Customer Reviews: Acer Iconia W700P-6821 11.6-Inch 128 GB Tablet (Silver, Windows 8 Pro)
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on February 26, 2013
Was pleasantly surprised to have received the latest iteration of this model that included a new case/keyboard combo. I had back ordered the previous model (and it thankfully got cancelled) which had been bundled with (an apparently unsightly brown) separate case and keyboard. This model's (W700P) case/keyboard along with the dock, hdmi to vga cable (wish it had been DVI), mini-usb cable and stylus all make this a great bundle for a price that is lower than competing products without such accessories (Surface Pro, ATIV Pro).

+ Value as stated above. And I believe I should insert my opinion on the included dock. I've read some rather unfairly harsh reviews about it and yes, from a design standpoint, it certainly wouldn't be mistaken as having come from the desk of Jony Ive. However, I believe the dock to be a great inclusion (I don't think any of the competitors even have something similar to purchase separately, let alone as a bundle with the tablet). The dock allows portrait or landscape orientation and a couple different viewing angles from landscape, but the most useful aspect is (3) additional USB 3 ports. Plug in a standalone keyboard, mouse, touchpad, flash drive, etc.

+ Win8 Pro and SSD: First time I'm using Win8 and I'm pleased so far with the experience. It's definitely optimized for a touch screen and I believe the tablet form is ideal. Still picking up tips and tricks but the desktop mode (a la Win7) is one click/touch away when real work is required. And of course, lightning-quick boot up from a cold start with the SSD.

+ Battery life: as advertised - usually runs about 8 hours on a full charge with moderate use of processor-/graphics-intensive apps and/or with screen brightness turned up.

+ No bloatware: another pleasant surprise with this iteration was the absence of any 3rd party clutter aside from a couple of small Acer apps. Apparently, the previous model had MacAfee and possibly other mostly unnecessary software.

- No SD card slot and no digitizer/pressure-sensitive stylus. The lack of these two features really had me considering the Surface Pro. The price point advantage of this Iconia W700P ultimately won me over though as I also rationalized that I could always use a USB flash drive for additional storage and although the included stylus is comparatively klunky, it is useful at times.

- Keyboard: still getting accustomed to it and I understand the size/space constraints but I believe there is room for improvement. Some combination of the ergonomics and key response does not allow extended typing (at least, not comfortably).

- Cameras: definitely room for improvement. Both front and rear cameras are terrible for resolution and low-light conditions. I don't envision using the back camera very often but a quality front-facing cam is a must for decent Skyping/video chats.

- 11.6" screen: not exactly a negative yet as it may just be a matter of time/adjustment but I find the length unwieldy in portrait mode. Perhaps they were trying to preserve a pre-determined aspect ratio but even in landscape orientation, I sometimes wish it were a tad wider and shorter (from the perspective of portrait).

Overall, very happy and I only expect my appreciation to grow as I go through the adjustment period of getting past the above relatively minor gripes. As a final (and not terribly important) note, the packaging of this product was rather impressive. Very neatly and compactly arranged. Easy to tell that some (good) planning and consideration went into the preparation.
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on March 28, 2013
I always maintain that portability should come at the cost of performance, that kept me away from tablets for long time. Acer Iconia W700P-6821 delivered both at a very reasonable price. The full Windows 8 OS means I dont need to install special tablet apps and sacrifice performance. The 1920 x 1080 pixels resolution means I get the same screen layout like a desktop platform. I was concerned at its tiny font size but happily impressed by its super clarity. It poses no reading difficulty to my 74-year old eyes. For the longest time I was looking for a fully fuctional PC but about half the weight of a laptop. At 2.1 pounds, this tablet easily fills the bill and will be a full replacement of my laptop. Only improvement I can think of is the tablet body should have more USB ports.
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on July 11, 2013
I worked at Best Buy for a while and sold many tablets. I'm not an Apple person but I was impressed by the retina display on the third generation iPad. I bought a Kindle HD for my husband but I'm also not an Android person and it is very difficult to do any real web stuff or writing on a Kindle. My first generation Kindle Fire had poor resolution which I was finding increasingly hard on my aging eyes. The Surface Windows 8 (forget RT) has a decent display but neither model of keyboard is firm enough to work with the machine on my lap in bed. So, when this Acer appeared with resolution fine enough to see no pixels, I jumped.

