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on April 10, 2012
Anyone who believes the campaign between Obama and McCain was downright nasty, especially in the case of Sarah Palin and the attacks against her as a woman, has much to learn about the realities of politics in this country! Giving a couple of years of my life for Hillary started as a great adventure aimed at assisting the first woman to become president in a land that was finally warming to the qualifications women carry in every sector of this nation. I worked all day to earn my keep and worked hard all night for something and someone I believed in, thinking it was a fair process, and further believing that success could be accomplished through sweat and extraordinary effort. All was approached as a special privilege to be part of history. What I learned first-hand about the so called caucus process of selecting our party representative and safeguarding the precious sanctity of the citizen vote destroyed my innocence. It ended with a child-like experience learning that Santa Claus did not exist and tears of disbelief because I was so naïve to the real world of Democratic party politics. That process was fixed with people paid off--people intimidated & prevented from voting; individuals harmed and much, much more state by state. Far too much to pull the story together in one book or even several. This book is saying that the truth is out there if people can just open their minds, and believe, regardless of party affiliation, race, color or creed. The age of my innocence can never be regained because I have walked through the door of political reality and cannot come back. P. Abeles and this book is your flashlight and all you have to do is crack the door open, read it, and lend your mind to the possibilities.
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on March 20, 2012
This author, Paula G Abeles aka Paulie, has very ably written a work that parallels the reality of the last Presidential election process. I lived that election; the primary was brutal for women, especially women who supported Hillary Clinton. The primary was brutal for anyone who worked for and supported Hillary Clinton, period, and so unnecessarily so. Anyone who worked on the Clinton campaign in 2008 will identify with the story line and the details of this work that is a well written account. The author says it is fiction; I say it surely seems like the reality of the primary election of 2008 to me.
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on March 20, 2012
"Admit the Horse" gives a more truthful account of what happened during the 2008 election than anything you'll read in a newspaper or see on TV. The names and some details have been changed, but P.G. Abeles accurately depicts what it was like for ordinary Americans who supported Hillary Clinton to fight long and hard for their candidate, only to discover that the entire game was rigged.
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on April 30, 2012
The REAL story about the events surrounding the 2008 election year is horrifying, and "Admit the Horse" tells it like it was. Only those that were there and who researched deep beneath the mainstream media propaganda machine know what really happened, and only someone with keen intellect, courage and tenacity could write the book that so needed to be written. Kudos to Paulie Abeles, first rate patriot, committed hard worker and author. She portrays the events we lived through so accurately and articulately that this book is a MUST READ for every American!

Written as fiction but containing pure, hard fact, the book is a wake up call to anyone who thought America was a safe nation of laws. Our rights, our Constitution, our electoral system and indeed, all our illusions that we had a free press and First Amendment rights are dispelled by the facts contained in this book. If we do not open our eyes and become acquainted with what is really going on in our country, we WILL lose it.
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on June 1, 2012
My favorite line from Admit the Horse by P.G. Abeles sums up the way people decide upon their political views and their candidates of choice better than any line I've ever read. "And like millions of people, before and after, who judge a person's veracity on how nearly his views coincide with their own, they believed him." Abeles does a nice job in her political thriller of exposing the many flaws in Okono's campaign for presidency against Democratic rival Claire McCracken, and she lays bare the pathetic willingness of a large number of American voters to overlook illegal actions, terrifying affiliations, and blatant contradictions in the man's claims versus his actions. And it boils down to the above line. People believe the person who tells them what they want to hear, even if he cannot and will not back it up with anything substantial.

The problem, for me, in this book is that some characters--Oprah, Gayle, Karl Rove, and many others--are called by their actual names, whereas Okono and McCracken, who are so obviously Obama and Hillary, have fake names. I'm sure it's a lawsuit thing or something, but this is so slanted that I honestly wondered throughout the entire story if Hillary wrote the book herself. The story would be better, in my opinion, if Abeles had either let her readers slowly discover for themselves the true identity of Okono and McCracken instead of making it so obvious, or if she had just used their actual names and cited her sources at the end of the book making it more of a creative nonfiction book.

