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on November 10, 2011
I was able to preview this and it is with pleasure that I call myself one of the biggest Adele fans ever. It is almost impossible to find someone you don't know that makes you feel as if though they took the words right out of your mouth and put them in song. She said that she concentrated on making music for the ears, not the eyes, but in this video, you're clearly able to see that the eyes get a treat as well- she is breathtaking.

In a modern age, where concerts rely on special effects, pyro, dancers, and theatrics, Adele manages to achieve the same results one would get from such shows by just having a backing band, 2 background singers, and a stool- her voice IS the show! I will be honest, I was worried about Adele having so many throat problems while on tour and when she had surgery in early summer, I was expecting a drastic notice in her voice. You do hear her throat a little scratchy in the dvd/cd but the "imperfections" only managed to bring more truth to the songs.

It should be in everyone's bucket list to catch an Adele show- I guarantee she is not to be missed!

1."Hometown Glory"
2."I'll Be Waiting"
3."Don't You Remember"
4."Turning Tables"
5."Set Fire to the Rain"
6."If It Hadn't Been for Love"
7."My Same"
8."Take It All"
9."Rumour Has It"
10."Right As Rain"
11."One & Only"
13."Chasing Pavements"
14."I Can't Make You Love Me"
15."Make You Feel My Love
16."Someone Like You"
17."Rolling in the Deep"
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on November 29, 2011
I received Adele Live at the Royal Albert Hall DVD/CD set today, which I've been looking forward to for a few weeks. Having already watched the DVD, and listened to the CD, here's my review:

Let's start with the production value, which is a dicey proposition with concert DVDs. This one was top notch. The director did a nice job of capturing Adele, her songs, and the audience. He didn't get too cute with silly camera tricks or over editing, which is my biggest pet peeve when it comes to concert DVDs. I'm watching the concert to see the show, not what cool tricks you learned in film school. I was very pleased with the production value of this DVD.

Moving on to the packaging and content, very simple which equals nice in my book. The box, discs, and booklet have a nice black and white theme to it, which again, captures Adele and her music properly.

The DVD includes the concert (duh!) and an 8:30 clip, documenting Adele from literally her first of coffee to the moment she walks onstage. I'm a sucker for that type of stuff, so I enjoyed that--esp since it was brief.

Now for the meat of the DVD--the concert itself. I always enjoy watching live Adele clips, because not only does she have a great, great voice, but also a big stage presence. She has this aura about her that I don't think even she realizes at this point in her career. Just magical.

The setlist was your typical Adele setlist, with a mix of new/older songs, with a couple of covers thrown in for good measure. Solid setlist. Her voice, however, wasn't the greatest this particular concert. Now, days after filming this show she cancelled the rest of her 2011 tour and had vocal chord surgery and you can tell her voice was tired and not right. It didn't sound bad, it just wasn't the powerful voice I've come to love. Put it this way--an 70% Adele is 100 times better than 99% of the other artists out there, past and present. For that reason, I wish they would have held off until after her surgery to put out this DVD. Perhaps we'll get another one within the next couple of years. I hope so.

Overall, I enjoyed this DVD. Like I said earlier, I love live Adele and to have an hour and 41 mins at my disposal is greatness! This DVD makes me want to see her live even more, which will happen once she returns from vocal chord surgery.
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on November 30, 2011
There's an incredible moment near the end of the concert, where Adele, overwhelmed with emotion and the support of the crowd, starts crying after singing "Someone Like You." The entire Royal Albert Hall immediately givers her a thunderous standing ovation that lasts for quite a while, clearly showing their overflowing love and appreciation for this amazing artist. The look on her face is one of pure heartfelt appreciation. And the crowd can't get enough. None of us can.

It's flabbergasting how talented this young woman is. If you've never seen her live, this is the closest you'll get and you won't be disappointed. I've seen her more times than I can count now, still bought this DVD, and still was blown away. Magnificent.
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on December 16, 2011
My husband and I really enjoyed the dvd and cd. Adele is great! The only thing that I wish Amazon made clearer is that there is a lot of swearing on the dvd. She drops THE F word several times when talking to the audience as well as several other colorful phrases. We don't mind... but I am guessing that some parents of younger children might object.
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on March 19, 2012
One of the worst, most painful things to watch. I bought this for my wife and I to see Adele. We were able to hear Adele, and that is great, but the video is horrible. As one reviewer (Kit) wrote "...the director used every trick in the book". And he used it over and over again! Out-of-focus to focused, and back out again, quick cutting, panning, zooming, over and over. It never stopped. If the songs were uptempo, the editing / cutting got more frenetic.
The longest held shot was for about 2 seconds on her face... maybe. It was terrible, and a repulsive disservice to Adele who deserves better... much better.