I use it for everything (including writing this review from bed) except online financial transactions which I will only do with an Ethernet wired machine. The keyboard works very well for normal typing. There is also a handwriting recognition screen "keyboard" that works surprisingly well. I very rarely have anything that I need or want to do in the old desktop mode. I read, write, Skype, email, search; do all the things most people do with a laptop on this machine. It also comes with a sturdy docking station which, given that it has an i5 chip and Windows 8 Pro would allow one to use this as a full business machine. And, the keyboard doubles as a sturdy customized case (no looking for the 10.6" maybe it fits on the Best Buy shelf).

The machine is quick to start up, restart and move around applications. Far faster than any computer I have had since the IBM PC first edition in 1982.

I have a lot to say about Windows 8, too. Almost all of it good and getting better. I love to see my life and the news roll around on my live tiles. Everything picture and document I create ends up safely on SkyDrive from Office, my Windows Phone, my Samsung MV900F camera. It's all there for me on every computer I touch and it's all backed up. The Bing homepage is stunning and interesting every day. It is an increasingly excellent search engine. IE 10 is major flawed but 11 is supposed to fix many of the problems. I also use for my email. It has a lot of functionality for cleaning out my inbox and keeping it clean. I have 3 email aliases and also pick up my POP accounts and my husband's. While people complain about the limited number of apps, Windows 8 comes with very sturdy applications that have the important advantage, particularly over Android, of being secured by Microsoft. They are far less likely to infect or spy on your machine. Similarly, I do not trust Google with the broad range of information that they collect on their users nor will I go near Facebook or Linked In. I do think that Microsoft has some integrity in this regard. I am also extremely happy with the gesture password as it is painful to type an adequately secure password on a tablet when you're coming and going. Indeed, their bread and butter enterprise organizations would leave rather quickly if they did not trust Microsoft to stay out of their business. I am looking forward to the improvements that will come with 8.1 but I am fine with 8 for my leisure life.
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on February 13, 2013
I have had this about a day and I will edit this after it's first road trip next week. I wanted to address some of the issues I have seen in various forums about it and my experience.
Poor WiFi. This came with the latest driver installed and attached to my Netgear 3700 at 5gHz no problems. I am in the other room with good connection and speed. I have watched some of my Amazon movies and they streamed fines.
Ugly brown case. It's gone and the unit comes with a silver case/keyboard. I have never liked tablet cases with the keyboard as part of them. For work and travel I think it's good as I don't have to carry the docking station and other stuff associated with it. The keyboard is ok. Not bad but not great but then for my style of typing, military hunt and peck, it's fine.
Bloatware. Gone. A few Acer apps for updating drivers and such. NO MCAFFEE! Yea. Windows defender is in and configured. Also something called Evernote. Haven't tried it yet so I don't know if it will meet a need. Other than that, straight Windows 8.

Speed Performance etc. It's perky and fast. The touchscreen is very reactive and looks good. Turn off the auto brightness. Makes it flicker. Swipe the right side of the screen and you get to the manual brightness control fast. Adjust it to situational needs that way. You have to get a mouse. Touchscreen with Win8 and just browsing and fooling around is fine. If you want to do anything serious, got to have a mouse. I am also going to pick up a mini USB hub so I can do more that one USB thing at a time with it. Again to avoid traveling with the dock.

All in all, I am very pleased. I was going to pick up a Sony Ultrabook but as I fly so much I really wanted something smaller and this is it.

I will add more to this review after I give it the road test next week.
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on June 23, 2014
I love the portability, the power, and the flexibility of this machine (but those are all reasons to love a tablet pc). I hate the included keyboard case though. It is too hard to get the machine in and out, which means I almost never use the docking station. Instead, I have a ton of cords, connectors, and hubs that I have to keep up with instead of everything being connected to the dock.
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on May 27, 2015
The unit is made very well and fulfills all my needs and comes with most everything you need. The docking station has 3 USB ports, but the unit needs to be plugged in.

