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on February 2, 2012
This is what I have been looking for for years! Almost. We bought 3.

-- THE GOOD --
At our office we got over 75 feet and through two insulated metal studded walls, and the picture was perfect! Really incredible! Light years better than other HDMI wireless technologies (vizio had to essentially be line of sight) and baluns we have tried.

The interface to the receiver is very useful, most of these transmitter/receiver/baluns gadgets only work or don't, the dont tell you if the transmitter is on/off or if there is a source signal, this unit does that, and it has a drop down so you can choose a transmitter unit to pull from (the limit is 4 (after the Dec - 2011 firmware update)).

The image quality is great, didn't notice any kind of compression or signal degradation.

-- THE BAD --

The issues we have with the units are all regarding the slight delay between the source and the output. *(See Update)

Actiontec Support emailed me this:

"There really is no way to prevent this since the signal is going over wireless and there will always be some delay. You could try changing the channel in the Rx unit settings, but some audio delay is going to happen, its unavoidable."

This becomes an issue where you have two tvs in the same room and they both need to have some audio output. For instance, I have a basement where we want to watch the game on one side of the room and play pool / darts on the other side of the basement while watching the game on another TV, in this case both sides would need their own audio, when we tried this the echo caused by the delay was pretty irritating. Also I want to point out, it is just not an audio lag, the picture lags too...which is fine considering that most people will use this in another room entirely.

Also, if you are going to use the MYWirelessTV to hook up a projector (or a TV) and use the sound from your AV receiver that is hooked into the source then your audio and your picture will not be synced, which means you will notice some lip syncing issues. I am not sure everyone will notice, but we did. Some AV receivers have the ability to tweak audio delay, so you might have a work around there. I estimate that the video/audio was about 200ms off.

Actiontec mentioned that you can use this for games, I doubt you could use this for twitch would just introduce too much lag (but i haven't tried it yet...when i do, and my mind changes, I will update this review). For music games like Rockband, they come with a calibration tool, so you might be able to use that to get around sound syncing/control issues??? * (See update)

*(Updated below) This is all wrong ----> My last issue is it doesn't appear that you can pair/link the transmitter and receiver to not allow another unit to pick up the signal. This might be fine for most households, but in condos and apartment buildings you might not want to tell your neighbors to go out and get this awesome new tech since they could pull in your signal, so if 2 of your neighbors have 2 each, then I am not sure how you would fit in another set? Again I will update this review if there is solution for that. *(see update..i was totally wrong)


Bottom line, the MYWirlessTV is awesome..and it has solved a ton of issues and wiring for our office around our video feeds, but I found it less useful in a couple specific scenarios at my home due to the slight delay caused by the transmission.

If you are just adding a TV to another room, (or yard!) we found the MYWirelessTV a near perfect implementation.

*2/24/2012 UPDATE.*

It is better! We received a couple more of these.

Also there is a pairing feature, which I should have known because there is a "Pairing" button on the front, this allows the user to pair up different kits, but also prevents other people from inadvertently picking up your signal.

Regarding the Sync issues, as mentioned in the comment section (thanks!) there is a whole different mode for gaming found in the menu. I wish I would have read the manual and I wish the support guy would have mentioned it. After testing the Gaming Latency mode, we found that the new firmware performed much better than the previous firmware, so that solves problems for us here at the office, but I haven't tested the image quality at home with real tv content

Also. Actiontec support is sending out new USB adapters because some are having problems with connections to some usb flash drives (mine included) I cannot get my transmitters to update because of this.
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on December 30, 2011
I bought this at Best Buy instead of Amazon (generally prefer Amazon) simply because I thought the odds were high that I would be returning it. I had called Actiontec prior to the purchase to ask about the compatibility with a DishNet VIP 622 DVR receiver and it was not on their approved or checked list as of yet. The DishNet receivers that they said it did work with were the 222K, 722K and the 922 Duo. Took a gamble that if had worked on those it had the potential to work on mine plus my next receiver will be either the 722K or 922.

Well it turns out it does work with the DishNet VIP622 DVR. I did not have to do the firmware update to make this happen however prior to installation I once again called tech support to ask about it. They said if I didn't have a picture when installed I would definitely have to do the upgrade but if the picture was good then don't worry about it.

One thing that puzzled the heck out of me once I started the installation was following their directions I disconnected the HDMI cable from the back of my satellite receiver but then I noticed that this was no ordinary HDMI cable. DishNet has a connection ( couple of pieces about 2" x 2" and flat) on that HDMI cable which performs a function for which I have no idea and I haven't called DishNet to find out. I made the decision to make that cable be the one that runs from the satellite receiver into the Actiontec Transmitter and then I used the Actiontec HDMI cable to go from the Transmitter to the nearby HD TV.

