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on April 25, 2014
I need to write this review as 99% of the reviews here are from the Vine program and I felt the need to add my non-sponsored two cents. Let me start by saying that I bought this tablet as a present for my wife. I had bought her a Motorola Xoom 10" a few years ago as a Birthday present. That was considered too big and too heavy. I have been using that tablet myself for the past 2 1/2 years. My wife primarily uses email, Facebook, Chrome, and Netflix. She has an iPhone and getting an iPad would have been a great idea had I not been too cheap to fork out that much money. I was looking for a tablet in the 7"- 8" range for about $200 and seen this stylish looking tablet. It a very sharp looking tablet and the perfect size. Most will respond with the fact that it looks like an iPad Mini. It has nice clean lines and a beautiful brushed aluminum back giving it an elegant look. It comes loaded with so many Apps and Widgets that one hardly need to get any more. Setup took all of 10 minutes tops. The screen, while not being the highest in resolutions, certainly looks vibrant to me. I am sure if compared side by side, one could see a difference, but I am not inclined to do so. It is extremely snappy in opening apps and browser windows. We have not tried any games on it, but then she does not game. It has a slot for a micro SD card to add up to 32 Gb of storage. I downloaded Netflix and the TV network apps and they all appear colorful and crisp. The sound is considerably louder and better than the Xoom. It has not dropped the WiFi connection once since initial setup and gets a great signal throughout our house. She loves everything about the tablet and so do I. Are looking for a stylish tablet and are sick of the basic black models out there? Then look no further. Are you wanting a new tablet and not willing to pay the price the fruit people are asking? Then look no further! Anyone want to buy a used Xoom? - I want one for myself so bad!

PS: A bit of advice for anyone buying one: To change the Accuweather Widget on the home screen from Centigrade to Fahrenheit - merely tap at the top center of the widget and a setup screen will open. Tap on the farenheit and then tap on done to save the setting. I hope this saves someone else the time and frustration that I had.
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VINE VOICEon March 26, 2014
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I must preface the review by stating my time with Android devices has been limited. I have had more iOS devices and spent more time with that platform. I have always respected the Android platform, its functionality, and the value it presents.

Nevertheless, this Acer Iconia A1 with Intel Atom processor has more than impressed me.

The first thing? The speed of the device. The internet browsing, app launching, startup, etc. are all nice and speedy. This is a very important factor when looking at tablets. Surely, the 1GB of RAM helps too. You never feel as though you're waiting around for a page to load or application to launch. It just works and works as it should! My primary iPad is a third generation with retina display, and the speed of this Acer Iconia A1 is much more impressive.

The form factor of the device? A perfect size. Hold it one hand or two hands, the choice is yours. It's comfortable. While a full size iPad I find uncomfortable in bed, I can use this product in bed for at least a few minutes without feeling uncomfortable. Lying back on the couch to read a book? That is enjoyable and comfortable. I can do that a couple hours. Sure, the Iconia A1 weight more than an iPad mini and it isn't quite as sleek, but I am not complaining.

The screen? The size of the screen is fine as again it adds to the comfortable form factor of the device. The screen size and resolution is the same as the original iPad Mini, which sells for approximately one hundred dollars more than this device. The quality of the screen is "ok," for the price point. It is similar to original iPad mini screen in quality, but doesn't pop quite as much. Compared to a retina display on the retina iPad Mini or retina iPad, this screen looks poor! Sure, you can still comfortably read, navigate around etc. If retina displays did not exist, it would be fine, but with retina available today, you do truly notice the low resolution display. Still, for less than two hundred, something has to be cut.

Build Quality? The Iconia A1 feels anything but cheap. In fact, it feels solid, looks beautiful, and fits right in your hand. It has a beautiful aluminum finish on the back. I have many Apple devices, and the build quality is right up there close with say an iPad mini. It really does look cool.

Storage - 16 GB of internal storage is good for the price. 16 GB is the same amount on an entry level iPad, but the Iconia offers expandability with a microSD card slot, something iPad never offers.

