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on April 16, 2001
After two decades of not being quite sure what my opinion of Aerosmith was, I finally broke down and bought this CD two weeks ago.
I can't stop listening to it.
There are some odd things here--for example, how come "Make It" is so good, even though Joe Perry's guitar solo is not quite in tune and is totally out of time? Is he playing along with a different song? And who did the lousy overdubbed lead guitar on "Somebody"? It's played bad and edited even worse. And what's with the goofy intro to the great "Walkin' The Dog"?
The real revalation, after years of hearing nothing but talk of coke addictions and internal squabbling associated with Aerosmith, is how fun and downright optimistic this band can be. "Make It," "Dream On," even "Mama Kin," all sound to me like declarations of independence and musical freedom from Steven Tyler. In it's best moments, this album doesn't just rock; it SWINGS.
"Dream On" is pure magic--and inspired, too, because there is nothing else here with the same level of musical sophistication--and it hasn't been rendered impotent by radio overkill the way that contemporaries like "Stairway To Heaven" or "Smoke On The Water" were.
I'm shocked to find that this record is carried NOT by Joe Perry--most gorups of the genre lean so heavily on lead guitarists--but by by bassist Tom Hamilton and (I spent years trying to avoid saying these words) the GREAT Steven Tyler.
I've spent two weeks listening to this, two weeks searching for the word to describe Tylers vocals, and I keep coming back to my initial adjective: MUSCULAR.
My god the guy can sing. He makes me feel strong and macho just listening to him. Trust me, that's saying a lot.
I loved the Rocks LP years ago, but even that album didn't display the guys throat like this CD. He could do ANYTHING at this point, and they were fresh off the bar circuit. He was what--20?--and gave Jagger a run for his money, right out of the box.
I hate to admit it, but you can now count me among the Aerosmith clan.
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on October 17, 2004
Aerosmith has made great albums... Rocks, Toys in the Attic, Draw the Line, etc. They're all great... no doubt about that, but without their debut album, they might not have recieved that push they needed to be stars. This is a very raw and gritty album. If you want proof, listen to Steven Tyler's vocals. He never sounded like that again after Get Your Wings. Along with its importance, their debut album provides the listener with a barrage of catchy, bluesey rock. Aerosmith doesn't give up until you reach the end of the album.

1. Make It: Great opener, period. There is truly nothing wrong with this song. It's catchy and it rocks. 8.5 stars (out of ten.)

2. Somebody: The opening riff is original, the vocals soar above the istrumentals, and the guitar is killer. 8.5 stars.

3. Dream On: The only song that gains enough recognition it deserves. This is the second-definitive Aerosmith song, next to Walk This Way. Perfect. 10 stars.

4. One Way Street: An epic blues-rock bonanza. Love the guitar Love the harmonica. Love the vocals. Aw, heck, I love it all. 9 stars.

5. Mama Kin: Some of the best riffs Joe Perry ever made are displayed on this track. I'm so glad they added it to the latest greatest hits album (Oh Yeah!) 10 stars.

6. Write Me: One of their most underrated songs ever. The beat is rocking, and there isn't any better harmonica-wailing anywhere. It's a personal favorite of mine. 9 stars.

7. Movin Out: This is a very moody and out-of-place song here. It's not bad by a long shot. It just doesn't fit with all of the fast paced flurries the preceed it. It's still a keeper that I think would have been better on Get Your Wings. 8 stars.

8. Walkin' The Dog: One of their best cover songs. The only thing that falters is the odd opening, but once you get through it, it's such a great song. The guitars rock, and so do the vocals. What a way to close it. 9.5 stars.

