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on December 2, 2011
Finally folks , an upgrade to solve the blurring over HDMI/DVI :) I just got my pj and can't be more happy to see that crisp and clear image that I wanted so badly :)Visit [...] and adjust the picture to get best results !
Final verdict ! - BEST BUDGET 3D PROJECTOR on the market right now for price up to 2K ! 3D side by side tearing is also solved ! I'll not update this projector until something really new and innovative is out :) Passive 3D ? why not even glasses free :P :)

1-st posted review:
Well , I'm using Acer H7531D for almost an year and I can compare the two side by side:
Cons of H9500BD compared to the H7531D
No auto keystone , no auto detection of projection place , lazy menu response ,much less sharper(have to set the max sharpness to 15 to get the same one on H7531D at 7)./Big remote control and only half of it is usable/most of the buttons are not functional Heavy and bulky/well I know other projectors are more but.../The big disappointing was that I got exactly the same screen size at the same distance at max ZOOM! Common !!! It's suppose to be 1.5 zoom compared to 1.2 ! And the lens is much bigger too ! So with the same lens throw how can I get the same size with these specs !?!!Short lamp life - 2500 hrs at ECO
impressive 3D , no ghosting or visible crosstalk, good 3D glasses/the included one/ I got second pair Ultimate3Dheeaven but the picture was kind of grey tinted.

If you are looking mostly for 3D viewing , this is the best 3D projector on the market at the price range under 2K or even higher with good black level

Watching tons of other reviews , videos , pictures and opinions , it seems that the DLP technology is the only one completely ghost free.

UPDATE - 01/18/2012
Acer just replaced my H9500BD with another new one.It seems I had bad luck with defective unit, because it started annoying visible pulsing at the top side of the screen, and also it was randomly turning off itself.Like some one yanked the cord on the back.No lights on the unit at all to indicate any problems. Now all the problems are gone and I'm very happy with this wonderful projector!
UPDATE - 02.12.2012
Well ,it was to good to last long...
Now , I'm having the same pulsing image on the image .After trying everything as follow:

1. 3 different hdmi cables /including one with ferrite core filter/
2. 3 different power cords in 2 different rooms
3. power drain just in case.Of course I've also tried to reset the setting to its default one.
4. 2 different laptops, tablet and Playstation 3
5. With and without surge protector
6. Changed the resolutions/refresh rate on each of the outputting sources
7. I have invert the projected image. And as said" If the "flickering" remains locked in the same location, then the defect would probably be with your lamp because the lamp wouldn't be physically reversed
However, if the flickering changes sides, the problem is more likely a defect developing within the projectors optics.

UPDATE: 04/24/2012
Avoid this model at all cost ! I just receive an update of my repair case for the last time ! It says "repaired" like last time when they did nothing at all, and replied "unable do duplicate any symptoms"
Now they advised me to use the projector on high attitude mode/unbearable loud/ !?!?!? Can you believe that !?What a nonsense ! Right now I'm using my H7531d on Eco mode with dead on picture, like my previous H7530D, Benq W600 and Epson 705HD..... This is insulting , and now I'll looking for way to escalate this case to higher level. This is my 3rd time sending this projector for repair! They also tossed away my retail box without any reasonable explanation ! This is the worst customer service I've ever had in my tech live ! Th first partition of Acer's H9500BD had a power supply issues, like my 1st one , and they replaced it with another one. Not to mention the blurry image via HDMI.DVI port... I wish I can get the time back and buy another brand 3D projector... Worst experience ever...
04.20.2012 UPDATE: Blurred image via HDMI connection !!! That's why the sharpness and crispy of the image is so bad compared to my other projector/Acer H7531D/ It seems Acer need to update the firmware in order to solve this issue known as pixel mapping!

