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Platform: PC/Mac DiscVine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I have used Photoshop Elements since version 2 and I strongly believe it is the best photo-editing program available for under $100. It will do most of the editing tasks that the full version of Photoshop does but at a fraction of the cost. It is the software I have my "Digital Photography" and "Digital Drawing and Painting" students use for the college courses I teach.

If you are serious or semi-serious about editing your photos I highly recommend that you purchase this. In addition, an important advantage of learning (and using) Elements is that if you decide to someday move up to the full version of Photoshop all the stuff you learned translates to the more expensive program. Also, there is a TON of instructional material available online (most of it free!) and in books that will help you learn this program.

I've included a short video showing a few of the features of Elements 10 and how they compare with the same features in Photoshop CS5.

If you just want an easy program to use to edit a few photos now and then you can find cheaper software programs, and many online programs that are free. One good free online application is Sumo Paint.

My recommendations to current Photoshop Elements users:

1. Element 9 Users: The new features in Elements 10 basically deal with organizing your photos and some quick and easy templates and photo effects. For the most part, I wouldn't recommend upgrading to Elements 10 if you have Elements 9.

2. Elements 3-8 Users: I recommend upgrading to Elements 10 because there was a huge improvement between versions 8 and 9 (content aware, puppet warp, and the ability to add masks to layers).

I hope this helps!
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Platform: PC/Mac DiscVine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Photoshop Elements (PSE) 10 --like its predecessor versions-- is an image editor with a spectrum of features that will rapidly surpass the skills (and time available to tinker) of most amateur digital photographers...even highly skilled ones. The overall interface will be familiar to user of PSE versions as far back as PSE 6 or 7. It incorporates most of the multiple image merge functions familiar to users since PSE 7. As with previous versions, PSE 10 offers this for a fraction of the cost of its big-brother Photoshop CS5. Most amateur photographers --and even some frugal professionals-- can perform all but the most advanced digital editing with PSE 10 (and then use the money saved for some nice new hardware!).

Note: This review assumes some familiarity with digital photography and digital image concepts, and previous exposure to earlier PSE versions.

-No issues with installation on a machine with a fresh (less than two weeks old) install of Windows 7, a dual-core 3 GHZ processor and 4 GB of RAM.

-Unlike PSE 8, PSE 10 does not require users to decide whether to continue using an earlier version or use the new version exclusively. You have the option to use --or remove-- both version 10 and an earlier version (but you can't do so at the same time: I tried!).

-The license for this product permits installation on one primary and one "mobile" computer, with the restriction not to use on both computers at the same time.

-Total installation time (including entering the registration code and skimming the EULA) took less than 10 minutes. This was followed by PSE 10's "Organizer" peforming its own indexing of the digital images on my computer. Cataloging nearly 50,000 digital images took slightly less than an hour. If you're a Windows user and store your images in a non-default "My Pictures" location under your user name: you'll have to tell PSE where to browse for this indexing.

Function and features:
-The interface, function and features of PSE 10 will be familiar to users of recent PSE versions. The .psd files are still manipulated using layers and selection tools. The complete range of image effects ("filters"), image enhancement and editing tools are essentially unchanged since version 6. Still present are options to open, edit and save in wide range of file formats.

-PSE 10 recognized the scanner on my system, and immediately allowed imports of scanned images using both the scanner's proprietary interface (Epson software) and the generic WIA Windows Image Acquisition, the successor to TWAIN) options.

-Output to the printers on my system was trouble-free. Accepting the default printing options yielded fine results, but advanced options for those who like to tweak are readily available. PSE 10 successfully offered options to print to the two physical (laserjet, inkjet) and two virtual (Acrobat and Microsoft Document Writer) printers attached to my desktop.

-PSE 10 and Adobe continue to assume plenty about user connectivity. All of the help files for PSE 10 are online. Select "Help" in the menu bar (or press the "F1" key), and you are not taken to local help are taken to This is fine if you are connected to the Internet, but less fine if you are not (and some people are NOT connected at all times). You can optionally download a 27 MB .pdf user guide. This is an option you'll want to exercise if you anticipate needing help while not online or if you have bandwidth constraints where you work.

