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on March 3, 2013
I have over 50 3d movies and documentaries and i've seen 1 star 3d's and this is not one of them. granted it's not IMAX UNDER THE SEA ( which is the best of them all) or IMAX DEEP SEA (second best) but it's not terrible. Though the negatives do outweigh the positives. CONS: Some scenes do have what appears to be smudge marks on the lens, it looks blurry and there is some glare now and then. Also 80% of this is just fish swimming around, there is a sea turtle that looks great and a few dolphins, so the content is a little boring. But the number 1 annoyance is the narration, believe everything you read from other reviews about it. from pronunciation, childlike tone, uninteresting comments, it's all true. The solution for this is to go into the settings and change to MUSIC ONLY setting, it's so much better. PROS: there are some really good 3d scenes, nothing really WOW (like IMAX UNDER THE SEA) but decent, the dolphin scenes look really good. Overall the majority of the picture quality is quite good. The music is fine. So in conclusion if you factor in the low price, and you watch this with MUSIC ONLY setting, I would have to recommend it. But if you can get only one underwater 3d definitely get IMAX UNDER THE SEA. Although this one is only a third the price of IMAX UNDER THE SEA. So you get what you pay for.
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on June 30, 2013
I cannot believe this film is from the Peter Lord, maybe just someone else with the same name!
Unfortunately this film is not even worth the $10 cost.

While it is filmed using 3D technology the overall quality is amateur at best, such as:
No post color correction, so the images are mostly green and lack the true colors of the reef.
Improper or no color filters were used so the color spectrum is false, flat and lackluster.
When used, video lights are too close to the lens resulting in excessive and distracting backscatter.
The editing is silly, the same shots are repeated, scenes jump back and forth with little or no continuity to the script.
The script is like a student reading from a first year book on ichthyology.

Save your money and see better videos at your local dive club or shop for free.
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on March 29, 2013
Probably not filmed with the best 3D equipment. Didn't pop out of the screen as I expected. The narration is not very pleasant since the voice is too high pitched. Oprah, Morgan freeman, David Attenborough have a smooth voice that makes the narration almost a background noise. The narration on this draws attention to itself and takes away from the experience.
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on April 5, 2013
But not overly interesting. We love watching 3-D, especially where marine life is involved. We found this movie to be very slow and was mostly small fish. We kept waiting for big fish and maybe a shark or two, but there were only dolphins at the end of the movie. There was also very little about Egypt or the pyramids. I almost gave it only a 3-star rating, but for the price, it's not bad. And it is 3-D. :)
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on June 28, 2013
So, the camera equipment was top notch, but narration and general setting was pathetic. There are so many better ones out there, and it really seems like people are just rushing to make a quick buck on 3D content without focusing on quality at all.
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on May 24, 2013
Each reviewers regarding the content is subjective, so I will avoid that and focus on the video quality. The 3D effect is good BUT the video quality is poor; just like a regular DVD quality. In fact, I have seen some DVD with video quality better than this Blu-Ray title. Nothing on the front or back insert that says 'high definition video' but there is a logo for DTS-HD (high definition AUDIO). Disappointing video quality. My set-up: Samsung UA60D8000YM 60" Series 8 LED TV, Samsung 3D Blu-Ray player BD-ES6000.
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on January 3, 2014
I think people who are passionate about diving like myself will enjoy this Blu-Ray. The 3D is nothing spectacular, in fact there are only a few scenes where the 3D really stands out. With more lighting the 3D probably would have been a lot better. I've been into diving photography for several years and I feel they did not use enough lighting to make this video. One other thing that disappointed me was the locations they shot in. Only the close up shots have the proper lighting to see the vibrant colors underwater. In my diving adventures around the world I always ask veteran divers where is the best diving they ever did, and the most common answer I hear is the Red Sea Egypt. There were only a few sea creatures in this DVD that I found different from other places I've dove and I guess I was expecting a lot more. Which leads me to believe they did not choose good dive sites for this video.

None the less I still enjoyed the video :)
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on August 22, 2013
Expected MUCH more quality.

Received MUCH less than expected! Many more products....at a lesser price....available for your pleasure!

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on March 2, 2013
I recently purchased a 3-D TV (47" LG LCD) and decided to get some 3-D content.

So far, I have seen the following BD disks: IMAX Under the Sea 3D, Avatar 3D, Harry Potter and the Deadly hallows part 2 3D, TRON Legacy 3D, Narnia 3 3D.

I have read the reviews of this item and, after watching this documentary decided to write this review to help other viewers interested in this documentary - as I always check reviews before purchasing a DVD. I will start by saying that I DO NOT UNDERSTAND THE NEGATIVE REVIEWS AND THE 1-STAR RATING of some viewers (I do respect their opinions though).

First the CONS: The female narrator seems to be translating literally a script written in another language (maybe german?), therefore it sounds "strange" when she uses some words as "shoals", but it is really a minor detail, the voice is good and the pronunciation is properly done, I do not think this is a major issue whatsoever. The musical score is not memorable but serviceable, and not in the league of some IMAX documentaries, and I have seen many as Antarctica, Alaska, Beavers, Deep Sea, Into the Deep, Africa The Serengeti, etc.

Now the PROS: The 3D works perfectly, no ghosting to be found WHATSOEVER.

The underwater views are really good and the documentary is fun and entertaining, very colorful and interesting. The images are really good in general with some of them being really outstanding. The price is really good for this kind of product of this quality. I want to make sure to readers, I do not benefit at all with my reviews, as I do not know, nor participate with any of the producing team of this documentary, but I think the previous reviews are really unfair to this item, I have seen many, and I mean many 1-Star rated dvds and this one, for sure, is not one of them, I can really recommend this documentary as a fun and very well produced underwater 3D BD.

Lex from Miami.
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on May 23, 2013
It is hard to rate this product since it is a film about life under the sea. Because, I do respect nature and animals, I rate with 3 stars but in terms of the film itself and narration, let me tell you that is not very professional. It is a Little bit boring, the 3d efects are good, may be not super high quality but it is ok. If you watch other films like imax you can see the difference in terms of production. The film nees more work to do before presenting on a Blu-ray. People, we are talking about something that it is so important, life in the ocean not toys. So, why you do not try harder to present something a Little bit more profesional, I mean, 3d efects are fine, but nature is so important, that means you do not have to try to make animals act like they need. ocean creatures are so perfect, they not need a special work, just let them to act natrually.
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