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on September 25, 2008
I purchased this product for my front-loading washer; even though I keep the door wide open when not in use, after a year the washer had developed a mildewy smell that transferred to the clean laundry. I tried using Affresh three times, and this product does not work! My washing machine actually smelled WORSE after using it! I finally poured about a cup bleach into the drum of the machine and filled the bleach dispenser tray full in order to get rid of the smell. The bleach worked fairly well but not completely. I don't like to use bleach in my machine because it is corrosive to metal (our drum is stainless steal) and can break down the rubber in the gasket and seals. I finally purchased a box of Borax for a few dollars at the grocery store. Borax is not corrosive and does not damage clothing fibers. In addition to absorbing odor, it is a natural fungicide and kills the mildew and mold that caused the odor in the washer. I sprinkled a half cup of Borax on top of a load of towels and then put the normal amount of detergent in the tray and ran a normal wash cycle. Presto--the smell is gone! My washing machine smells great, and my dishcloths and towels no longer develop a funky odor after using them. I plan to use Borax regularly to keep my laundry and washing machine smelling fresh. It's not a very glamorous solution, but it's cheap and works great! Way better than wasting my money on pricey Affresh tablets that don't help.
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on September 10, 2009
These tablets do work very well. Others who have not had any luck with them may have the same problem I had originally before I was told about this product by my repairman. Since I have an extended service policy on my set, I called to have the smell checked out. The service tech. opened the front of the washer and found several baby socks stuck in the drain trap. Always wondered where those disappeared to. Any small items must be washed in a net-bag to keep them from slipping between the barrel and the gasket at the front of the barrel (vibrating during cycles can allow small items to be squeezed through). The socks smelled horrible! If this is the reason for the smell, then bleach would be a temporary cure.
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on September 23, 2013
We just used affresh for the 2nd time in our HE front loader washer. It worked great the first time. But we were in awe of what happened the 2nd time around. Some how it pulled lost socks out of the crevices that we didn't know were there!! Nasty socks were hidden under a seal in the door and the affresh cycle brought them all out. Yes we were amazed. And yes we'll be using affresh again. Wish I could show the picture :)
review image
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on September 4, 2011
This is the only TRUE Washing Machine Cleaner and the reason is actually much more simple than you might think!

Ever wonder why Affresh opted to make their cleaner in the form what looks like a urinal cake, or what the difference is between "Sanitary" and "Tub Clean" cycles? Well I did, and I'm passing along the answers:

Tide's powder washing machine cleaner can, by their own directions, should be dumped in the "Detergent" dispenser and used only a "normal" cycle instead of using your "Tub Clean." This means that the water will drain and refill only about 1/2 the number of times that it would using the "Tub Clean" cycle and will not be nearly as hot which will result in "cleaning" your washing machine in the same dirt/filth/grime that is making the very smell that you are trying to eliminate! It would be like taking a bath and then saving the bath water for the next day (sounds gross, but if you don't believe me then call your washing machine's manufacture and ask them about the difference between the "Normal" cycle and the "Tub Clean" cycle)...

Clorox's liquid washing machine cleaner states that it should be placed in the "Bleach" dispenser and used with the "Tub Clean" cycle. If you followed my analogy above, you should be able to understand that this means Clorox's cleaning solution will only run during ONE of the many drain/refill cycles during the "Tub Clean."

Simply put,
*The only way for a cleaning solution to have an effect throughout the entire "Tub Clean" cycle is for it to be slow dissolving.
*You cannot get the water any hotter than it is during the "Tub Clean" cycle (not even in "Sanitary"), and you cannot force the washer to drain/refill any more frequently than it does during the "Tub Clean" cycle.
*You CAN, however, have one easy solution that will maximize the benefits of the "Tub Clean" cycle, and that's by using Affresh.
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on January 22, 2012
My front loading HE washer started to smell badly so I tried this product. I repeated the application three times in a row. After the third time the washer still smelled as if I hadn't done anything. I then tried a cup of clorex bleach and that had a minimal effect. Reading another review I started to put a quarter cup of twenty mule team borax in with each load and cut the HE liquid detergent in half. After about thirty loads the smell was completely gone. So now every load has a quarter cup of Borax and half the recommended detergent which actually saves money. I don't mix them in the detergent dispenser, the liquid goes in there and I just throw the Borax in with the load.
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on September 22, 2014
I have a Genral Electric HE Washing Machine, and love it. But after a couple years of use my towels started to sour, and I couldn't fix the problem. I called a GE technician, who told me I certainly had a buildup of debris (hair, lint, sticky slime) in the inaccessible parts of the washing drum. Fixing it would require tearing open the entire washer, which would cost as much as my washer had cost me two years before. BIG PROBLEM!!

