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on June 4, 2002
ever since way back when, i was maybe 6 years old, i still remember when i first rented it from the video store. it took my little breathaway. whenever i went back to rent a movie, i begged my mom to let me rent it again, until she finally bought it for me.
this beautiful tale has so many layers, heart, and spirit, i can't begin to explain it. the first thing i should mention is, dont get fooled to thinking animals got hurt during the making of this, because they DIDNT. Masanori Hata takes VERY good care of his animals. he shot milo and otis on his own private island in Japan. the original movie was called the Adventures of Chatran, and it was longer. ( i've never seen it, i've been looking for years ) i hope someday i will see it. koneko monogatari ( milo and otis ) makes me cry at the beauty, sadness, and then joy finally. its a celebration of life. you can't dismiss it as a mere " kid's movie", it is for everyone. i detest the "adult" mindset, because it disables them from experiancing all forms of beauty. this is not a movie to me, it's a part of me, and it shares a special place in my heart.
i love milo and otis. - jeffro
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I didn't know what to think before seeing this movie. The opinions were so disparate. Now that I've seen it, I find I agree with both camps. It is a delightful AND troubling film.

This is a simple but timeless story of adventure and friendship. Milo the mischievous kitten and Otis the pug puppy are best friends. Otis even pursues his friend when he's carried down the river after jumping into a wooden box. Soon, both of them are lost as well as separated from each other. The adventures they have with other animals are amazing, numerous and varied. They interact with a bear cub, raccoon, fox, seagulls, a turtle, a fawn and many others. The interactions will amaze you -- I couldn't believe a pug was riding on a turtle's back!

The footage is incredible, and does make one worry about the animals. While the director has said that the animals were raised together and are friends, and this is believable, it cannot account for the cat being attacked by seagulls and later falling from a very high cliff into the ocean. This troubles me.

