Customer Reviews: AcousticSheep SleepPhones Classic Sleep Headphones (Lavender, Medium - One Size Fits Most)
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on December 30, 2010
i've always been a light sleeper. every aspect of sleeping for me has to be controlled; temp, light, sound, everything around me has to be just right in order for me to stay asleep; it' i've always been so envious of my friends who could fall asleep anywhere in any situation. pretty much my whole life i've just had to deal with not getting quality sleep. temp and light have always been pretty easy to deal with when it comes to controlling my sleep environment, but sound hasn't. living in an apartment in a big city, there are just things out of my control. even the white noise of a fan often isn't enough to drown out sirens, horns, or garbage trucks.

i used to sleep with a pair of earbuds connected to my iphone, which has an amazing sleep application. while the earbuds would help me fall asleep and drown out all the noise, i'd never be able to sleep the entire night through, because unfortunately, i mostly sleep on my side. of course being a light sleeper, the tiniest discomfort of the earbuds pushing into my head would unfortunately wake me up. after exhaustive searching, there really was only one product on the market catered to me, and that was this product.

i had very low expectations for the sleepphones, but really had no other options. for some reason, they just didn't seem like they were going to work. i felt like i had to have something deep inside my ear to really block out all the noise, and figured that with the headband, sound would still be able to leak in. i also thought that they would definitely come off during the night, or end up around my neck. but i decided to give it a try, and i'm so happy i did.

i first bought the medium/large ones, and found out quickly that they were too big (guess i have a small head). they didn't really fit right and were pretty loose, so i had to order the small headband. once i got the right fit headband, the quality of my life has completely changed. they fully block out all the noise, in fact, i never have to turn my volume up full blast, they definitely produce enough sound. the speakers inside the headband can be moved around, so you can have them either directly on your ears for complete noise blocking, or you can move them forward/backward of your ears and get a more ambient noise. they're extremely comfortable, and i have no issues with sleeping on my side. sometimes during the night they come down a little on my forehead, but they don't ever fall off.

i finally can sleep completely through the night. what's even more interesting, is that i'm actually in bed LESS than i was before. i used to be in bed 8-10 hours, constantly being woken up, going back to sleep, being woken up again. imagine my surprise when the first night using the sleepphones i slept 5 hours and felt incredible the next day. it was 5 hours of quality sleep, not being woken up once, something i hadn't experienced in years. i'm now sleeping 6-7 hours a night, and again, the sleep is such good quality that i feel wonderful in the morning.

there is only one drawback however, which has less to do with the sleepphones themselves, and more about the technology. since there is a cord, you do run the risk of it wrapping around you. i have woken up a few times with the cord wrapped around my neck, which was a little scary. it's definitely not discouraged me from using them, and it's only happened a few times, but it's just something to be aware of. having a cordless version would be the most ideal thing, but that too would come with it's own set of drawbacks, at least right now. having a wireless sleepphone system would mean integrating a long-lasting (6+ hours), rechargeable battery into the headband, as well as a bluetooth receiver, all in way that would be comfortable to sleep with. this i'm sure could be done, but the cost would be substantially higher. until that day comes however, the wired version is almost perfect in every way.

there are very few products that i can conclusively say have increased the quality of my life. without a doubt, the sleepphones have totally changed a huge part of my health and well-being. after an entire life of dealing with poor sleep and trying everything possible, this is something that has truly helped me. i hope that this company continues to innovate in the area of sleep headphones.
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on May 14, 2011
I've had three of these (that's right 3) and am about to get my fourth. The reason for this is hat while the concept and design are really good, they typically last less than two years. My first two had had a different design where they were washed with the headphone inside the band and the wire came off the forehead. The wiring shorted out on the first one within the warranty period and on the second one in about 2 years. I believe the company was sold and the design was changed so that now the headphones fit into a sleeve inside the headband and the wire comes off the back. The headband is washed with the headphones taken out. Well my third one just died after about 18 months. The headphones began to short out about a week ago and died last night. All that said, I can't live without the darn things. I attach them to a sound machine that produces a continuous white noise. It drowns out everything and really helps me sleep. So as far as I am concerned they work really well, but you need to adjust your expectations to the fact that you'll probably need to replace them at a minimum of every couple of years. It would be great if the headphone were wireless.
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on February 3, 2011
I have long slept with white noise playing from a device on my nightstand because I've found it calming and it suppresses normal background sounds in the house that may wake me up if I'm sleeping lightly. But my wife snores pretty loudly some nights (and my dog snores, too if you can believe it!) and of course ambient white noise does nothing for that. I'd tried headphones and earbuds but I'm a slide sleeper and I shift my position relatively frequently during the night, so they weren't good solutions.

When a friend of my wife suggested SleepPhones for her to listen to a meditation while lying down, she was so happy with them that I thought I'd try them for myself. They have literally rocked my world. I now sleep much more deeply and peacefully than I have in years, every night. Not only do the headphones fit nicely and produce good quality sound, the band is comfortable and as an added bonus I can slip it down over my eyes to block ambient light as well. I had gone through several months of frequently disturbed sleep, very little REM rest and general fatigue a good bit of the time before I tried SleepPhones. Now I can sleep 5-7 hours a night and wake up refreshed and rested. I am so delighted with them that I've recommended them to a dozen or more people in the 10 days I've used them.

