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on February 23, 2012
Purchased my A200 about a week ago. It was tough to find locally and it appears as though Android tablets in general are hard to find...quantities are very low right now. I ended up checking with about 10 different local electronics chains and office supply type stores until I finally found someone that had just received 2 in.

While not the cheapest nor the best peforming tablet on the market, I really think this is a winner in the value category. While I am typically a latest and greatest type person when it comes to electronics/computers, I really just didn't see the need to drop another $150+ on a high end tablet. I'll use mine mostly for Internet access, some gaming, email, Netflix, etc. With the exception of the more advanced games, a dual core versus a new quad core just isn't going to make much of a difference if at all and even right now on the gaming side, I don't think there is a whole lot that will take advantage of quad core chips. If I do want to do some photo and/or video editing, I will break out my much more powerful laptop. I really think buyers need to evaluate their true needs when it comes to buying these.

One of the first things I did once I got connected via wifi, was to do the upgrade to Ice Cream Sandwich and I definitely wasn't disappointed. It is a beautiful OS that seems to run quite well on the A200. Transitions run well and smooth, and only until I enabled live wallpaper did I see any lag to speak of when moving from one home screen to another. Even then it wasn't an issue for me and frankly a quad core may not make a difference.

While this tablet isn't the thinnest nor the lightest, it is still in the same ballpark and frankly I really appreciate a little extra heft and thickness since I have larger hands. The textured back feels nice in my hands and not as slippery as an iPad and overall it just feels very solid and robust to me. I think it will hold up quite well...I'm very impressed for a $350 device.

To summarize, here are the pros and cons as I see it:
Value, value, value - can't beat it for $350 for a 10", with ICS and level of quality
Ice Cream Sandwich...yummy yummy ice cream :)
Solid design
Great screen resolution - better than iPad 1 and 2. Screen is sharp and very bright even at lower brightness settings. Default is around 40% and I see no need to go higher.
Colors are vibrant and seem to be accurate and text is clear...looks better than my 17" Dell laptop and wife's Lenovo screens
Full sized USB - used with USB sticks and it worked great for transferring files and photos. I haven't tried any other accessories yet, but wondering if a USB game pad would work??? Doubt it but would be great if it did.
Micro SD card slot - I plugged in a 16 gig from an old blackberry and it was able to read the photos and music I had on it. Astro file manager is included with ICS and works well for moving files around.
Battery life is great...the first night I had it, I had it off of the charger for 5 hours straight (4:58 to be exact) playing games, surfing, and installing apps and it still reported 52% battery life left...very impressive!

Current lack of accessories
Lack of rear camera - really a non issue for me as I don't anticipate using the camera anyhow. My Android phone has an 8 mega-pixel camera already and I have a mid-range Canon DSLR that I take if I anticipate shooting photos.
Sometimes when bringing up my browser, the A200 will tell me it doesn't have an Internet connection. I refresh and all is good. Not sure if this is an ICS issue or an issue with hardware but likely ICS.
Sound levels are little on the low side although I don't have any other tablets that I can compare to. It's certainly acceptable. I did download an equalizer program but I started hearing a weird crackling sound through the speakers so I uninstalled and all is well again. I may try a different program but so far a non-issue.
Stupid built-in Android browser defaults to mobile sites, not full. This is an Android built-in browser issue though (seriously why don't they fix this for Tablets). The normal work arounds didn't do anything...debug mode and browser check box for full sites didn't work. My workaround was to install Boat browser which seems to work well for displaying full sites.
Big con, is that my wife initially thought I wasn't smart buying yet another gadget, but now that she has tried it, I can't get it away from her. Same thing with 4 year old son...he thinks it's his now (istorybook is awesome app for kids BTW).

In summary, evaluate your needs for a tablet. If this is a back up device and you already have a PC/laptop/Mac for more processor intensive apps and you want/need a device for surfing, portability, easy of use, game playing and don't need a rear camera or 3/4G connectivity this is a wonderful device for a wonderful price. I love it!
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on January 31, 2012
I have had this tablet since January 12th. I saw some in the cage when I was about to purchase a Sony S tablet and told the girl that I wanted it. I was afraid they may not sell it to me since it was not supposed to be released until the 15th but they did. I have thoroughly researched and tested all of the available tablets at Best Buy which include the I-Pad 2, Galaxy Tab, Motorola Xoom, Ausus Transformer, Transformer Prime, Sony S, Toshiba Thrive and the Motorola Xoom Family edition.

