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on June 18, 2013
Background – I am a rock guitarist that was looking for an affordable electronic drum kit to record tracks on my MacBook. In the past, I recorded midi drums using a Guitar Hero drum set. It got the job done but was no longer registering hits accurately. After many hours of research, I decided to take my chances on this relatively unknown brand and kit.

Price – The Acorn Triple-D5 US Digital Drum Kit is available for an awesome price on Amazon, under $300 with free shipping. I used $100 of my AmEx points so I only paid $175!

Set-Up – The drum kit is easy to set up. It takes about an hour to unwrap and assemble the pads, pedals, wires, and rack.

Durability – The kit seems solid and sturdy. I think these pads can take a beating, but only time will tell. I am considering replacing the rubber heads with custom mesh heads (if possible) for an even more realistic feel. The rubber pads are still great right out of the box.

Pads – The snare has two zones so you can have fun nailing down some rim shots. The kick pedal and pad are all-in-one, which is very convenient. All of the pads are very responsive so you do not have to hit them very hard. My wife says she cannot hear the pads when I play with headphones.

Sounds – The “acoustic kit” sounds fine through my Altec Lansing computer speakers and subwoofer when playing solo or jamming with band at low volumes. The brain is certainly no Yamaha or Roland in terms of getting highly realistic sounds, but for this price, there is nothing better. I may replace the Triple-D5 brain with a used Yamaha down the line.

Recording – GarageBand instantly recognizes the kit as a midi device and the pads are already mapped to the appropriate virtual drum sounds. I plan on tweaking some of the sounds to my preferences in the near future. You can also plug in the drums directly to computer’s audio input.

Performing – I am comfortable jamming live with guitars, bass, and vocals in my basement. It is nice to rehearse at low sound levels since I am already pretty deaf from several decades of live concerts. I am not sure that I would take this kit on the road, but if you were a professional drummer, you wouldn’t perform with a $300 electronic drum kit anyway. I do believe you can perform a few local live gigs with few problems if need be.

Conclusion – These are excellent drums for the price. I recommend this kit for beginners and non-drummer veteran musicians (there is a difference in my book). It is good for amateur home studio recording and rehearsing late at night.

Keep on rocking, and good luck with your quest in finding the right electronic drum kit that works for you.
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on July 31, 2013
First impressions: Kit is quite sturdy, and the pads and cymbals are pretty good quality, even if a little on the small side. The kit is pretty compact, which I actually like. There are enough useful sounds from which to make some very good and realistic sounding kits. The hi hat and cymbal sounds are especially good quality. My initial trouble getting started with this kit was that the drums and high hat pedal didn't always trigger as I expected. However, as you play the drums and become more accustomed to them, they actually train you to naturally hit the sweet spots and it becomes very effortless- you don't even think about it anymore. You can hit them as hard as you want without worrying about breaking anything. Bass drum pedal drum trigger is an excellent design, as well. This set seems to be everything I need once I get down to customizing the pad response and set configuration. Most, if not all, triggering and sound issues can be resolved by reading the manual and following the instructions. I see a lot of reviews here that probably should have been postponed until they worked through all the adjustment features. Someday I will spend a few hundred more dollars to get a better processor unit. At this price point, though, it is an incredible value and you can upgrade the brain when you have the money to do so. I'm really enjoying this set! I've played the $5,000 Roland V Drums. They are fantastic, indeed. But don't let this unit's low price fool you into thinking this particular set is a toy. It is not. For this price point, this is a high performance, solid electronic set. Good enough to play with the band or record if you want to.
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on March 15, 2013
Bought this drum set a few days ago its my first electric set and I got to say its a pretty good set! Sounds like real drums and for the price you can't beat it! So I would recommend this for drummers who are starters or someone looking to get a great drum set at a low price!
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on September 4, 2013
I got this for my son to learn to play drums on, and for a day, everything worked just fine. However, on day two, Bass Pedal quit working. I took it apart and found that the two wires connected to the sensor inside the pedal were BOTH broken! So, I soldered both back together, and that fixed the pedal. Then, about two days after the first issue, the Tom #2 drumhead quit working. This time, I took it apart, and everything seems intact, so that means that the electronics inside are faulty somehow. So, I got a return request to get that Tom replaced about three weeks ago, and they said they would replace it, but I still have not received a confirmation that the replacement Tom was ever sent-out. So I am still waiting for the replacement drumhead.

If the replacement ever arrives, and the rest of the drum kit stays working, then I guess it deserves about three stars. Sound is good, just don't like the fact that it has failed twice now in the first few days of using it.
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on February 3, 2013
For a price that's under 300 I believe that its an ok buy and perhaps that's all I can give it considering the facts. The drum kit is well put together. Very strong and steady in my opinion. The pads are nice and can take a beating, I've
got two kids to help me test that out. It looks great and the sounds are not to shabby. On the low side the brain module which I believe is the heart and soul of any electronic device is not that good. Low features and poor tap prediction makes it lose marks in my book. The module does not lend to the sensitivity of the pads I constantly get a lot of misses. For better sounding drums you should connect it to some software like battery, however that still does not solve the brain issue. I am looking at a V-drum module. Very costly but might be worth it to improve this kit.
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on October 2, 2013
Feel like I three away 300.00, most of the reviews I read on this item say its a great practice kit. Do not be fooled,This is not something that is good for practice. Fifty percent of the time pads do not trigger. Played with setting, went from high value to low n every where inbetween. Overall, a failure.
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on July 23, 2013
At onset, I am not a professional drummer. I wanted a set that will be elementary and something helps me learn basics of drumming. I looked through a lot of options (Including Pyle / Yamaha) on amazon - haven't auditioned the other competitors so have no references.