So the good news is that once I had everything hooked up and had my second HD TV on the proper HDMI input I had picture and sound. For about a minute I had some pixlation and a small pop in the sound and those both went away and after having it hooked up now for several hours and watching a variety of channels I have not seen anything but an excellent picture and sound. To be honest I couldn't even figure out what the remote control from Actiontec was for and my kit didn't have any instructions except for the laminated and folded quick set up guide. I went online and printed out the 34 page full instruction manual and then used the Actiontec remote control through the GUI graphical user interface on the second HD TV to see how strong my signal was. Lowest signal strength was shown and yet great picture. Theater mode was already selected which is what I would have selected and auto on the wireless channel to be used was already selected so really I could have never used the remote control and it wouldn't have mattered.

Where I have my second HD TV we use the provided DishNet UHF remote control to change channels on the satellite receiver and so I did not need to hook up the IR extender cables etc.

The distance between Transmitter and Receiver in my case is about 50 feet in a straight line with one wall although there is a large hallway which probably allows the wireless signal to be tranmitted. I purchased this product primarily for use in a fifth wheel trailer that we have ordered because the satellite receiver will sit approximately 15 feet from the HD TV set and the dealer was talking about trying to run a HDMI cable if I really wanted HD TV instead of standard definition. Since I am putting a DishNet Travelr 1000 on the trailer I know I will be getting full HD and want to see that on the HD TV. We had used the Dish Net Travelr 1000 on a previous trailer with great luck but in that case the satellite receiver and TV were co-located. I am making an assumption that in the fifth wheel trailer the signal strength to the Actiontec Receiver will be stronger due to less distance plus interior walls in a trailer are quite thin.

So now I can watch a full HD picture on a TV that previously has been fed standard definition signal. Huge difference and so worth it. One oddity that I have discovered is that on our primary HD TV located near the Transmitter the volume has changed. Say before we might have had the volume at a level of 25 now the volume is at a level of 10 to produce the same sound level. I suspect that the powered Transmitter possibly boosts the signal but don't know that for sure and don't care.

This is a relatively new product to the market but it fills a need I have and I think they have done a decent job with it. Customer support has been easy to get a live human on the line. If I experience any problems I will revisit this review for updates.

Okay one day later and there is an update to review. I had a small problem that I didn't even know I had. With my DishNet system I had to power on the satellite receiver first and then the primary TV or the one closest to the MyWireless Transmitter. Called support and was advised that a firmware update would resolve. Had to buy a thumb drive. Got a 4GB one which was overkill. Downloaded the update which was really quite simple. Performed the update after watching the online video. Very simple. Okay so everything works but here is the really odd part. If the satellite receiver is off and I turn the Sony TV on with the Sony TV remote I will get this grey/blank screen. I then have to turn off the TV turn off the satellite receiver and then turn on the satellite receiver first and then the TV. If I use the DishNet remote control it seems I can turn on the TV or the receiver first and it makes no difference. At any rate these seem to be very odd and possibly unique problems to my system. At no time have I yet had any problem streaming full HD to the second TV. Still happy with product.

Oh yeah one last comment. I did end up calling DishNet to inquire about the odd HDMI cable they had provided. Tech support thought it was one that had been provided possibly for an older receiver (mine is just over 5 years old) and she was not familiar with the HDMI cable I was describing. She said it would be fine to replace that HDMI cable with a new high speed cable if I wanted to. I did replace it. Don't see the picture as any better. Picture on both TV's about as good as I have ever seen.
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on October 18, 2012
After lot of research, bought this to connect my Movie mate mobile projector with my HDMI sources and still move around the house / backyard.

The product was simple to setup. The IR sensors are color coded to connect to Transmitter/Receiver (each has specific ones, connect wrong one's doesn't work).

Once plugged in to power, wireless sync takes few seconds and I am viweing the picture in Big screen with out running ton's wires across hallway.

The Transmitter has TWO HDMI ports, one for input and one for ourput. This helps me to connect my TV permenantly and doesn't have keep switching the cables.

IR remote is a good one to control devices, especially when you're not in line of sight of the source device. ( I could control DVD player from basement thru this remote.(though it is IR remote, it works thru receiver's wireless service).

So far I have tested this for about 50 ft, thru walls. I had latency very occasionally, don't know it was device issue or something else ( have been using it for few weeks now).

Overall, it is a good product, except for few conerns,

1) Cost, it is bit expensive.
2) The occasional signal latency (in about four weeks, I faced about 4 times, it stays for few seconds only).
3) Receiver also needs external power source, would be better if there is option to work using USB connectivity or battery.
---- Afterall, purpose is to reduce cable and increase mobility!!