I must say that I wish the Prime did not have all of the issues that it has especially the wi-fi signal dropping while bluetooth is connected. I tested two different floor models of the Prime and was able to replicate intermittent signal drops of the wi-fi signal. Proof of this was not only evident in the signal icon but also while watching you tube videos. At one of the stores I even switched from a wi-fi router to an AT&T mobile hotspot. Even though I was pulling over 20 mb download the videos would constantly buffer. The Galaxy Tab seemed very tempting but I did notice some lag with the 10.1 and 8.9 as well compared to the Acer A200 especially when trying to type on them but also in some transitions. I blame the Samsung overlay of touchwiz for this. I also noticed that the whites did not look as pure when compared to the A200. These things along with the lack of ports and the known issues of the oil slick screen defect problems many are having deterred me from the 10.1 tab.

Moving on, the Sony S was also a tempting tablet for me but I have read about some of them having wi-fi issues and also about them shutting off no matter what you set the screen off setting to. Ironically, both of the Sony units I tested had the screen shut down issue which was very annoying. The Toshiba Thrive was worth a good look but It to me is not to aesthetically appealing and one of the units did a random reboot while I was testing it so I dismissed it after careful consideration.The Thrive and the reboot issue is a known issue that I am not sure if Toshiba has a solution for. Both of the Motorola units were alright but I never really considered either one to much because I know that they have inferior screens and I am not to interested in a tablet with kids apps built in as the family edition has. I wanted to like the original Transformer also but in a side by side screen comparison The Acer A-200's screen just looked a lot better as the Transformers screen would not get as bright and had a blue tint to it's whites. Then there is the good old I-Pad 2 which I did take the time to test and it is a nice piece of hardware with a good screen. The problem is it does not have an operating system that suits a tablet well in my opinion. It is boring with no widgets and customization like Honeycomb and a locked down Apple ecosystem. NO Thanks !

Well that leaves the Acer A-200 which I have had since mid January. In my opinion it is the best looking Tablet out right now. I can also tell you that it is very well built and well optimized on the software side. I had the Acer A-500 before I returned and got this one and both of the Acer's seemed a bit snappier than the others. I returned the A-500 because the screen looked to washed out when I was in some browsing situations. Some people have been complaining about the sound on the A-200 on the Best Buy review section but all you have to do if you are not happy with it is download a free app from the Android market called Equalizer by Smart android apps and you can make it sound however you want. It gets plenty loud after adjusting the EQ and if you buy the Key you can save presets for different situations like you tube or music. I have been very pleased with my A-200 and have not had any issues with it accept that I noticed the mic seemed a bit low when trying to do speech to text but not while using the voice recorder. I have read about some people saying that it is low on skype also but I do not use it for that so I do not know exactly how it performs with that but I would say maybe try a different app like Fring or something. If you can live without a rear camera and HDMI out then I would highly recommend the Acer A-200 because for $300.00 I think it is the best deal out there right now. It does have a full size usb port that I can confirm works with a PS3 controller and a logitech pc game controller as well as an old ps2 logitech keyboard I had lying around. I also have been using a microsoft mouse that I have as a spare and it works flawlessly. Other than that it has a headphone jack, Micro sd card slot and a proprietary power jack and this thing charges in an hour and a half tops. I would say just buy it if you do not think you want a quad core or feel like waiting for one that does not have the issues of the prime. For $300.00 you can not go wrong with this outstanding piece of electronic technology. It really is an awesome looking tablet and it feels great holding it with the rubberized backing and smooth curves ! Oh yea it has the best Wi-Fi reception out of the three Android phones and the two other 7" Android tablets that I have. None of them can get reception out in my driveway by the carport but the A-200 does. It also locked on to 7 satellites with stand alone GPS outside where my A-500 could only get three ! My other devices are the HTC EVo 4g LTE, Samsung Galaxy S3, Samsung Epic 4g (wifes), Nook Color and the Huawei S7 tablet. Thanks for reading and I hope you all found this review informative!

Update! It is almost 6 months Later and I have updated my review! Changed the price from $350.00 to $300.00 and added my two new phones the Evo 4g LTE and the Galaxy S3 and Gave my Epic 4g to my wife. A whole slew of new tablets have come out and yes some of them are definately better than the A200. Galaxy Note $500.00, Galaxy Tab2 $400.00, Ausus Transformer Prime TF700T $500.00,Ausus TF300T $350.00 Acer A510 $420.00, Acer A700 $430.00 the Toshiba Exite 10.1 $370-$400, Toshiba Excite 10.1 LE $400.00 to $435.00and the New Sony Experia 10.1 $399.00 to name a few.