How does viewing a blurry ceiling lighting fixture enhance my 'concert experience'? I bought this so that I could see an Adele performance, not a director's performance. Why only show Adele one out of 20 shots? The credits show a list of maybe 20 camera operators. They needed 3, and one should have stayed fixed, and on Adele, full body shot, the entire time.

This 'director' and 'producer' should be sent to prison for this crime.

The problem is that the director kept calling attention to himself instead of Adele. I bought this to see Adele, not the director.

Adele, Darling, please get yourself some competent people behind you, not a bunch of imature, amateur MTV hacks with ADHD. You deserve much better.

All that aside, the sound is very good. DTS-HD Master. Beautiful. So close your eyes and listen. She's a wonderful, heartfelt performer and the video is appauling.
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on December 7, 2011
Be forewarned.

I picked up the Blu-ray as a surprise for the family, thinking if it was good I might buy a copy as a Christmas gift, etc. Adele is an extremely talented singer, a gifted writer, and seems very down to earth. But why the language? Given the venue, her elegant dress and material, what's with "****ING ROYAL ALBERT HALL," and everything else that follows in her between song chats with the audience? And it's a shame, because she's a fine storyteller. Anyway, the Blu-Ray is labelled as "EXPLICT CONTENT" and rightly so.

Audio is very good; visuals are good but too many cuts for my taste, but overall very enjoyable, except for the language.
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on December 27, 2011
Adele was incredible. Her performance shined from the heart. However, I was strongly disappointed by the editing on this DVD. The edititor must have ADD. The camera men kept switching the angle every few seconds. When Adele was singing a memorable part, the camera was focusing on people standing in the audience or some non exciting scene. I was getting dizzy from the switching of the cameras. I still would have bought this DVD, but come on, I bought it to watch Adele not some fat women waving their arms in the audience. All said, Adele rocks!
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on December 11, 2011
I was hoping that a concert recorded in this decade with the best filming and recording technology would produce a great experience. I was hoping BLU-RAY would top it off.

Before I roast the producers and editors, I must point out that Adele was absolutely perfect. Her voice was clear, strong, and full of emotion, conviction, and she sold every song. After buying the CD and playing it a hundred times, I could not wait to hear her talk during song breaks. Adele turned out to be the real deal. She is charming, funny, and thankful for the audience and the opportunity to perform.

The video quality was "average" (lighting, clarity, etc). The sound quality was average as well, lacking dynamic clarity. The Dolby digital opportunity was missed by the sound engineers and the band sounded muted and mushy at times. My only solid beef was with the videoghraphy. The effects they use to dramatize a scene were overused to the level that gave me a headache. The camera cut to the next camera every 2 to 3 seconds and the fade in and out of focus on top of that ruined it for me. The contant sweeping pans and zooms were visually painful by the time the second song ended.

I realize watching a great concert with a single fixed camera is boring. However, the OVER THE TOP constant camera effects were over done.

How can an artist who sings notes that last 10 seconds permit four to five camera changes in one note? how can a artist who has absolutely awesome phrasing allow the video effects take away from her hard work and talent? I really contenplated rating this with only one star.
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on January 11, 2013
It's too bad the directing is so awful, because this is a great concert. However, the director/editor must have a huge ego, as there are so many quick cuts that it is very hard to watch. The video never lingers on anything for more than 4 seconds, and the view jumps around about 40 times per minute. Very lame and distracting from the music!
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on November 29, 2011
Ive been waiting for this concert on bluray from adele since im a big fan of her voice and songs, The audio format is Dolby Digital 5.1, its perfect on my 120" projector screen. The bluray concert also comes with an Audio CD which is a great bonus. Overall im satisfied with this item and i highly recommend it. worth every penny.
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