-Adobe also continues to also push its online services hard. At install, and *every* time you launch PSE 10, you will be invited to enter your "Adobe Online ID". If you register (and you'll probably want to just for update notifications), you'll get some free services (2 GB of storage and some sharing functions). This seems to be aimed at two things:
(1) tracking use habits of users (my opinion only; but read the EULA carefully!)
(2) enticing you into the $49.99 per year "PSE 10 Plus" services (20 GB of online storage and some sharing and effects services). While I suppose the integration with PSE is nice, you can register your own domain --with unlimited storage-- from hundreds of providers for much less than this. Resist!

As long as you download the .pdf file so you have access to help files when offline, and remain aware of what *any* software company may be doing when they solicit you to use the online extensions of their products: these are not serious shortcomings. But my suspicions about how Adobe might track user behavior and over-reliance on online help files are what move this from a 5-star to a 4-star review.

-PSE 10, like all of its predecessors is feature dense. Even powerful users will benefit from additional help. In addition to widely available online forums (hosted by Adobe and elsewhere on the web; search popular video sites for step-by-steps on even the most advanced functions), a reference book will improve your user experience. Remember: technology is complicated, and you're not a dummy! Rather than something in yellow and black that calls you names, consider the Photoshop Elements 10 "Missing Manual" instead.

My copy shipped with a $20 gift card for online printing services from Shutterfly (available with any purchase of $20 or more), a trial version of Adobe Premiere Elements 10 (for video editing; $79 to activate), which installed concurrently (and optionally) with PSE 10. I have a functional earlier version of Premier Elements, so just uninstalled this trial version. Also included in this package was an installation CD for a 30-day trial of Lightroom 3, which I did not install.

The physical media for PSE 10 consists of thee 3 DVDs, One is for Windows users (Disc 1), one for Mac users (Disc 3). I was never prompted to do anything with the mysterious "Disc 2"; perhaps it is Mac-unique?

PSE 10 is a powerful image editing tool priced right for consumers. Purchase with confidence. Is it worth upgrading from version 8 or 9? Probably not. But if you're ready to do take on some powerful editing of your digital images, PSE 10 is a good choice if you don't already run a recent earlier version.
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on October 30, 2011
The first few hours are a nightmare. There are so many levels of tools and effects it gets very confusing and frustrating. The last time I used a program this complex it came with a 600 page manual. I found the information in the help menu helpful but limited. Save yourself some brain cells, buy one of the how to manuals. I am finding the "Missing Manual" book very informative. Photoshop Elements 10: The Missing Manual Also find a print out of the key board short cuts. Once you understand the basics it starts to get easier.

Saving your work is confusing at first with all the options available to you. Let PS save the way it wants to, and never move a file from where PS thinks it is. The next time you try to open PS it will go fruit loops and spend the next five hours looking for it.

After a few days things start to make sense, and you start to figure out how things work. I am using PS on Windows 7, and a Mac also. Works just as well on both OS.

Once things start to congeal it is a very excellent program that will allow you to make beautiful pictures with which you can bore your friends!
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on October 5, 2011
I am a user of Photoshop Elements. I downgraded from Photoshop CS(x) as I no longer needed such a powerful program. Adobe Elements offers all of the features that most home users want or need. I have given it four stars instead of five because I think the Help component is lacking.

As to the other reviewer who gave this program 1 star, I have to point out that Adobe Photoshop Elements is NOT movie editing software. It is photo editing software. Perhaps she was referring to Adobe Premiere Elements, which is a movie editing software application.
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on December 11, 2011
If you are like me, you will never pay the ridiculous amount of money that Adobe charges for one of their silly Adobe Suites. Specially now that you can rent Photoshop for a monthly fee, if you visit the Adobe site you can read more about this unique feature, I love it, welcome to the future. If you need the full version of Photoshop in a pinch for a short term job, renting it for one month directly from Adobe is by far your least expensive option.

I got Photoshop Elements only because I wanted to use some expensive plug-ins which have nothing to do with Adobe, these plug-ins are even more expensive than Elements but now I don't need to buy an entire Adobe Suite just to use a nice plug-in to enhance my photos. If you have a Mac you don't need Elements to use plug-ins, you can use Apple's "Aperture" too.