All of these with the exception of the Galaxy Tab 2 and the Toshiba Excite are Quad Core and all of the Quad cores with the exception of the Galaxy Note 10.1 have the Tegra 3. I Have not tested all of these but I can tell you that the Galaxy Note 10.1 with the Samsung Exynos is the best Processor and the Transformer prime TF700T and the Acer A700 have the best screens.It is also worth noting that the Galaxy Tab 2 and the Toshiba Excite LE have the Ti Omap 4430 dual core 1.2 ghz processor and that processor is not necessarily better than the Tegra 2. I have actually read a review about the original Galaxy Tab with the Tegra 2 and the new one with the Ti Omap 4430 and they said that the Tegra 2 actually outperformed the Omap in some areas. I have also read consumer reviews about people complaining about Tablets with the Omap Lagging. Amazon also has a Toshiba Excite listed with a pxa270 processor saying that it is a TI Omap clocked at 1.2ghz. The pxa270 is a marvel processor clocked at 520mhz. Marvel bought it from Intel years ago and the Toshiba website does not have anything like that so it is either a typo or worse a knock off I would suspect. I really do not think Toshiba would put a Marvel processor in one of there Tablets as they are found in the cheap chinese Android Tablets.

I have now tried out the Galaxy Tab 2, Galaxy Note 10.1 the Toshiba exite Le 10.1 and the Ausus Tf300T. I really liked the Galaxy Tab 2 and it is getting pretty good reviews about on par with the Acer A200 which by the way still rates really high with consumers on Best Buy and Amazon. The Acer A200 is on par with the Galaxy Tab 2, Ausus TF300T and better than the Toshiba Excite any model if you look at the review ratings. In my testing with HD videos the Tegra 2 in the A200 handled them better I noticed some hesitation with the Omap 4430 in movement especially on the Toshiba excite. Playback was smoother on the Acer A200 with the same You Tube HD video. The Excite and the Galaxy Tab 2 screens may have a higher PPI which could be one reason. They are both good chips with the Omap having dual channel memory with a lower clock speed on the ram and also a lower clock speed on the GPU which could also contribute to slightly lower performance than the Tegra in certain areas and video being one of them . The Omap will slighlty out perform the Tegras CPU but is known to be harder on your battery. I liked the Tf300T and the Tegra 3 worked great with the video playback It just felt very flimsy and bent really easily.

So with all of these new tablets on the market and new ones coming out all of the time. One thing has not changed and that is that the Acer A200 is still one of if not the best values in a 10 inch tablet. Now If you have $500 dollars to spend the Galaxy Note 10.1 is an outstanding tablet. The Ausus TF700T is also getting good reviews but is also $500.00. I had a person comment on the Lenevo Thinkpad which is now $320 at Best Buy for the Tegra 2 version but I have read about it having a lot of shortfalls in reviews. Lenevo has a lot of new models out now that do not have to many consumer reviews. Lenevo is not as mainstream when it comes to tablets as other Brands. If you want a good 10 inch tablet that won't break the bank the A200 is still a great buy and I seriously doubt you would be dissapointed with it. It responds and transitions very quickly through screens and into the app drawer and such. It is a very high quality device and a great deal at $300.00 !
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on March 9, 2012
I have been trying to justify the expense of another electronic gadget ever since the I pad came out. I love my iPhone but couldn't see why I should pay for what is basically an oversized iPhone WITHOUT A PHONE. I have been looking at other tablets and was not impressed because they were slow and I could still use'my phone for what the pads would do. In the back of my mind I knew I should wait until Acer had a couple of models on the market because I have used an Acer laptop for several years and have never had a problem with it.
Then I saw the review for this Iconia A200 written by Androidaholic. I decided to bite the bullet and jump into the tablet realm.
My beautiful new tablet arrived yesterday afternoon. I plugged it in and was charged completely in 53 minutes. This thing is fast easy to set up and really amazing. I am not a Techno wiz at all; that is why I like my iPhone. What really irritated me about the I pad was no flash player and Apples obsessive control over what you may put on YOUR DEVICE AFTER YOU PAY THEM TOO MUCH MONEY FOR THEIR PRODUCT. I could live with it on the phone but not on a tablet.
This Iconia is as fast as any I pad I have seen and I know I will enjoy it as much as my Acer laptop. Acer is undervalued in the US because they do not waste money on advertising. They invest in their product and keep giving great value for money. Yes this review was written on my sweet new tablet. I do not think you can go wrong with this tablet.

