Customer Reviews: Adonit Jot Pro Fine Point Stylus for iPad, iPhone, iPod, Kindle Fire and Other Touch Screen Tablets (First Generation) - Turquoise
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on November 2, 2011
If you are drawing with this stylus, then this is the one for you, look no further.

BUT, if you like to swipe with your stylus, write notes while in meetings, and do other things like play games (which most require some form of a swipe or quick motion), this one is definitely not for you.

The Jot Pro is loud when using it against my iPad's screen. The best way to describe this noise is a muted clicking sound a pen makes. Making noise, at least for me, is not good in meetings.

When I try to swipe using the Jot Pro, the speed of the swipe "burns" off a little of the plastic tip each time, leaving smudge marks that are hard to wipe off my screen. If you have screen protection (my iPad has none, but my iPhone has Zagg's Invisible Shield), the Jot Pro sticks when trying to do ANYTHING. So writing, drawing, much less swiping, is out of the question.

I wanted to love this stylus so bad. If all I did were draw all day and write notes to myself, this would be the perfect stylus for me, but I don't.
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on October 15, 2011
Since I discovered Note Taker HD I realized that I could turn my iPad into serious note-taking machine. I've used Griffin, Boxwave and AYL styli before I purchased the Jot Pro. The Jot is good looking, high quality and comfortable in my hand. It feels like a scientific instrument. The huge advantage of the Jot is that it's precise -- close to the styli for tablet computers. My writing is better formed with the Jot than any other stylus I've tried. I like the fact that I can also see what I'm writing while I'm writing it. The precision alone makes this stylus a keeper.

Unfortunately, it also has some characteristics that I definitely don't like:
- It tends to bounce on my glass screen as I write. This can leave extra marks on the page as well as mis-formed letters. I have to use a very light touch and slow down a bit to keep the pen on the glass.
- The tip goes click click as it contacts the glass. The clicking will be distracting when I'm taking notes in meetings or doing interviews.
- The Jot is not as good a pointer as the rubber tipped styli. I sometimes have to touch a hotspot twice to activate it.

Now I'm using the Jot Pro for taking notes and the AYL for times when I just want to navigate. I'm going to put a screen protector on my iPad and see if that doesn't reduce the bounce and clicking. I think it's worth investing more effort in the Jot Pro because its precision is so much better than the others. If the negatives put you off, try the AYL stylus. It's the smoothest and fastest writing stylus I've used.
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on October 29, 2011
I stumbled across this stylus while trying to research a stylus that would make me happy. I was looking for a stylus that would allow me to write smoothly and accurately on my Ipad and one that did not draw lines like a giant magic marker. I read a review for the Jot Pro and decided to try it. I had purchased several different types of stylus trying to find one that could simulate my handwriting with a pen and draw fine lines. All of them disappointed. The Jot Pro arrived in an attractive package and looked a lot like a pen. I had a little bit of trouble getting it out of the packaging but that may have more to do with my impatience. The lid needs to be unscrewed from its part of the packaging. The Jot Pro feels nice and solid like a good pen. The grip helps a lot with control and handling. The difference between this and other styli is the clear disk that is the tip. This provides very smooth movement and you can see what you are writing. There is a bit of a clicking noise as you lift and place the stylus against the tablet. I worried at first about scratching my Ipad screen but that was not a problem. With the addition of a screen protector the clicking has been reduced significantly. There is a very small learning curve for the amount of pressure to use but soon I was off writing notes and journals with no troubles. The magnet that is supposed to hold it close the the Ipad 2 does not seem strong enough for me to comfortably trust it. I could easily see the stylus falling. Since I carry my Ipad around all day without a purse or bag I used some decorative duct tape and taped a tether to the top. I wish having a tether were an option since I don't want to lose my stylus. I would recommend you buy a set of spare tips when you purchase the Jot. I dropped mine off of my desk one day and the tip was knocked off of it. Fortunately I was able to find it but there was a bit of panic until it had been located. Without the tip the stylus can not be used. The tips are easily removed and replaced but not so easily that they just fall off. I later purchased a regular Jot also which does not have the magnet or grip. Without the grip I found it hard to control and it felt slippery. I am sure if add a third party pencil grip I will be happy with it also. The only reason this got 4 instead of 5 stars is the magnet and lack of a tether. option.
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on April 14, 2012
I specifically bought this stylus to use with the 'Paper' app on my iPad (3rd generation).