This latest version of Elements (version 10 only) allows you to open old Photoshop files that contain layer masks and edit them. Basically I use Elements on my travel netbooks. Another, nice feature only available on this latest versions of Elements is the ability to create HDR images.

Here are more pros and cons:

-It is a good deal if you can get it for half-price, it is NOT a good deal at full price.
-It is a good substitute for Photoshop Pro if you are a student and don't need to do actual print work. In other words, it is good for purely digital or internet work albeit there are ways to work around some of its limitations for print. It does not have CMYK mode.

-For some unknown reason Elements takes a very long time to save certain file types (png), up to two minutes in some cases.
-The Organizer replaces the old Browser for no reason other than to annoy you, it is useless. I use a third party app called GraphicConverter to organize photos instead.
-Elements 10 is spam ridden, even though it costs $100, Adobe pushes their pop-up ads upon opening the software. There is no clear way to stop this behavior. Shame on Adobe.
-Elements does not have CMYK capabilities. None.
-The menu interface does not match the experience you have with Photoshop Pro. It takes a long time to find the menu item that your are looking for and using both softwares at the same time would be cumbersome or confusing for this reason.
-There is no upgrade path from version to version. When Photoshop 11 comes out next year, Adobe will charge you full price for it. There is no reason why this should be so.
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on November 1, 2011
I updated from Adobe Elements 4. So for me, it was a major upgrade. I like the darker interface. I can see the photos better while I edit them. I've taken washed out photos of beautiful landscape and improved them dramatically with this software. The potential is in this editor to do some great things to bad photos.

Some people have really bashed this software giving it one star ratings. There is no way this software deserves one or even two stars. It is clearly a three to four star product, and could be 5 stars if they would just continue giving us amateurs more of the guided edits that professionals use. I think that is the key for this software to become a 5 star product. There are a few great guided edits included. The "Depth of Field" is a great way to make some photos appear as if they were taken with an expensive DSLR camera. The guided edit does all the layering for you and makes it EXTREMELY easy to get the effect. I would like to see them release a $20-$30 update for this software in the near future as a "bonus package" filled with additional edits to add. That would really set this editor off!
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on November 3, 2011
Platform: PC/Mac DiscVine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I installed Photoshop Elements 10 on my 2.8 GHz i7 iMac, running System 10.6.8. Since many reviewers have thoroughly discussed the features of Photoshop Elements already, I am focusing this review on my experiences with using the application in conjunction with Apple iPhoto.

*My main camera is a 7-year old "prosumer" Nikon. Back when my camera was new, digital SLR's were primarily targeted to professionals and compact digital cameras had extremely limited functionality. Even though prosumer cameras aren't a significant presence in today's digital camera market, these cameras still produce better images than most current compacts due to their relatively large image sensors.
*I also have a collection of images that were scanned from 35mm film prints. Many of these pix have faded colors as well as digital artifacts from the scanning process.

My review perspective
*I use iPhoto as my main photo repository and for simple tasks such as cropping, straightening, and basic exposure adjustments. I want to use Photoshop Elements to do things that are beyond iPhoto's capabilities, including correcting lens distortion on wide-angle shots, cleaning up and enhancing scanned photos, and making extensive alterations to images (such as removing an unwanted bystander from an architectural shot or blurring a distracting background).

*Total installation time was about 25 minutes.
*Users of Little Snitch (a network security utility) need to approve connections to Adobe servers at several points during the installation process.
*Adobe Elements Organizer 10, a bundled image indexing and organizing program, can import your iPhoto library automatically but creates duplicates of your photos. If you're low on hard drive space, you probably won't want to use Elements Organizer.

