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Advanced Pure Air Newport 9000 Air Purifier
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on January 4, 2011
look at the list below and shop around. all are just re-branded and re-designed cosmetically, if not at all. buy the one with the best price since they are all generic off-brands. should buy it through amazon just to guarantee satisfaction/return/exchange if anything happens. the filters are the same for most and are interchangeable. just double check.

japanese original:

mitsubishi mhi-6800

chinese / re-manufactured clones:

surround air xj-3800 intelli-pro
multi-tech intelli-pro
advanced pure air newport 9000/ap-9000
heaven fresh hf-380-a/xj-3800
naturopure hf-380
alive air hf-380-a
airpod as
maier biohepa hybrid mhi-6800
... and many others.

hope this helps my fellow amazon peeps get their moneys worth!
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on July 8, 2008
Verified Purchase
Shopping for the right air cleaner in my opinion is more of a challange than shopping for a new car. I studied most all of them and found that there are many con-games going on with cleaver advertise schemes. I ended up purchasing both Newport 9000 and the Sharp FP-N60CX because I couldn't decide. And I love both. It has been six months and they are on all the time -- contineous. I have four large dogs, the air is fresh and my girfriend with dog allergies is doing fine. I have found both reliable economical and working as advertised. I use the Newport in the larger living-room and the Sharp in the bedroom. They both appear to be on the leading edge of technology sampling the air and automatically adjust. Both are operating in the automatic mode day and night -- noise is not a problem. Perfectly Satisfied.
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on January 5, 2010

Having lived with these (I bought 3 of them to place strategically throughout the house), I can still recommend them. They do a very good job. Filter life is very good and cleaning is not nearly as difficult as I thought it would be. That said, the light to tell me to clean them comes on much sooner after each cleaning now than when the units were new. Possibly I'm not as thorough cleaning as I should be? Also, I said they were quiet enough to sleep with them on and that's still true. BUT, the blue light they emit is distracting; I still need to turn them off at night. But not an issue. I would buy this unit again.


I bought this mostly to deal with the smell of my wife's cigarette smoke. I knew that a unit like this would not make the smell of smoke completely go away, but it does a pretty decent job of it. I thought the air smelled fresher, but I'm too used to the smell. Friends tell me that they still smell the smoke, but it's less than before. At this price, that's probably the best I can hope for.

I also like how quiet the unit is. I've researched many different models and read many complaints about the noise. I'm a light sleeper and would have no difficulty sleeping with this on at it's lowest settings. It doesn't compete at all with conversation or TV. Now, the reality is that it's quieter because it's fan speeds at each level are a little less than on competing units which means that it's moving less air, but I find the result to be just fine if left to run at the lowest settings.

It's too new for me to have to clean the permanent filter or replace the others yet. I'm told that cleaning the main filter is a pain, but that seems to be true of all models. The replaceable filters for this unit seem more reasonably priced than other models I've looked at.

The only other issue is the aesthetic. It has a very contemporary design. Pretty nice looking if that's the way you've decorated your home, but our decor is very colonial so it looks a bit out of place.

So the smoke smell didn't completely go away, but it's definitely better, and this unit is reasonably priced and pleasant to live with. I think it's a good value and am preparing to purchase a second unit for upstairs.
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on December 7, 2008
This product is awesome. I don't care about what they say regarding noisy air purifiers, or large or whatever. This product beats it all. First it has 4 speeds and an auto mode, when it on medium or high it's almost as comparable to a regular fan, but still not as noisy as an A/C. Also it's REALY QUIET on quiet speed, believe me you won't hear a thing (maybe the white noise a little). Then There's awesome looking shape of it. It looks nice so it'll go well with your furniture. Then there's the amazing power of purifying the air. It utilizes a 9 stage system for filtering, believe me it works. I smoke cigars, and turn this beast on to get rid of the smoke, so that my wife doesn't get on my case. After running for 8 hours on high no cigar smoke or smell at all. THIS IS GOOD PEOPLE, I'm talking about cigars here not cigarettes, or cooking or pet odor. Plus when its on auto mode, it has a sensor so whenever it picks up on dust or odor it kicks into high gear to get rid of the smell and then cools back down. Last and maybe a key factor, this air purifier is considerably cheaper than most and gets the job done better than it's more expensive adversaries. So I recommend this air purifier for those looking for a system that delivers great power but at a reasonable price.
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on September 1, 2013
Verified Purchase
Purchased 2 of these units in April, 2013. They arrived in good shape and set up was 5 minutes tops. We have one between the kitchen and dining room and the other is in the living room where we gather to watch TV when we have a minute.