Tha comes to a grand total of 9 stars.In short: What are you waiting for, an invitation? Get this if you like music PERIOD.
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on December 26, 1999
This is my favorite Aerosmith album. Everything is just so good. I really don't think there is anything bad on this album. "Dream On" is probably the greatest rock ballad, ever. "Somebody" has a great solo. "Ony Way Street" and "Movin' Out" groove like nothing else.
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on May 6, 2004
Quite a statement there. As a growing up teenager learning to play guitar, this one continually sent me back practicing. I still don't have Dream On completely figured out!
For anyone's first album, for it to be this good is amazing. And indeed it is. Everything is pure Aerosmith. It seems like no producers or executives got in there way. This is the way Aerosmith should have always been recorded. They sound like a gritty, fighting for their careers, musicians that always made them sound their best.
There are a couple of well done covers, and some nice original blues and slight jazz songs here. To call out the best song, I've got to tell you that seven out of eight songs have to step forward, if you like this type of rock and roll.
This is an album that will make all you younger guys say, hey, with a little practice, I can get real close to playing this stuff. And you can. Just keep working on your guitar solos!
But this will definitely motivate you to pick up your axe and start playing. Good, well defined, basic, good sounding rock music that came from a garage, and still can. Difficult category of album to find.
Enjoy, and play your axe off!
Michael Dolim
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on December 10, 1999
Aerosmith's self titled debut gave fans a glimse of things to come. It's opening track "Make It" was the song they had been using to open shows as you can tell by the lyrics, "Good evening people welcome to the show". The next track "Somebody" was written by Tyler and one of his former bandmates when he was in a group called Chain Reaction. It's got great guitar lick from both Perry and Whitford. The song's highlight is a vocal/guitar harmony in the middle. The next track is a rock n' roll opus. "Dream On"( a song written by Tyler at the age of 17) has had as much if not more importance to the development of rock than Led Zeppelin's "Stairway To Heaven". "One Way Street" the band's next song has heavy jazz influences as well as heavy harmonica solos. Next, another classic, "Mama Kin", the first song Steven Tyler ever wrote, contains one of the most memorable guitar riffs in history thanks to Brad Whitford and the heavy rythym beats of bassist Tom Hamilton and Drummer Joey Kramer. In fact Steven believed in the song so much he had it's name tatooed on his arm. The next song "Write Me" is just your average aerosmith rocker. For anyone that's familar with their music "Write Me" is in the same stable as songs like "No More, No More" and "Chiquita". The following track, "Movin' Out", is the first Tyler/Perry songwriting combination. Done with mostly accoustic guitars, the song is great. Especially when the drums start to kick in. The final track is a cover song od the old Rufus Thomas, "Walkin' The Dog".
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on June 1, 2008
Aerosmith ****1/2

What a start. It is raw, bluesy, and amazing. While the production here isn't at say the level of Electric Ladyland or anything, the weak production adds to the charm of the record. Steven Tyler hadn't found his fantastic and classic voice yet (except on 'Dream On') and Joe Perry really hadn't mastered the guitar solo yet (or tuning it for that matter) but once again those minor quips seem to add something of a layer of innocence to this widely overlooked debut album from the bad boys from Boston (who are not even from there).

'Make It' and 'Somebody' start the album, two Tyler originals. The opener being the better of the two, telling the story of a band on the rise. (autobiographical maybe?) 'Somebody' is your standard out of tune blues love song.

'Dream On' enters by force showing the band that would come. Everything clicked on this track. Joe and Brad created one of the most amazing weaving guitar workouts ever. Tom and Joey held down the groove, and Tyler unleashed the voice, his amazing lyrical ability that is often over looked, and his great key work. For me, this is the best song of all time, untopable. And while it wouldn't be come a hit single for another three years, 'Dream On' was still a classic.

'One Way Street' slides its way in become an early Aerosmith classic, and one of their all time best. This bluesy number features some of Brad Whitfords all time best guitar work. 'Mama Kin' was another extremely out of tune rocker with Perry's solo sounding like a bad live Hendrix performance (which Hendrix bad is better than most good) so that is saying something. 'Write Me' is standard, (no pun intended) but nothing to write home about, just a good listen. 'Moving Out' is one of the more original songs Aerosmith ever wrote, and that I have ever heard for that matter. It was the first song Tyler and Perry ever wrote together and it was amazing. The sound, the feel, the groove, Tyler's vocals/lyrics meshing with Perry's indescribable guitar work shows more so maybe than any of their other work why they are such a perfect team for one another. 'Walkin The Dog' the Rufus Thomas cover closes the album. I must say no one does covers like Aerosmith. Often they are better than the original and this is not exception. A great way to close the album.

For a band still finding their way I would say Aerosmith is a solid debut that showed signs of what was to come, and glimmers of brilliance. Highly, highly recommended.
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on September 2, 2005
This is first Aersomith longplay, recorded after 2-3 years of playing in local clubs and small areas at Boston. This is very solid piece of work, and the music here is very unique, shows of what Aerosmith early inspirations were. The only two first longplays were rock n' rolly like this one, then the band turned more into playing hard rockin' stuff.
Let's get more into this one. This shows how great songwriter Steven Tyler was. He wrote almost entire material here, only movin' out is with help of Joe Perry and Somebody is written with a guy called Emspack (who the hell is he, I really don't know) and Walking The Dog is a blues cover. This is one of those albums that I like putting in and just let it go song by song. It's one of my Aerosmith favourite albums, amongst Rocks, Toys In The Attic, and Get Your Wings.

Make It. 9/10. Good opening to the album. Heavy, steady, go! Rockin' all night long with a nice solo to it.

