Customer Reviews: Adam Copeland On Edge
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on December 27, 2004
For any WWe fanatic who loves the wrestler Edge (aka Adam Copeland) then this book is for you. If you're like me and are a WWe fan but think Edge is OK, well...the book is still for you.

Adam Copeland on Edge is a fast, fun, entertaining read (100% written by the man himself). At just under 300 pages the book reads like a short story. I was finished with it in less than a day and frankly, the smile never left my face. Edge comes off like a fun guy to be around. He was influenced by comics, wrestling (duh!), hockey, video games, pranks, and just having a fun time.

It's hilarious to read about his early friendship with Christian, misadventures wrestling in the far off regions of Canada, and early matches in the WWe. The read is so smooth it feels like you're just listening to Edge talk directly to you.

My one small gripe would be that he could have gone into more detail on some of the events and matches in his life. A little more insight into his fellow WWe wrestlers and his own thoughts as he developed his character and various matches. This is the one area that signals the "First Time Author", but all in all I highly recommend this book to all wrestling fans who might want a few hours away from a TV.
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on November 2, 2004
I think this was a great book by my personal favorite WWE superstar, Edge. I stayed up until the weesma's reading this funny and entertaining autobiography of Edge's early years in the sports entertainment biz. He has such a great sense of humor about himself (pretty rare for a professional wrestler) and about his chosen profession. Yes, this book was written (relatively) early in his career but why not? Why wait until another injury (God forbid) puts him out again? I say - if the WWE feels that enough people will buy a wrestler's book, who are we to argue? I am not trying to convince you that this book ranks up there with Foley's books (the best) but Edge's book definetely deserves a look by any true wrestling fan. If you liked Chyna or the Rock's books (I did) then you will not be disappointed in this new book either. I wasn't!!
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on June 26, 2016
I decided to order this book for myself as my treat/late birthday gift since I didn't get anything last month(May)
so I thought, what a better way then to just purchase a gift card for myself, & order whatever on Amazon
& THIS book was it, since I'd read the previews for it after doing that, I was just ITCHING to have the book
in my hands & to read it in its entirety.
To be perfectly honest I'm glad I did get myself something great! =)
I received this book just a few days before the actual delivery date in the morning...As soon as I opened my package,
I IMMEDIATELY started reading the book...I just couldn't put it down...Read the entire book in less then 24 hrs...
Such a fantastic & very easy read as well...It truly felt like as if Adam(Edge) Copeland was actually telling you the story himself =)
The pictures that were included in the book were really great as well, ESPECIALLY the few colored photos which
in my personal opinion were STUNNING.
To all those who are a fan of Edge or (wrestling, in general) I highly recommend this book...5/5 stars
And before I forget, am definitely looking forward to a newer/updated edition, if that ever comes to fruition at some point in time.
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on November 1, 2015
This book was very good. It tells the story of Adam Copeland a.k.a. Wwe Superstar Edge. It starts out with his humble beginnings to the long road to superstardom in the Wwe through the high and lows of his career. With his retirement came another chapter in his life and thus created many stories you will find in this book. Once I started reading I didn't want to put our down. If your a wrestling fan, you will love this book like I did.
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on January 3, 2005
A squash is a quick pin, to all that are not wrestle fans. The book was a nice, quick read. I went into this read knowing that it would be entertaining, but a little light. Adam Copeland did a great job as a first time author. Either he is very detail oriented or he had a good editor, because it is relatively clean, aside from the tendency to end sentences with a preposition. There are acclaimed fiction authors out there that produce work that need his editing services. Edgster, you might want to stick your foot in the literary networking door, if you handled most of the editing yourself. You could possibly finagle a post wrestling gig cleaning up and pacing other's work. I've seen reviews that crit his use of inserting asides in parenthesis, but I had no trouble following the narrative.

Now to content. First half of the book flew by, as AC is a great storyteller. Although his respect/love for his family and mother was evident, one never really got a true handle on his mothers personality. As a single mom, I relate to her struggles. Nor did AC expand on his relationship with Jason Reso. I understand the need to protect personal lives, and perhaps he was also allowing room for Jason Reso to tell his own story in the future. However, it never quite came across with the goods that he and JR were a tight unit.

The second half of the book was entertaining also, but dragged a bit. AC related his take on the infamous TLC matches. However, it was not too much that any fan did not already know. The text came across as after making it the WWE, AC's life was on fast forward, and it probably was the the case. However, it would have been nice if he slowed it down a bit and he related a little more insight to his interpersonal relations with his co-workers and his love of the business. This would have been a great point to focus on the Jason Reso relationship.

Also, his personal life was glossed over. If one is offering a biography, one needs to hit the hard stuff too. I comprehend that this was written during the time his personal life was hitting rough waters, and being the optimist that he is, AC chose the high road. However, in interviews and other media, AC had come across as being 'crazy' for his former wife. He always spoke enthusiastically and with great affection. In the book, he intimated that the relationship had never been smooth sailing. To fans, especially those that followed his column, it was not only shock to hear the marriage had ended, but that he had subsequently remarried. The book would have more texture if AC delved into his persnal life, how the effect his business has on relationships in the whole, or the fact that he had a career threatening injury to recover from put further sress on his personal life. Such a stressful time in one's life can leave anyone in a vulnerable state. AC was able to convey the sense of unsurety and that he seemed a little lost as he recovered from his surgery. AC did not elaborate on his new relationship. One was left with the distinct feeling that the new relationship began as the former was ending, although AC glossed over the whole time line. This failing to delve into the painful side of his life destroyed the credibility of the book as a biography.

