts:
-I bought this monitor because its a glossy monitor, why?, because I like my blacks not to be gray and text to be crystal clear.
-I always hear people complaining about gloss, they obviously don't care about color accuracy (I cant stand matte finishes personally)
-This monitor actually matches with my Corsair 650D pretty well.
-This panel is PERFECT for artists and photo editors.
-I feel that there needs to be more online reviews and pictures of this monitor online.
-This monitor seems to blow away all the other monitors at its price point currently.
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on February 27, 2013
This is an initial review, I will update later with a more thorough review of the picture quality. I'm an engineer, so I'm technologically savvy and very picky, but not well versed in monitor picture quality metrics, so I will run some tests on a later date. I think it's important to state that I am planning to use this monitor for a multiscreen solution, so a thin bezel was a factor in my purchase. If you plan to line up more than one of these side by side, you would have noticed this model and perhaps the ASUS VN247H-P for their relatively thinner bezels. There isn't a whole lot of information out for these two monitors, because they both came out just this year about a month ago, so maybe you can take advantage of the research I did. When I bought this monitor the ASUS model had free shipping and a discount making it $20 cheaper, but at the time of writing that discount is gone and the monitor is actually $10 more compared to this one. I'm guessing because that monitor is very popular as well.

This monitor is amazingly sleek, imagine a 1.5 cm thick slice of glass and metal, and all the connectors barely protrude out the back. The packaging it came in was two slabs of styrofoam with seemingly not much space in between, where the monitor was sandwiched. I was surprised because this monitor is actually frameless, and that was not stated in the description, which is obviously great. A comparable model with a frameless design is the ASUS MX239H, also out recently, but that one retails for $230. I really think Acer outdid itself here, but their marketing is just not as ostentatious about their product as ASUS. Why do I say that? Besides the design of this monitor matching the $230 counterpart of ASUS, this monitor is IPS! while the earlier ASUS model I mentioned (now selling for $190) is only TN! AND the stand of that monitor has received complaints to be flimsy. Not here, this stand is solid and it is METAL, not plastic! A $700 monitor I bought a few years back from Samsung didn't even have this! I doubt the ASUS counterpart does either. This is in every way a $230+ product if I use ASUS as a benchmark, which of course is legitimate as ASUS is revered as the more reliable and quality brand. This is a steal.

Part of why I leaned towards the Acer because there is another reviewer, much better informed than myself regarding picture quality that reviewed about half a dozen of these screens, and gave ASUS a fairly low rating in general and said the one bright spot was another Acer he got. Regarding the IPS, I can have this screen dead perpendicular to my face and still make out the picture, it's that ridiculous. Not that you ever need to watch movies that way but if that's your thing, your time has come. IPS sells at a premium to TN so this is a great feature over the ASUS. On arrival, there are no stuck or dead pixels that I can see yet, I will check again more throughly later. One word of caution, although frameless, the screen is not borderless. Like the $230 ASUS model, the border just sits under the glass, I will update with the exact width later, but I'm guessing it's 1.5 cm. I think the fact that Acer is sort of an underdog to ASUS and has less marketing forces it to price its products more aggressively so this is definitely great value for a beautiful piece of hardware.

Another thing regarding Amazon, their customer service is phenomenal. The monitor was shipped to an old address of mine. My orders default to that address from 5 years ago, and presumably I did not click my new address or it did not register. Either way, when I called, Erin H from customer service did not give me any hassle, did not charge extra shipping, and actually shipped me another unit immediately! She even put in 2-day shipping! This is unreal. So they basically took the risk of losing or breaking that other monitor and just gave me a brand new different unit at no charge with faster shipping. The unit came the next day. I honestly cannot think of a way their service can be improved. I hope Erin gets a raise.

All in all, I'm glad I went through Amazon. My alternative was newegg, and nothing against them, I'm just saying Amazon is great. The monitor is spectacular. I will update later with some picture tests and metrics. I have not tweaked anything not downloaded any color drivers/enhancers as some ASUS monitor reviewers suggest as crucial for their models.
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on September 24, 2013
For the first month and a half of owning the device, this monitor was great; looked nice by design, ips panel had great colors and viewing angles, etc. After that segment of time passed my monitor just seemed to start dying.

