Customer Reviews: After the Night
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Ever since she was a girl, Faith Devlin had worshiped stunning, sophisticated Gray Rouillard. They could not be more different. Gray's father practically owns the small town of Prescott, and in her young girl's dreams, Gray is a knight in shining armor. That hero's image is shattered in one shattering night that is forever to change the lives of both Gray and Faith. He was all things good, bright and wonderful - until the night he throws Faith and her dirt-poor family out into the streets. Gray's father, a notorious womanizer has finally gone over the edge and left his family, disappearing into the night with his lover - none other than Faith's mother. When Gray discovers this, he takes out his uncontrollable rage upon Faith's and the rest of her family, evicting them from Rouillard land in the middle of the night.
It was a memory that was to form the rest of Faith's life. Now she lives for only one reason, to return to Prescott and finally solved what happened to Gray's father and her mother. No longer the small town girl from a family of white trash, Faith has worked very hard to make something of herself. And the time has finally come for Faith to go home. Faith did not expect Prescott to welcome her back with open arms, and she is not disappointed. Faith is the living image of her mother and in a small town people only remember all too well her mother destroyed the Rouillard marriage. But she is mildly surprised to the lengths people will go to please the now powerful Gray. She is asked to leave a motel, the police harrass her, and the grocery store owner refused to even sell her groceries. However, this Faith is not the little trusting girl that could not defend herself and her family, and nothing and no one, not even the sexy Gray Rouillard, will stop her from finding out what really happened that night their parents vanished.
Only she was not prepared for Gray himself. Nor the fact that, though Gray hates her family and wants her gone from the town, Gray is making it clear her wants Faith, and he will break any rules to achieve his aim.
Howver,there is someone else in town very frightened by Faith's return. When someone starts threatening Faith, Gray finds himself wanting to protect her, pulling him into questioning just what did happened that night.
Vivid,and gripping characters, a powerful setting, and an intriguing mystery. Howard weaves a spell like none other.
WISE Writers and Readers Book of the Month for July 2000
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on June 16, 2000
I read this book for the first time two years ago and have read it three times since then. I read and enjoy everything Linda writes and in my opinion this one is her best effort and Gray is her most romatic hero ever. Faith has been in love with Gray since she was a child. Although he finds Faith attractive, he is tortured by the fact that his beloved father ran off with Faith's mother and neither have been heard from for years. The night Gray realizes his father is gone, he evicts Faith and her family from the shack where they live on his family's land and runs them out of town. Years later Faith returns and Gray is determined to run her off again, but he cannot deny his attraction to her and admires the way she will not back down from him. In a small town where his wealthy family "owns" just about everything and everyone Gray makes sure the local supermarket and gas station will not sell to Faith so she must purchase food and gas at a nearby town. This from a ruthless hero who is at her doorstep 10 minutes after she phones him for help, terrified after finding roadkill in her mailbox. Believe me you'll love this book. Linda also writes the best love scenes. The porch scene.......what can be said that already hasn't been said about it except for the fact that it has to be one of the most erotic love scenes ever written. You'll laugh your way through the public restroom love scene and I also enjoyed Faith's massage from Gray on her custom made kitchen table. This is a very sensual and sexy read as only Linda can write. Handle this one with asbestos gloves. After The Night is my all-time favorite and I wish I could rate it ten stars.
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on September 14, 1999
I was sitting in an airport in Miami on an extended layover when I decided I needed something to read. I'm not sure what I expected when I started this book, but this wasn't it. I had never read a Linda Howard book before but that back cover looked interesting, so why not? Well, I have become a very big fan of Ms. Howard and read everything she writes now. From the very first pages, I was hooked. She created a world so very different from any community I have ever seen.(I mean, how many of us come from home towns that are controlled by one family?) I also felt Faith's humiliation, fear and anger at being a "Devlin". The sparks fly and the story builds and I couldn't put the book down. You could see them fighting the fire with sharp tongues but at the same time you can see the tenderness they feel for each other. My only complaint was how fast the book ended. The last chapter was funny and sweet, but it felt rushed. I really wanted some of the things that weren't said, said. With Gray's "playboy" history, I personally would of wanted something more then I-love-you-let's-have-a-baby-get-married rush. Maybe it's just me, but a final chapter where he tells her why he loves her and that its more then just lust and that he won't treat their marriage like his father treated his marriage would have made it seem more "forever".
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on June 9, 2002
I'm sure lots of Linda Howard fans will hate me for writing this reveiw, but I just have to get this out. I HATED this book. I can't understand all the women who have written reviews saying how romantic it is. Yes, in places the book is very sexy, but not in an emotionally intense loving way - in an empty, soul-destroying, obsessive way. For me, there was no excuse for the abuse of power the hero displayed, and there was no excuse for the abusive way he treated the heroine. My personal opinion is that love is about trust, respect and truly knowing another person. Uncontrollable lust is great in the short-term, but to be honest, it does not last and it isn't all that romantic either.
If your best friend was married to a man who treated her like this, you would be urging her to find the strength to get away from him. How can it be justifiable to blame someone for the sins of their mother when they were only a child at the time of said sins? How can it be right to pile the blame on the female participant of the affair and pretend that the male must have been a poor bamboozled lamb, especially when he has a history of hedonistic adultery? The hero acted like a spoilt child, full of rage and prejudice against less privilaged people. Maybe it is because I come from England, where we have spent the last three hundred years fighting against the class system, that I find the term 'Trash' so objectionable. To me, anyone who would judge another person solely on the circumstances of their birth is shallow and bigoted.
Now, having said all this, I'm sure there are many people who still believe that this book is fabulous and that's fine - you have every right to enjoy whatever books you want. The purpose of this review is to give warning to any other ladies who feel like me, to prevent them from buying this book and being disappointed. If you loved the caring and the deep emotional connection between hero and heroine in 'MacKenzies Mountain' or 'Shades of Twilight', you will not find what you want in this book. Give it a miss.
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VINE VOICEon June 28, 2012
I read this book after seeing it recommended over and over again in the Romance Forum. Thank goodness this was a library loan and I didn't spend any money on the book because I thought it was just awful.