Acer's tech support is not reliable. This is the reason for only four stars. I called concerning an external battery to charge the unit while on the plane. They said it could be charged through the USB port and after testing it found that did not work. For those of you needing an external battery for this unit look at:


If you try to purchase Windows 8.1 software it seems to have to go through Microsoft's Store for which you need a Microsoft login. I am not certain I like that. You can disable Store through the group policy editor. If you do not know what you are doing don't do this. Store can also be disbled via the registry. Again, if you don't know what you are doing don't make any changes. If you make changes create a restore point first and keep a log of what you do. For two software titles I just used the Windows 7 version and they work perfectly.

The stylus is a little heavy and clumsy to work with (for me)

I purchased a Cable Matters usb to RJ45 ethernet cable so I can plug into the LAN.

I also found a good bluetooth mouse

Last but not least I purchased a Kingston 128 GB hyper flash drive

In addition to using it as a data drive you can convert movies from DVD to files using VLC media player ( This is open source software. I prefer to put this type of data on usb drive rather than the systems ssd memory. The Kingston unit is fast.
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on May 4, 2014
I originally rated this 1 star due to how poorly it performed on battery power. However, changing a setting in Windows resolved the issue. To do this in Windows 8.1, go to Charms Bar -> Control Panel -> Power Options -> Change plan settings (for whichever plan or plans you are using) -> Change advanced power settings -> Intel(R) Dynamic Platform & Thermal Framework Settings -> Low Power Mode Setting -> On battery: Disable. I also have it set to Plugged in: Disable.


My original review:

Its Wi-Fi reception is weak, but I can deal with that. What I can't deal with is how amazingly slow it is. Using the web (e.g., Facebook) and/or Word with a mouse connected (Bluetooth, USB wireless, or USB corded), the system is so slow that the pointer won't even track across the screen without pausing. I opened a ticket with Acer, and they had me return it to them for service. Their solution was to restore it to factory defaults, but that did not solve the problem. This tablet is so problematic that, even though I spent close to a thousand dollars on it plus accessories, I rarely use it. Consumer Reports gave this one high marks. They were wrong. If you want a tablet, Acer is not the way to go.
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on May 20, 2015
We were comparing this to the Surface Pro and ended up buying this weeks before the Surface came out. It is a great tablet and compared to the Surface quite a bit cheaper.
We were extremely happy with the tablet itself but weren't that impressed with the stand, case, etc. Quickly became frustrated with attempting to remove it from the case to stick in to the stand, then remove from the stand to use around the house, then stick into the case to take to work. To much work.
Ended up giving to parents to use and am waiting for a bit to pick up a Surface Pro.
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on December 12, 2014
I love this Portable TabletPC because it works for me as a viable Desktop Replacement. I don't use it as a Gaming Device, but I'm a Monster Surfer sometimes having several broswers running about 18tabs each with VLC and Sketchup running. In Desktop Mode, I've got a USB 3.0 Dual Video Adapter pushing two Flat-Panel Monitors connected to two External HDDs at 320GB and 4TB each and an External DVD Burner. No problems with WiFi hookup and Tablet Speakers are pretty good, but I will be using a USB AudioCard to use my external speaker/subwoofer. I've not had an instance yet where the Fans Kick on...or at least I can't hear them. I've watched "300: Rise of an Empire" on an attached monitor and it had no flaws. I still need to test battery life connected to an External USB 3.0 1TB HDD viewing a movie on VLC, but I don't anticipate any problems. The Dock is okay, but I will be replacing it since it sits at an odd angle in either Portrait or Landscape. I also replaced the Case to save weight with a Maroo Sleeve designed for a Surface Pro 3. It's pretty awesome holding the TabletPC while manipulating a 3D drawing in Sketchup, love it! Still figuring out Windows8.1 as I'm new to it. BT connections are good for all my devices except a ExoGear BT Speaker. Still very happy!
review image review image review image
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on July 25, 2015
This is a good alternative to a more expensive surface pro. An easy to use tablet that includes the keyboard, although a touch pad would have been nice. The expansion cradle adds the extra usb ports. The 1080 resolutions and the small screen make movies look outstanding. Looking forward to the Win 10 upgrade to see how it will add performance features.
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