It is now March 29 and I have used this tablet daily. NO problems, very fast, still quite pleased. I use this for web browsing, ebook reading, social networking, basically everthing that I don't want to sit at my desktop for. No complaints at all. I still think this little jewel is one of the best "value for money" items I have ever purchased.
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on February 5, 2012
I have had this tablet for several days.
The good: screen is bright and sharp(I run it at 40%, very good indoors), light weight without seeming frail, 1 gb of ram, fairly snappy web surfing, textured back for better feeling grip, runs Netflix.

The bad: speaker volume is very poor, trying to hear a movie in anything but an absolutely silent room is not going to be possible(4.0.3 seemed to increase speaker volume very slightly, still poor). Auto correction under 3.2 did not work at all( update to 4.0.3 fixed).

If your not worried about getting the latest 4 core monster tablet and looking for a good value in an android tablet, this is it.

Ice cream sandwich(Android 4.0) is a really nice improvement.
Web surfing seems a little faster in page loads, auto correct works.
Also adds astro file manager.
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on February 13, 2012
I'm a college student and I really thought that having an android tablet would be ideal for taking notes and screwing around, of course, during my two hour layover between classes. I wanted the most bang for my buck and the Acer Iconia A200 is really the best price for the most tablet in my opinion. I did a sizable chunk of comparative research. This tablet is just as good as the ipad 2 or the galaxy tab. The only con, for me, is that you have fewer choices for internal flash drive space. So, I recommend that you get an sd card. I have the 16GB version and picked up a 16GB SD card. This tablet is, of course, a bit thicker than the ipad 2 or galaxy pad because it has an honest to goodness USB port. Some of you may not be too crazy about this but for someone who lives and dies by a flash drive this is very convenient. It is by no means 'heavy' just because it is a bit thicker.Its design is very sleek. It also does not have a rear facing camera. It does have a forward facing camera for Skype and video chat. This was a plus for me. I did not want the camera in the back. It also has a large vibrant screen and is very responsive to commands. The screen orients easily and there is a lock screen slider by the volume buttons if you don't want the screen to move. I take notes, stream movies, and work on my online classes with it. It definitely gets used pretty hard. I recommend this tablet to anyone that wants a beast of a tablet without having to wager your first born child to get it.
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on February 26, 2012
I received this tablet on a Tuesday, and while I was setting it up it did a minor OTA update. Everything looked good except that it kept dropping the wifi connection. Netflix looked good, YouTube looked good, and the video streaming from the USB drive played perfectly. Then on Thursday it did a major OTA system update, presumably to version 4.0.3. It took over an hour to update and everything worked fine after it rebooted itself. But on Friday, the day after the major system update, when I tried to power it on, nothing happened. Thinking that I needed to hold the power button down longer, I tried again. Well, I tried several more times, and finally I decided to check to see if the thing was even alive with the charger on. There was no light, red or green, on the button. It was DEAD! Four days after I received it!

Needless to say, I contacted ACER customer support, and after being passed on to two different off shore customer support persons, I finally talked to a technical support staff based in the US. There was nothing he could do to help me if the tablet wouldn't power on. The technical support person was nice and arranged all the paper work for the tablet to be sent in for repairs at their Texas facility.

I liked the way it looked and the fact that was slightly smaller and lighter than the Viewsonic G Tablet that I already owned but very, very disappointed with the product for failing on me 4 days after receiving it. :-(

Update: 4/26/2012

So I had the tablet sent in for repairs to Acer's repair facility in Texas. It took 5 days to get there by FedEx ground, and another week for the repairs, and it was shipped back to me on a Monday and I got it on a Thursday. From the repair report, there were two things that were replaced - the side cover and the processor itself. The tablet has worked flawlessly (except for the dropped wifi connection that happens occasionally, and I gather that has more to do more my wifi router because it never drops the connection when I used my iPhone as a modem when I travel) since I got it repaired, and there was one more major OTA system update since.

