Customer Reviews: Acer H6510BD 3D Home Theater Projector (White)
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on May 3, 2013
I'm not going to write the same review that others have already written. I'm going to write solely on my own experience.

1. I do notice flickering in 3D but only when the picture has white or very light areas. For example, a picture with the sky in the background may have flickering of the sky (but not the foreground). It's not too disturbing for the most part because movies don't consist of whiteness or completely bright pictures all the time. You may be so into the movie that you won't even notice this (don't bring it up and hope others won't either!). This is tried with the Sainsonic white 3D DLP Link glasses.

2. 1080p looks very good. Looks good when viewing pictures. Looks good when watching movies. Two things to keep in mind depending on how you will use it: 1) If you plug it into a computer, it will be 1080p. If you've ever played around with the resolution on a computer, the higher the resolution, the smaller the text and pictures (and everything else) are. It may be a little difficult to see if you are sitting far away. You need to either make the text bigger or sit closer. If you sit too close, you may notice slight pixelation though; nothing too serious. 2) If you play with a Playstation 3, the quality won't look as good as you normally find on HDTVs that are anywhere between 30-60 inches (assuming your projection screen is 80-100 inches). Pixels are more dense on a smaller screen, and playstation games look more rough than movies. Therefore, games on such a massive screen still looks good, but won't look as good as they do on a smaller TV.

3. I went up from a 1024 x 768 projector, which is a full screen projector rather than widescreen. This projector projects a lot wider than a full screen projector so my old projector screen that I used, which barely fit my old projector, does not fit this projector. I had to move the projector closer to the screen. If this is a problem for you, I would recommend buying a widescreen or bigger projector screen.

4. There is an instant off and an instant resume feature. Instant resume keeps projecting a blank image for 2 minutes then turns on the fan before shutting off. You can turn the projector back on during the 2 minutes. Instant off turns off the projector instantly without a fan. I fear that the projector may get damaged if it doesn't cool down with a fan but I don't like how instant resume displays a blank image for 2 minutes. I wish there was more elaboration on this.

5. 3D turns on and off automatically when used with HDMI. If you watch a 3D movie or enable a game in 3D, it will turn on automatically.

6. Fan exhaust is in the front next to the lens. If the projector is to be placed behind you, it could get pretty hot (winter: good! summer: bad!). Projector gets hot which is normal, and will be like a heater to the area around its vicinity. It's not too loud especially when you have sound playing from movies or games.

7. Unlike my old Viewsonic projector, it will not scan for a source when signal has been lost. Every time you wish to switch between, for example your computer and your blu-ray player, you have to switch it manually. Every time you open up the settings menu, it will begin at the top, not where you left off! This could be a nuisance if you like to switch something on and off a lot (such as eco mode).

I wish the projector had more features such as horizontal keystone or PIP/POP, but for a projector under $800, it is pretty good. As of now, I would recommend this projector. If this changes, I will make sure to come back and revise my review. I was deciding between this projector and a Viewsonic one. So far I don't regret my decision. It was a hard decision because this projector did not have a lot of reviews. I hope now that I have tried it, I passed on some useful information to you. Due to the lack of reviews, you may find it difficult to make a decision as well; therefore, feel free to leave a comment below if you have any questions.
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on April 10, 2013
Awesome projector literally awesome.
I've owned a few projectors over the years (both LCD and DLP) and this one is by far the best.

I will admit i was a little skeptical about purchasing this product as it was an Acer product and i haven't known them for making any "projectors", but since I've owned one of there laptops for 6 years no issues, i decided i would give it a try.

My screen is currently Set-up using a white sheet, 400 thread count over a large bookcase. (were moving so this is temporary)
the screen is 96" Diagonal, and this review will be based off that size.

i am also using eco mode however i looked at both to provide the difference.

i do not provide any details on the 14 degree throw angle on the projector as that seemed normal to me and was neither a con or pro.