First thing I noticed is that kitchen smells are GONE literally within an hour of cooking(Okay, Salmon may take 2-3 hours). Point is we have noticed a huge difference is air quality. For me I need to "see the difference" to be completely sold. I cleaned the top shelf of bakers rack and monitored the amount of dust collecting there after the filters were installed. Whereas we had to dust that rack twice per week we now dust it every other week. Now to qualify that - the bakers rack is located 7 feet from one of the filters.

Our allergies have decreased significantly since the units were installed.

The units work very well.

Now I read some of the lesser ratings and would like to help those of you considering this unit with some of the maintenance issues reported.

First, TAKE THE PLASTIC OFF THE HEPA FILTER BEFORE USE. If there isn't a red piece of paper in the box that says that, or if there isn't a sticker across the controls that says that, you heard it here first. The HEPA filter is shipped in a plastic bag to keep the charcoal fresh.

Now when the time comes to clean the unit, a vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment works best. Clean each piece with the vacuum, front and back. The metal grid has a whisper-thin piece of wire which you need to be careful with. You can actually unhook the wire and remove it for cleaning but this is not necessary. If you use soap/water on any of the metal filters you should dry them quickly and thoroughly. The only part I use soap/water on is the metal grid. All other filters I vacuum only.

Some customers have reported that the light/sensor doesn't work after cleaning the filter. The sensors need to be rest after each cleaning - something the instructions don't make very clear. To rest the filters do the following:

Have the unit completely cleaned and reassembled ready for use - all covers in place.
Plug the unit in and make sure the unit is OFF. (If the unit was ON when you unplugged it it will be ON when you plug it back in - Make sure the unit is OFF.
There is a pin-hole labeled "RESET" on the front of the unit - right side. There are also large buttons labeled "FLOW" and "TIMER". Using a paperclip or similar, push the RESET and TIMER at the same time and hold for 2 seconds. You will hear a "beep,beep". Release.
Do the same thing with FLOW and RESET. You will hear the same beeps.

Again, the unit must be plugged in but turned OFF to do the reset.

Your unit is now rest and ready to go.

Hope this helps y'all out. I think these units work exceptionally well for the price-point. I think it somewhat unrealistic to expect this class of air purifier to provide "Clean Room" performance but for the money this is probably one of the best machines out there. We've noticed a huge reduction in odors and dust in the house. Allergies are far less severe now that these units are running. They are quiet except for on the highest setting - and even then for the amount of air that's being moved it isn't bad. The lights are bright but not an issue for us as we don't have them in the bedroom.
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on January 17, 2012
Verified Purchase
My dad is a 4 pack a day smoker (no that is not a typo) and while I was not expecting a complete removal of all tobacco odors when I visit but the difference is easily worth the price. I have tired many other units and state this purifier has been highly effective in addressing smoke and reducing odors. In fact this performed better than a $400 purifier I purchased previously (eBay). Yeah it would be nice if he would just quit smoking but this is the second best option. Here's my report after one month of use..

I purchased this item from Real Spirit USA (read other reviews for alternate names for this unit so you get the best price) and Amazon was the shipper. Styrofoam snugly protected the unit inside the nondescript white box, which was then packaged inside an even large Amazon brown box. No complaints and no transit damage (good job Amazon).

As you noticed I denote 'expectations are reasonable' in the title because one must remember these types of smaller units will never perform to the same level as a home filter which is inline to your AC system. Those that think ANY purification unit (let alone a portable one) will ensure you have no dust or smells ever again need to bring their expectations within reason...or maybe read the instruction manual. If you want to maximize the return on your investment with this Air Purifier here's some steps you should take:

* READ THE INSTRUCTIONS. I found these to actually have some good recommendations that will improve your experience. It's your choice though =P

* The paper media filter inside the purifier comes wrapped in cellophane. You need to remove this and reinstall the filter before use.

* If you know where the particulates/smell originates from place the unit as close as possible to the source or in the direct path of the area you are trying to 'protect'. If you stick in a corner with minimal airflow away from the source then the room will fill with impurities before it can be detected.

* Air is drawn in from the front and sides of the unit and ejected up though the top; ensure a few feet of clearance in these areas. Blocking the top will cause clean air to recycle back to the inlet while blocking the front/sides restrict air into the unit. In both cases this might reduce the amount of dirty air processed.

* Before plugging in the unit thoroughly air the area. If particulates or odors are present when you plug it in the unit will assume this is the baseline and an acceptable environment.

* When you plug in the unit wait 2 minutes before starting. Again wait 2 minutes before turning it on!!!!

* While still airing out the room turn the unit on and set it to high for a couple of hours. This will ensure odors are purged from the filters and electronics. This is actually a common issue anytime you have plastic and/or charged's similar to the 'new car' smell people love so much that lingers for a while.

* The instructions state when the unit is off for extended period of time you may need to recalibrate after operating for a few days. Following this recommendation I recalibrated the unit and noticed a distinct improvement in odor detection.