Though on lower end of cost spectrum, I did not chose pyle for two key reasons - It does not look like a drum set (Call me old school but stuff that I am beating should look like a drum) and some reviews talked about the sound quality not being great. Certainly, I did not wish to fork out as much as a Yamaha/Roland! So I decided on this one - also the reason that the ratings were fairly positive.

Now I have had this only for 2 days. But based on what I have seen so far, this looks a good set. My list of Pros/Cons below:

*** Good set of inbuilt kits. 20 pre built kits are good. (Although, there are many overlaps between them)
*** Very sturdy set of equipment. The pads look sturdy and should go long.
*** The frame is sturdy and the shape is very ergonomic. It wraps around you and is very flexible in terms of setting the equipment up. This also is better than Pyle's very flat single sided frame.
*** I haven't yet connected this to an amp, but through headset I have tried and I must say that the sounds are not artificial sounding. Of course, I don't have a direct comparison with likes of Roland/Yamaha but this one certainly sounded genuine.

*** I cant get used to High Hat Controller kit. It was too tight early, and does not register all hits. I am thinking this is still hardware setup issue or a user issue (Other users may find it okay)
*** Not all kits have a 'Rim shot' - 2nd zone on Snare drum configured. Although, this can be fixed easily.

I would recommend this unit to anyone who is looking for a nice not so expensive but at the same point in time the edrum that gives authentic feelings.

I will try and post more feedback, once I use this for some extended period of time.
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on January 18, 2015
I had to sell my acoustic drums because of a move. Been a drummer for 45 years and really miss them, so I knew electronic drums would be different. The Acorn D5 is about what I expected. This set would be great for beginners and someone who wants to start out with an inexpensive kit. As far as the drums attributes and shortages, the toms are fairly responsive and there are a lot of sound choices for each tom. I have been a bit disappointed in the 2 zone snare, I was hoping to get a nice rim shot sound but it isn't happening and again the snare sound choices are many. The snare is only fair in terms of being sensitive, you can't do a basic drum line run for instance because they just aren't that sensitive to rolls but for basic downbeats the are fine. Cymbals are marginal at best, the HH is not sensitive and not very responsive but again a lot of sound choices. The HH pedal is pretty bad as well. I do like the kick pedal works great. This is a fine basic set for beginners but I certainly wouldn't expect to go on stage with these babies.
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on April 17, 2013
I love the design of this set. It is light weight, and the all in one kick pedal is flawless, wish more companies would do this. You can easily fold this kit up and transport it anywhere with ease. The only issue I have is the module; There is enough sounds and options to build a desired kit, but would love more reverb and delay options in the editing... Other than this, the samples are pretty damn good. It is fun to play, and I use this for live professional use, as well as recording, but I tweak the sounds with filters and so on... The pads can take a serious beating, I would reccomend this set to anyone. If the sounds or options don't strike your fancy, just go purchase a Roland sound module on ebay and save yourself thousands of dollars. Pick up this set! U will not regret.
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on November 28, 2013
I specificaly waited to write this review because I wanted to really give this kit a chance and be able to give an honest accurate review. I must say I was very pleased with the set at first. The packaging was perfect and all pieces arrived in tact. Assembly was a breeze as well. Here's the meat and potatoes:
Nothing better in this price range and believe me I looked.
Good stand. Great toms. Great snare. Decent bass pedal set up at this price range.
Decent response from all pads. Great beginner kit.
Hi-hat pedal leaves much to be desired. It's adjustable but I can't seem to find a setting I like.
Cymbals.'s the weakest link in this kit imo.
I purchased this set in August 2013 and I'm writing this review in November 2013. So far I've been through two replacement cymbals. If you calculate, this is approximately 90 days from the date of purchase and I've already gone through the original, and two additional hi-hat cymbals. I'm playing the cymbals as I would a normal set and I'm pretty sure I can't be hitting them that hard. The first hi-hat cymbal went completely. The first replacement wouldn't hold the 1/4" jack in place just a few days after installement. I experienced the same with the third one this morning. I now have my gf's bungie hair ties hoding the jacks in place so they can register. I must say that the customer service from Acorn was phenomenal and I was sent the two addtional cymbals at no cost and no hassle whatsoever. Very helpful, however I now I feel like a pest if I contact them for the same issue again.
I don't regret purchasing this set because it did help me discover how interested I really am in playing the instrument. I am a guitar player and have always wanted to play drums. This fit the bill with the price and performance, however not in durability. I would recommend this set to someone in a similar situation. If you are looking to record, gig, or anything close, save your money and buy something more durable. If however you find yourself wondering about trying the drums and don't feel like spending a fortune, go for it.
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