3D 3D 3D


Unbelievable Picture Quality, coming from a DLP projector the image quality is sharp and Clean!
Absolutely no Blurriness or rain-bowing noted whatsoever.

I moved my 46" Samsung 1080P LED TV right next to this thing with the same Blu-ray movie and Could not tell the difference at 96" Diagonal Vs 46"

1080P schmen-eighty-p, this projector actually has the ability to produce images HIGHER than 1080P as discovered by accident while using my computer. works flawlessly over HDMI and the compatibility with Xbox, laptops, and the desktops I've tried have had no issues. plug and play works just fine.

Color correction is unbelievable, none of the projectors i have ever owned have let you adjust the color as much as this thing does.
red, green, blue, magenta, cyan, yellow, hue Saturation, gain, white levels, contrast, gamma, noise correction, white peaking, and MORE than i can't list, you can change all of those with EVERY color. absolutely unbelievable.

Start up time is less than the amount of time my Xbox takes to sign me in.
roughly put about 20-25 seconds to full brightness.

Very quiet operation (Eco Mode) , my xbox at idle is louder. Non Eco mode they're about the same.

brightness is superb, about average for 2500 Lumens (Eco mode)
Plenty of light for a living room with the blinds closed.

Color correction for walls does work, however i don't recommend using anything more than white or beige for any projector.

HDMI black levels are awesome,

Vertical Keystone works flawlessly

Comes with Carrying bag

3 adjustable feet (screw up and down) to adjust picture level.

Power Cord is 6 ft.Grounded.

Plenty of holes for ceiling mount.

Start-up Screen can be customized, VGA out on standby and closed caption are all options.

Eco mode, and High Altitude are also included.

Menu looks awesome, black background, clear as Day even in 3D, Very user friendly.

2D to 3D conversion works awesomely.

Zero input lag from both pc and game consoles, this was important to me as me and my fiance are both gamers and require our screens to have a minimal latency.

21 different languages for the menu.

Loads of 3D formats, and just in-case you were wondering

Frame Packing
Side by Side half
Side by Side Full
Top and Bottom
Frame Sequential
Field Sequential

these are all chosen automatically unless otherwise specified in the menu.

Remote is very well designed, 3D button included and an Acer E-View management button.

Very clean Glossy white finish. buttons on projector in case of Lost remote.

Focuses very well, no issues there.

Status and error lights on top for troubleshooting and power connection.

Kensington Lock and "Loss of power Password protection".

inputs include

Coaxial (Yellow)
Component (RGB)
Audio IN (3.5 mm Stereo)
Audio OUT (3.5 mm Stereo)

All easily selectable with individual buttons on remote.

Audio quality is actually a lot better than i thought when outputted through the internal speaker

volume out controls from projector are controlled with the volume of the internal speaker
HDMI audio is converted and out-putted through the 3.5 mm Audio jack.


Although i would rather not talk bad on this projector i shall list what i have noticed.

Small Refraction of light off the lens to the right if projector is upright about 2" in diameter, however really unnoticeable unless the entire screen is white and your looking to the right.

No lens cover, no lens door. not really a big issue but sometimes im worried when moving it; i, or something else might touch or scratch the lens.

"quick Start Guide" or Users Manual, provides no explanation as to how to change the bulb, or Menu options.
not an issue for me as i have changed a few, but for somebody else this could prove to be a problem.

(small black screw on side and top with ACER logo slides off to the right)

No DVI input. with 1080P quality and 3D capable i would have liked to see this added.

Resolution Change and Source change takes about 8 seconds, kind of long if you switch between sources often.
Quicker if 3D is turned off, i think its because its testing the signal for 3D input.

NO 3D Glasses! At this i was surprised, but i knew that when purchasing. However i did pick up the "SainSonic(TM) SSZ-200DLB 144Hz 3D IR Active Rechargeable Shutter Glasses for 3D DLP-Link Ready Projector"

Internal speaker is fairly quiet, i do not use the speaker internally, nor do i know a practical use for it.