Software - You can do almost anything with this tablet. The Google Play App Store is at your fingertips. All the apps you can imagine are there. Hundreds of games, news, music, etc. Name an App on iOS, and it is probably available on Android too. The only thing, for someone like me, if you already own apps on the iOS App Store, you will of course have to re-purchase them on Google Play, but if you're a long time Android user, all your applications and preferences will transfer over immediately when powering on the tablet the first time and entering your Google ID. Google makes the process simple and painless. Well done Google. They keep you backed up too!

The included Android version is Jelly Bean, and it runs smoothly. There are a few pre-installed apps for games, several for music, etc. I find these rather annoying, but I simply remove them from the main screen and use the more popular apps like Google Play, Amazon MP3, Pandora, SiriusXM, etc.

I have DirecTV service, and I can even stream a selection of channels to the device in the DirecTV App (available via the Google Play store for free) when I am on the same network as my DirecTV receivers.

Voice recognition is near perfect. I find it better than Siri and voice recognition on iPhone/iPad. Google gets what you say right, almost every time, if not too complex. Search your tablet, search the web, compose an email. Android's voice over support is superb!

The screen seems to hold onto fingerprints a bit more than iPad's oleo-phobic screen, but I have a little display cleaner to use on it at the end of the day, no big issue.

Camera? Both a rear and front camera are included. Personally, I never use the cameras on any of my tablets. Phones have much better cameras.

Spakers, fine if you need to hear something in a pinch. Otherwise, plug in some headphones.

Your Ecosystem - It's hard to leave your ecosysystem, rather Google Play or iOS App Store. I have so many purchases on App Store. Furthermore, I love features like Airplay in iOS so I can scream content on my iOS devices to Apple TV. Nevertheless, there are similar alternatives for Android. Even being locked in iOS ecosystem, I am happy to add this product to my arsenal of devices. It fits in nicely, and I can do almost anything with it!

Overall, Acer is presenting an incredible value with the newest Iconia A1. The Intel Atom processor makes your experience smooth. You never feel you are waiting on the tablet, and that makes for a good experience. Battery life is acceptable. Most of all, at a very low price point you get a speedy Android 7.9-inch tablet, a comfortable size and it gets into the Google Play ecosystem of incredible applications a click away. Plus, you have Amazon's App store available, Kindle Application, as well as Amazon MP3. Amazon videos are not available on any Android devices (except Kindles which are specific Android devices).

Web browsing, music with headphones, book reading, email review, and quick games are a joy on this device. The display will let down your videos, photos, and sharp text somewhat, but the price point with the fluidity of the device makes it a compelling product. I was skeptical before using the A1, but I can now see it being a part of my life nearly every day. It is small enough and light enough to take anywhere, and when you do take it, you can count on a device that you know will work with the applications you need! Very much recommended!
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I have ready many reviews on tablets, and have found most of them to be why a certain tablet is better than another to the nth degree with all kinds of technical jargon which really just pits one expert against another. As a person who tutors people who are not technologically savvy, I am going to review this tablet from the point of view of someone who has not had one before and whether or not this is a good choice if you want to get one.

I have been told by several business people and those who claim to be very tech savvy that they have gotten rid of their laptops except for occasional spreadsheet work in their offices or at home. Can you get rid of your laptop by getting a tablet like this? Let's take a look.

This tablet is around the size of an ipad mini or a Kindle. The on off switch is on the upper right hand side (with screen facing you) and below it is a rocker switch just below the power switch. There is a space between the two buttons which will allow for elastic bands should you want to get a case for it that has them. That will make it so that the tablet will not be turned on and off by accident. The power button has to be pushed and held for a moment before the unit turns on.

The tablet screen is shiny which can be annoying, but that is the nature of the beast.
The touch sensitivity is excellent- I did not find any problems with response time or lag.
The orientation changing when you turn the screen around is also well set. It works nicely and is not overly sensitive.

To input into the tablet, you have a choice to either type or speak what you want the tablet to do. I have to say that this tablet responds very well to either set of input. After working with several i-pads, my daughter constantly raves about how this Acer tablet is superior in the way it responds to input with the microphone than the i-pads are. I have not had any problem with typing into this tablet beyond what I normally do on any unit. The microphone occasionally mistypes a word, but it is not nearly as bad as I expected it to.

Response time of the tablet is excellent. I am quite impressed with how quickly it responds to input without lag or difficulty.