I couldn't recommend them more highly.
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• Exceptionally comfortable/no problem lying on my side on a pillow or on my back. For sizing purposes I ordered a medium, I took a quick measurement of my head and it is approximately 21 ¼ inches
• Works as advertised, sound is clear
• The wire material looks to be nylon
• The fact that everything is removable and the headband can be washed


• The first thing you should know is this is not the identical packaging as the manufacturer’s website. This almost seems like an Amazon exclusive package… for cheaper though. With this package you don’t get the lavender sachet or the music CD. Instead you get a little card/coupon that if you go to sleep or run and spend $50 you can get the lavender sachet for free... You can download the music for free.
• There is a weird notice that’s in my pictures below that comes within the packaging. It seems that due to the special wicking properties of this black fabric you have to make a mixture of white vinegar, water, and salt…. And let it soak for five minutes and then stick it in the washing machine prior to wearing. Also on the note they provide a video link with instructions that is a broken link?? I tried from multiple devices and Google says it’s not valid.
• Also because of the packaging differences….. The videos provided on YouTube and their own website does not match what you receive. For instance, the colors of the left and right headphone assembly are not the same and they do not have the “hole” they refer to when uninstalling and installing the unit back into the headband. Honestly, it’s not that hard to figure out but for someone that might not visually understand it can be difficult.


You know… I am happy with the purchase. There is a savings of at least $15 from ordering through Amazon and the CD/lavender sachet is not a big deal in my eyes. However, I still think that should be explained under description. Looking at the actual product… It’s not the highest quality headphone system so I just hope it lasts for at least a couple years. I can see maybe the wires pulling out especially if you shift your head a lot at night or something to that effect. The thing that really threw me off was that this product was not ready to use out-of-the-box… I had to take the time to make that mixture because they used a weird dye (probably from China) that had to be basically cured and washed. So I chop a star off right for that… Ultimately, I think you will be happy with this product as its genuine purpose is to be a comfortable therapeutic tool to help you sleep better. In my opinion, it does accomplish that… Just know what’s coming in the package and that it comes in various sizes. I hope this review helps you make your decision.
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I am a 40 year plus Tinnitus sufferer and have trouble sleeping. I have no problem falling asleep but I cannot stay asleep the noise wakes me, sometimes every ten minutes, I walk around all day like a zombie. I just started to use this product and found that I sleep for hours at a time, this morning I woke up feeling that everything is right with the world!
Ok the logistics, I am a woman this is too big for me, I will adjust it with some elastic or cut it and sew it back together it is easy to do fleece does not fray. One problem solved.
It tends to fall over my eyes, it is annoying but sometimes helps to keep it covering my eyes to block out the light. Another problem solved.

You have to take into account that your head is round and it is difficult to keep something wrapped around it and expect it to stay in place. But this does a good job in rectifying this.
I do not want to have all of the world blocked because if something happens you would not hear it. This morning I awoke to the sound of the rain, I love that sound and the gentle drops allowed me to wake slowly. I looked a the clock and it said, 6:55. I have not slept passed 4:00 in years.
What I do for my Tinnitus is use some pink noise, yes Pink it is softer than the white. I also have some cd's that I downloaded to my IPod shuffle. I bought it just for sleep because it is so small I can hook it to the headband and not worry about getting tangled. I use ocean waves, rain and wind. Singing and talking will tend to wake you up. Choose soft and even sound, no rumbling thunder, that will knock you out of bed.
I cannot say enough about this product, I want to tell every Tinnitus sufferer I can about this, this is a boon to our sleeping. It has given me the sleep that I have not had for many years.
I am only rating this as a Tinnitus sufferer since that is the only reason I am using it. I am sure that it will work for the person who just needs some music for relaxation to lull themselves to sleep. Either way it is fantastic.
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on April 16, 2013
I do NOT recommend "Sleep Phones!" I have only written two product reviews in my decades of shopping online. One is for this product, and the other for the sleeping headphones I recommend. This product was so disappointing, I felt I had to say something. I was excited about this idea and eager to try these (even though they seemed a bit expensive). My Sleep Phones lasted approx. 6 months! Now I know why the company sells replacement speakers. After normal use, my Sleep Phones fell apart (except for the headband). The headband was comfortable enough, but it stretched out and became too loose much too quickly. The rubbery, loose, material, which covers the wires, twisted very easily and tore in several places--leaving the wires exposed (never seen anything like this set up for covering headphone wires!). The speakers themselves are compact and flat, but out of the 3 similar sleeping headphones I've purchased, these have the worst sound quality. After about 4 months, the first speaker broke, and about 2 months later, the second broke. The speakers are covered with two pieces of felt only!! When I opened up the felt to see if I could reattach something in order to get the speaker to work again, I was surprised to see a bare speaker and wires! The ends of the wires were not covered in the rubbery stuff, but completely exposed and simply glued to the speaker. Any time you remove the speakers to wash your headband, or any time you situate your speakers to fit against your ear more comfortably, you are risking tearing these delicate, tiny wires!! if they are put together in someone's garage. While I'm all for supporting cottage industry, paying a bit more, and buying local, etc., I also expect a quality product. I must say the delivery of the product was quick and hassle free. But for $20.00 less, I recommend "Tooks." The difference in products is substantial! The sound quality of Tooks is superior. The Took's 100% Micro Fleece headband's fit is superior, tailored, and professional (and no velcro!). And you can buy a variety of hats/headbands to use with your Tooks speakers. The Tooks speakers and wires are covered with normal, hopefully reliable, materials. The speakers are larger, but I'm a side-sleeper, and once I adjust them to just the right comfort level, I'm fine, and my ears aren't sore. I hope this review helps those who need this sort of product to assist with a good night's sleep.
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on January 20, 2012
I wanted to be able to listen to music or white noise while laying in bed. These headphones seemed to fit the bill.