UPDATE 04/29/2012
Hi guys ! I just got my projector back from repair and that was the 3rd time ! Now guess what ... The 3D doesn't work anymore, none of the modes! Even 2D to 3D conversion doesn't work anymore. It just splits the screen on half and swap the two parts/left to right/ The glasses are synchronizing , the 3D depth is working, but the image is spitted and swapped. I called Acer immediately, and spent an hour to explain everything including the history of my issues. Also how the repair depot
tossed away my retail box , and the plastic bag which wrapped the unit inside the carrying bag. I managed to reach Acer second level/technical support/ and I insisted to speak with their supervisor.At the end I was on the phone with the
the Corporate of Acer America/WOW/The guy was polite and I explained everything again. I took a photo of the current issue with the 3D and sent it to his email. Then I got back with the tech support again for more details.
Shortly after, their conclusion was that there is some problem with the projector processor. I refused to send the unit back to the same repair depot in TX , but at the end I had to do it again! I also mentioned the issue with the blurry image via HDMI/DVI ports
and advised them to take a look of the latest reviews at Amazon,Newegg and Tigerdirect. I also left a note inside the box of the projector for the repair depot so they can compare the VGA and HDMI/DVI image quality. I think I made some noise and hope that you'll make some too , and hopefully Acer will cooperate and solve this issue.

FINAL UPDATE: 05/27/2012
Finally I got a real Acer's support attention and now they finally changed my lamp! Now I'm not seeing the pulsing image. However, as for the softness via HDMI/DVI , the new firmware update will be available around mid/late JUN. With this fix, I can say that for the 3D capability and ghost/crosstalk free image, this is the best projector on the market/at all price range/ Even much higher level LCOS/DILA/3LCD 3D projectors are not completely ghost free. Of course their native contrast can be much higher, but at what price. For those of you on budget go ahead :) I'm looking for CEDIA EXPO 2012 and hope we'll see passive 3D glasses projectors ;)
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on April 20, 2012
UPDATE 8/2/12 - This will probably be my final update and want to put it forward at the beginning of the review.

I now have the firmware update and the HDMI blurring issue has been fixed. The image now appears sharper than the VGA output (as it should) and is, in fact, so clear it's crazy. I was actually considering backing off on the sharpness, but quickly got used to it. In addition, Acer has implemented an independent color management system, and the side by side (SBS) 3D tearing problem has been resolved. For $1699, you aren't going to find ANYTHING (3D) that has a vertical/horizontal shift adjustment and the clarity/color of this projector.

It is awesome. I went through a lot to bring the problems with the old firmware to light, but, now that Acer has fixed the issues, this projector is (IMO) an absolute "steal".

My earlier comments about Acer support were based on my experiences with Tier 1 support. Once I got past them and got to their next level of support (Tier 2), things picked up noticeably. When I got to their corporate (I think that's what it's called) support level, I got some of the best customer service around and my rep "Cory" took care of everything and went way, way beyond the call of duty.

For this price range, an easy 5 stars. If the price was $700-$1000 more, I'd still probably give it 4+.


I like the projector, but Acer seems completely uninterested in fixing known issues. BenQ, on the other hand, doesn't. There is blurring via the HDMI inputs on the Acer and it appears it would be relatively simple to fix it (BenQ takes the problem seriously and has worked to address it). Before buying this projector, I strongly suggest you read about the problems which Acer refuses to acknowledge on the AVS Forum (The Official Acer H9500BD Thread). It's a long thread, so I'd focus on Pages 83 on...though there is a lot of earlier discussion of this problem). I don't want to discourage you from buying a projector; I just want you to buy one from a company which provides adequate technical/engineering support.

The projector has a lot of potential and, with a little work on Acer's part, I would have no problem giving it four or five stars (especially considering the price). For the time being, please do your homework before spending the 15-17 hundred dollars necessary to purchase a projector of any kind.

UPDATE 5/9/12 - I recently received word that Acer has acknowledged the HDMI blurring issue and should have a firmware revision around the end of May. Good for them! They are acting like a respectable company and I congratulate them. I want to see how the new update works. I'm upping my review as Acer is evidently going to supply a fix. If it works well, I will up it again.

UPDATE 6/24/12 - While the firmware fix for the HDMI blurring still isn't ready. I've gotten confirmation that they are working on it. In my opinion, Acer is behaving responsibly and one of their service reps contacted me on their own to update me. I suspect we are about 3 or 4 weeks away from the resolution of the HDMI blurring issue.

