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16 of 17 people found the following review helpful
on December 25, 1999
Despite what the previous reviewer wrote, this story truly touched me and made me think about the afterlife. Is it possible to communicate with those who have passed on before us? I have never done so myself but that does not make it NOT possible! I applaud Linda Keen for her courage to write this book. The death of John Lennon was tramatic for those who loved and admired him. Why not believe Linda's accounts? What do you have to lose? Maybe that part of you that has secretly mourned the death John for almost 20 years. If you believe in the theory of reincarnation, you can believe John "agreed" to have his life end the way it did so he could learn"life lesson" from that. Everything Linda wrote made complete sense to me. From spirit guides to Hell, Linda's style of writing is very clear and flowing.Open your minds! Just because you cannot channel a spirit does not mean someone else can't. If you are a fan of John Lennon, you will be happy to know John is truly at peace.
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on December 30, 1999
Forget the premise that this book is John Lennon speaking. Suspend any judgements you may have about what is reality and what is fantasy. There is more here than meets the eye, by a longshot. The information in this book reflects a separate reality that Linda Keen was not privy to prior to having "John Lennon" disclose it to her. Most people reading this book will not be aware of the "tradition" in esoteric knowledge of the "underground stream" of "Arcadia". There is one whole section in this book about a celestial realm called Arcadia. This tradition began almost 3500 years ago in the central Peloponnesia of Greece! The underground stream declares that there is a paradise where those who are in tune with the natural laws of the Universe go to. A principal aspect of this paradise are the "Tones" of the Celestial Spheres. A rather fitting place for John to retire to, one might say. The underground stream's most recent "awakening" began about 1430 AD in the small province of Lorrain in France. From that time on it has figured prominently in almost ALL of the music we have received from artists since that epoch. This is not common knowledge but knowledge readily available through other written resources. The fact that an author, a gifted teacher of intuitive development, (her and her husband ran a school in the Netherlands for pupils interested in researching this)has received this information from one of the greatest rock and roll personages of our age speaks volumes for an incredible "possibility". That is, the fact of Arcadia. I encourage any reader of this book to dig a little deeper in the knowledge being shared within it's pages. There is one more little "syncronicity". In this book, John mentions that we should follow the "blueprint rituals". HE does not say what these are. The week this book was released there was a website I heard about describing what the blueprint rituals are! The author of the website had no knowledge whatsoever of Linda Keen's book.... This book will begin an incredible journey for those who can see beyond the surface premise of John Lennon speaking directly to Linda. In fact, do not even think much about this, study the information and become "initiated".
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8 of 9 people found the following review helpful
on February 17, 1999
This is one of the best books that i have read about life after death. and if you are a John Lennon fan, you will love it! Linda Keens book, takes you to a wonderous heavenly world, where Linda and her spirit guide , Talk with John, and other beings about life in the many levels of Heaven. I guarentee ,after reading this book, you will never look at Heaven the same way again!!!
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11 of 14 people found the following review helpful
on January 31, 2010
First, please forgive the long review. I simply have too much to say to contain this to a few sentences. Secondly, I mention many spoilers here, and just wanted to warn anyone before they read any further.

I wanted to believe this..really I did. I was so excited to order this book, being a fan of John Lennon and The Beatles. I also ordered, "Peace at Last", but was more eager to read, "Across the Universe". By the time I was done with both books, the reverse turned out to be true.

I have no doubt that Linda Keen experienced *something* or *someone* in her psychic journey's, but I question whether it was really John, and also, whether Heaven (or the Afterlife, if you prefer), is really as she depicts. Much of what she said didn't resonate with me at all.

For example, at one point in the book "John" is reminded of his abandonment issues and sobs uncontrollably. I've read many different spiritual books and the one theme that often comes up is how you are healed of the pain of your Earthly incarnation, if not immediately, then over time. I find it hard to believe that ten years after John's death, he is still struggling with all of the issues of the flesh, so to speak. He comes across very insecure, at times, and still very much attached to the ego. From most of the spiritual books that I've read, the impression I've gotten is that once one crosses over to the Other Side, they eventually come to know the spiritual being that they truly are; devoid of the trappings of the flesh and of the ego. All of the physical, mental and psychological pain of their former existence falls away and they are reminded of the pure and perfect soul that they truly are.