There is so much about the story that I didn't like it's hard to know where to begin. At the start of the story, 11 year-old Faith spies on Gray seducing a young woman. She is enthralled by seeing his body and is already in love with him (based purely on the fact that he's the town golden boy). This was my first clue that Faith would not be one of my favorite romance heroines. But I kept reading because so many positive recommendations (126 five-star reviews as I type), so I figured it had to get better. But just a few pages later, a 14 year old faith and her 5-year old brother (who has Down's Syndrome) are being tossed out of their home in the middle of the night. And the guy heading up that tossing is the "hero"--a twenty-something Gray. He feel san overwhelming arousal at the sight of the young girl frantically trying to gather her belongings that he's had tossed out of the house. Instead of feeling any pity or compassion for her and her bewildered, shrieking brother, he takes out his frustration on Faith, telling her she's trash.

Fast forward 12 years and a now successful Faith decides she's going to move back to the small town that she was so ignominiously thrown out of as a child because it feels like "home" (even though she had no friends, lived in a shack, and experienced no love from her parents or her siblings, other than the younger brother). She has also decided after all these years that she is going to find out what really happened on the night that her mother and Gray's father disappeared. Of course, Gray is predictably angry because he doesn't want his mother or sister upset that his father's former mistress has moved back to their tiny town. He wants to run Faith out of town, on the one hand, but on the other, he is so incredibly aroused by the mere sight of her that he also wants to have her before she goes.

Faith, in the meantime, finds herself "still" in love with Gray. Yes, in fourteen years, her childhood crush on the guy who called her trash, was responsible for forcing her out of her childhood home, allowed her poor brother to be so horribly discomposed, and now wants her out of town (after he enjoys her attributes) has developed into full-blown love. And this is the crux of my problem with this book. There are no redeeming qualities in Gray. He is a self-centered, egotistical, mean-spirited, selfish man-whore.

As the story progressed, I kept waiting for him to redeem himself, to grovel, to do anything that made him likable other than being rich, good-looking, and maintaining a tremendous sexual appetite. Alas, it just never happened to me.

And as to the mystery of what really happened to their parents, I thought that was rather predictable. (And without spoiling the ending, I have to say, Faith's advice to Monica just sort of sickened me).