When Using the "Zoom" function on the remote, Artifacts show up on the screen for about a second, but then are constant when moving the Zoom left, right, up , or down. This may be a software issue.

No horizontal Keystone.
Again not an issue for me, or maybe the average Home user. but for a church or other business accommodations, this may be an issue.

1080P Letter Box as an aspect Ratio seems to over-scan the image, although i cannot say that is the projectors fault as no true 1080P signal is Letter Box

Remote has two second function buttons that are not compatible with this projector
(Lan-WIFI) button and a (USB-B) button.


Overall i love this projector, my fiance loves this projector and blu-ray 3D is Absolutely amazing.

i would recommend this projector to Everyone, including first timers and even veterans, you cannot go wrong at this price for
1080P quality LET ALONE 3D.

i hope this review helps.

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on July 10, 2013
After much research and comparing reviews I jumped on the opportunity to purchase this Acer H6510BD from the egg people with a promo code for a price that could not be beat. However, if you're waiting for a price drop or super sale somewhere, I'd highly recommend that you just bite the bullet and buy this thing from whoever has it available right now regardless of price! I've put well over 60 hours on my projector and I love this thing. I have a 100" framed & tensioned Elite screen and a semi-darkened theater room in my basement. Set up was fairly easy. Just beware that in HDMI, Component, and Composite Video mode you will not have vertical position adjustments. I understand in Computer Monitor VGA mode you do, but I'm not using that input. This means you need to take some extra care when installing your projector mount and screen so that the lens is perfectly centered. I have it connected to an OTA set top box, a Dishnetwork DVR, a DVD/VHS player and a Blu-ray player. One small issue I'm experiencing using this projector with my Harmony One remote is the HDMI 1 and 2 inputs are switched with the same button on the OEM remote, while the other inputs have their own individual buttons. So, sometimes switching activities inadvertently switches the projector to the wrong HDMI input. But that's a Harmony Remote issue not the Acer Projector's problem. As for the quality of the picture, of course, with the lights on you'll get some washout but when the room is reasonably darkened like most home theater rooms are, the 1080P Blu-rays are unbelievable. I do see some flicker in bright 3D scenes using 144hz SainSonic DLP-Link glasses and very rarely I get a glimpse of rainbow effect. But, I figure that's just the science behind it. It's like a tiny little pimple on a beautiful face. When everything else is so great, you have to be a fool to make a big deal out of it.
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VINE VOICEon December 7, 2013
The TL;DR version: I poured days into research before finally deciding on this projector for my home theater. Two HDMI ports, NATIVE 1080p, 3D, and approx. 3000 lumens makes this one of the best, if not THE best, 'budget / entry-level' home projectors on the market today. I expected great things from this projector and this has FAR exceeded my expectations. The picture is monumentally clear and it's incredibly easy to setup and use. Everything about having this projector is mind-boggling and hard to put into words. Seriously. There's no point in going to the movies anymore once you have this thing. It is AWESOME in the most accurate and literal sense of the word.

The only way I can think of to illustrate it is this story. I used to enjoy video games, now I LOVE them! My friends go home and tell their friends about how epic this projector is then, in turn, friends of friends come over. Movie and/or gaming nights have gone from a couple of friends to events -- like "Thanksgaming".

****The full review****

First, let's talk resolution. Most projectors outputting native 1080p are a few hundred more (at least) and it matters. On the minor end, this means that a non-native projector will always try to output in its native resolution on startup, making you have to change it every single time. On the more extreme end -- projectors with much lower resolution or lower resolution and an HDMI port -- it can sometimes mean you need to run multiple cables to run it. And then there's the basics. Resolution = pixels, or 'dots on the screen' if you will. More dots, more clarity. Simple as that -- cram as many dots on your screen as you can! Here's where this projector only BEGINS getting ridiculous. Add a blu-ray movie or stream something to it that's 1080P and prepare to have your eyeballs melt. My screen is 5' x 9' (meaning it's 10.3 FEET or 123" on the diagonal) and it makes the world larger than life. Watch a movie and the actor's head is like 4' tall and you can ACTUALLY SEE THEIR PORES. Holy bananas is this good.

