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on August 8, 2013
Ok Ill be the first to admit, when I saw all the complaints in the reviews about the registration, I thought "what a bunch of computer illiterate whine-bags". Then I tried it out.. There is virtually no hand holding during this process. The instructions say the serial number should have been emailed to you, but thats only if you buy it the software directly from Adobe, who supposedly verifies your eligibility before allowing you to purchase. If you buy from Amazon they do not do that and Adobe doesnt send you the key until you wade through FAQs and google searches for the correct link. Which I will post here to make it easier on the next guy.

To register you will need your product key and .edu email address. Supposedly you can still verify eligibility without the .edu email address, but it involves sending in tuition statements, and transcripts. Too much trouble, just register with your .edu if you got one.

You can get your product key from the Installer program or from the Amazon site by selecting the "Your Account" drop down box at the top right of the site and then choosing "Your Games and Software Library". You will see the product key listed underneath Acrobat. Highlight and copy the key. Open a notepad file or something similiar and paste the key there for safekeeping.

Next go to the link below. I doubt Amazon will let me put links in here so I replaced the dots with * Highlight the address and paste it into your browser making sure to replace the *s with dots. Alternatively you could google "Adobe academic eligibility verification" and just click on the link.


From here its very simple. Just paste your Product Key and fill out your personal admin data. If you use a .edu email you should have your serial number sitting in that inbox almost immediately.

Now maybe Amazon or Adobe should publish something like this and make sure everyone knows what to do when they purchase the software.
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on April 9, 2013
This post is not about rating the item. Wanted to insure the potential buyer is aware that to qualify for this advertised price, there is a specific process to go through with Adobe. I noted previous similar problems cited in reviews for past products on Amazon, so I called Adobe up. Here's the deal. After paying for this item, you have 14 days to verify your student/teacher status, should you get your activation code. If you can't verify, you automatically (a) won't get the activation code or (b) get charged the difference. The item is normally $499. Which affects you depends on where you bought the item. You have to be a student or teacher of an institution only specifically cited on the Govt's NCES - that would be college, university, public/private school (or library). Google it, try filling out the online ed site verifier yourself. You'll see educational centers not listed in this don't qualify. Meanwhile if you bought the item from a 3rd party - like this site - good luck getting your money back. Alternatively, the hassle factor, as noted in Amazon reviews for older such products, is far greater than its worth - despite the attractive 'dangling carrot' price of this item. I note no other 3rd party mentions this very significant issue in its product description. It's just assumed you automatically meet the eligibility requirements, while the prospective buyer may assume it's not an issue since there's no Beware disclaimer mentioned.Adobe Acrobat XI Professional Student and Teacher Edition
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...and largely the same as version X.

First, the technical discussion:
Even with many free or low cost .pdf creators available, ultimately these Acrobat alternatives are all trying to do what Acrobat Professional does, and sometimes the workarounds stop being worth the effort.

My principal uses of Acrobat are:
-importing documents from a scanner
-shift content between Word and .pdf formats
-a virtual printer for my laptop when traveling
Acrobat does all of these functions nicely. While I'd have to deliberate for a long time on the regular retail pricing, for my purposes the academic license price is worth it,as Acrobat delivers these functions in ways that are reliable, predictable and intuitive.

Downloading and installation was problem free. Remember not to confuse the Amazon product code (provided by Amazon at time of purchase) with the Adobe product key (provided by Adobe *after* confirmation of your educational affiliation). After installation, you can ignore the initial prompt for the Adobe key: instead launch the 30-day trial version, and enter the Adobe key later (after Adobe has confirmed your academic pricing eligibility).

Amazon provides detailed instructions on how to establish eligibility for the academic version. Your experience may vary, but mine was easy. Since I used a .edu email domain for registration with Adobe, no other documentation was needed (although I was prepared with both a faculty ID card and a recent pay slip). Academic status verification with Adobe via my .edu address resulted in immediate delivery of an the Acrobat product code and confirmation of eligibility.

