Quick and Easy

AeroBed quick and easyIn three quick, easy steps, every AeroBed is ready to deliver a comfortable night's sleep.
  • First, take it out of the bag
  • Then plug in the motor to inflate
  • Finally, adjust firmness for comfort

Find AeroBed Comfort in Every Inflatable Bed

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What Makes AeroBed Different from Other Air Beds?

An AeroBed Mattress Will Not Let You Down
All AeroBed products include an electric motor that rapidly inflates the bed at the touch of a button. Our patented technology ensures that air stays in the bed until you are ready to deflate it. We use heavy-duty materials and special construction to help the mattress withstand excessive pressure and ensure that it remains fully inflated until it's time to pack it away.

To double-check, we inflate every single mattress and observe it for 24 hours before packaging it up for sale. That's why, unlike many other air beds, an AeroBed product will not leak during the night and leave you or your guests waking up on the floor the next morning.

Incredible Comfort with Unbeatable Convenience
Every AeroBed product puts firmness control right at your fingertips so you can customize your comfort and get a great night's sleep. Our air-coil technology creates individual pockets of air that cushion and support your body with proper spinal alignment and virtually no pressure points. The air coils add structure and prevent air from moving to another side of the bed when you lie down--a real advantage when you're sharing your AeroBed mattress.

Built to Last for Years
AeroBed mattresses are made of durable, heavy-duty vinyl with electronically welded seams that can withstand well over 650 pounds of weight on a queen-size bed. As part of our quality-control process, we randomly select beds and put them through very rigorous tests that simulate 52 years of daily use. We stand behind our products with industry-leading warranties and superior customer service.

The Story of AeroBed

The AeroBed story began in 1992 when an innovative way to quickly inflate and deflate air mattresses was patented. After much research and development, the original AeroBed was born, bringing the comfortable, adjustable extra bed in a minute to consumers for the first time. The patented built-in pump fully inflated the bed in less than 60 seconds, while the quick-release valve deflated the bed amazingly fast--in just 15 seconds. In addition, one-touch firmness controls made comfort adjustment fast and easy.

Over the years AeroBed products continued to set the highest standard for comfort, quality, and convenience. Our products evolved to fit your lifestyle and needs. From raised beds to AeroSport camping beds, you can find an AeroBed product that's right for you.


AeroBed carrying bagEvery AeroBed comes with a motor and a carrying bag. Just plug in, inflate, and enjoy comfortable sleep in minutes.


AeroBed comfortOnly AeroBed has QuadraCoil technology, which disperses air evenly and creates proper body support and overall bed stability.


AeroBed durabilityAeroBed twin beds can hold up to 450 pounds. Our queen beds hold up to 650 pounds. We regularly test our beds to ensure that durability is built in.