I haven't had the luxury of trying another stylus to compare this against, so it may be the best of what's around, but here are my thoughts:

1. I found that each time I lifted the stylus and placed it back down I had to make sure that the disc settled flat before starting to draw. This wasn't very natural for me.
2. Despite the marketing that says the disc gives you the freedom of drawing at most angles, I actually found that the range was fairly standard. I'm just estimating here, but I would say you can't go less than 45 degrees from the screen before the disc lifts and the stylus stops working.

While I could actually deal with the above, I ended up returning the stylus because I found that it was leaving hairline scratches on my screen. I'm really glad that I noticed this sooner than later, since they can't be buffed out with the microfiber cloth, and I had only done one drawing at that point so they are fairly minimal at this point.

I'm not sure if this is the fault of the stylus, or some tiny little dust particle that got underneath the disc, but either way it's a game killer for me. I keep my screen clean, and I just can't risk permanently damaging it more.

The good news is: I can't see the scratches when the backlight is on (when using the iPad), which is the most important thing. Regardless, I don't want to continue scratching up a six-hundred dollar plus device needlessly.
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on October 9, 2011
As close to a pen like experience you can get with an capacitive stylus. Accurate and feels like you are using a pen instead of a sausage link (like say the boxwave stylus). Also feels like a premium stylus in the metal casing.

The only negatives are the lack of a clip and the cap is screw on. Also the precision disc on mine wasn't perfectly clear (some glue residue on it or something) but Adonit sent me two replacement discs. Great customer service.

EDIT: I orignally reviewed this stylus based on use on the ipad. It is a perfect stylus for the ipad.

However I have tried this on the acer W500, exopc and also the HTC flyer. For all three the Jot is not a smooth experience and I would not recommend it for any of these devices. The ink doesn't match well with what is actually drawn. I am not sure if it was the apps I used, the OS or the screens being incompatible. In any case I wouldn't recommend it for windows 7 or android unless you know someone who has tried it with success on your particular device and app.
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on January 14, 2012
I received the adonit jot for a christmas present for my wife because I take notes for school on my ipad on the app notability. Anyway I was stoked to use it for class and it was by far the best stylus I have ever used. No drag, very precise, and an overall good writing stylus almost like writing with a ball point pen. But two things went wrong with this stylus. It is extremely loud to use during class if you are in a small classroom and the other thing is that after using it twice the disc's glue separated in the middle of class and then it was completely useless. Very poorly made discs. I just ordered replacements so we will see how it works from here but the other thing that was ridiculous is Adonit claims to have a money back, questions asked guarantee so I figured they would at least give me replacement disc for free. So after jumping hoops, writing 14 emails I gave up because they had below subpar customer service and I couldn't get a straight answer from them without getting in their face and being impatient. Overall, pray you don't have a problem with the pen because if you don't it will be the best stylus you'll ever use. But if you have problems, GOOD LUCK!!
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on April 6, 2012
I have long wanted to be able to ditch my yellow legal pads and pens and go with electronic notes. But typing at a keyboard, even on an Airbook or iPad, never really worked, especially in a courtroom setting. So I ended up experimenting with literally dozens of combinations of note-taking apps and styli. I think I've got the apps pretty much nailed down, and my quest for the best stylus definitely has reached a successful conclusion. Having tried at least a dozen of the other "top of the line" products, the Adonit Jot Pro stylus leaves everything else in the dust (at least when the task at hand is handwritten notes). First, it is the correct size, weight, and balance for a premium writing instrument. It feels good to hold and use, and it is not fatiguing all. It also looks good, which is nice in a professional setting. But what makes the Adonit absolutely stand out from the crowd is the way the designers placed a thin, transparent, freely pivoting disc at the tip of the stylus so you get the capacitive connection you need, but maintain the ability to see the precise tip of what looks like a ballpoint pen so you can get it to exactly the point you want it on the writing surface. Virtually every other capacitive stylus on the market has, by comparison, a large rubberized or felt tip that feels very imprecise unless you write in unnaturally large print. Competitive products make you feel like you're taking notes with with a large marker or crayon rather than a real pen. The Adonit is good for printed text, but I find that 95% of the time I'm using it I prefer to write in cursive, for which the Adonit is VERY GOOD. Remarkable really. I use it on my new iPad along with Penultimate, primarily because it has the best left-handed palm protection on the market, IMO. I jot notes down all day long with Adonit, and every once in a while, especially if I go on a few pages about something case-specific, then I just "send" my hand written notes out of Penultimate into EverNote for permanent organization and management. I feel like Adonit has given me the foundation for my paperless holy grail work system. The only improvement I can suggest for this top notch product is that the stylus come with a clip of some sort. Until then, I am buying mechanical pencils at Staples just to remove the clips and place them on my Adonit. Also, one last caution: the Adonit does not float freely enough over some screen protectors to provide a superior handwriting experience. But the the stylus is so good, you may find yourself doing what I did, which is removing the after-market screen protector film entirely, and just trying to use caution to avoid scratches. So far so good here, but for my own peace of mind I may purchase a no-fault service contract just in case.