Dudley Moore's narration is flawless. He captures every voice perfectly. Background music is gentle orchestral pieces. You will be amazed (and maybe a little troubled). Your children will definitely enjoy it, and adults will, too.
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on February 18, 2004
I'm not sure where the reviews are coming from that state the animals are abused. As for the pug and the bear...I own a pug as well and I'm currently reading a book by an author that interviewed the director of Milo & Otis for a Pug magazine. The bear & the pug were raised together, so they were best buddies.
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on November 19, 2003
Milo and Otis is an absolutely adorable movie! I own a pug and let me tell you that Otis's mannerisms and the way he behaves is very true to the breed. Otis is very ornery and gets into so many things, just like pugs really do. I felt so bad and wanted to cry when he got stuck out in the snow towards the end of the movie. I am very glad that he made a friend in Milo and their travels together will warm the coldest of hearts. The end is a perfect end to their travels and now there is not just two of them anymore!
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on June 5, 2002
A heartwarming film about a kitten, a puppy, and their friendship.
There is some dispute over supposed animal rights violations in this movie. Although the animals do look like they may be in distress at some times, the tales of cats being thrown off cliffs and dying until a good shot is taken are not true. I personally find it interesting that this has been called a touching movie about animals by the Humane Society, since this would seem to suggest that there they did not notice any significant animal rights violations in the movie.
Other than that issue, this is a great movie. It shows a kitten and puppy growing up as they try to return home after the kitten accidentally gets himself into a wooden box and floats away from his farm.
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on October 4, 2000
I first saw this movie when I was seven and I loved it. The Japanese film-makers took four years to create this film, using the best conditions for each scene and the most believable animals actions. Anyone will love the amazing scenery and appreciate the pleasant instrumental music. Dudley Moore narrates and his voice is hilariously used for all the characters, male and female. The animals unknowingly act out a very cute adventure story that shows the lengths two friends will go for each other.
Obviously when I was seven I didn't stop to think about whether the animals were injured during all their stunts (i.e., Milo the cat going down a rather long waterfall in a wooden box), but when I recently bought the movie I had to check the credits. There is a note at the end of the film saying "The animals used in this film were under strict supervision with the utmost concern for their well-being" or something to that effect. I'm hoping this means none were injured or worse.
Well if you want an enjoyable movie to watch with your animal-loving kids, buy this movie. All my nieces and nephews loved it.
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on January 4, 2001
This is a movie portraying the special friendship of a cat, Milo, and a dog, Otis, which stays true from when they a puppy and kitten until the very end. Milo is a mischievious cat who is always getting into some sort of trouble, and Otis is the brave pug who is always there to look after Milo. The adventures of Milo eventually lead to separation between the two, and Otis is there to find and rescue him. Milo's everlasting confidence and Otis's continually worried expression contribute to the movie as well. And we can learn a lesson about friendship from Milo and Otis; true friends stick together and help each other out through thick and thin.
As a child, I enjoyed this movie and found it very entertaining. I was sad when the two friends were separated so long, but there were lots of hilarious episodes that balanced things out. As one reviewer pointed out, the fact that there are no humans in the movie makes it more attractive to kids, and probably adults too.
One concern of several viewers is the possibility of animal abuse which decreases the quality of the movie. It says somewhere though that the animals were well supervised, which is reassuring. As for the chance of casualties, perhaps the animals were slightly injured at one time or another, but I don't believe any died. That's a little extreme. How is it possible to find more than one identical cat like Milo or dog like Otis that is the same in looks and brains. My family has had four pugs over the last 25 or so years, and there are definite distinctions between them. The colouring, build, features, and especially the wrinkles are different in them all. So I think the abuse part of it is nothing to be so concerned about unless you're an extreme protester against animal abuse who blows up every chance of abuse to a monumental size. I certainly didn't feel like throwing my grandparent's cat off the roof or making my dog copy Otis after watching the movie. If anything, it creates a tighter bond between a child and their pet.
If you enjoy animals, adventure, and laughing, you'll probably like Milo and Otis.
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on July 25, 2004
This is my total all-time favorite movie. It has 2 cute little characters, a pug named Otis and a ginger kitten named Milo. It's a great story. Where the problem begin is when Milo jumps into a floating box in the river next to the dock. He floats away...and Otis tries to rescue him....i won't tell you anything more, as it will ruin the story. But Otis does have this little song...."Here comes the dog, woof, strong and brave, here comes the-oohh!" In which Otis falls through a hole. To be sang in the tune of "the wedding march." In case you don't know what that is, it's the song that starts like this, "Here comes the bride, all dressed in white.." Milo and Otis is very funny, and Otis' little song makes it even funner. With animal voices and real animal characters, this movie gets a million thumbs up!
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VINE VOICEon April 17, 2005
Our toddler LOVES all sorts of animals, so this film kept her attention for hours. She imitated the sounds that the various animals make, pointed out the different kinds and enjoyed the story too. It was a pleasure watching a film for kids that didn't include brash colors, flashing digitized scenes, noisy voices and loud soundtracks. The smooth narration of the late Dudley Moore was wonderful, and the symphony soundtrack perfectly complimented the entire film.

Don't fret about animal cruelty, this filmmaker knew what he was doing. There is more to worry about bringing your youngster to Ringling Brothers Barnum & Bailey Circus where THERE the abuse is real!
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on October 13, 2015
I seriously feel bad for anyone who did not grow up watching the classic "Milo and Otis". It is holds such a strong memory in my childhood, one of those bittersweet classics that you never forget. Personally I love the music in it, but my wife doesn't. -she didn't grow up with it. Our twins love this movie because it has so many different animals in it. Watching it as an adult I can't help but to wonder how many animals were harmed in the making of this film? I think a fish is actually eaten in one scene; the other times are more minor but perhaps painful shots for the animals. In the end everyone is happy and well. Still I don't think a film like this would be allowed to be produced in the United States anymore. In fact I don't think it was filmed in the United States to begin with...

Anyway, if you don't have this movie in your children's collection buy it! There are no people in the film whatsoever which means no swearing, obscenity, and other elements that sneak into children's films today. You do see animals giving birth if that is a concern to you; my kids think the animals are "pooping". But that's life; it's all rather tastefully handled. Good family film.
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