As AC is only around the 30 year old mark, he should have perhaps waiting another five years to pen a biography. He would have been better served to present a book full of ancedotes, as I have said, he is a great storyteller. One was also left with a feeling that AC was doing a political dance, avoiding touching on any actual opinions of the business or other wrestlers. I hope that AC revisits his life and times as a wrestler when he retires, and provides a deeper insight.

All in all, a decent read for any wrestling fan.
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on December 9, 2004
I must say that I was fairly impressed by Adam Copeland's account of his rise to the top of the WWE. In his own words, Edge chronicals the trials and tribulations that made him the wrestler and man that he is today.

Peppering his book with just the right amount of humor, it is a fairly quick read as the language just seems to flow in a nice manner. His personal stories and anecdotes give the book a nice friendly aura to it, and it is hard not to get a feel for what he was going through along the way simply because he wrote every word of it by himself without a ghost writer. This autobiography will definately keep you on Edge.
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on January 24, 2005
Wrestling biographies are really hit or miss. In my mind there are many more hits than there are misses, but the misses still exist.

On Edge is a very solid book. It doesn't rank up there with some of my favorite wrestling biographies, but I don't regret spending my time reading it either. This is not the kind of wrestling biography that is going to appeal to fans outside of the wrestling world, but that's not who it is trying to reach. It's meant for wrestling fans, and in my mind it reaches that audience perfectly.

It's a different perspective. Alot of wrestling biographies show people moving up from "the old school mentality", Edge came from a different generation and thus his story is alot different.

When reading On Edge you get a true feeling that Edge appreciates the blessings he has recieved, and you also feel that he truly loves what he does for a living.

All in all, this is an entertaining read that I would recommend picking up if you're a wrestling fan.
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on February 22, 2014
Apologies for the title. I can't even to imagine how many have used it so far.

Anyway, Adam Copeland On Edge is good, if short, read. Being a big fan of his tag team days with his "brother" Christian, sorry Edge but I'm a Peep, I was eager to learn how the two got into the business.

I appreciate his attitude of "if you want something, don't waste time waiting".

Other autobiographies I've read, Shawn Michaels and Chris Jericho come to mind, have quite a bit of inspiring points. Be warned that you won't that here.

I'm not saying that the hard work Mr. Copeland, doesn't feel right referring to him but his first name, is not inspiring, but rather that he tells you his story as record of history. Knowing that he did multiple tours in northern Canada during the winter months, and driving across frozen lakes to get to shows that paid less than a hundred dollars, Canadian, each is a testament to just how dedicated, and stubborn, he is to his dream.

So to sum up. Adam Copeland On Edge is the story of a young man's dream and his journey towards it. It may not be heavy with sentimentality that tells you how to feel. He just takes on his journey and you learn about his trials and tribulations along the way.

Now that he's no longer wrestling, though I'm glad that he's on Haven, I would be interested in reading a new book, but that is for when that book comes out.

In the mean time, any Edgehead would do themselves a disservice to ignore this book.
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on November 8, 2014
I liked this book as long as you dont compare it to Have a Nice Day, Bret Hart's book or Chris Jericho's first book I kept reading it wanting more to me it was almost like it was edited by Vince McMahon don't get me wrong I understand while he was writing this book he was still working for the company and under contract and it did bring back some funny memories "for those of you with the benefit of flash photography we will be posing for 5 seconds" and the heat he and christian generated making fun of the various cities they were in. It was also interesting to read his opinion on ladder matches which to me always seemed a little crazy. A good read and I do recommend for fans of Edge or the WWE
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on April 12, 2013
Adam Copeland on Edge.

By Adam Copeland.

Published by WWE.

Released November 2, 2004.

Pages 256, hard back.

The man known as simply Edge step's out from character to speak as Adam Copeland his real life name. Edge won the [WWE version] world heavyweight championship 7 times, the WWE world heavyweight title 4 times, won the WWE tag team titles a shocking 14 times during his career, and they are just a few of the Rated R Superstar's many trophies and accomplishments. Edge was a main stay in the WWE for nearly 15 years before having to retire due to ongoing neck injuries.

On Edge is the story of Adam Copeland striving to achieve his life long ambition of wrestling for the WWE with many of the stars he grew up watching in Canada and working towards winning the WWE world heavyweight championship. Due to Copeland writing the book entirely by himself his charisma and personality really shine through the words, in the same way as Mick Foley's or Chris Jericho's books do. Edge takes us through his childhood and subsequent love for wrestling which would lead to him being trained by Sweet Daddy Siki, this is then followed by his formative ground breaking years in the WWE after his relatively short stint on the independent circuit. Funny and humorous all the way recounting every aspect of his life from the events in the ring that has now gone down in the annuals of wrestling history as truly innovative. Taking us through the formation of the Brood, his life long friendship with Christian outside of the ring, the feud including the TLC matches with the Hardy Boyz and the Dudley Boyz, to the slow beginnings of his rise as a singles star, his divorce and his tragic neck injury in 2003. Edge doesn't shy away from telling it honestly from his point of view, really tapping into the readers emotions, something he is able to do so well due to personally writing the book.

At first you may think okay, at the time Edge had only been wrestling for 9 years and only 6 of them in the WWE, so this must be WWE just cashing in on it's successful book run that it had in the early 2000's, being that this book was released in 2004. You would most probably be right in that assumption, however Edge has made the most of his opportunity turning it into a real treat in telling his fans the journey he has undertaken so far. It is an entertaining read, funny, emotional, and really leaves you feeling as if you've got to know Adam Copeland that little bit better. Ending as it does with private journal notes of his first appearance back after the career altering neck surgery, Adam Copeland on Edge is the perfect first volume to precede a hopeful second volume in the near future.

4/5 Stars

By Jimmy Wheeler
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