After the initial disappointment, I am quite happy with the product so far. I am adding another star to my review. So if you are one of those who had similar experiences, send it in for repairs, and you will be glad you did! :-)
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on June 17, 2012
I chose Acer brand because they've served us I didn't look at other tablets other than the comparisons on Consumer Reports. They had rated the A200 at being 85 (I think)and all they had to say about it was pretty positive. I read every one of the reviews here before I bought mine...thinking I might have trouble also, getting it to turn back on...I find it takes nine to twelve seconds to get it a reset on MP3 players or my Nook. I wonder if people who have had this trouble are holding in on the button long enough? Like all our Acer products, it found our WiFi immediately and has worked flawlessly...the battery life is fantastic. I've had a learning curve because apps are a new thing ... I don't have a smart phone and have never downloaded an app until now. I'm in my 70's and getting along with it just fine, thank you...
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on June 16, 2012
Let me first state that the Iconia Tab A200 (16gig) that I received from Amazon has a manufacture date of March 2012. Some of the issues that I was concerned about, after reading many reviews, may have been addressed by Acer with this manufacturing date. That is only a guess on my part because I have not seen earlier models.

Two issues in particular that concerned me were the WiFi reception and the screen glare. These are no longer concerns. The wireless reception on this tablet is fantastic. In a side-by-side comparison with my i-Pad 2, screen glare is on par and there is virtually no difference. In fact I love this screen: extremely bright and sharp. Touch sensitivity and accuracy are right-on.

I just love this tablet. The build quality is second to none, with a nice rubbery feel on the back side. It's a little heavier and chunkier than my iPad 2, but not by much and for me the difference is negligible. I have owned a few Android tablets, but this is the first with 1gb of system ram. That, coupled with the NVIDIA Tegra 2 mobile processor with Dual Core ARM Cortex A9, makes for a very snappy tablet that does not disappoint. I know those specs are a little outdated with the latest and greatest seemingly released every week, but the A200 sure is fast.

The internet experience on the Iconia Tab is terrific. This factor is probably my number one motivation for this purchase. The supplied Google Chrome Browser is very fast and, because I use Google Chrome on my desktop computer, all of my bookmarks were immediately synced and transferred to the Iconia Tab. That's pretty cool.

I could go on and on: battery life great; Android ICS amazing with seamless coordination of contacts and calendar from my Android phone; movies and music very impressive; recognized and connects to my desktop with little effort (I hate iTunes)... Needless to say I highly recommend the Iconia Tab A200. Love my iPad, but now it just sits there;)
Bravo Acer!!
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on February 11, 2012
After endless research and testing, I finally selected this tablet. Compared to other tablets, more expensive from than this one, it is outstanding and does everything I expect and more. Here are my five reasons for selecting, starting with the obvious:
1. Price...for $350 I have a 16gb tablet capable of expanding memory without having to purchase another tablet
2. Flexability...I can expand the memory in one of two ways...USB or micro SD...I hope someone makes an app soon to allow me to use my USB cell air card for internet anywhere
3. is not the sexiest tablet, but it is beautiful and feels great to the touch...comfortable to hold
4. Easy set up
5. Will soon have ICS (Android 4.0)

I have read the concerns about the sound, but I have not had those problems plus I downloaded the equilizer app which only makes it better.

The one complaint I have is that there are nit many accessories specific to this tablet yet. There is a nice case sold for it i in the UK, but not here in the US. I have ordered a case from Amazon that is supposed to work, although it was made for the a500.

I typed this review from the a200 with the on-screen keyboard.
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on February 5, 2012
I was looking for a mid priced tablet and I saw the Acer A200 on other websites. When I bought this it wasn't being sold on Amazon yet. The reviews on it said it was to be updated to android 4.0 OS in Feb. I went to Best Buy on Jan 22 to check it out and other tablets. For the price, I thought it would work for me. It didn't matter to me about the lack of HDMI or the sound (I have Klipsch headphones anyway). I did want the USB connections. Since getting the Acer A200, my laptop is lonely.
Since I have an android phone, all my apps downloaded after I entered all my Google sign up information. I am impressed by the ease of operation and quality of this tablet. I went on a plane trip and downloaded a movie rental from the market. I can view my work documents on the tablet also.
While taking my father to the VA hospital, I layed the tablet on the roof of the car and took him inside. When I was registering him, I realized I hadn't picked up the tablet. I went back to the valet at the circle drive where the valet station was fearing the worse. The valets had it but it had fell off the roof of the car as they were driving off. It had fell to the concrete and tumbled according to the valets. I got lucky as I guess it tumbed on the back rubberized cover. The back had several deep cuts. No scratches on the screen! I have noticed no change in performance in the three days since this happened. I would recommended this product.
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