If Linda Keen would have you believe it, Heaven is a place much like Earth where you can fall asleep snoring away (as John does), get drunk (as John does), eat (something I had read is not necessary in the spiritual realm--eating OR sleeping), and encounter wild boars that look like they are going to attack you. It's also a place where danger seems to lurk at every corner depending upon where you are or what you are doing. At one point upon climbing a mountain to get to Arcadia or Paradise, the author fears she is going to topple off of the cliff. In another, John and the author go through some type of initiation ritual where they are forced to face their fears, reminding me of a page taken from "The Celestine Prophecy". Why one would have to go through such measures in Heaven is beyond me, and contradicts everything I've ever read about the Afterlife.

At one point, John meets up with his father who appears as a beggar to him. From what I've read, there are different levels of Heaven and those who are of the mindset (still harboring a beggar, thief, murderous mentality, etc.) stay in the same "communities" with like-minded people until they don't want to, anymore, and realize that their thoughts, alone, can make them "leave" at anytime. Why John's father would appear as a beggar to him in an environment so unlike his state of being just doesn't mesh with me and everything I've read.

In another scene, Brian Epstein magically appears and in a flustered state hurries on his way because he is "late for an appointment". One of the comments that John makes after Brian has hurried away is that "he has a lot to work out with women". That comment struck me as being highly ignorant and inaccurate because most people (at least Beatle fans) know that Brian was homosexual, so to suggest that his sexual preference was an affliction brought about by having a "problem" with women is very insulting and narrow-minded, if you ask me. Why John and/or the spiritual realm would cast Brian's "malady" in such a light seems like a judgment to me that has no place in Heaven. As I understand it, we choose to be whatever we are (male, female, heterosexual or gay, etc), to learn life lessons, so looking at it in that respect, there was nothing whatsoever "wrong" with Brian being gay.

Brian also comes across as some kind of bumbling idiot, unsure of himself and verbally sparring (albeit, briefly) with John.

Sorry. Don't "buy" it.

John also talks about his murderer, Mark David Chapman, how he loves and forgives him and how "it took guts for him to do what he felt he had to!"


While I get the whole thing about your thoughts attracting what you most fear to you (something John mentions in relation to his death), I wouldn't go so far as to call Chapman a victim (as John suggests) because he was "being driven against his will to kill me".

My honest opinion about all this is that John comes across still too attached to his last Earthly incarnation or his "human-ness" if you will, and the objectivity that you think one would possess as a spiritual being is sorely lacking. Yes, I believe one-hundred percent that John forgives his murderer because as a spiritual being he can see the whole picture of his last life and its purpose. Also, if you believe that we have "soul contracts" prior to our birth and nothing is an accident, then it would make sense that John would come to see (or remember) that his death was as it should have been. But his take on Chapman being the "bigger" victim then he doesn't ring true to my soul because it shows him looking at things from a human point of view.

In "Conversations with God", God says that there are no victims in life; everything happens for a reason and is perfection personified, even though we can't see it as such while in human form. In "Across the Universe", I see a John with possibly the same human qualities he had on Earth, only difference being he is in the spiritual realms. Again, I find it very hard to believe that after being in Heaven all that time, his ego issues would not have fallen away to reveal his true spiritual essence. Aren't we all spiritual beings having a human experience? From the many spiritual books I've read, in Heaven you are "you, only better". In "ATU" I sense a John that has not evolved much from his Earthly existence, and that just doesn't ring true to me.

Another thing, the author frequently basks in the glory of having shared many past lives with John. All I can say is, how "convenient". She also claims that John was Mozart in a past life, but there have also been claims that Michael Jackson was, too!

Also, during their trip to Arcadia when they had a meeting of sorts, the "head" of the meeting discusses Greek philosophy, or what-have-you, and I failed to understand how this type of history lesson was to help their next Earthly incarnation. If I'm going to learn anything in Heaven, I want to know how to better cope with Earthly (or whatever planet on incarnate on) conditions, be it people or circumstances. I do not need to know what the Greeks thought about "such-and-such".

In her travels, people the author meets range from homely to attractive, vary in shapes and sizes, and her and John's clothing often changes miraculously from one thing to the next.

What's the point?? And why would there even be any homely people in Heaven, much less anyone with physical or mental afflictions?