BOTTOM LINE: If you want to take a lot of handwritten notes on an iPad, then compared to the Adonit Pro everything else out ends up feeling like little more than an a toy by comparison. Effective handwriting demands the ability to see where the writing instrument contacts the paper (or screen), and Adonit is about the only manufacturer to figured this out.

PS - I'm not a schill for this company. I'm a lawyer in Park City, Utah with pretty demanding requirements. And I'm certainly open to trying out something else if someone has a product they believe competes favorable with Adonit.
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on October 10, 2011
I got a Jot Pro through Kickstarter and use it primarily with an iPad2 with a Zagg AntiSmudge (matte) film. Have had it about a month and really like it. When you remove the cap and place it on the end, the Jot is the same length and width as a ball point pen; holding and writing with it feels very natural. The rubber grip is helpful, neither too tacky nor too soft. With the most drawing programs, the width of the line is determined by the app. Jot's fine tip allows you to more precisely place that line versus a bigger foam tip or finger.

Several months ago, I bought the Targus stylus. The Jot Pro is about 1.5" longer, so it's more comfortable to hold (I have big hands). On the Zagg film, the Jot disc tip doesn't drag as much as Targus' foam tip. The difference in drag is similar to that of a gel pen versus a crayon on plain paper. It doesn't bother me much for drawing, but for writing it is noticeable.

The turquoise color is a little darker and greener than shown on my monitor, but it is still fun, bright and visible when buried in a purse. The magnetic attachment is cool and I like losing the clip, but for the $$$, I'll keep it in the bag, thanks. Last note: unless the packaging has changed, removing the cap seems tricky. It isn't, just unscrew it from the plastic holder (it took me 10 minutes to figure that out).
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on May 5, 2012
I use Notability and neu.Notes as well as other writing/drawing apps on iPad. Use them a lot. I like writing in digital ink for work and personal use... for me, just like using paper, and when it auto-syncs as pdfs to Dropbox, we have a winner method. So, the stylus is important to me and one or more are always with me.

My first stylus was Bamboo Wacom, liked it, but the rubber tip tore within 10 days, and low and behold, Wacom hasn't had any replacement tips available for a long time and only stall you when you call and ask. Fail. For $30 you expect more, and replacement tips.

So, tried several other rubber tipped styli (hollow bulb types, 8mm and 6mm), and they tore in short order -- all price ranges. Ok, so if you put your rubber tipped stylus in your pants pocket, it will tear. Fact. Also a fact, few brands provide a real cap to cover up the rubber tip for such situations. They must think people just sit at desks with their styli. Fail.