I want to be clear, the picture of the Acer is very, very good and, for the money, it has some features that other PJs in its class don't (Vertical/Horizontal shift and Iris). Very good blacks, but doesn't have grayscale calibration (which hasn't been a big problem, but would be a nice feature). You don't get everything below (or above for that matter) $2000. This is a very good 3D projector, but I have had some reliability issues (others, however, haven't).
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on February 10, 2012
This projector would be a great value if it were reliable. In fact almost all front projectors have issues. Finding one this year that works as advertised is rare. This is why its extremely important to buy from a vendor with a good return policy. This is rare too! Most sites have a very short 4 hour of use - exceed that and its non-returnable.
The vendors here don't even have a return policy - only DEFECTIVE exchange. Buyer beware!

Then finally Amazon itself says not in stock for 2-6 weeks(!), while all the crappy vendors with the poor return policy DO have them in stock. Buyer Beware.
My sample would suddenly shut down with repeatedly without warning.
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on June 22, 2012
Projector works fine. Is 1080p resolution for sure. Only received 1 pair of 3d glasses with it though. Does not have a loop out for audio which I was somewhat disapointed with. Have been using for a week and having none of the problems that other reviewers have had. Fingers are crossed.
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on May 12, 2012
This thing puts out a super clear picture. Blue Rays look better on this then on my buddies expensive TV. I do have two problems with it, which is why I didn't give it five stars. For one, it's very big (But when I look at how big and clear the picture is I can see why). Second, it puts out quite a bit of heat (but again, there is a lot of light coming out of it). I haven't had any lag issues with my set up like some people seem to have. I'm using it with the Panasonic HT-D5300 and everything (3D,BD,Xbox 360) plays/works great.
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on April 21, 2012
UPDATE 08/02/12: as of yesterday I have the latest firmware and the 1:1 pixel mapping and blur is fixed. I have not tested but hear the SBS tearing is also corrected. I want to give this a 4 and a half but cannot so it gets a five because Acer is taking care of customers. Clunky menu and only 1 user setting position for saving settings. That user setting gets overwritten everytime you adjust something in the menu...Boo. I believe there is a full CMS now but I have not tested this yet with a proper calibration. Why bother since if I adjusted the brightness or something in the menu my settings would be overwritten. Over all I am pleased with the unit. A bumpy start but we have come a long way folks. Try to catch the unit on sale and with the latest firmware installed otherwise you have to send it in to Acer. The proper thing for Acer to do right now is pull all units from stock and update them. Then reseal the box and affix a sticker declaring the firmware version and whether it is a new updated or refurbished updated projector. I am now happy with this unit for the most part considering what I payed for it and the performance.


I have had the H9500BD for about 3 months and cannot recommend it right now. It has a 1:1 Pixel mapping issue which causes a blurring of single pixel text and lines on the HDMI/DVI input circuit. To get the best 1080P picture you must use the VGA input. If you are OK with that then buy it. Acer has yet to acknowledge and fix this. Once fixed I'll recommend but not now. Do your research, check forums such as AVS. I am the one having a problem getting Acer to acknowledge the issue right now. I have posted pictures of exactly what this does if anyone cares to look. A pretty good projector that needs a simple fix BenQ has made on their unit. Once this is addressed I can recommend although it does have some SBS tearing issues as well that does not impact my uses.

Update, as of 05/07/12 I have heard Acer has a firmware fix in the works to fix the blur. Let me say that the impact of the problem is very hard to discern on movie and TV viewing but sticks out like a sore thumb on Windows desktop text and sharpness test patterns. So if they fix this item I will surely recommend the unit to anyone.
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on April 24, 2012
Bought this from an online seller and it arrived DOA. Very bad first impression. Check the AVS forum user thread for some of the issues concerning this unit. I will update this when the replacement arrives, which will probably take some time as I have to ship the dead unit back before its replacement will be sent...

Update 5/24/12 - I received the replacement unit and so far it is working fine. Raised the rating from 2 stars to 4. Images are bright and clear, blacks in 2D appear blacker than my previous projector (Panasonic PT-AE3000) and 1080P 3D movies have great contrast. I don't like the design of the 3D glasses that come with it (I don't know what they were thinking), they are white so you see the distracting borders when watching a movie and they have a narrow line of sight compared to Optoma ZD101s which I also have and prefer. The glasses almost cost it one star in my rating. I have about 40hrs on it now and so far so good...Acer is supposed to be offering a firmware update "soon" that should hopefully address the issues discussed on the AVS forum thread. If Acer follows through with this and the firmware update works, I'll give it a full 5 stars, despite the glasses it comes with.
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on April 21, 2012
First Amazon's rating system if one doesn't know is number of stars 1= I hate it, 2= I don't like it, 3= It is ok, 4= I like it and 5= I love it.