Note:- I will update this review based on my additional findings as I use more.
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on November 2, 2013
Was looking for easy way to send HDMI signal from Network Video Recorder (with HDMI output) to living room TV which is about 45 feet away. Followed directions and unit did sync after second try. Signal strength between units was only marginal (had to play with locations of both TX and RX. Their claim of greater distance was not true in my instance.
The colors of the transmitted video however were "warped". Quality of picture was satisfactory but the colors were all wrong. Moved the NVR into room where TV is and used standard HDMI cable to see if either the tv or NVR were the problem. No problem with either of them, so problem IS in the Actiontec units.
Ordered a second set of these just to see if possibly I had received a bad pair. Second units acted exactly the same way.. returned both units.
Normally, I wouldnt have rated these units so poorly since I know HDMI is sometimes tricky to sync, etc. These units get a BAD RATING because of the worthless and ARROGANT customer service person who called himself a technician. Actiontec technician basically said if these units dont work then YOUR doing something wrong and you dont know what your doing. I am not a novice in electronics and have a lot more complex electronics than these devices. Mr. Technician, you might ask Actiontec management to send you to customer service 101, cause you are their worst enemy.
Anyway, bottom line, they dont always work. I ended up with a absolutely perfect alternative solution. Used the MONOPRICE HDMI extender over CAT 5 (on amazon). Absolutely perfect picture even with 4k video.
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on October 21, 2011
I had seen this product on display at CES back in January and so glad it's finally available. I've got one hooked up to my home office server and it streams full 1080p60 content to any TV in my house. (Replaces about $600 in HDMI cables). Video over wireless has finally arrived!
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on March 8, 2012
I just finish remodeling the kitchen and forgot to run a coax from where the FIOS cable box is to where I wanted to mount the TV. I wanted the TV on a wall with no cabinet or wires around it. I looked around and came across this Actiontec solution, reviews here were decent and I figure I give it a try. I just hooked this up yesterday and this was very easy and straightforward, and more importantly... it works great. Picture and audio is as perfect as I can tell. The Actiontec box is small enough that I can just mount it on the wall behind the TV to keep out of site. The transmitter and FIOS box is hidden behind a cabinet across the room. Very good product!!!
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on February 2, 2012
We purchased this to use cable connection from room and TV in another. Upgraded Cable box so we could use HDMI only to find out that actiontec has no info on whether or not this equipment will work with RCN. When we hooked up the equipment the picture would flash on the tv screen with no sound and then go to a black screen. Both transmitter and receiver had green lights so they were communicating with each other. I called Actiontec support. They had no info on RCN as a cable provider. I was told to call RCN to see if their box had HDCP with repeater mode. RCN does not have any converter boxes with this function. Good idea but did not work.
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on October 21, 2013
Unfortunately, I can't give much of a review on this unit as it didn't work right out of the box. The unit powered up and seemed to detect our transmitter in the room, but it never connected. Rebooting the device didn't fix it and resetting to factory defaults had the same result. On boot up it had an ID for a transmitter that was not present and this never changed. The status screen had no entries, so I was never able to use this item.
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on August 13, 2012
I know everyone has unique setups (intrusive walls, electrical interference) but these work really well for me.

I have the transmitter about 20 feet away from the receiver, no walls in the way but I do have it mounted behind my tv (so no line of sight). I also have it right next to a computer, wireless keyboard/mouse, WDTV Live, speakers and a sub woofer. It was finicky at first, user error, and then it all worked out.

I recommend setting these up close together to pair them the first time, make sure they display nice video/audio, then move them to their new home.

I like the pass through feature so I could plug my source (dish network)in to the transmitter and loupe the signal to my bedroom via an already installed hdmi cable.

If ever you loose signal through the pass through or to the receiver (doesn't happen often) I just unplug the transmitter for 2 seconds, plug it back in and viola! This thing is awesome!
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on November 18, 2011
I went to BB to purchase this product because I had a flat screen in an area that did not have access to a cable outlet. When I got the product home, I hooked it up to my cable box upstairs and to my flat screen television in the basement. The box says there is a transmission range of 150 ft. but that must be direct line of sight because the transmitter could not sync with the receiver in the basement. I would say the maximum distance between the two is about 35-40 feet. So,to see if the unit was working, I brought the transmitter downstairs within direct line of sight of the receiver and attached it to a cable box. That seemed to solve the syncing problem and I was able to obtain a good HD picture on my remote flat screen tv.

However, I could not get any sound. I called technical support and was told to download a firmware update and to get an updated cable box. When I attempted to download the firmware upgrade onto the transmitter and receiver, nothing happened even though I followed the directions to the letter. Aslo, the cable company informed my that there were no upgrades to the cable box. I called tech support again and was told to get another device.

I think the concept is a good one but, in my case, I could not get it to work properly. I am preparing to return this device as I write this review.
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