Acoustically, the headphones are good. I have Shure in-ear noise cancelling headphones and I think the quality of the sound is comparable, but my audiophile husband might disagree with me. If they are not sitting directly on your ear opening, though, they won't be as loud. To be expected, which is why they made the pads are moveable within the band. My problem is that with a stretchy material, like polarfleece, even when I move the pads into the right place, the band doesn't keep them there. As for blocking someone else's snoring, I have to turn the music up to a fairly loud volume to block anything. And my husband doesn't snore very loudly.

I have a large head, so I went to the SleepPhones website and checked the measurements before ordering the large size. I am familiar with measuring the body, so I'm sure that I measured correctly. The band fits but it doesn't sit at the angle I expected. To have the headphone pads over my ears and not slip up or down out of hearing range, I have to move the band down over my eyebrows. As a sewer, I could easily alter the fit, but when I try to take slack out of the band, it doesn't fit any better. Having a smaller size wouldn't help, especially since it doesn't "spin" around my head, like it would if it was too loose. I think it's how the band hits at the *back* of my head that keeps it from sitting how I want. I own a contoured ear band for cold weather that is similar in design and I'm tempted to use that as a pattern to alter this. This bunching at the neck keeps the band from staying in place when I lay on my stomach to read a book. This is disappointing.

I have not yet tried to take the headphone pads out of the band, but I will need to soon. The material is fresh off the bolt and still has sizing on it. It will need to be washed, as the chemicals are causing me to break out in hives. That is something I'm used to, and shouldn't dissuade anyone from buying the product. I expect it would be machine washable, but I plan to hand-wash it in the sink with a tiny bit of detergent.

Something to keep in mind if you're warm-natured: this band covers the nape of the neck, which is a main point to keep uncovered if you want to stay cool while you sleep. I found myself getting overheated and having to slide the band up, which then caused the headphone pads to be in the wrong position. If a different material, say a lighter weight polartec or a powerdry material was used, this would not be as much of a problem. I am so pleased with the headphone pads that I will probably design some other band for myself from a more breathable material, in a different shape.

Would I recommend these to others? Yes, but I would warn them about the about issues I've had so they aren't taken by surprise. If you have trouble with things fitting your head, be aware that you probably won't be able to just take these out of the box and have them fit perfectly.
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on March 31, 2013
The idea is great: soft headphones + eye cover.
In practice, execution fail.

Important design detail to consider:
Each speaker floats freely within the band, so I was constantly putting them into the right place. Just one centimeter is the difference between hearing music full on or none at all. And every time you pull it off and put them back on, prepare to repeat the process. This was more annoying that anything. After a few minutes, I could *usually* get speakers in "good enough" placing to listen to music. Never perfect, but "good enough".

While preparing to review, I noticed that the product description advertises "Block out snoring". I don't see how this would be possible. The speakers are simply floating on top of your ears within a fleece band. Even with music set at full volume, you can still hear ambient noise in the room because there's nothing physically blocking others sounds from entering your ears. If you'd buying these to block snoring, you should strongly reconsider.

After a few months of *very light, very occasional use*, one of the speakers stopped working. I have no idea whether it just quit through quality of electronics or whether the constant moving of the speakers pulled a connection loose.

Bottom line: I would not recommend.
Which is said because, again, it's a cool idea.
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on December 28, 2010
I adore my Audible (audio books) account and often fall asleep while listening. These headphones are perfect for side sleepers or anyone that simply hates the discomfort of ear buds and headsets. They are amazingly soft and warm. The only downfall could come in summer when they may be a little too warm, so I will make a plea to the manufacturer to make some with a still-soft-but-cooler material so I can have an excuse to buy a second set.
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on December 31, 2010
I bought these to use over here in Afghanistan to fall asleep to at night. They work very good and I no longer hear my snoring neighbors. In fact, when they leave their light on during their night shift, the band pulls over the eyes and doubles as an eye shade!
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