He said I should have been using AFFRESH tablets monthly to keep the residue from building up, and cleaning the rubber gaskets with a wipe to capture other linty residue. This is the product recommended by GE. AND he had a supply in his truck to start me off with!!!

I have been able to "resuscitate" my washer using AFFRESH (with the occasional additon of some Cascade dishwashing powder which is more abrasive but also invalidates my warranty). Initially I used 6 AFFRESH and a couple treatments with Cascade to finally rid the washer of residue. Then I was using 3 tablets a month for about 6 months. Now, 2 years later, I am meticulous about using monthly AFFRESH (1-2 tablets). If I don't, I start to get the "sour mildew" creeping back into my towels, requiring washing the towels with Arm & Hammer baking soda + detergent, and repeating the "mega-cleans" with Cascade, etc.
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on May 14, 2012
By now most people realize one of the big drawbacks to front loading washers is the mold and smell that comes from the wet rubber seals. Manufacturers have addressed this problem and have been relentlessly trying to find effective solutions. Wipe the seal after each load, they say - keep the door open overnight, they say - but in reality that won't prevent the mold and smell, just delay it.

Enter Affresh. They've devised a little tab, about the size of a Zippo lighter, that dissolves in water and cleans those crevices of the rubber seal and the drum itself. We have a Maytag Maxima 6000 and it actually has a Clean Washer with Affresh cycle on it. So it's safe to say that big name manufactures give this product the thumbs up.

Using the tab is as easy and dropping it inside the drum(DO NOT put it in the dispenser), selecting the cycle and pushing start. If you don't have a Clean Washer cycle, the Normal cycle will work, but maybe just drop the Spin to Low or No Spin. If you're like me and are concerned about the tab banging around inside the drum as it dissolves, don't worry, I researched it and the stainless steel of the drum will not be damaged. After about 10 minutes of the 45 minute cycle the tab is gone and there's just a bunch a soapy water sloshing around inside getting into the seals and all over the window. Once done, I noticed the drum was visibly more shinier and the rubber was free of any debris. It also smelled fantastic.

With the cost of these machines, you need to maintain them - you can't just run it and wipe it lest you want smelly laundry and premature failure. These tabs are cheap enough to run one each month or every 30 loads, whichever comes first. It will prevent the dangerous mold and keep your very expensive washer as clean as when you got it.
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on September 17, 2011
My front loading HE Washing machine had a foul odor. I ran the clean cycle with Affresh 4 times in a row with no luck. What ended up working was Cascade (without rinse agent) Our appliance tech suggested this. I guess the odor was caused by build up of detergents, softeners and grime from dirty clothes.
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on May 5, 2014
i would give this product five stars as it did exactly what it was designed to do BUT it makes me wonder why this design flaw that causes a mildew stink continues to exist in modern washing machines. Ten years ago there was no need for this type of treatment for a washing machine. I like the Whirpool washer and dryer and they do a good job but the continued need to use this product to control odor is like a tax as this stuff isn't cheap and it is due to a design flaw of these newer machines. That said, buy the cleaner because it works well.
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on March 30, 2014
Purchased a 6 pack from another retailer for less. My front load smelled bad and it was quite new. I tried this stuff and it smelled great immediately after use, but then after one or two more washes it was back to the foul smell again. I read in another review to try 20 Mule Borax. So I tried 20 Mule Borax in addition to switching to powder detergent from liquid. Now my washer has no foul smell. I would suggest not wasting your money on this overpriced product and do what I did if you have a foul smelling front load washer.
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