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on February 19, 2014
I purchased this item on Sunday, received it by Wednesday, so the shipping speed was perfectly fine. The packaging was simple to open, and inside there's a mini USB cable, the device itself (which connects to your computer via the supplied cable) and a sheet with a Web address on one side and a license key on the other, the software by which this device operates is not on a disc in the package. Downloading and setting up the software didn't even take longer than a couple minutes, and that was including looking for my Pokemon Y card, which I promptly inserted into the device and it was recognized by the software within seconds. The software will allow you to backup a save game to your hard drive, overwrite your save with either one of your backups or a hacked "Powersave", or you can run some save memory edits on specific addresses under the "Codes" tab.

For Pokemon Y, I was able to modify the number of items in my backpack as well as BP, so no more grinding for Ability Capsules. Other games of mine that I found worked were Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance, Mario Kart 7, Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor Overlooked, Project X Zone, Mario and Luigi: Dream Team, and a couple of others. As of this writing, there's neither saves nor "codes" for Shin Megami Tensei IV or Bravely Default.

The codes and saves seem to be stored on a CodeJunkies server, rather than downloaded to your drive. This means you won't have to worry about updating cheat files, but it also means this device would be obsoleted if CodeJunkies no longer hosts the files, so if this review is seen a couple years after its posting date, you've been warned.

Overall, I like it. This just made cloning Pokemon tons easier with Pokebank, and while there seem to be very few supported games as of this moment the fact that they're able to modify addresses in Pokemon is kind of impressive since the encryption on games such as it and Animal Crossing have been giving hackers fits. So long as you don't expect more than what this is supposed to do, you should be satisfied with this device.
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on March 29, 2014
Datel had the funny idea to region lock their license keys. If you end up with a United Kingdom License Key and you live in the United States, you're screwed no matter what you try to get it to work. I have tried contacting customer support to only get condescending questions to followup that don't fix the region issues. And that's IF they reply to emails. I later looked at the xml file the program generates when you enter in your email and license key to see it was indeed European region and not US region. Datel Codejunkies tech support takes forever to respond to email and even if they do reply they ask questions that don't solve the obvious region issues. Be warned with this product you might get a license key with the wrong region and they have terrible customer support to change the region. Also they don't reply to followup emails.
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on April 28, 2014
The way this device works is very different from other Action Replay devices. First you'll notice that this device doesn't connect directly to your 3DS, it connects to your computer and this device is only an adapter so your computer can recognize the 3DS cartridge.
Second thing you'll notice is that you need to download and install the official software, this software will require you to insert the license number located in a sheet of paper inside the package. Once you are done with this you are almost ready to use the PowerSaves.
IF YOUR COMPUTER IS OFFLINE THEN THIS DEVICE WILL NOT WORK, the software connects directly to a server that provides the codes. You can't even use the Backup and Restore functions if your computer is offline.
Some people complain about the cloud service, but the device you are buying only lets you backup and restore your save files, to be able to apply codes to your game the save file needs to be unencrypted and encrypted again, this is where the Datel servers come in and do all that work.

Also, as a VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: GET ANOTHER USB CABLE. The USB cable provided with the device is a very generic and cheap cable that has connection issues, you'll see that your device keeps connecting and disconnecting from your computer. Just get another USB/mini-USB cable, I use the one that came with my PS3 controller and I don't notice all those disconnects anymore.

Keep in mind that this is not only a "cheating" device, you can also backup your saves and restore them freely. If you want to play through Pokemon XY again but now just using certain pokemon or doing a "Nuzlocke" run then this device is perfect, since it will let you restore your old save file once you are done playing the new run. Got a relative that wants to play Bravely Default but your save file already cotains the massive spoilered title? Backup your save and then delete it. Want to lend your game to a friend but you are afraid he might mess your saves? Backup your save! In this day and age we still have to deal with limited save files, but this will no longer be a problem if you get the PowerSaves.
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on August 13, 2014
I bought this to use for Pokemon Y, and it does exactly what I wanted it to. You can back up your save file, and modify your game in preselected ways. I plan to make a whole bunch of shinys and wonder trade them with this. Make some people's day. :)

Note: At first, it kept saying "web operation failed" when I tried to use it, but I just had to disable my firewall temporarily to get it to work. If any of you are having trouble, try this!

Also, this is for cartridges only. You actually have to put your game in the slot.

