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on November 21, 1999
Everybody says to get some exercise.
But how much exercise do you need?
Is walking the dog enough? Or do you have to train for marathons?
Ken Cooper's aerobics program answers the question and provides you with a means to attain and maintain beneficial levels of physical fitness. Dr. Cooper's research makes the connection between various levels of physical activity and measureable health and risk reduction benefits.
Dr. Cooper provides a "points" program which allows you to combine different activities so as to achieve your desired level of fitness. Just about every vigorous physical activity is covered.
You'll never be bored and you'll never regret following "The Aerobics Way."
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on August 31, 1999
Do you want to be a triathlete ??? How about a septathlete ??? What about a dodecathlete ?? Did you ever wonder how to mix and match different sports activities (running, swimming, bicycling, squash, tennis, stair-climbing, etc.) to produce a precise and repeatable level of fitness ??
I started with "Aerobics", then "The New Aerobics" in the latter 1970's. Every time I pick up this book I start an exercise program again in just a few days. The writing and enthusiasm is infectious !!! Want to compare your fitness level to the average U.S. army soldier ?? How about comparing yourself to the average Australian army soldier ?? Did you know that you can assess your fitness level in just 12 minutes of time ?? It's all in this book. The author, a U.S. army doctor who designs exercise programs and studies fitness in soldiers, was uniquely qualified to do the research necessary for this book.
The best part of this book is a series of tables, roughly 40 pages, that lists sports and a "points" system that allows you to achieve, say, 25 points for running a 12:00 minute 2 miles, but only 10 points if you run in 18:00 minutes. Your goal, after reading this book, is to design and achieve an exercise program that garners 100 points per week, to produce the ultimate level of aerobic fitness ...
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on February 21, 2000
This book has wonderful suggestions for achieving balance in all aspects of one's life, as the title says--"exercise, diet, emotional balance".
I found the exercise programs to be particularly useful--he gives explicit guidelines for achieving cardiovascular health, and does not minimize the importance of balancing one's workouts. Whether you're just beginning to exercise or have been exercising for years, you will undoubtedly find useful information in this book.
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on August 1, 2005
I bought'Aerobics' by this author in 1975 when I was 43 and slipping into the state where I was puffing to tie my shoe laces

a friend recommended the book. Without doing anything too drastic in the diet department other than to increase fruit and vegetable consumption and skip fried food.

I started off in the Poor category and commenced the running programme by walking the first week for 1 mile, having to make an effort to do so in under 20 minutes on the first day.

I followed Dr Coopers directions and was amazed to find how accurate his time estimates were and how well I felt as I reduced from 110 Kgs to 85 Kgs within 5 months.

I retired when I turned 69 and now at 73 I have a need to get my arse into gear as my weight has crept up and my cardiovascular system is in dire need of rejuvenating.

I note Dr Cooper has fine tuned his work and I am embarking on his cycling programme with confidence
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on May 29, 2000
..Dr. Kenneth Cooper has provided us with the most complete fitness program available anywhere today -- simple guidelines that have been proven over years. Anyone who wants to be fit and well needs this program. As a physical education teacher and a world class athlete I have used Cooper's formulas for fitness excellence for over 35 years.. Don't be confused, Dr. Cooper will lead you and your family to total health in the years ahead.
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on November 27, 2002
Dr. cooper throughly explains how your body (mainly the heart and lungs) works. The book is about his studies on aerobic exercises and how it affects the body. He talks alot about his subjects and thier conditions and how aerobics helped rid themselves of thier problems. I would say to anyone who is serious about thier health, to buy this book. It's for those who are obese, those with heart and lung conditions and even those who have problems sleeping. This book is basically for anyone and everyone. Buy this book and it may help you live longer and healthier.
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on August 2, 1997
This book is my exercise "bible". I started with
his New Aerobics book in the '70s. This book
includes updated research and newer sports, such
as Rollerblading.

The book is very persuasive about the benefits
of exercise. It describes a variety of aerobic
activites and provides several exercise programs for each.

The Aerobics "points" system is very attractive
to a quantitative person like myself. It gives
me confidence that I'm getting enough exercise
when I combine running, cycling, etc. The system
may not be as appealing if you don't want to keep
track of your training or measure your fitness.

The appendices are reference information that
I refer to over and over again.
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on February 16, 2006
Although I prefer Dr. Cooper's first book, "Aerobics" this book is also well written, easy to understand, and conveys the importance of aerobic (principly in the form of jogging/running) as presented by the author.

Written 14 years after the original "Aerobics", Dr. Cooper has continued to evolve his principles about aerobic conditioning in this book

In this book Cooper also presents his thoughts on what constitutes productive and effective exercise as opposed to ineffective exercise and exercising to the point of over training.

I recommend this book to people who are new to exercise or people who are just starting out.
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on June 5, 2009
After misplacing my copy of Cooper's earlier "The Aerobic Way," I purchased this book. This book is a bit weaker.

Cooper's unique "point system" is the book's greatest asset. The system is an elegantly simple, scientifically sound way to help you achieve health. Cooper assigns aerobic points to a wide variety of exercises, another huge plus.

How's good is this system? I have tracked my Cooper points since college in the late 80's as a runner/ jogger. As 40 approached, my knees began to rebel. To quell the revolt, I decided to switch from running/ jogging to cycling and cross-country machines. Having lost the earlier book, I went out of my way to buy this book so I could determine the point-level of the new regimen. That should tell the reader of the utility and draw of Cooper's over-all approach.

One vital thing Cooper added, which had been missing from the earlier book, is a series of pragmatic, easy-to-follow dietary recommendations. Eat lots of fruits, veggies and whole grains: complex carbohydrates. Focus on lean meats and low-fat dairy products. Avoid processed foods and gratuitous fats and simple sugars.

My criticisms begin with Cooper's questionable blanket statements regarding the fit versus sedentary: fit people are more creative, stress hardy, happy, effective and independent thinking than those in poor condition. Is this opinion or data driven? Never disclosing the sources of his statements, Cooper then prescribes exercise to improve a person's mental heath. Again, has this been proven with a double blind or thorough, longitudinal study? Or just dogma?

Lastly, there is a strange, almost comical messiah complex sprinkled through the text. Cooper mentions quite a few times that he was "chosen by God" to spread his gospel of preventative medicine. This is overkill, even for a Christian like me. A simple "I thank God for giving me the opportunity to help people lead healthier, happier lives," in either the Preface or Dedication pages would have sufficed.

With all these down-sides, however, I still have to grant the book a four-star rating based on Cooper's excellent point system and solid, if incomplete dietary recommendations. Now, if we could only weed out the silly pop-psychology and evangelical fervor, we'd have a great book...
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on September 3, 1999
This is one of the two best books,the other being The New Fit or Fat,written on health and fitness. It is one I refer to often to get me motivated to exercise.It looks at the whole person which is something you don't see much in other fitness books.If you want to get in shape,this is the one.
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