....An arduous climb up a mountain. Why??? Isn't Heaven supposed to be devoid of the hardships of Earth?

In another "scene", John tells the author that a fellow "colleague" could have destroyed him, but decided to teach him a lesson, instead.

Destroy each other in Heaven??? Not my Heaven.

..and the idea that getting to the gates of Paradise or what-have-you; the risk and mental and physical turmoil involved--makes no sense to me whatsoever. I believe God loves us all and that Paradise (or whatever one chooses to call it) is "free" to everyone. One shouldn't have to jump through hoops and go on stressful journey's to reach it, or worse, be forced to literally find it in order to experience the beauty of Heaven.

While the spiritual insights that John utters are truths I've read of in other books, his personality and demeanor, the fact that the Heaven in this telling seems like a beautiful, but malleable and sometimes dangerous place, and the characters you meet along the way seem like just that--caricatures and not spiritual beings, make this a hard tale to swallow. Again, I've no doubt that Linda Keen believes what she saw in her channeling's.. I just doubt how much of this is true or whether it is the imaginative ramblings of fantasies she harbors about being a frequent past-life partner of a famous ex-Beatle.
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6 of 7 people found the following review helpful
on November 17, 1999
By writing this enlightening, thought-provoking book, Linda Keen has opened up a necessary dialogue about life-after-death and the probability of the continued existence of the spirit of the man who was known as "John Lennon." Why would such a brilliant light as Lennon be extinguished upon leaving the body in which he accomplished such wondrous things in the world? Lennon's own documented ideas about spirit and the hereafter resonate clearly with Keen's descriptions of his "afterlife" spiritual communications with her and their mutual exploration of love and light. It matters not whether you believe, but if you love and respect the memory of John Lennon, take this beautiful journey into the unknown in honor of one of the greatest visionaries of all time. John Lennon lives! Highly recommended.
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6 of 7 people found the following review helpful
on December 4, 1999
For years, I have mourned the passing of John Lennon. I couldn't understand why he was taken away in the prime of his life. After reading this book, I now celebrate his life instead of thinking so heavily of his death. Linda Keen has been blessed with the gift of communicating with the spirit world and I am so greatful she has the courage to share this amazing book with us. I now understand John choose his life as John Lennon to learn certain lessons. Thru Linda, John explains why a person chooses a certain life and how we all can become closer to our spirit guides. I can honestly say this book has changed my insight on reincarnation and of Heaven.Thank you Linda for letting us know John is in peace. May his spirit touch us all.
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3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
on October 13, 1999
With humor, beauty, and insight, Across the Universe has challenged my beliefs about heaven, reincarnation, and humanity. For all of us who have been touched by John's music, this incredible story confirms what we already suspected--the divine inspiration from which that music flowed. Along with John, Linda Keen takes us into the afterlife with beautiful descriptions of its splendor and magic. This book is a true treasure for as we travel "across the universe", we experience the power of traveling into our own souls.
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5 of 6 people found the following review helpful
on December 13, 1999
I noticed one reviewer said "John did not even believe in god but knew that we are all wonderful without any kind of religious experience." I'd like to point out that "God" and "Religion" are not the same. Linda's book.. does not point this out, but it's true, they are not the same things. As for John's remarks on the "Imagine" album.. if one knew anything about Lennon's life... he took it back before his untimely end. As for Linda's book.. wonderful book! It explores depths of the soul and the mind that very few have ever though possible. Like one said before. "It's one helluva trip!" Go check out the book...
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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
on October 13, 2012
For anyone who appreciated the remarkable talent of John Lennon, and who has ever wondered about what may be out there beyond this life, "Across the Universe With John Lennon" is indeed a must-read. From cover to cover, I loved this book!

Linda Keen draws readers in immeditely as she shares with the rest of us the incredible story of her vivid and intimate spiritual journey with John Lennon. As a life-long Beatles fan and someone who admired Lennon's creative brilliance, I have to say that I found this book to be captivating and one that truly touched me. The author employs her considerable skills as a writer, and her unique gift as a psychic medium, to instill in us a sense that there is indeed life beyond this plane of existence, and that, in the final analysis, death is an illusion.