I've seen this book recommended for it's "alpha" male and for it's rich boy/poor girl plotline, and both are the types of stories that I usually enjoy, but this book just has me scratching my head and wondering what I was missing because it just didn't work for me at all.
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on August 15, 2000
This was an incredible book. One I didn't want to end, but couldn't put it down until I finished. It was amazing. That'a all I can say to describe it. It took me days to stop thinking about it. I was so impressed; I have never before wanted to be a character so badly. I still have to get over it and it's been three weeks since I have read it. Since then I have read every Linda Howard book to relive the experience and every time she leaves me simply wanting more. This one however, is by far my favorite. Maybe just because it was my first, but I enjoyed it so much I had my sister read it and I was leaning over her shoulder the entire time. Now I have decided I might just read it again. Most authors find a formula that works for them and stick to it, draining it for everything it's worth. I don't feel like that's the case with her books. Instead, I feel as though it's the same two people from AFTER THE NIGHT, Faith and Gray, they are reincarnated and find each other all over again. Everytime is just as exciting, just as passionate. And I fall for it everytime. Loving every second of it. I have finished some of her books within a matter of hours, and then I am upset because I have nothing else to do and I go looking for another. I can't tell you enough, read this, you wont regret it instead you will make yourself a slave to her.
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on February 28, 1999
I am fast becoming a Linda Howard fan and with very good reason. This is the second novel that I've read by her. After The Night is an excellent book (understatement). Linda Howard gives the reader the chance to experience what the characters are going through. She takes you there so that you feel like you're right in the scene with them. Not many authors can do that. I could not put this book down and read it in less than a day. Gray is so hot, every woman's dream, ( where can we find him?) Buy, borrow, or whatever this book and you will not be disappointed. And when you're finished , try ' Kill and Tell. ' It's good too. Oh and the love scenes in After The Night are to die for. We should all be as lucky as Faith.
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on August 10, 2000
"You're trash. You're whole family is trash...." The words that have been imprinted in the mind of Faith Devlin for the past twelve years. Twelve years ago, Gray Rouillard forced her family off of his family land in the middle of the night blaming Faith's mother for the disappearance of his father, Guy Rouillard. After that night, Faith worked hard to make a name and a place for herself in the world, but always with the desire to return home. Her homecoming wasn't to flaunt her success, her business or the fact that she made more of herself than any other Devlin. Prescott was where she belonged, her home despite the chaos she lived through that night. But even more, Faith must solve the mystery of Guy Rouillard's disappearance and understand what caused her mother to run away that night. Moving back to Prescott isn't easy however, and Gray Rouillard tries to block her at every turn. But neither Faith nor Gray can understand the strong attraction that is between them. As the story unfolds you uncover the mystery of Guy Rouillard and appreciate the growing relationship between Gray and Faith,. I first saw this story two years back and passed it off as another "rich guy meets poor woman" story, but after reading it I can honestly say this story is anything but that. Linda Howard was able to make her characters come to life, you identify with the feelings of Faith Devlin and you want to both slap and laugh at Gray at times. This is definitely not the usual romantic suspense novels I usually read, this story had more romance than suspense. However, there were enough steamy moments and character development that I didn't miss the constant tension of a suspense novel. Great job!! I am glad I opened my horizons to this is on my list of favorites
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VINE VOICEon April 12, 2005
Rich guy Gray Rouillard kicks Faith Devlin and her lower class family out of their home on his family's property when he discovers that his father has disappeared with their mother. Faith returns 12 years later, after crawling out of the gutter and making something of herself and revisits her old hometown in order to uncover the truth about her mother's disappearance and prove that she is no longer white trash. Of course the town was still run by the Rouillard family, and Gray makes it clear to Faith that she is still not welcome.

Faith has always carried a torch for Gray, who is about eight years older. He had a difficult time coming to terms with his own attraction to her the night that she was evicted, she being 14 and all. While he tries to squash her plans and his own growing desire, they eventually find themselves in each other's arms, as someone else seems to be hell bent on getting Faith out of town and away from the truth of what precipitated that fateful night 12 years ago. Of course, he was quite a misogynistic jerk, so I could not relate to her attraction to him, particularly his heartless reaction to her sexual prowess the first time they were together. Faith is too much of a doormat, and had she been stronger, I would have liked the story much more.
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on September 23, 2001
"After the Night" is my first Linda Howard novel. I had heard from friends that Ms. Howard writes some of the most smoltering love scenes in the business, so I decided to see for myself. I'm happy to say that I wasn't let down. The book is not just senual, but also very entertaining. It's an interesting book with a strong storyline. The story takes place in the small Southern town of Prescott, Louisiana and revolves around the poor, "white trash" Devlins and the rich Rouillard's. Faith Devlin, daughter of the town drunk and town "sleep around", has had a yearning for Gray Rouillard for as long as she could remember. But Gray is older than Faith and seems to show no interest in her. On top of that, everyone in town is aware of the fact that Faith's mother, Renee, has been having an affair with Gray's father, Guy. One night Renee and Gray run off, never to be seen again. In retaliation, Gray throws Faith and her family out of town, calling them white trash and telling them to never return to Prescott again. Twelve years later, Faith Devlin Hardy returns to Prescott, a widow and in search of answers to what happened the night her mother disappeared with Guy Roulliard. She's now a successful business woman determined to show everyone that she's not trash and that she's a respectable person. Gray, hearing of her return, makes her stay in Prescott as hard as he can, throwing his money and weight around to where she can't even shop for groceries in town. But one look at Faith and he starts having dreams and feelings for her that he doesn't want. How can he fall in love with Faith and have a relationship with her if his only purpose is to destroy her? I read this book in one night, refusing to put it down for even a second. I totally recommend this book to any romance or intrigue fan. I was pleasantly surprised by Ms. Howard's writing and look forward to reading more of her novels. And yes, she DOES write some of the steamiest love scenes in the business!
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