I have to give it 4 stars per the system descriptions. I really do like this projector. Is there better you bet. Is there better for less cost? I personally do not think so, though the BenQ W7000 has had some good deals out there lately.
Does this projector have a shadow when viewing text from a Computer? Yes it does have a shadow or what some are calling a blurring, this I have confirmed since I use my laptop as a HTPC. I cannot test the VGA out on my laptop here in the Antarctic but from other's testing it has shown to lose the shadow or become sharper. This HDMI/DVI however does not make movies to appear not sharp, it has been said to be sharper then the Epson 8350 and 3010, but it could be sharper some believe with a firmware update. Acer has been apparently unwilling to acknowledge this while BenQ is working and apparently been able to remedy with a firmware update soon to be released.

Does this projector have reliability issues? Mine has been a very reliable projector so far with a little over 250 hours now. But having read the AVSforum since this projector first became available it has had some bad unit's. And in my opinion is a higher average then it should be. This is my opinion based on limited data but I do recommend testing before purchasing and heading to a remote area like I am in the Antarctic. I did and mine is still working great.

Does this projector do 3D well? In my opinion it does it great and I have seen no equal. I have a Panasonic VT20 plasma tv that has scored very well on 3D ghost/cross talk scores and until I watched 3D from this projector I thought it was great. I am sold on DLP being the best tech for 3D viewing. DLP has scored perfect on 3D cross talk testing and this H9500 is one of the perfect score units. This may be a con for some but the only 3D glasses known to work with this projector are DLP link glasses. How this works is every other frame is a full white image that is the communication method to the glasses for sync and timing. The Acer glasses that come with the projector are very good with color, contrast etc. Not all DLP link glasses are equal some do not block the white flash as well as these Acer glasses do.

More on 3D, there are different formats of 3D. 3D Bluray's use frame packing every other image is for right or left eye and is full 1080p at 24 fps per eye. Then there is Side by Side (SBS) and Top and Bottom (TB) formats. This projector has shown no tearing with any frame packed 3D of my viewing be it games or movies. SBS and TB are used with cable tv, Internet content and some games. Though most console games are now coming with frame packing along with SBS as a choice or Frame Packed only. It is said that this projector has some tearing while playing games in SBS. I have not tested so cannot comment. According to the AVSforums this projector does SBS and TB with movies very well is gaming that causes issue per reviews not my personal experience. After reading how SBS works I can see why it has issues now and then. This projector is not the only one to have SBS issue's, plenty of tv's reported with it also.

Input delay for gamers. Yes this has delay, 2D has some but I am very competitive while playing COD MW3 while system linking here. No tests done but while viewing movies I have 2.5fps delay to audio to keep lip sync in order think actual 30ms of delay. 3D gaming adds more lag and I wouldn't play in 3D while in a FPS competitively, lose too much of the edge. While viewing movies I have 6 fps audio delay 70ms actual delay roughly. Do not confuse my times with time from two displays and a time clock with a still picture showing time difference. Those only show the difference of delay from one to the other so unless you know the input delay of the screen being tested against you do not know the actual delay times. Per some reviews by the dual screen testing this projector is around 30ms delay in 3D. FPS in 3D on this projector in single player mode is very enjoyable and not noticed with controller, but will be if played in competition amongst friends.

This is a entry level 3D projector not a top of the line one so please keep that in mind. It does the job very well. Fact is does 3D far better than my Panasonic VT20 does. Does it match the contrast of my VT20 not even close, but that is comparing a entry level 3D projector to a higher end Plasma tv. This projector also does not have full color adjustment. You can get it close to D65k but the adjustments do not allow for full calibration. However if you use a computer for your viewing you could by using the video card adjustments. I am currently shooting onto a 100" screen and the brightness is great for 2D and 3D. In conclusion I am very pleased with this projector. Can they do better I believe so, but that is true with all things really. Can better be had for the money? I am not sure. As time is coming along the BenQ W7000 has had some good deals but the H9500 has some too. The BenQ W7000 is not without issue's either but if priced the same I would go W7000 over the H9500.