I used to own a 73" 1080p TV and this far exceeds the performance of that 'real' TV. It's hard to scale a large TV -- not to mention horribly cost-ineffective -- and this looks so much better than you think it will. To be honest, we have a 'small' 44" Samsung in our living room. This even looks better than that.

Next: gaming. Ever sat in an (actual) theater before saying to yourself,"if only I could use this for my Playstation or XBox..."? Well now you can and it's better than you even thought it could be. Graphics start to scream. Focusing mid-screen makes this it an almost immersive experience. It's absolutely incredible in ways you can't even put into words.

Adjustments: If you're the person who wants to infinitely calibrate your projector, I understand that this isn't the best for it. But for entry-level (or people who don't want to worry about it), this comes with some nice 'auto' levels like Sports, Movies, Game, and Bright. I've found these perfectly acceptable.

Rainbowing: Some online reviews mentioned 'rainbowing.' It doesn't affect everyone, but reviews made it sound like it's 50% of the population. I can't see it. My friends can't see it. The dog probably can't even see it. I can't say that it DOESN'T happen, but I've never seen this phenomenon and no one that has ever seen this projector has either. I'm thinking it's a very, very, very small percentage of the population and I also understand that it happens with all single-wheel DLP TVs and projectors. So if you've ever gone to an electronics store and noticed rainbows dancing around the screen on all of the DLP TVs this probably isn't for you. Otherwise, don't let this turn you off to an incredible piece of theater equipment. I almost fell victim to it and would've either spent a LOT more for an equivalent projector or never had the opportunity to get blown away by my own home theater.

I haven't tried the 3D yet, but I'll try to update this once I have. You will need "DLP Link" active shutter glasses, which are pretty easy to come by on Amazon and run roughly $35/pr.

Other Considerations

Build / buy a screen. Yes, this has some fancy 'wall color adjustment' features. But projectors work by reflecting light back to you. Not only will a wall mess with the color, it's not going to reflect correctly. You can build one for under $100 that looks really nice, or buy a pull-down one for a little bit more. I used this fabric: Carl's Blackout Cloth, DIY Projector Screen, Raw Material/Fabric, 66x110-inch, Matte White, 16:9/1.0and they even have instructions on their website ([...]). It's easier than you think, even if you aren't a DIYer. And it's worth the time, effort, and additional cost.

This thing tends not to be 'universal ceiling mount friendly' because it only has three mounting holes which are close together. Just buy one MADE for the projector and save yourself some brain damage. I used this one: Projector-Gear Projector Ceiling Mount for ACER H6510BD. It comes with everything you need and clearly fits perfectly.

So, after saying all of that, this thing is absolutely incredible. It is, by far, one of my favorite things and completely destroys your expectations. It's a game-changer. Buy this or you'll never know what you're missing out on.
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on March 29, 2013
Just received my projector in the mail only took 48 hours to get was fast. This will replace a 7 year old INFOCUS 5000 projector that was a fantastic unit but with 6000 hours on bulb time for upgrade. The new Acer is fantastic, have set up out doors in a pavillon connected to Direct tv, XBOX 360 and laptop. The projector is usable in the day and looks like flat panel led picture at night, would not hesitate to recommend to anyone. Bought 2 pair of 3-d glasses and went to Disney channel and Cars cartoon movie was very good in 3-d. Watching NCAA Tournament now.
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on April 8, 2013
I recently bought the Acer H6520BD projector and a 120" screen. I had read several articles about budget projectors and narrowed my decision to a Benq and the Acer projector. The Acer Projector was $200.00 less and was rated brighter than the BenQ so I made the choice to save the $200.00 and buy the Acer Projector.