Finally, although this pricing is certainly far better than the consumer version: always check with your own institution to see if they have arrangements with Adobe that can make it available for your personal computers at even deeper discounts (my school does, but for this product availability is via DVD...and at near-future date that is still TDB).

Licensing for this version allows installation on two computers. While Adobe's registration servers clearly enforce this, contact with a customer service via a toll-free number took less than 10 minutes to resolve a situation where I was unable to uninstall from one computer due to a hardware issue. Pretty easy...

Finally, if you are already using Version X, I'd skip this one (unless you just have a "current version" jones!) there are no significant changes to the interface.
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on October 15, 2013
This purchase is hell. As a longtime prime member, I can purchase DVD version with 2day shipping free. But "as advertised" go green is better than lots of packaging. Even though the price of download version is 1 cent higher than DVD version, I decided to purchase this one...
Then, the terrible experience started. Because this is Student/Teacher edition, I have to go trough verification process. I have to go "" and take 5 steps. The first step is put the product code/key that I received from Amazon.
When I put the code, the site said that is not recognizable of invalid. Now,tossing the ball started. I contacted Amazon through email. They sent email back and asked what I've done already.
I contacted Amazon again and said I need to contact Adobe directly. Why? This is not my job. Amazon should contact adobe and solve this problem for customer because the code that Amazon gave customer does not work.
Anyway, I contacted Adobe directly where Amazon told. Then, they told me adobe cannot help for verification process and asked to contact the site of verification specialist....
Ah...If you want to go through this hell, purchase it.
Please just purchase DVD version.
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on June 23, 2013
After purchasing, downloading and registering this I received messages indicating that I had a trial subscription that would expire in 25 days. After spending more than an hour on a chat with an Adobe rep who seemed not to understand this project, I was referred to the third party that verifies faculty or student status. I spent another 40 minutes or so in a chat with a representative of this third-party vendor, during which time I registered again and at the end of which I was told that the product was properly registered and that I could now use it indefinitely. The next time I tried to use it (3 days later), I was again told it was only a trial, and the Adobe site had no record of my having purchased the software (even though it correctly listed my previous purchases of Adobe products).
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on March 17, 2013
I am an instructor at a University in Germany, although I live in the US except for one term a year. To receive the code to activate the product you need to produce a picture ID with current dates on it. We have no such thing at the University I work at. Hence, I had to junk the whole thing and by a regular version of it.
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on December 7, 2012
I am doing this review simply because I find the negative reviews on the download versions so WRONG.

I cannot understand the negative reviews. As the other positive review stated, its sooooo easy if you have a .edu email address. As a part time student in a small community college, I have a dot edu email. Simply go to the verification site listed on the software box, enter your name and dot edu email, list the town your school is in, pick out the school you are attending, answer a few innocuous questions: your major, why you like Adobe. Hit enter and WHAM, instant verification and an email went INSTANTLY to my DOT EDU email with my serial number. The program took the number with no problem AND REMEMBER, AS AN EDU product, YOU CAN INSTALL ON TWO COMPUTERS.

Sorry but I find the negative reviews hard to believe. Maybe they do not have a dot edu email. I have bought a lot of edu discount software and NEVER had an issue as long as I had a dot edu email. FOR WHAT ITS WORTH, the Adobe verification is even better and quicker than MS.

AND, you can precheck your verification. Go to the Adobe student site and you can see eligible schools listed by city and state.

OH,shall we also talk about the actual program. It flies. I am upgrading from Ver 8 and the difference is night and day. The OCR really works well. And conversion from Word docx to PDF has many new features. I have never used Ver 10 so I cannot opine on upgrading from that version. But, having used Ver 8 and 9, I can say that 11 is a major improvement in functionality, ease of use, layout and new features. Some of the features may have been in 8 or 9, but they work so much cleaner and quickly in 11. If you use Office 2010, it integrates perfectly, as well as Chrome, Firefox.