Somebody. 10/10. Propably my favourite here! VERY cool riff, rock n rolling verses (I'm not quite sure about the chorus, but still it's okay) and a good solo (though sounds a bit too much like Led Zeppelin)

Dream On. 10/10. Classic ballad. No doubt about its perfection. Great climate, great riff, great heavy part, all is perfect. Impressive for Tyler (He wrote in in the age of 17)

One Way Street. 10/10. Another Aerosmith Gem. It sounds like dark, oldschool pub blues n' roll. And great harmonicas. And I don't think it's too long. For true Aerosmith fan it'll never get boring.

Mama Kin. 10/10. Classic rocker. I love this riff! One of first Aerosmith minor hits. And a habitue of aproximately all Aerosmith concerts.

Write Me A Letter. 8/10. Rock/Blues N' Roll simple pub song. Nothing special, but still cool.

Movin' Out. 8/10. More darker and mysterious. An early Aerosmith autobiographical song.

Walkin' The Dog. 10/10. Great Blues cover. Surpasses Rufus Thomas' original. One of the finest blues covers Aerosmith did.

I find this album really interesting and it's as well a good point to start for new aero fans, as well as it is a must have for fanatics.
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on June 23, 2009
There is no album in the history of the world with as much attitude as Aerosmith's debut LP. Second in-line is 'Appetite For Destruction', but guess what?, if U listen carefully U will realize it has a mix reminiscent of Aerosmith's debut.

Although future Aerosmith releases were more polished and featured their signature sound, this release is distilled power, based on feel and attitude. The band plays where no particular member stands out or is highlighted ( Tyler & Perry ), but instead gel into a solid heavy rock-blues whole.

Of all Aerosmith albums, it is one U will continue to go back to time and time again. I have been for 30 years.

The Songs:
Make It - odd riff, and a great start to the album. Steven's belting his vocal over the strong rhythm section...just superb!

Somebody - chills...oh man...just a great rock blues song.

Dream On - what is there to say besides maybe one of the 10 best rock ballads in the world. Ever.

One Way Street - Super sweet riffs, strong back beat and vocals.

Mama Kin - Good straightforward rock song.

Write Me - Blues Rock with spirit and moments of sophistication & melancholia

Movin' Out - Stank! Feel like a rooster in a hen house when this song is just so strong.

Walkin' The Dog - Better than Rufus Thomas version and the one which all 80's bands lifted but could never match.

Seriously, this is the sound of a band hungry, honest and proud. There is so much integrity to this album, you can feel it.
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on April 26, 2016
Raw, loud and energetic. That is how I would describe Aerosmith's debut album. Not a bad track in the bunch.
This contains the very first "Power Ballad"...yes, I'm talking about "Dream On"...a song that I never get tired of to this day. (According to Steven Tyler, in his autobiography, Joe Perry hated the song at first!)
I recently listened to Steven Tyler's audio book version of "Does The Noise In My Head Bother You." In it, he states that people have asked him why his voice sounded so different on the first album. His reply? Nerves. It was the first time the first time the band had recorded at a major studio and Steven was nervous about recording his vocals. That, he said, is why he sounded like Kermit The Frog on those songs. "Kermit Tyler." Lol!
I think that's why I love this album so much. It has a rawness and, yes, an innocence to it. Plus, it's a great album to listen to as loud as
possible! Turn it on and "Dream On Until Your Dreams Come True!"
Interesting note: Steven Tyler originally wanted to include "Major Barbara," a song they did onstage as an opening act, as the final song on the album. But, instead, he and his bandmates opted for the Rufus Thomas classic, "Walking The Dog" (a song that, coincidentally, closes out The Rolling Stones' first album!). It would've given a different feel to the ending of the album, had they included the former track.
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on March 6, 2003
This is Aerosmith's debut album. Released in 1973. This don't really sound like Tyler's singing now but it still sounds great.
Make It- Good song and a good opener for an album the LYRICS remind me of the first song off of Chicago's debut
Somebody-Up-tempo hard rockin' love type song
Dream On-Aerosmith's best song
One Way Street-Great
Mama Kin- Guns 'N Roses redid this and changed the lyrics a little bit
Write Me A Letter- Mid-Tempo Song
Movin'Out-kind of funny about how they always have to move because people don't leave them alone
Walkin' The Dog-This is a blues type song it is supposedly a remake but I never heard of the guy who sung it
Aerosmith is awesome and they have a bunch of great songs like Janie's Got A Gun Walk This Way Dude Looks Like A Lady Same Old Song And Dance I Don't Wanna Miss A Thing and Livin' On The Edge but I think there best song is Dream On and I think this is their best album.
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