* The odor sensors are generally detect and trigger based upon molecules with an alcohol side chain (-OH). This is also commonly found in perfumes and home fragrances so you can accidentally trigger your unit because you're also using a Glade plug-in ;-) The unit isn't going to be selective in filtering "good" versus "bad" odors.

* To the reviewer who blew dust into the 'particulate' sensor - this is not possible and you likely blew dust into the odor sensor. The particulate sensor is behind the front cover and the safety mechanism prevents the unit from operating without the cover in place.

It's nice to finally be able to sit down and talk with my dad without my eyes start watering and eventually running me outside for air!
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on November 8, 2011
I bought this air purifier one year ago (in 2010), when we had our twin babies arrive prematurely. With all the RSV and other respiratory infection worries, we needed something to keep the air clean in the babies room as they were going to be spending a lot of time in their. I was not expecting much from the device, considering it to be an investment in mollification of parental worries more than something that will actually help.

On arrival, I followed the instructions and had the device running smoothly. The device is quite quiet when left in the quiet (or auto under normal circumstances) mode. At higher speeds it has the typical sound of a table-top fan. Air is pulled in from the front and is thrown upwards after going through the layers of "things"! The air coming out of the filter has a slightly ionized feel/smell to it but only if you smell it close to the device.

The device was left on in the auto mode until the first cleaning. During that duration the device would work in quiet mode most of the time except when it detects allergens in the air. Since we don't smoke and the room was mostly a closed environment, this usually happened when someone used the hand sanitizer gel in the room. The vapors of the sanitizer were picked up by the purifier and it would purify the heck out of that smell!

About a month after being kept continuously on, I opened the purifier to clean it. I was surprised to see a good amount of dust captured in the pre-filter/dust-filter and some in the HEPA filter. There was also some dust/ash in the high-volt electrostatic grid. I cleaned everything and put it back together, however since then the auto speed function has not been working as the allergen detector is always lit so the purifier defaults to high speed. Since it was not a big deal for me, I have left it permanently on the quiet mode since then.

The purifier has been continuously running over a year now (except when I disconnect to clean it). I usually clean it every month, and if I miss cleaning it then the "Clean Grid" light comes on after about 2 months of continuous running. The HEPA filter and the UV bulb are still the original ones. The HEPA filter is still looking good, but I guess that is a function of the amount of dust/particles in the air.

I have not had any issues with the purifier in the last one year, except the stopping of the auto mode. I would like to figure out what went wrong and fix it if possible, but that is not very high on my priorities list as running the purifier on quiet mode is more than sufficient for me.

My babies never had any issues, now they are a year old and are past the high-risk stage - but the purifier continues to run in their room 24x7.

Some other notes:
1. Recently (in the last one month or so) the purifier has started making a very light whining sound - which does not seem to be coming from the fan. So, I am assuming either the bulb is nearing its life or the electrostatic grid is going to have some issues.
2. The pilot/indicator light (blue) on the purifier is quite bright. In fact, I have started using it as the night lamp in the babies room (since it is just the right amount of brightness, does not appear harsh and is on 24x7).
3. Though the manual advises that the electrostatic grid can be cleaned with water and soap, the grid did develop a mild case of rust after my cleaning so. Since then I have stuck to cleaning it dry.
4. The usual access to the purifier internals is quite easy for cleaning purposes. However this level of cleaning does not reach into the areas where the electronics reside and a lot of dust accumulates there with no way of cleaning - unless you open up the entire body. Opening up the entire body is not difficult, just more involved and will give you the satisfaction of having cleaned every nook and crevice in the device.
5. The UV bulb is right next to the TiO2 screen (as it should be), but be careful that you don't drop the screen on the bulb or you will have shattered glass and mercury all over.

All in all, I will gladly purchase another one of these if I need one for another room.
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on April 12, 2010
Verified Purchase
I have one of these going constantly in my daughter's bedroom by the rat cage. I'd like to get another couple for other parts of the house. Every 2 or 3 weeks it needs to be cleaned - all the large & fine particles trapped in the filters show that it's working well. I've had it over a year and I've not had to replace the HEPA filter yet. I just vacuum it each cleaning. The first two filters seem to capture most polutants before they get to the HEPA. Maybe there's more in it than I realize though. Replacement filters don't cost very much anyway.
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on October 16, 2010
Verified Purchase
Excellent product! Almost all the dust is gone in my apartment! It runs at setting "auto" and the fan speed adjust itself when dust or odor is detected. When sleeping I put it on "quiet" so I can sleep. I have recommended this product to my friends! I live in Norway so people have never heard of this product. I love that it have so many functions and filters!
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4 of 4 people found the following review helpful
on January 24, 2011
Verified Purchase
Only thing about purchase i did not like was warranty (1) year same product sold under different name (5) years (ultra-pure)
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