And the price for the student staff version is amazing. Do not be scared off by the negative reviews. If you go to or teach at or are employed by a real school, have a real .edu email address, the verification is a breeze.
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on November 4, 2013
I've purchased a lot of software during my lifetime, and I've found the product support for Adobe in abominable. First, you will probably not be able to understand the customer service representative if you can reach them by phone. If you can, you will quickly realize their number one goal is to get rid of you as expeditiously as possible.

They will direct you to customer discussion forums to resolve your problem, which is a little like navigating your way through a tropical forest without a compass. The congestion on these forums is due to the fact there are so many problems with this software, and there are so many people desperate for help.

Did you know that you do not need this product for pdf files? Although owned by Adobe, the pdf format is now in the public domain and there are other products that both produce and read pdf files. Unless you are a large corporation, you probably will not need over half of the features of this product. It is so bloated with features that you should be prepared to spend dozens of hours reading or watching videos before you really understand how to use it.For example, who would have ever guessed the default setting for this product is not to embed windows system fonts, and you have to check a box to enable it. That sounds like a small thing, but some fonts have gone through revisions over the years so the Arial font on my computer may not be the same as that font on yours. Therefore, the document formatting may look entirely different on your machine. Again, the instruction manual for this product is very long and complicated.

In short, this product is designed for large corporations who have their own I.T. staff to resolve issues. If you cannot afford your own I.T. staff, or you are not training I.T.staff, you are probably better off with one of the other products which comes with fewer problems and better customer support.
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on September 28, 2013
You must go to "Your Games and Software Library" to obtain the Product Code.
Then go to the website [...] to perform Eligibility Verification.
Recieve your Serial Number by email and enter in the program.

I have spent a month going back and forth with Adobe "Customer Support" trying to perform Eligibility Verification for this software. It is very hard to find the website you need to use to validate your copy. After finding it, then you need the Product Code, which is said to be on the Label and package of the CD - which is absurd with a digital download. Adobe product support could never tell me where to find it, kept closing out my case, asking for more documents. Finally I found a review here hidden amongst all the rest, telling me to go to "Your Games and Software Library" to find the product code! Why I didn't think of that, well, I must be stupid. So I send them the product code and there reply is to send me to a website so I can start the process all over again! Finally I got the serial number so I can use their program. If you use an institutional email address such as .edu then you get it immediately.

This summons up their atitude: "Since you have purchased from a reseller and received the product code, which is used to obtain the serial number. We will help you with the link to update the product and obtain the serial number."

My fault since I purchased from Amazon (a 'reseller' - like they pirated it). Adobe doesn't value their relationship with Amazon and I think Amazon should remove them from their offerings. Lucky Adobe has a monopoly and doesn't have to worry about their customers.

If Amazon is to continue selling this, they should put explicit instructions on how to activate the product for use (since Adobe can't / won't do it).

So, if you pay Amazon and download the product here, you must go to "Your Games and Software Library" to obtain the Product Code. Then go to the website [...] and enter your info for Eligibility Verification to get your Serial Number. Enter that in the program and you can use it after the trial period.
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on February 14, 2013
I love Amazon but after reading these reviews I'm so glad I ordered directly from Adobe! If you buy the download the cost is the same price, and the CD version is only slightly cheaper from Amazon. When you order from Amazon your order isn't processed (so you aren't charged) until your qualifying information is verified. I am a home educator (so no .edu email address) and had NO trouble! I placed my order with Adobe on 2/7, they sent me an email requesting my qualifying information, I emailed it to them the same day, they approved my information on 2/9, on 2/14 my software arrived (with the serial number), I entered the serial number into the trial version I had been using until my software arrived and poof, it worked. Had I ordered the download instead of the CD I would have received my serial number via email even more quickly. On the software box Adobe sent me it had a sticker that says, " customers: Thank you for validating your Student and Teacher Edition eligibility online at purchase. You do not need to follow the post-sales validation procedures described on this box. Your serial number is enclosed." This is one instance when I would not purchase a product from Amazon or in a retail store, which is a rarity. I would only buy this directly from Adobe.
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