User experience
*Photoshop Elements is a feature-laden and complex application. As a result, it has a steep learning curve, especially for Mac users. Much of the user interface is un-Mac like. It takes some time to become accustomed to how the program functions.
*Fortunately, the Help system is extensive and includes many step-by-step guides.
*Once you become comfortable using the program, it's a powerful tool for editing and manipulating photographs. In many ways, Photoshop has transformed photography. Now, instead of worrying about exposure, composition, and everything else when you're out shooting, all you need to do is get a halfway decent image of your subject. It's now possible to manipulate pretty much every aspect of a picture in post-processing as long as you have an in-focus image and sufficient pixels to work with.
*The program does everything I wanted it to do initially and, even better, has opened up many new ways to be creative with my photos. The extensive collection of effects, filters, advanced exposure controls, and editing tools has reignited my interest in photography.

Bottom line
*Photoshop Elements is an outstanding application for photographers who need more advanced tools than iPhoto provides. The only real downside for Mac users is that Photoshop Elements is time consuming to learn and requires regular use to maintain one's skills. Four stars.
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on October 27, 2011
Platform: PC/Mac DiscVine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
It took approximately about 10 minutes to install Adobe Photoshop Elements 10. I also have Adobe Photoshop Elements 9 installed on the same laptop (3-Yr old ASUS/Windows 7 64bit/4GB Memory). When I previously installed Adobe Photoshop Elements 9, I kept Adobe Photoshop Elements 8 installed on the same machine also, so you can easy have previous versions of Adobe Photoshop Elements installed side by side.

Once installed, the software easily imports your previous settings of older Photoshop Elements software, and ties in with your account on where you are given 2 GB of free storage for sharing your photos and other extra tools online. If your a first time user, the software smoothly and easily gives you prompts to setup your free account with

The interface for version 10 is very similar to version 8 and 9 of Adobe Photoshop Elements so users of those versions won't feel like their lost in this new version. It has a dark greyish/black interface, buttons and blackground, which I've never been a fan of. Darker interfaces are hard my eyes and I wish it could be customized the program to a lighter color, at least for it's background. The start up of this program is slow, about the same speed as versions 8 and 9 but once up and running the slowness disappears.

Adobe Photoshop Elements 10 offers several new features and enhancements to the previous tool sets. If you are on a version older than Adobe Photoshop Elements 9, I'd say Adobe Photoshop Elements 10 is a worthwhile invest to make, especially for the Spot Healing Brush's ability to crop out unwanted objects from photos or repair creases and marks in old photos as if they were never there, otherwise I don't think users of Adobe Photoshop Elements 9 will find the new and enhancement of older tools worth the upgrade. The Adobe website has a good comparison chart between version 9 and 10, making it easy to see the new and enhanced features, which seem to be mainly centered around integrating Adobe Photoshop Elements with Social Media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Smug Mug and Flick and improved sharing capabilities with family and friends.

As a moderately competent user of Adobe Photoshop CS5 also, I think Adobe Photoshop Elements 10 is a very user-friendly photo editing software for those who aren't familiar with photo editing and creation. It provides numerous tooltips while using the software, in additional to easy to understand and follow video tutorials on most of it's features. I think it also provides a rich set of tools for photo editing and creations at a reasonable price.
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on December 22, 2011
Words can't describe how much I can't stand Adobe Photoshop Elements 10 right now!
Why does Adobe INSIST on stripping otherwise great software down with each new version.

Problems in this version (Using this on a Mac):
1) You can't export a photo from the File menu in Organizer anymore. It's gone! Poof! Missing!
- Sure, they'll let you upload to their stupid website, upload to Facebook, import into an email, or any of that, but I just want to RESIZE AND EXPORT the files to my DESKTOP! Like I used to be able to do in Elements 6!!!
- The attach to an email is about the closest you can get to the old format, but it wants to stick them in an email (which I DON'T want to do! I just want to resize the images and put them on my desktop--you know, like I could do in Elements 6.0)
- I even tried going into Elements Editor. The Export menu? grayed out! Try & resize? You can't resize in pixels! My gosh Adobe, what gives?

2) I DARE you to try & make a greeting card and print it on your printer in Elements 10.
- It'll let you go clear through the wizard, but when you go to print it, you can't get it to ACTUALLY PRINT RIGHT!!!
- I just wanted a simple folding card in 8.5 x 11. Unfortunately, when I go to print it, it prints 3 sheets! What's with that?
- So I tried printing pages 2 & 3. It created over 100 print jobs! (I literally had to kill the program & kill the print jobs)
- Photoshop DOES NOT like to print pages 2-3 of a 3 page document. Ain't gonna happen.
- You can't even PREVIEW pages 2-3 of a 3 page document. It made over 300 preview instances before the machine ran out of memory!