The end result was half the screen looking dim and colors being off as well as horizontal scan lines visible going down the screen. With that, the red sub-pixels of every other horizontal line of pixels seems to be stuck(or really slow); anything solid red shows up as striped and while a dark background is present, you can see a red shadow of what used to be on the screen.

The problems are strictly hardware related, they are present regardless of the computer, the input, and the monitor settings and config.

I filled out the Acer RMA form online and have been waiting for someone for a reply (as of September 24th, I'm still waiting).

So yeah, this sucks. I cant be too harsh on them because faults happen but needless to say, my faith in Acer has started to waiver.

Update1: I got the monitor back from them about 10 business days later (not bad for RMA turn around) and am very happy with the work they did on it. The monitor came back looking new as they had handled it very well and also replaced the entire lcd panel/glass assembly. The note they included also said that they had run the monitor for 17 hours to ensure that the issue is no longer present. Changing rating to 4 stars (one off for lcd fault/issue)
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on October 23, 2015
I bought this monitor nine months ago and hardly used it. Probably around 100 hours total. It still has its protective film on it I've used it so little. Today I turned it on the entire screen is a scrambled mess. I called Amazon, and despite being a Prime member, I was shocked to find out that they only covered the product for 30 days! Now I have to pray that Acer will replace it, and of course, deal with the back and forth of dealing directly with a manufacturer.

Obviously, 100 hours on a monitor before it goes bad is a joke. I can't tell you to avoid this monitor enough.

Just wanted to update this review. So I went through the process of returning this to Acer and you have to pay for the shipping to send it to them. It cost around $30 for the cheapest option. They got the monitor, said it had a cracked screen (it didn't) and refused to repair or replace it. So now I'm out the money for the monitor plus the $30 shipping. I will never buy another Acer monitor again.
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on May 7, 2015
I purchased two of these monitors this month (May 2015). Man are they awesome! I have them linked up together as extended monitors for both a Lenovo (PC) and my Macbook Pro. They displays are crystal clear and are very high resolution. They are very bright right out the box but can be adjusted easily with the settings. They do have glass screens so reflection was a concern. After having them for a few weeks, I can assure you guys this was not an issue for me (and I have a window in the opposite side of the room where they were put). Another really cool this about these displays is that each one came with all three cables (VGA, DVI, and HDMI) so there was no need to purchase them separately. by far has the best price. If your looking for some great monitor(s), look no further.

PS - I took the pictures with my phone's camera so they are not the most "high res" pictures so keep that in mind!
review image review image
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on January 18, 2015
Mine arrived with a dead (black, unlit) pixel in the lower right. I ran the stuck (bright) pixel fixer programs on it for a few hours to no avail. But, then I just gave it a light tap and it popped right on... so now the LCD is perfect - no defects, scratches or other issues. I also recommend grounding yourself when you open this; the plastic bag it was wrapped in caused a massive static shock! It's a wonder it didn't fry the monitor. The plastic base top was a little scuffed, but at the end of the day, I would never notice (or care) since it's a "brushed" pattern anyway. The stand seems plenty sturdy to me, but the adjustment range is quite limited - a few degrees of tilt as mentioned by others. Unlike some of the other reviewers, I'm not a fan of the magnetic spot for paperclips on the base of the stand. Magnets have no place around my computer equipment (especially hard drives and memory cards). Nonetheless, I don't see the magnet being a problem (and I could probably open the base and pop it out if I wanted).
The important part to me is the screen quality: it is excellent. Right out of the box, I hooked it up to my laptop on the dual-screen setting. This LCD monitor is light-years ahead of the laptop's TN TFT screen in terms of quality. The lack of a non-glare coating is truly wonderful (my Dell laptop's non-glare coating is very aggressive and hurts my eyes), and the color/pop of the screen is beautiful. I can read on the new IPS LCD all day without eyestrain... and I couldn't do that on the Dell laptop screen. Mine also arrived with the new Flicker-Free power source. I don't know if they all have this, but it wasn't advertised earlier. This is a godsend for those like myself who are sensitive to the Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) flicker of dimmed LED backlights. On this monitor, you can reduce the brightness down to any level and experience zero flicker. I have to use my Dell at full brightness all the time because the PWM dimming flicker gives me headaches when I turn the brightness down. That's not an issue with the Flicker-Free technology. Lastly, the viewing angles of this screen are excellent side to side - almost perfect across 180 degrees. The vertical viewing angles are not as wide, but they are still better than my laptop's monitor. I don't game much any more, but the screen is great for everything I do - graphics, coding, internet, video, movies, etc.
Given the low price and free shipping, I think you would be hard-pressed to find a better deal.
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on April 23, 2014
I bought two of these monitors, they worked great for about a year.