BTW, one thing I learned about the hollow rubber tipped styli -- with few exceptions they are the same whether you pay $30 or $3 for them... yes you can get *excellent* rubber tipped styli for about $3 each (or less!) on Amazon and other online suppliers. I now have a significant supply of them.

The brush-style tips won't work for regular writing... I take written notes, and don't do digital painting much. But one day I'll try one just for grins.

Finally, I decided to try the counter-intuitive (in my mind) Adonit Jot Pro and the Dagi styluses --- the ones with the little clear plastic disc on the tips instead of a rubber tip or brush. Tried the Dagi first, it's tip is spring-loaded... LOVED IT... such smooth and precise action. But, their so-called "protective cap" sucks hugely and doesn't seat firmly on the back-end of the too-short stylus while using it, so the cap is easily lost or dropped while writing. And now that I've been through 2 of the Dagi's I've discovered they include in the packaging the *wrong* replacement tip... too big and doesn't work. And, after about 2 weeks of use the spring breaks due to wear. To boot, Dagi is based in Taiwan and don't have a U.S. presence to help w/ problems. Fail. Still, I have found Dagi has the best feel of all styli, in terms of smooth action... despite its other shortcomings.

Frustrated with Dagi's so-close yet so-far solution, I turned to Adonit and their Jot Pro which uses the same clear plastic disc tip concept as Dagi, but doesn't have the spring loaded feature. Low and behold -- a winner, mostly! It has the same smooth gliding action as the Dagi -- though you do notice the lack of the spring shock absorber at first, but adjust to. And the stylus is the proper length... like a regular pen would be... fits in the hand much better than all the shorties that everyone else produces. And the protective cap screws onto the tip area and to the back area... won't get lost or fall off.

I am happy now. At last. After dozens of brands and models of styli. My only gripe is that the Jot Pro needs a pocket clip, not so much for clipping to your pocket, but to give you some additional support for the rather slick and slippery smooth metal casing AND to keep it from rolling off your desk, which it will, guaranteed. What I've learned is that if you drop a Jot Pro with the tip exposed, you'll likely crack the little clear disc and have to replace it.

I'm sure other styli will come out, eventually one that nails it every department. Until then, and only for this brief moment, I am convinced that the Adonit Jot Pro is the best for me.
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on April 10, 2012
Editing my review to warn others that this product scratches your screen.

IT SCRATHES YOUR IPAD SCREEN. I put it down after my initial review but tried it again when I got a new iPad and it left scratches all over my screen. Stay away from this product. Just google the name + scratches. It is a major problem. They claim it only happens to a small pcentage of users and that it's not a fault of the product but I rarely ever see this sort of scratching associated with any other stylus. You've been warned.

I picked this up solely for the purpose of using it with Draw Something. If you've read any articles on the game or seen any collections of "best" draws, it's more than likely you've seen some of my stuff under the name "Fobwashed" though in most places I go uncredited. Do a google search and you should find it pretty easy.

Anyway, I'm giving this product 1 star because it completely fails to do the one thing I purchased it to do. The build quality is fine, and if you're using it for basic tapping and drawing, then it's fine. If you want it for the "precision" it advertises, buyer beware.

After playing with it for a little while across multiple drawing apps, I can safely say, I vastly, VASTLY prefer my finger over this product. The main and only reason being that while you can see through the clear disk when you draw, the point at which you are drawing seems to be randomly anywhere in the area the disk covers. If you start tapping out dots, you can begin to predict where it'll appear but only while you're making that same exact motion. Never has the draw been where the tip of the sylus meets the iPad but rather it's always about halfway between the tip and the outer edge of the clear ring.

I highly recommend you do not buy this product if you're buying it to increase the precision in your drawing. While I do prefer using a pen or stylus to draw on my Wacom, on the iPad, this thing is far too unpredictable to be used for anything more than just a tapping tool or to jot down LARGE FONT notes. Because for some reason, it also doesn't write and register lines very well neither. All in all, does not work as advertised and way overpriced for a tap stick.
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