I was reluctant to buy a projector,infact I was never impressed with the the picture quality of projectors in the past. I decided to buy a projector due to recent articles noting picture quality and brightness have improved over the past few years.

Review- I have only watched the projector for a limited time, as with any projector the picture will wash out with light. This is not an issue for me as I have a darkened room and mostly watch movies at night. The picture is very bright and colors are crisp, I have to agree with the recent articles that projectors have greatly improved over the past few years. I have a flat screen and older Samsung 67 projection television with a LED light engine(I always thought this was the best projection television made due to the bright LED light). I am impressed with the projectors picture and feel the picture brightness and clarity is in the same class as the flat screen and projection television and this is on a 120" screen.

I have not used 3D yet, so I cannot give an opinion.

Overall, if you are in the market for a budget projector with a bright clear picture, I believe you will be happy with the Acer.
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on May 19, 2014
In short - it is GREAT.


- The picture is vivid.
- The colors are fairly accurate.
- Lightweight. This thing isn't 30lb like another projector I've had.
- Inputs. There are plenty for this projector.
- 3D. I'll put this forward now. I am not a 3D guy nor do I know too much about it or what to look for. I've seen other reviews bashing it (both here and other places) but I don't really see a problem. I turn 3D on, pop in transformers, put on the glasses, and watch it without any issues or noticing any picture quality problems. I suppose if you LOOK for anything you will find a blemish but it is fine - seriously. There isn't anything glaring that I have noticed that I would otherwise dock this for. With that said, I am not a 3D guy so I don't consistently watch all my movies in 3D. So take it or leave it. I wouldn't pass on this projector just because you've heard something negative about the 3D - because you would definitely be missing out.
- The remote is pretty nice. It is easy to use and intuitive.


- The stands for adjusting the height and level of the projector are TERRIBLE. In mine, there is one in the front middle and one in the back left but NONE in the back right. Sooooo what am I supposed to do with that? That's right - nothing. Useless. At the moment, the little bits of Styrofoam that came with the packaging are literally stuck underneath it to prop the back end up some. To be fair though, all adjusting stands that have come with projectors that I've ever had have been utter trash. That is one majorly overlooked thing in projectors. Not everyone can have the absolutely perfect spot.
- The edges of the picture can be a bit jagged. I mean the sides (up and down). So if you are viewing a webpage with white on both sides they will be a bit jagged. But if you go watching a movie this effect is completely gone. Again, I don't even notice it and it definitely does not diminish the picture or the experience. Not worth passing on the projector but worth noting.

- Sound/Heat. The projector's fan is fairly loud. When there is no sound from the movie or A/C, then you will absolutely hear this thing. But if there is an action scene going you won't be hearing it at all or even paying attention so it really isn't something to worry about. It also does get warm as well (as all projectors do).
- The menu is 'ok'. I've seen better but I suppose it gets the job done.


Would I recommend this to a friend? Absolutely. Would I buy another projector? Yes, I would. It would be one twice the price probably. With that said, after all the research I found this to be the best buy for my money. It was on sale at the time and I got it for a good price. The picture is great, the lamp has a fairly long life, it projects far and in 1080p (native), it is compact, fairly quiet, and does absolutely everything I could ask. I had an Acer K132 for a week or so and then I switched to this as my main and it was night and day. The difference was astonishing. I've had many projectors and this has been far and away the best bang for my buck.

Worth the buy.
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on November 19, 2015
I'll start off by saying I really wanted to love this projector. I love the build quality, compact design, reasonable bulb prices, and quiet operation. While you won't need or want the full 3000 lumens in a dark home theater, it is very nice to have if you were to transport and use this projector in areas with higher ambient lighting. Other projectors like the Epson 2040 or BenQ W1070 are around 2000 lumens.

