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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on July 15, 2011
There is a huge list of features from the previous versions of Audition that were eliminated in this version. Adobe has suppressed this information in all of its product literature except here:

(Links are apparently not allowed so do a web search for "Adobe Audition 3.0 features replaced or not implemented in CS5.5" -- the relevant Adobe support article should come up at the top of the results.)

This is a help file you are not likely to even look for until you open the software and realize the feature you need is not there.

Definitely download the demo and use it before making any decisions -- and whatever you do don't get rid of your old version (if you have one) because it is far more functional for the vast majority of what Audition is used for.
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The manufacturer commented on this review (What's this?)
If you find a bug or would like to request a feature, please let us know here:
This feedback goes directly to the Audition product team, and every message is reviewed and carefully considered.

Additional ways to contact the team may be found here:

Adobe offers a free fully functional, 30-day trial of Audition:
We strongly encourage you to explore the trial before committing to purchasing, to make sure that it meets your needs.

If you have Audition 3.0, you can keep it installed alongside Audition CS5.5 for the features not yet implemented in the newer application.
on August 20, 2011
The ONLY possible plus for this new version is an OSX version. Audition 3 was better in every conceivable way. What's crazy here is 3.0 is old, and it was basically the last version of Cool Edit Pro with the name changed. Ok, Adobe changed a few things, but it was 99% identical. They make us wait yeeeears for the cs5.5 version. And it feels rushed and cheap. This might be the worst new version of a program ever. It's sad because back in the day Cool Edit Pro was my favorite program. And for those who don't know, Adobe bought Cool Edit Pro and turned it into Audition. If I could give this 0 or even negative stars I would. And if the overall crappiness of this version wasn't already bad enough, Adobe slaps you in the face with the price. This program isn't even worth $99 imho.

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on August 19, 2011
Every single convenience that made Audition 3.0 a stellar program has been stripped from AA CS 5.5. Things like autoplay from the open file window - gone; ability to drag and drop audio from the editor to the multitrack - gone; simple method for adding functions to "favorites" - gone; Clip restore - gone; the list goes on and on and on. The program is buggy and freezes and locks up constantly. The programmers who created this mess should be applying for unemployment.

Adobe merely took their failed Soundbooth software and gave it cosmetic surgery...and the surgery went badly.

It's little wonder that Pro Tools has become the industry standard. Their programmers actually try to improve their product when they upgrade.
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on August 15, 2011
So I purchased Audition CS5.5. I loaded up an audio file and wanted to save it and I noticed that the only formats that were supported were wav, aif*, mp3, and quicktime audio. I just assumed that I had not enabled the full suite of audio save formats, and I poked around in the program for a while and found nothing. Then I went to help and found nothing (but noticed that all of these file formats were listed in audition 3.0). Finally, I did some web searching, mostly at adobe's web site, and again found nothing, until I accidentally stumbled upon the first amazon review here. Sorry to be redundant, but in that review it says to search for "Adobe Audition 3.0 features replaced or not implemented in CS5.5", so I did, went to that link, and lo and behold, there are literally a *ton* of features from audition 3.0 that are no longer available in CS5.5.

Regarding the new "features", well one of them is that it is supposed to be faster than audition 3.0, but I do not notice any real-world difference in speed at all.

This is unbelievable, a "downgrade" masked as an "upgrade". I'm not sure if I can get my money back (as I opened the package), but I sure am going to try.

Do yourself a favor and do not buy this product before you know what you are getting into (or maybe I should say getting out of)!!! I'm really surprised that Adobe would do such a thing.
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on July 30, 2011
Used Adobe Audition 3.0 for years and was excited to have the 64-bit support with CS5.5. The new version is missing a lot of features, like a metronome and a lot of effects previously included. Also with the hardware set to ASIO, the session files were getting corrupted for some reason. Adobe support tried to tell me that the .sesx file type is not supported, but that's the exact type that Audition CS5.5 uses (Audition 3.0 used the .ses file type for sessions).

Bottom line: get Pro Tools instead.
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on November 3, 2011
I was excited to get the 30 day demo of Audition CS5.5 I have used the Audition\Cool Edit products for 16 years. I used Cool Edit and Cool Edit Pro by Syntrillium. Then onto Adobe Audition 1.0 then 1.5 then 2.0 and now Audition 3. I have worked in radio for years and I now record audio books for a living. I have used and continue to use this product 9 hours a day.

However, my day with Audition CS5.5 was a sad day indeed. There were many features I use almost every hour that are just gone. This basic feature I use almost every minute works backwards! When you try to highlight some audio to delete and then fine tune the marked clip by holding down the shift key and using the arrows to move the end of the selection to the left or right Audition CS5.5 no longer moves the end of the selected highlight it moves the start of the selection. I have never used any software that does this. Try Microsoft Word for example, when you highlight text and then use the arrow keys to move the selected highlight portion it moves the end of the highlight not the start. There is a whole list of changes that relate to hotkeys or features that are either changed or not there anymore. But, this change is a deal breaker for me even if Audition CS5.5 was a free product. I would rather pay for Audition 3.

Bottom line: Get Audition 3 but not Audition CS5.5
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on September 6, 2011
This is not at all an upgrade to Audition 3.0. Many features have been removed from what was Audition 3.0. I'm not sure what Adobe is thinking in releasing this software under the Audition name, and especially as a supposed upgrade. When asked why, they claim that the reason for the loss of features is that they focused on porting the code over to an entirely new codebase. As the user, you will experience no benefit from this, except Mac OSX compatibility. But you will certainly experience the downside of the loss in functionality for everything that was left out.

The speed difference for CS5.5 compared to Audition 3.0 is hardly noticeable, and certainly not worth the loss of features. Audition 3.0 is excellent. Buy it instead, and wait to see if Adobe or another company comes out with a newer and better software tool later. You will not regret buying Audition 3.0. But stay away from Audition CS5.5.
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on October 22, 2011
It's inconceivable to me that a program as respected as Adobe can go YEARS between product releases and have the product get WORSE in the process. It's not just that the product isn't better than Audition 3.0 (though it should have been), it's not even as good. Tons of valuable features eliminated. Ridiculous.
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on August 21, 2011
We use Audition 2.0 - 3.0 to do a lot audio engineering work. Recently we have to buy an extra copy but found out you can only buy 5.5. Adobe basically forces new Audition users to upgrade to 5.5 by stopping selling all previous versions. The problem is 5.5 lacks some important features from previous versions. One being the signal generation function, which is used a lot in audio, acoustic measurements. Besides missing features, there are many bugs in 5.5.
Cooledit and previous Auditions shine because they provide a lot audio processing features that usually are not available in other music workstation software. Without those features, I don't see why we should stick to Audition, there are many other cheaper and better workstation software that do the basic play/record stuff.
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on April 3, 2012
Upgraded from Audition 3.0. Thank goodness I can still use 3.0! Honestly, if the Audition CS5.5 team sat at a table with the mission of how to ruin a perfectly good product they couldn't have done a better job than this truly worthless crap. They've dropped so many features that I've come to depend on that I finally gave up on it. Amplify feature? Gone. Direct X plugins so I can use my Sony audio restoration filters from SoundForge 10? Gone. Audition's own Click and Removal and Noise Reduction filters have always been subpar leaving way too much distortion artifacts behind.

This is a classic example of a product designed with the mentality of "We know what's best for you" rather than listening to it's customer base.

I could go on and on but I would be repeating what I have already seen covered here in other reviews. I predict though that this version is a product killer. What Adobe did to Coldfusion and Pagemaker they are now doing to Audition. What a shame.
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