I have put a few apps on this unit which tend to be popular with tablet users. Sketchbook Pro is one of those apps. I really like it. The response time is good, and the app seems to work well on this tablet. I also love the radio app which allows you to listen to radio stations in the area or around the country. With a case that folds into a stand, it is a great panel to use in a room where you want to listen to the radio.

Quite a few apps that come in the tablet already are handy and easy to use. The screen is quite intuitive and easy to use.

This tablet is wi-fi accessible to the internet which means that you can not go out in no-man's land to use it like you can an android phone, but you have to be near a wi-fi station to use it.

The wi-fi response time is excellent- although it does occasionally lag when the signals get weak- something that all wi-fi units will do.

Android is a Google engine so everything you do will be monitored by Google or you will be using something they have designed to get where you want to go. You can find other ways to purchase apps if you don't like the Google store, however, such as Amazon.

This tablet comes with McAfee virus scan which is not a huge deal, but I am not sure how to replace that yet, should I desire to do so.

I am not a big advocate of phone and tablet cameras. This one has a decent camera to use on the back, and an adequate camera on the front of the camera to use for Skype which is pretty much all you need. If you want a really nice camera, buy one. For quick pictures to capture something you want to show someone, then this will be fine.

Easy to hold
Screen responsive
Speech recognition works well
Good fast performance
Boots up quickly
Clear screen makes reading books nice
Good colors for photos on the screen (better than laptops)
Power button hard to accidentally turn on or off
Learning is pretty intuitive for first time users

Wi-fi only
Not as easy to use as laptop for extensive typing
Can be a bit clumsy to use at times (the nature of tablets)
Start up literature is a bit underwhelming for first time users


Can you get rid of your laptop to substitute this tablet? My answer would be no.

Even if all you did was go on the internet to wander through web sites, using a tablet is a bit cumbersome if you want to do any kind of extensive writing. If you use the microphone, it will probably be pretty accurate, but you will still have to use the keyboard to correct what is used.

For occasional internet usage, watching videos, movies, and reading books, this tablet is fabulous. I think it works beautifully. I would say that it is just as nice as other more expensive tablets and you will invest a lot less money in it.

If you want a tablet and do not want to pay a fortune for it, this is the way to go. The Acer Iconia A1-830 is an excellent value and I use mine a lot. I just could not substitute it completely for my laptop. I prefer to have a choice in my browser, features, and fine tuning or replacement of parts should I desire to do so.

I do find that having the tablet helps a lot when I want to quickly do something on the internet and don't want to boot up my laptop. This tablet is pretty quick and I like it. If you are a tech fanatic and have to have the biggest and best, you might find fault with this tablet, however. It is worth a test run in any case.

UPDATE 3/4/2015 SAMSUNG GALAXY 4 (8 inch) vs ACER ICONIA A1-830
I have had quite a chance to get to know this tablet over time and also to use a Samsung Galaxy 4 8 inch tablet in comparison both on its own and with a keyboard. After working with both tablets, I have to say that I still prefer the Acer over the Samsung and here is why:

-Acer has slightly smaller screen area, but is easier to work on
-Acer has the return and menu buttons incorporated into the screen instead of on the side so it rotates with screen
-Acer surface is less shiny and has less glare
-Performance of Acer is the same as the Samsung in terms of speed
-Wifi of Acer is as good as the Samsung
-keyboard of Acer is much easier to use than Samsung (the one in the screen)
-set up of the Acer is much easier and user friendly
-voice commands on Acer works MUCH better than on the Samsung
-Samsung speaker is a bit nicer than Acer, but I use a bluetooth speaker for best sound anyway.
-Samsung battery does last a bit longer than the Acer, but the frustrations of the Samsung still make me prefer the Acer.

All in all, I have to say that I have tried to honestly look at both tablets and give them a fair comparison and I still like the Acer better. The price is better and the ease of use is better too. The microphone on the Acer seems much more responsive than the Samsung. The screen of the Samsung is a bit more dense in terms of pixels and color perhaps, but the glare is more annoying. I also get very irritated at the side buttons on the Samsung. They are static (stay put) and when the tablet is on its side, it is way too easy to hit a button that screws up what I am trying to do on the Samsung. This is especially true when I am trying to type something and is VERY frustrating.

