Advertising on the Garmin Nuvi 265WT? I now read a couple times that there is advertising appearing on this model? How frequently does it appear and does it distract it during driving? I really don't want to mess with the touchscreen while concentrating on driving...
asked by Frank W. on June 18, 2009
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All models with the "t" suffix use the ad-based "free" traffic feature. I do not find them a bother whatsoever (YMMV). Matter-of-fact, I rarely see them, especially when driving, and it's something that does not take any user input (you won't have to mess with the touch screen). After I've reached my destination an ad will pop up, but usually I've already turned my Nuvi off. Occasionally, I'll actually read the ad out of curiosity. If you hate the ads, just turn off the traffic component via tools / settings / navigation / avoidances (and uncheck traffic).
dsrussell answered on June 18, 2009
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drussell: If the box had said "Lifetime traffic (with ads)" for instance, that wouldn't have been deceptive. I'm not the only one who has been surprised by the presence of ads on a GPS. I understand the economics. It might even be a good value. But it's ridiculously bad marketing to surprise people like this.

I may even decide to keep the unit. The ads aren't that bad, and the price is quite good for what you get. But I like being treated with honesty.
Michael Trigoboff answered on June 25, 2009
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I think that it's not OK that all it says on the box is "free traffic" instead of "free traffic with ads." I don't quite feel fully-informed by Garmin. I'm thinking seriously about returning my unit just because I don't like being treated like that.
Michael Trigoboff answered on June 24, 2009
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I just set up my Garmin for the first time and was shocked by the ads popping up. They may not get in the way, but criminy, I already have ads in every place my eyeballs land. I didn't expect them on a paid-for device! I understand the economics, but they should have put that on the box. They should also have a paid option for traffic info where there are no ads (maybe they do?). Finally, they should have a prominent, easy place in the menu to turn off the ads, preferably accessible by clicking on an ad itself, so people don't have to Google it to figure out how (like I did, and found this discussion).
Relevant quote from "Futurama":
Leela: Didn't you have ads in the 20th century?
Fry: Well sure, but not in our dreams. Only on TV and radio. And in magazines. And movies. And at ball games and on buses and milk cartons and t-shirts and written on the sky. But not in dreams. No siree!
N. Long answered on June 12, 2010
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they show up constantly blocking a section of map. If i'm trying to find a short cut by getting a view of the streets I might use, the ad blocks my ability to survey the near horizon. and they do come up while I'm moving. funny thing is they didn't show up at all until I downloaded my second firmware update... grrr. I really feel they devalue the unit past endurance.
David Murray answered on October 1, 2010
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Ads on my tv do not blind me to information I need when I am driving. I await the first lawsuit when there is an accident for distracting the driver.

I paid a substantial sum for the unit, mine a funny hybrid Best Buy unit 1250T without bluetooth, and it said lifetime traffic, not lifetime ads with traffic.

If they put the ads somewhere innocuous, that is not a biggie, but not on the map I am using to decide what lane or exit road to use. One sad thing about Garmin is that the have yet to wake up and realize the middle square of screen is a sacred place to put he biggest possible map, so put anything else that can be on the sides, especially for the 16:9 units (which I did not buy).

Ads: Not disclosed = fraud, not safe.
D. Pickett answered on September 30, 2010
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I drive slow for my newspaper deliveries. The ads often block critical parts of the screen. Other times, the blink of the ads catch my attention and I completely forget what I was doing / thinking about.

I make a mental note to complain about it, but then another ad distracts me...
Amazon Customer answered on April 17, 2011
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I had no idea that there would be ads until I saw them come up on the unit.

I've actually had some time with this unit, and you know what? The ads aren't all that bad, and the price is right. While I still think Garmin ought to say "ads" on the box, I'm not upset about it any more. I can even see why Garmin might have done it this way: there are probably lots of people like me who would not even consider a unit with ads, even though they'd be OK with it once they tried it.
Michael Trigoboff answered on June 29, 2009
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I was surprised. I paid big bucks for a full feature GPS with lifetime traffic. Wow. Then the first coupon. And then the next. And I searched the menus, and searched to no avail. Became a sort of "wait for the wife and try again" sort of pastime. But ads? Garmin, shame on you. You gave me the hat at Camp Jeep, and wow, all those units, but you gave the *&(**^% at Best Buy. Hmmmm. But I still love you. Just put it on the box. I read. And write. It's like, my tenth unit. Shouldn't have to google to learn the deal.
J. Renne answered on July 20, 2010
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As noted there are work arounds for ads while the unit is set for driving mode (ignore, turn off traffic, etc.) However, if the unit is set for pedestrian mode (nuvi) yikes! The whole route and more fills up- very distracting...
RICHARD FRANK answered on December 8, 2010
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