As I say, I'm a long-time fan of Lennon and the Beatles, and I found Keen's telling of her journey to be thought-provoking, fascinating and credible as she captures the humor, cynicism and intensity that was so prevalent in Lennon during his brief life. In short, Keen has penned a memoir that bottles the essence of who John Lennon was, and more importantly, who he remains.

Many people fear and dismiss what they can't fully grasp or understand, and I feel that this may be the case with some of Keen's critics and detractors. For such people, if they can't hold something in their hand, then in their collective minds, it simply doesn't exist, has no value, and it must be ignored and criticized. So it surely took a lot for Keen to write this book and to put herself up for potential public ridicule from some camps.

Looking through the reality lens, at the end of the day, few or any of us have the unique gift of being able to see and experience things that lie beyond our relm. I certainly do not have this gift, however, I find those who do to be intriguing.

Again, I applaud Keen for having the courage to write this book, and to open herself up to criticism. What she gives us is a wonderfully crafted narrative that helps people to achieve a sense of spiritual growth by taking them by the hand and re-introducing them to the deeply spiritual side of Lennon. In a way, it brings John back again, as all of his wit and charm come shining through in each and every page. Perhaps more than this, the book gives new and fresh hope to people that their own loved-one's have really not left them forever, and that in the end, the love that we have for our family and friends transcends death itself.

As for John Lennon, what becomes crystal clear in the reading of Keen's account is the fact that he never really wanted to be idolized by millions, and he's now in a place where he seeks to reinforce this part of himself to those who want to listen.

So this is definitley not your standard run-of-the-mill biography that analyzes the timeless songs that the leader of the Beatles penned during his life. Far from it. Rather, it is much more a chronicle of who John Lennon was a a human being, warts and all. Like all people, Lennon had some deep flaws in his life, and was a very troubled person. This book takes the time to examine and expose his drawbacks and personal demons in an amazing first-hand account. Those fears and insecurities that were never far from the surface during his life still seem to be in Lennon now.

In my view, if ever there was a book that truly begs to be a movie or a Broadway play, "Across the Universe With John Lennon" is definitely it. As I say, if you're a person who admired the talents of John Lennon, and who has ever found yourself wondering what might lay beyond this life, this is a must-read for you. At the heart of it, this is a fascinating and captivating chronicle from a uniquely talanted and very brave woman.
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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
on October 4, 2008
My original review for the original title for this book, "John Lennon in Heaven" was reposted by the author when the new title was published, so appears to be her own review. To correct that, I am reposting this under a new review, below.

In re-reading my review and also reviews of others, I am disheartened by the negative comments by psychotherapists and others who think they "know" that Ms. Keen was not connecting with John Lennon. Connecting with someone like John Lennon has posed the risk of having to prove everything and inviting ridicule from all corners, and Linda took that risk, in order to communicate her story.

In the many years that John has been a spirit guide to me, and to others that I have met along the way, this style of communicating may seem silly to some, but it seems to be the way he does it.

Linda's attempt to communicate this style was a lighthearted way of bringing John to the masses in a non-scientific, non-psychobabble or new agey way, but just as though she were having a conversation with someone.

For what it's worth, the style may not appeal to some, but will to many, and in the end, there's much to be appreciated. The effort to discount it doesn't prove anything either.

Here's my original review:
"Across the Universe with John Lennon" is a down-to-earth and humorous story as well as a highly developed and positive spiritual message---just what I would expect from John himself. Linda's story bridges a gap---the gap between the sadness of John's death and the vague suspicion that our spirit friends are indeed trying to help us at this juncture in history around the new millenium. If ever there as a person who would try to communicate with us from beyond the grave, wouldn't John Lennon be among the first to sign up for the job? Anyone who understood him at all during his life must agree that John was a humanitarian who believed in love and peace and did not shy away from unconventional ways to get his message across---first through rock-n-roll and then through bed-ins. He was also deeply spiritual and experienced much psychic phenomena himself. It would not be difficult to accept the notion that John would still be around to help us, to finish the job he started during his life. He loves us. In all his unconventionality, he wants to show us that life still goes on after the death of the body and that many lessons are still being learned, even for him. He is showing us how it really is. God is not an old guy with a beard, and people do not immediately get wings and harps when they die. Whether you are a Beatle fan who loved John Lennon and would like to hear how he's doing and what he has to say, or just someone interested in the spirit world, this book is extremely enjoyable and beneficial to your individual spiritual growth.
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