There is one thing about the Samsung that I really wish the Acer had and that is longer battery time. The Samsung does run a little longer than the Acer without having to recharge. The speaker on the Samsung is a bit nicer, but with my portable bluetooth speaker as my main source of listening, I don't find that to be a problem for me.

So, after time and the chance to use the Acer and the Samsung so I could compare them, I still really like the Acer tablet better. Because I do a lot of graphics work and computer work, I still would not get rid of my laptop or desktop, but I do save a lot of time using this tablet when I want to look up quick information and cruise the internet.
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Product Update after owning 6 weeks:

I have removed 2 stars from my original 5 stars for 2 reasons. 1) I have problems staying connected to WiFi. It drops the WiFi constantly. 2) I am having problems with my battery. Sometimes it wont charge at all I have changed charging cables but it still takes a long time to fully charge, then when it finally charge, the battery seems to drain rather quickly during use. Plus while using the tablet while it is still connected to the charger it still drains. I am not sure if I got a lemon, but its past the return policy. Good thing I purchased the damage and replacement protection. However I am not sure I want to use it to replace the tablet or just purchase another brand tablet. When originally make a tablet choice, I was torn between this tablet, the Kindle Fire HDX and a Samsung Galaxy Tab 3.

I cant say that I am a tablet expert. As a matter of fact I would say this is my first real tablet. I have owned 2 other tablets, both purchased from "Big discontinued/refurb" chain store. Both tablets sucked rocks! This time I waited and researched, read reviews, and vowed I would not buy another tablet until I could afford the tablet I really wanted. I made up my mind it was going to be either a Samsung Galaxy something or other or an HP Slate. Then one day while browsing on Amazon. This Acer Iconia popped on my screen at an amazing price. Well, I started reading the reviews, and saw it had great reviews. So I figured I give it a shot. I ordered it next day shipping because I couldn't wait. Well the same day I ordered it, I went to Walmart and saw they had a Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 on sale for the exact same price as the Acer. Of course my heart sank. Well I figured I would give a try and if not I would take the loss and return as open box. I have had it now for over 12 hours and I cant put it down. And maybe because of my previous sucky tablets, my standards are low, but, this thing is amazingly fast. I saw the video review where the guy started up out of the box and was ready to go. I was ready to play with my new toy in less than 10min It immediately located my WiFi I logged into my Google play store, it immediately started pulling in all of my play store apps. So far I have surfed the web, streamed Video, played games I wouldnt dream of playing on the other tablets I had because they were so slow, or on my smartphone because its soo small. I watched a full episode of Charmed, and the video was as smooth as if I were streaming from Roku or my blu-ray player.

This Tablet is super duper fast. Screen resolution is crystal clear. The one thing, it comes with loads of pre-installed apps that I am not sure yet if I can, or how to uninstall them. The dual speakers are great as for video and games. I havent tried to listen to music yet, as I forgot to purchase an SD card. So I haven't installed my music yet. Another thing, it did drop my WiFi, but I am not sure if its because of the Juice Defender app I have installed, or the fact that my roommate and I are both gadget junkies I have a phone, roku, laptop, she has a couple of Ipads, Iphones, IMacs. So I dont know if we just had too many devices connected to the Wifi at once. But once I disconnected my phone from the WiFi the the tablet connection seemed to be fine.

So all in all, I am quite please with this purchase. This is a great tablet, especially at $150.00 price point. The design is quite sleek. My roommate came downstairs when I first opened it and she said OMG you finally got an Ipad (she's an Apple Junkie) But at a far glance it does look like the Ipad mini. If I have any problems in the future I will update this review. but for now I love it!!
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on April 3, 2014
I've been waiting for this tablet since it was announce at CES back in January, its my first tablet and this is the reason why, I'm not an apple fan I have nothing against apple I'm just used to Android, but 90% of all android tablets have a 16:9 aspect ratio which is good for watching videos they look like big cell phones to me, I wanted a tablet with a 4:3 aspect ratio like the ipad mini for reading and surfing the web, but with an android OS, this one is perfect good size and half the price of the first ipad mini with the same resolution if you own an iphone go with ipad if you are familiar with android this one will do.
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
If you are looking for an alternative to the standard iOS tablets, this is a great choice. With a processor upgrade over the 810 model, it moves quick even with numerous applications open in the background thanks to the 1.6 GHz. The ports on the device were all readily accessible and even labeled. Which is non-existent in most other devices. They just presume you know what each port or button does around the outside.