And for people that are asking, yes, you CAN clone Pokemon with this, but you need to be subscribed to Pokemon Bank. Simply save your game, back it up with the software, go into the bank, move your Pokemon off of your cartridge and into the bank, save again, then restore your original save file, and Voila! You have one copy on your cartridge and one in the bank. Worked fine for me.
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on December 14, 2015
I've had this power save for a couple of years already and it works amazingly. I used to use it for fun on pokemon X and Omgea Ruby. I used to love using it but i havent been on my 3ds lately so i havent used this much in the last year. I bought pokemon super mystery dungeon and i thought "hey maybe this will help me level up a little bit since i'm stuck on this one dungeon." I plug it in and update it like it wanted me to. I then get a prompt saying i can't use the power saves until i make an account (which i didnt need to before) but it was free so whatever i did it. I put in pokemon super mystery dungeon and it said i had to buy points to use the codes. Seriously? apparently, now they want you to pay MORE money if you have a newer game to get the cheats before they're available to others. If you sign up for prime you have to pay like $0.99 per new game for the early access to cheats. I already paid for the device and I WILL NOT pay more money for codes that used to updated for free. Besides this stupid money scam this company tries to pull this device is actually really good and i would normally have given it 5 stars had they not gone and try to suck money every way they could
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on June 14, 2014
The powersaves and powersaves pro are region locked and require a license key. Your license key will be located on the back of the user guide it comes with. However, a US region device will NOT work with UK cartridges and vice versa. You must have matching regions.
-To check what region your game cartridge is, flip it over and you will see a code of some kind. The fourth letter indicates what region it belongs to. If the fourth letter is an "E" it is an American cartridge, if the fourth letter is a "P" it is European.
-If you live in the UK or have European games, buy the "Powersaves" version. If you live in the US or have American games, buy the "Powersaves Pro" version. The only difference between the two is the region it works for. So users of American games do not try to save a few bucks and go for the "Powersaves" version, it will get you no where. (Trust me, I thought I'd do the same) Datel's customer support is not very reliable so save yourself the headache.
-When using your product you get a "looping" error that says "insert game cartridge" or it claims there is "no content available" when it is a supported game, the region of the cartridge and the powersaves device do not match up. In order to fix this you will need a new license key. I think you can contact Datel customer support and request a new license key, but I'm not entirely sure as I am in the process of getting a new key myself.
-On a side note, the rating on this review is not about the device's performance. It is simply a reflection of my frustration I have experienced with the region locks. I was able to use my device when I first got it; it worked very well. I was pleased with the product, but suddenly it just stopped reading my cartridge.
Anyway, I hope this review helps a few people who have come across the same issue as I have, but also prevents more people from having to deal with this headache. I wish Datel would make the difference between the two of them more obvious than just the word "Pro."
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on August 2, 2014
It was pretty awesome once I got it to work. I would put 3 1/2 stars because it had problems working when I got it and it freaked me out. But once I missed around with it and checked to see if I did anything wrong it started to work. It works totally great. I only wish it worked on digital copies of games.
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on August 16, 2014
I use this alot even though I don't really need to. My product came and works perfectly. JUST A WARNING that the wiring is made by a flimsy kind of metal and can easily break and sometimes not compatible with certain computers/laptops. As soon as I got this I let my friend borrow it since his wasn't working and it turns out his computer wasn't compatible but i also cut his USB wire at the tip and slowly stripped it(I have special stripping tools) and found that in the middle a wire was broken. Then when we tried using mine on his computer it was a failure however I did not need to strip it since I still use it on my computer. BE VERY CAREFUL HANDLING IT.
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on April 22, 2016
My son wanted this to go on his portable game system. He uses it to help with cheat codes in Pokemon games on his Nintendo 3DS. This thing was great in the beginning. It worked for about 3 weeks and he was having a blast using it, but then it stopped working and was basically just trash. I would say I did get the money worth use out of it before it broke.

I think this item was made poorly. In my opinion I think it is done on purpose so parent will shell out more money to get their children a new ones once the first one breaks.
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on February 20, 2014
You should know, that from what I understand, that the way this thing works is that when you apply a cheat to the cartridge from the computer, it uploads a save file to Datel's server, decrypts it there, and retrieves the save file again. Also, there's no CD included with the device, unlike Action Replay (the software is downloadable online at Datel's website. My point being, you need an internet connection to use this device because it's completely reliant on Datel's servers.

It's been working fantastically so far, and now that they added codes for X and Y I'm not sure what else we really need!

Oh, and also, inside of the box is an instruction manual printed on a sheet of paper. DO NOT THROW THIS OUT. Whenever you go to download the software from the link I gave you above, it will ask for a license key available in the bottom corner of the second page of the instructions on a sticker that says, "3DS Powersaves License Key". You cannot use the software without this license! I assume this is because they don't want server resources to go to people just playing around with the software rather than people who actually possess the device.

With all that in mind, get this device with high expectations! You won't be able to walk through walls, etc. because it's a save editor and doesn't edit real-time, but all those other cheats were kind of gimmicky anyway and this is plenty enough for me.
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