I knew I was in the market for a DLP projector since I've worked with Epson's 3LCD business projectors and have been disappointed with 3LCD's shortcomings, mainly poor black levels, slow LCD response times, and eventual LCD panel failure due to the bulb heat. DLP technology is superior in those areas. Problem was, I haven't really had any experience with DLP projectors and DLP projectors are affected by the "rainbow effect." There is no way to really tell if you are affected by it unless you sit down and watch some content displayed by a DLP projector.

I was amazed with the image quality from this projector. It is absolutely stunning. It's just like going to the movie theater. Black levels are much better than 3LCD projectors in this price point and DLP doesn't suffer from the "screen door effect" either. I would never go back to an LCD/LED TV because you can't get screen sizes like you can with a projector, at least at this price point. Unfortunately, this projector has a 2x speed color wheel and is more likely to show the rainbow effect than DLP projectors with faster color wheels. With this projector, I learned that I can see rainbows and it is very distracting. It is significantly worse in scenes of fast action and when I'm tired.

Ultimately, I ended up exchanging this for the BenQ W1070. It has a 6x speed color wheel and I found the rainbow effect to very greatly reduced; I will be keeping the BenQ. I just could not live with the rainbow effect on the Acer. Acer engineers, if you're reading: incorporate a 6x speed color wheel and perhaps a lens shift feature. That would make this the ultimate projector at this price point.

One last note: The internal speaker really sucks, but I totally expected that. You should depend on having a dedicated home audio system to use with a projector. The BenQ W1070's speaker is definitely better, but by no means great. If you absolutely must depend on the internal speaker, the W1070 has a better one.
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on June 1, 2013
My Dell 1409X started having the white dot issue (DMD chip?) shortly after putting in a new bulb. I decided on an upgrade. I had researched several projectors and had decided on the BenQ W1070. Just before getting the BenQ, I saw the Acer H6510BD. It was cheaper and the specs were close to the BenQ. So, I got it. It has great picture and color and blew my Dell 1409X out of the water. I had to get a new screen as well for the larger picture. I am projecting on a Elite 16:9 135-inch (M135UWH) screen, also from amazon, at just under 12 feet away. I got the screen and the projector for under $1,000 from Amazon. The only con I can think of is the angle of the throw. I think it would work better attached to the ceiling. Not doing 3D yet so I can comment to that aspect.
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on December 10, 2015
I always have to have a project to work on. So about 6 months ago I decided to build a home theater. I built the majority of it (In wall speakers, 7.1 surround, equipment shelf, etc.) with the exception of the projector. I had my eye on a rather pricey one and figured I would make do with my 65" TV until I had the cash to pony up for it.

As the months passed, and I started on other projects like a full bathroom remodel, I figured it was time to revisit the HT and finish it out. I decided that I would go for something a little more "consumer level" than what I had originally planned for my PJ. After some searching, and a 15% off deal that I got on another website, I pulled the trigger on this projector.

Now, this is my first foray into the real deal home theater scene. Perhaps it's just because I haven't experienced the refresh rates and contrast levels of the high end setups, but I think this projector rocks! It's very bright, the image is sharp, and as far as I'm concerned there isn't much issue with contrast at all.

I'm currently just throwing this on the wall where my 92" Silver Ticket screen will be once it arrives, but even on a matte blue wall the image looks great. I can only imagine how good it will look when shining on a proper screen!

The only issue I have with this unit is the rather short throw. I had originally planned on having the projector sit on a shelf mounted to the wall. Unfortunately the wall is too far back to get the proper screen size. For a 92" screen (which is all I have to work with due to the shape of the room) the maximum distance it can be is 10 feet. There is a good calculator on Projector Central that you can use to determine this that I found very handy.

Overall, I'm very pleased with the performance of this projector and would recommend it to anyone that wants a great quality picture for a great price.
review image review image review image review image review image review image
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