Like noted by others research before buying is the best. At this time and in this projectors price range for 3D the choices are limited to the Epson 3010, Optoma HD33 or HD3300 and this Acer H9500bd. The W7000 and others are a good bit more money but the W7000 has had some deals that bring it close in cost now and then but mostly with remanufactured units not new. With that I said I would grab a remanufactured W7000 at the same cost as a new H9500bd also, they come with a warranty as new so no worries.
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on March 5, 2013
I got this 1 month now and tested most of the features with several movie classes.
As adviced from beamer-sites, I darkened the sidewalls with black curtains to not reflect light back to the picture. That helps a lot to begin with, also added them to the windows to improve the already good contrast.

I am using this baby on a simple plain white (latex color) wall on 6.5m distance. I had a simple 2kg DLP projector before with 2500 ANSI and it was a tiny bit more bright, thats why I darkened the room a little. All in all it looks much better anyway.

So the skin tones are impressive realistic and on non-energy safe mode it's also as bright and colorful as my TFT. The resolution now beeing the same it is way easier to share the picture on windows. (Tip: press WIN button + P for fast switches of the setup on your keyboard)

Picture Quality is very high, color tones are very fitting and the contrast ratio makes it vivid.

Since this comes with the latest Firmware (mid 2012) the previous reviews may not count anymore that were before that with troubles I can not find anymore.

The OSD Menu is nice and easy, but a simple 3D button is not installed. You got to use the menu each time and scroll down to the feature, even in a quick menu. The OSD adapts to some options not available, depending on the modus. Thus in 3D mode the menu is much more simple.

The Remote basically looks cool, nice and has blue light on some buttons. The problem here is: Lots of buttons don't have a function or maybe they have with other input devices. I am only using HDMI from PC and maybe some "play" and dvd function buttons would work with a bluray player? Could not find any information about this anywhere.
The Range reflects from 6.5m back to the projector from the picture wall. So no need to worry where to aim at, it's really long range.

It also has lens shift to not move it around to turn the picture.

Now after all I am pretty happy with it, still it is not the ultimate beamer and here comes why:

It has a decent air cooler which is a good amount more silent in energy safe mode. I am running it on 27-30°C room temperature, so I might have the loudest outcome already. If you have some good surround system and love movies with a good volume you won't notice the cooler noise, but on quiet scenes you might notice, especially since I write about it here to make you want to see yourself if I am right :)
2nd Noise factor is the iris-shutter for the better black and contrast for dark scenes. Actually a cool feature, a bit slow in fast scenes, but if it stays in dark areas you have some benefit. If it's a quick scene switch it would dark it down, brighten it up until it fits the scene and you will hear a sirring motor of it every time for half a second. Again, not to hear in action scenes, but in moonlight night scenery without music with just a couple watching the stars. However, you can shut that off or reduce the effect and it would be quiet. (special - the iris works also in 3D mode for higher black)

-3D Mode-
I found out that there are only a handful of "real 3D" movies on the market, even the latest ones are fake 3D which can cause headaches. Also there is no real standard developed yet, so each time you get on 3D mode you have to tell the beamer what to expect. Selections are: half-up/down, half side by side, frame packed. So it remembers the last setup but each movie or 3d game might have another setup which you have to define first in the OSD menu. The projector combines only those 3 input formats. When connecting to PC it might be able to inform the projector which picture format he will have to use (for games) at least.

-->Glasses Acer work perfectly flawless. 100% no failures or disconnects and very comforting design. The 3D impression is nearly as good as in cinema with polarized glasses. Zero ghosting, no negative effects at all. The acer glasses don't make any sound like others. I bought Trudepth in addition as it has splendid previews, but they work only 95% and even with latest firmware they don't yet work with this projector. On some scenes (mostly dark) the trudepth glasses would fail the frequency and show weird flickering color flips. Problem was not solvable yet with trudepth, while their support is awesome they try looking into it for the future. That again proves, that there is no current standard, even so it is all called DLP glasses, synchronizing with an invisible white flash from the projectors.