The built in storage of 16GB should handle all of your application needs. The bonus is the microSD card slot that takes of to 32GB cards for added storage for movies, pictures and larger application files. The Android 4.2 Jelly Bean is a stable release and we had no crashes during testing.

The front camera is only 2MP so you definitely need some lighting to use it, but the back camera was decent at 5MP. That helped keep the price point down I imagine since most Android phones now have 8MP cameras on the back.

The 1024x768 resolution on the screen was acceptable. With a 7" tablet can you really see HD quality and different than SD? For most people this is meant to be a functional and reasonably proved device. Yet you do get over 7 hours of battery life playing movies. The edges of the screen were clear and didn't have the haze or ripple as they call it. I was able to see everything with good clarity at some nice angles. You just don't use or watch it like that often enough to matter.

Finally the sizing was decent. too big for a pants pocket or most inner jacket pockets for sure. But it fit well in your hand and was quite light. The metal back cover gives it a sturdy feel and also a sleek look.

This is a great buy for a tablet and I hope it keeps up in the performance I saw in the weeks of testing. That is why I wanted to post this and get some real testing time into it first.
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I'm not a technical person, so this review is purely a usability review based on overall functionality. I have coveted an iPad for years, but never wanted to cough up $600 for one, so this is my very first tablet. I own an iPhone and a MacBook Pro, so my recent experience has all been with Apple products and I have never used an Android device. The tablet came almost fully charged and only required a short hour of charge time before I started messing around with it. I was pleasantly surprised that setup was a breeze, and only slightly annoyed at the few items that were offered for sale during the process. I already had a Google account before receiving this, but if you don't have one it might be a good idea to set it up.

Packaging is simple, sleek, and mostly recyclable.
Easy setup and connection to home wireless was effortless.
The tablet design is gorgeous, and right in line with what you'd expect from an Apple device, with the brushed metal finish on the back and a white face.
The camera (back and front) is nice at 5mp.
Storage is ample at 16g. Expandable by micro SD card up to 32 gb.
Web is fast and most pages look good.
My almost 2-year-old can use this with ease. He loves it.
Battery life is good at 7.5 hours. It truly lasts this long, even with downloads, playing videos, and playing games.
On and off is as easy as touching a button on the side, and very responsive.
Screen size is ample, better than Kindle Fire.

Display is only 1024 x 768
The screen is not as responsive sometimes as I think it should be.

Overall I would say, without owning another tablet, that this is a great basic and inexpensive tablet. For surfing, email, YouTube, and other similar applications, you can't go wrong.
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on June 7, 2014
8-inch tablets with 4x3 form factor are rare. The Acer A1-830 is lighter and smaller than the A1-810, with better screen color, but without micro hdmi port.

Pro: inexpensive 8-inch tablet with sufficiently good screen and performance. Micro SD card slot, micro usb port. Plenty of third party, well-designed yet inexpensive cases. Adequate stereo sound.
Con: no micro hdmi port, screen resolution is not high (but adequate for browsing.)
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I'm not going to lie. I'm an iPad kind of guy. I also have a Kindle Fire HD which I enjoy. But the few Android tablets I've tried have been sloppy messes. Slow, clunky, and just felt gross/heavy.

This thing is actually very nice. Form factor is great, feels great in the hand. It's still Android, but fast enough to be responsive and do most of the stuff I do on a tablet (read, surf the web).
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on August 21, 2014
While I was initial excited upon receiving this and using it - it quickly became apparent to me that there is a serious issue with the Wifi reception on this device. I couldn't get a signal in the next room. I barely got a signal in the same room. I tested out the reception on this tablet versus my Samsung Galaxy S3 by using Wifi Analyzer from the Play Store. The reception on my GS3 was almost twice as good as on this Acer A1-830. I am returning it and the cover I got. Had it a day and a half.
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