3) The Help Menu BITES!!!
- All the help topics are for Elements 9 or lower.
- Frankly, I wonder if they've even gotten around to WRITING the Elements 10 help documents!
I even tried searching online for the help for Elements 10. Good luck with that one!
- Tech support? WHAT TECH SUPPORT? "Here, look at our overly confusing forums or knowledge base articles!" Oh, but DON'T call us! We can't let you do that! Noooooo! (But pay us extra money for all the extra services we want you to buy!) Sheesh!

4) It REFUSES to convert a 6.0 elements catalog!
- I followed the instructions. Downloaded the PC version and tried to convert the catalog. It kept failing
- I repaired the catalog in 6.0 (which 6.0 thinks is JUST FINE, thank you very much!) and then retried. No dice!
- This thing CANNOT convert a 6.0 elements catalog to save it life!
- Reorganizing over 20,000 photos just because the new software can't understand the old software (which it CLAIMS that it can!) is not fun

5) It keeps pushing their online services.
- If I REALLY wanted to pay Adobe gobs of money to back up my photos, I would. But I don't! So go away!
- If I REALLY wanted to pay Shutterfly or some other service to print my photos, I would. But I don't! So leave me alone!
- If I really wanted to use a 3rd party to print my greeting cards, I WOULD HAVE GONE TO HALLMARK! Just let me print the card on my printer already!

6) It's slow!
- I have a brand spankin' new iMac G7 16 GB of RAM, and scrolling through the pictures or doing actions STILL has a delay
- Come on! What's with that? Top of the line iMac, loaded to the gills with RAM and you STILL are going to run slow?
- Someone in the software optimization department at Adobe should be fired!
- Adobe, you've been making photoshop software for years now. You'd THINK you could figure out how to optimize it to run fast!

I loathe this software! I long to have Elements 6.0 back! Even at 20,000 images (and on a PC even) the software actually was fast, worked well, and did the job I needed it to. I REALLY wanted this software to work. I spent HOURS trying to get it to work. But for now, it's just a crippled piece of garbage of it's former self (ie. Elements 6.0) that tries to get you to send Adobe more money for services you have no intention of ever using.
In a word, the new software stinks! Don't bother.

I installed a trial copy on my PC. Yep! I can export again from Organizer!
- Why you can't do it in Mac is beyond me. Even Google's FREE Picasa can export to your desktop on a Mac!
I tried doing a greeting card. Nope! Still won't print it right (no matter what settings you try). It keeps trying to print 3 separate pages.
Help menu's aren't any better under Windows.

I gave up. It's going back to Amazon for a refund. Pandora (which is FREE by the way) CAN organize my files, CAN stay synced with my folders, CAN export picture, CAN edit the pictures, CAN handle all 20,000 photos, LOADS faster than Photoshop Elements, and WILL work on both my Mac and my PC (and stay synced with my folders too!)
Bye bye Adobe Photoshop Elements 10! You definitely won't be missed!
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VINE VOICEon October 26, 2011
Platform: PC/Mac DiscVine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Adobe Photoshop Elements is the "best of breed" when it comes to photo editing. I have been using Elements since version 2.0, which I got bundled with my first digital Canon camera, many years ago. The initial learning curve is a little steep, but once you get the hand of it, anything is possible.

I shoot pictures using the RAW format, and individually correct each photo in Elements. Over the recent versions, the RAW editor has been enhanced to where making adjustments to such things as white balance, exposure and color temperature are easy and intuitive. And making pictures "pop" with color "vibrance" and saturation is easy and fun as well.

Elements 10 is feature rich software with both basic and advanced tools, as well as a set of evolving "guided" features to point you in the right direction. Once a picture is edited, it can be enhanced with anything that you can imagine. There is virtually no limit to how an image can be fixed or modified.

This is a product for both beginners and professionals. In this class of software products, this is the one to pick for the long haul.
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