Nvidia 3D vision sucks!! I can't stress this enough. Acer has them in contract here, so its labeled on the projector to work FINE. Now you can wonder about Nvidia once more. Actually the drivers from 2013 will FORCE YOU to buy "3DTV PLAY" for around 40$ I guess, to have a TV or projector available for movies and gaming in 3D mode. Originally that was meant to support the nvidia 3dvision with their own 3d glasses and should unlock those glasses for other products. Now if you have the choice to use Nvidia drivers from end of 2012, you can use "3DTV PlAY" for free as it needs no activation tool in the older drivers. It will then recognize the projector and completely work with movies or gaming content (for free again). So the guys buying a new nvidia card this year, which needs the newer drivers will have to pay extra fees to use this free feature. Huge ripoff from this year, made up by Nvidia out of thin air. Ah and one more thing: 1080p=24Hz mode only - that would work for blurays, but NOT, in any way NOT for any 3D game. First of all it starts to lag heavily. The projector has for me around 21 ms (miliseconds) delay to my TFT, which is noticable but okay enough to play. But, once you turn on the nvidia 3D mode on 1080p, which only supports 24 Hz, while this projector can do 60Hz, that means you can catch your own mouse arrow while circling it. You have to wait to see a reaction on screen. I would guess more than 500ms that would be. Also you will only have 24 frames per second in the game. Normally 30FPS/30Hz is a minimum for liquid playing. So, that only is Nvidias fault here - I tested it with 60Hz mode on Tridef without any lag.
Nvidia only supports 720p 3D mode on 60 Hz, side by side or up/ any case a halfed picture, format unknown. They have no announce or intension to rise that to 1080p 60Hz yet and I have no clue why. That is why the radeon/tridef solution works way better here. Tridef will also work with nvidia cards, but only side by side and up/down. The other features require direct x 9 supported games or a radeon card.

By the way I never found out what signal the projector expects on "frame packed" No source or setup on stereoscopic player, nvidia, movie or tridef did have this. It could be the uncompressed content of a bluray by chance. (I bought a 2D movie by accident from amazon, was under 3D listed though - so I couldn't test that)

You can also use AMD's Tridef, which better works with Radeon graphics if higher than directX 9, or relate to IZ3D drivers. You can convert 2D content to 3D content with those for games, movies and pictures. Tridef is working very awesome for movies, compared to IZ3D. You'd need the stereoscopic video player for this maybe.

However, the beamer has it's own 3D conversion and it looks as stunning awesome as the Tridef itself already does, while they have different solutions. So you won't need it for movies to do from your PC.
If you play games you might want to use direct x conversion as this comes out way better than letting it the projector do. But on the other hand that costs almost double graphic power to render, which can be worked off from the projector a bit with less quality.

One Issue I can not figure or fix is the same I had with my old DLP projector. Somehow I find vertical lines of unsharpness on the screen, even with HDMI digital connection. I thought it was on my old one only from the bad analog cable.
So actually those lines are visible on letters/fonts and texts any kind of where it comes to sharpness. Most of the screen reaches the sharpness of my TFT, but even adjusting focus multiple times, it won't change. So that might come from the "sharpen" feature this projector applies to the picture. In custom setup you can set 1-15 sharpness. I turned it off, adjusted the focus to the sharpest picture I could get and compared. Whole picture no vertical lines, but less sharp than a TFT. Maybe it is related to DLP technique? I have no clue and could not find solutions or reasons behind this. Once you turn the sharpening on...10 for my case it makes the letters perfectly crystal clear on the wall, but on some vertical lines they appear as without the sharpening. This feature also improves the picture quality for low resolution movies and old codec compressed video "blockings" will be reduced, too. Looks better than on the TFT.

Ah right, there is also a secret service menu which is not mentioned in the manual. I think every owner has the right to test it's product and check if the vendor may have used your bulb before without telling you. Also there you can check all colors and adjust the picture to your wall/screen with calibrating test screens.

The code is when already on: "Power Button", Left, Left, Menu - but be careful there.
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