Then one of them developed scan lines on the left side of it (common issue, see another review with the same issue).
I filed an online ticket to send it in, since it was under warranty. I sent it into acer, they replaced it and sent it back to me.

I opened up the the replacement and plugged in it, and found that it has a bright pink spot in the middle, that is noticeable on dark background. I contacted Acer again, they asked me to send it back to them again.

It cost me $55 to ship this monitor to them, and they passed the testing on a replacement that is still broken (with a different issue). They were not willing to send me a replacement.

The phone customer service is even worse, you can't get to a live person unless you say a 22 digit serial number first, which the automated phone service hears but cannot register, and then hangs up on you.

This will probably be my last Acer product.
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on March 8, 2013
The display itself is 5 stars. Even using just the VGA connector, the colors and images are phenomenal. You really have to see it with your own eyes to appreciate it's clarity and sharpness. Everything just pops out at you. I put this next to my 24" Samsung SyncMaster B2430 and the colors are more vibrant and clear. The only thing that the Samsang was better at was that text was a tad bit sharper. And that's because the Samsung had more picture controls to tweak (the most useful one being Sharpness, which this Acer does not has a 'Focus' setting that doesn't quite do the job in making text more clear).

This display is glossy, so it's more prone to reflections. I actually prefer glossy over matte. I'll sacrifice a bit of reflection for more pop to my images any day.

The reason I gave this monitor 4 stars is this. Acer advertises this display as 'frameless', or having a 0.08 inch bezel. If you go to Acer's website, you will even see that in one of the pictures displaying this model, the bezel is extremely thin, with the image on the screen appearing to cover the entire screen. HOWEVER, THIS DISPLAY IS NOT FRAMELESS. The problem is that the display does not stretch all the way to the edge of the screen. There is still a half an inch 'frame' around the display. So yes, the bezel measures 0.08 inch thick, and is almost frameless, but there is still a good half inch frame around the display because the it doesn't stretch all the way to the edge. It's a bit misleading.

The Acer website doesn't mention it but it does come with built-in downward firing speakers. Not great by any means, but nice to have. It also came with an HDMI cable. BUT the audio does not pass through from the HDMI to the speakers. I tried playing a video from my laptop to the monitor, and there's no audio (same cable plugged into my tv and audio plays ok). I had to output the audio from my laptop's headphone jack and input it into the back of the monitor to get audio for HDMI.

Overall, a great monitor. I would have given it 5 stars if it was truly `frameless'.
review image review image review image
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on January 27, 2014
I was a little reluctant to order a monitor with no reviews, but as I was returning the 23-inch Acer of the same line, I was hopeful that it would be of the same quality as the one I was swapping(too small).

Turned out I made the right decision and after over a month of usage, I am extremely happy with this monitor. I use it mainly for movies and some games and have had absolutely no issues thus far and am thoroughly pleased with this purchase.

UPDATE: I am very happy to say that after a year of use I am still just as happy with this monitor. I even made it my primary PC monitor about a month ago and could not be happier!
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