My favorite character is Miriam who becomes the first black woman ever elected to Congress, and it is this quote that endears her to me: "...although few would agree with her, she considered her professional life less of a success...With real regret, Miriam had come to believe that most politicians didn't really care about the constituents they served." Miriam shows us it is not enough to be an icon--the first woman elected to an office or the first black woman--while this is noteworthy and an indicator of a much-needed respect for both women and people of color in this country, that person must not rest after election day. Miriam knew what Okono and Obama do not: elected officials, regardless of race or gender, must strive to unify our country rather than divide it. He must put his constituents ahead of himself, for leadership is about serving one's followers and not about seeking undue reverence.
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on June 5, 2012
This book could/should be read as a guide for all eligible voters in 2012. As a guide, it just might provide the average voter, who generally doesn't have a clue who they're going to vote for, until they find themselves standing or sitting in the voting booth, trying to remember what they've seen on TV and the Internet about the candidates. It would surprise many of you to know how large the numbers of voters who go to the polls aren't really committed to a candidate, until the last moment.
If you read this book about four months or so before the 2012 election, you just might find yourself with a list of things to check into, regarding the candidates and why they are where they are.
Although this book is written as a fiction, the parallels are so blatant that if people in this country had even a slight clue how the process was working, I suspect there could have been hundreds of thousands of write-in votes and the eventual winner would have only had about 25% to 30% of the popular vote.
Regardless of how many fingers on your one hand might be pointing to whatever you might think allowed or caused the current regime to be the current regime, reading this book could very well be one of the better wake up calls for this election year. Know your candidate and know how, why, what, and where they've been.
P.G. Abeles does a very nice job of pointing out how trusting the American people are regarding the Media. She is also telling us how much we shouldn't be so trusting. Fiction or Fact? A few hours reading this book or a few hours checking out your candidate, or maybe both, just might save you a lot of aggravation later.
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on June 6, 2012
A political thriller with main characters an African-American Okono and a female politician McCracken pitted against each other in the 2008 democratic primaries, definitely gets your head spinning about the possibilities... Adele spun a tale that hooked me and had me questioning whether the American people and political system could really be so easily manipulated. I loved pulling the pieces of the book together and seeing all of the connections. I felt like I was the investigator investigating a conspiracy theory of sorts. I kept referring back to the opening quote by Micheal Crichton, "This novel is fiction, Except for the parts that aren't."

This is one of those books that while reading, I couldn't help but come up with a long list of people who should read it! Those ardent supporters of President Obama and those who have claimed all along that he shouldn't be our Commander in Chief. I almost entitled my review "American Politics meets the Da Vinci Code." The draw of the Da Vinci Code was that it provided an explanation for ideas previous unexplained, filled in all the holes that so many people feel the Bible has left unfilled. It made people think, "yes, of course, that explains that." This is exactly some of my thoughts as I read About the Horse, plausible explanations for how we ended up with the current administration.

This was a fun book to read, especially as we are in the midst of a Presidential election. A great reminder that things may not be as they appear, really causes you to ask the questions: Could this happen? Has this happened? Is it happening again?
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on June 4, 2012
A great book - especially given that it's an election year. If you are a democrat - you will be either highly defensive, or highly disappointed. If you are a Republican - this book will make your heart sing. Either way - you will never look at another national election with the same American, "My vote counts, every vote counts!" belief. Though fictional, Admit The Horse will make you stop, and scratch your head, more than once. It will also make 2012 the longest election year of your life - if you pay attention.

The history of plantation owners and workers in the south is quite interesting. With all of the technology that rules our everyday lives; the thought of simply having a radio, or having a black and white television that gets only 3 channels, is somewhat refreshing to imagine.

Though somewhat scattered and confusing in the beginning - the book definitely keeps one's interest throughout. I was a bit disappointed - to not find closure with many of the characters - thoroughly enjoying them all; Miss Amalia was my favorite. I loved her elegance and strength, and drive to live - no matter the cost. She was inspirational during a time that was far from that.

Admit The Horse is an excellent read! I look forward to more books by P.G. Abeles.
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on April 11, 2012
Admit The Horse by P. G. Abeles is a fictionalized telling of the 2008 primary and general election. Not the myths developed and created by the political gods and marketed 24/7 by mass media. But the back story of ordinary citizens engaged in a historic election and participating in ways they never dreamed possible. Each person discovers or holds the key to a conflicting reality in the myth of "The One," Senator Okono from Illinois, and his meteoric rise to the Presidency.

This compelling political thriller begs the reader to question and discover the historical vs mythical versions of our last presidential election. Through a complex tale that weaves a multitude of perspectives into a political "perfect storm" starting with a financial industry facing the abyss in the fall of 2007 and the death of a government employee following the creation of a fictitious birth certificate, to the political rise and untimely death of a share cropper's daughter and the aftermath of President Okono's financial appointees, Ms. Abeles presents a modern tale of the Trojan Horse. A gift from the enemy too beautifully crafted for the citizenry to resist, which in reality held soldiers who would bring death to the trusting citizenry as they slept.

Admit The Horse is an intricately plotted novel and outstanding début. I can only hope Ms. Abeles upcoming novel The Madness of Crowds, about Wall Street, picks up where Admit The Horse left off. Brava Ms. Abeles!
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on April 9, 2012
In 2008, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama waged an epic battle for the presidential nomination, but was it really a fair fight? The media told the mythical version of a dark horse coming from behind to win the race but Paulie Abeles opens our minds to an alternate narrative.
Perhaps those who wander down the yellow brick road may one day have the courage to pull the curtain back questioning who or what power was really behind the so-called magic of 2008 but those of us who worked the front lines know all to well it was plain old smoke and mirrors concealing the fraud and intimidation of the twenty-first century's "War on Women".
"Admit the Horse", to those of us who lived it, is not a work of fiction at all- it is a factual account of the `war on women' launched during the 2008 primary by the DNC, the left wing media and the pundits who rely on the political machines that run the land of the free and the home of the brave.
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