Customer Reviews: Afterglow AP.1 Controller for PS3 - Green
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on May 21, 2010
The Afterglow AP.1 "New for 2010" controller is a good controller if you consider the price comparison to a PS3 Sixaxis controller. The lights are cool and it is responsive but not nearly as responsive as the $44.99 PS3 controllers are. Considering I paid $24.99 for it, I can't complain. I used this controller to play MLB10 The Show and I was able to play the game very easily with this controller. Again, the Sixaxis controller is far more responsive. If you want another controller to actually play competitively with, stick with what works. If you want a cool looking, fun to play with in the dark controller which you'll use just to have a little fun without needing it to be completely responsive, the Afterglow controller should be fine.
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on March 27, 2011
I purchased this controller after owning one for the original Xbox years ago. Unfortunately, this controller is not the same.

The major flaw in this controller are the joysticks. The left joystick is only capable of interpreting four directions, meaning you cannot move forward and strafe at the same time. Pushing diagonally results in a forward motion or a sideways one, but never both.

The right joystick has a large dead zone. This makes precision movements, such as aiming in FPS, impossible. Move the joystick slightly and nothing happens. A little more, nothing still. More, and suddenly the movement is huge and your crosshairs are way off.

If it wasn't for those joysticks, it would be great. Stiff button clicks, great Xbox-style joystick placement, PDP's awesome trigger systems, and bright, crystal clear blue LEDs. Unfortunately, the joystick problem makes the controller unusable for me since I mostly play FPS and racing games, and the faulty aiming/inability to steer makes the games unplayable.
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on July 15, 2014
I originally bought this controller for PC use. However, I couldn't get it to work for PC and after many hours I said screw it. That being said, the controller itself feels a tad flimsy at best but it works like a charm for the Playstation. You get what you pay for with this controller. Which is a tad sad because I have the Xbox version of the Afterglow controllers and they're amazingly made way better. It works very well with the Playstation and the cord itself is quite long so you can sit on your couch n still have a tad bit more room for movement. Overall, it's not a terrible controller but, if you're looking for something that's cool looking and works, this will do.
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on May 8, 2008
. . . but I wouldn't bother trying to play any games with it. The control sticks on this piece are horribly unresponsive, a small detail that make a big difference in most games. But I will admit the lights are pretty.
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on March 7, 2016
The smooth, glass-like finish on the plastic made the controller a bit uncomfortable and slippery in my hands once I started to sweat. I also personally found the bright blue glow to be mildly annoying. I got it because it was one of the few PS3 controllers I could find with the 'X-Box' style arrangement with the left stick up higher than the d-pad. That part I love about it. Everything else just felt a bit off in my opinion.
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on February 13, 2012
I have to give this remote 2 stars only and for several reasons. This buying my 2nd afterglow (one from walmart I returned with the same problems) and this one I still use. The lights are super bright, like make your pupils adjust and make the screen hard to see bright. It is an xbox 360 button layout, which I hate but the boys like. The buttons are very hard shiny plastic. Not only are they uncomfortable but they get slick after playing. This is coming from someone that literally grew up a gamer who got his first atari 7600 at the age of 4. After about 15 hours of use the L1 and R1 buttons are becoming unresponsive (reason I returned other one to walmart) which means a very quick death in certain FPS games. While the cord is long it would be nice to have an emergency break away on it, rather then yank on the USB ports if someone trips on it. Lastly the joysticks are loose feeling. They give you almost no resistance which I find unwanted but some gamers like.
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on January 31, 2014
The cable is pretty long.
The light is not too bright.
I have the controller light set to light up when it vibrates and usually play at night with lights off. Whatever game im playing, if i get hit the controller lights up.
With friends playing PS allstars, with three other similar controllers (though some were wireless, and I have the add on bar to give more USB connections) it was fun seeing the light show as the controllers lit up when their corresponding characters took damage.

The quality of the controller is pretty ok. Not top quality. Had it a few months now and it is still solid. The buttons however, feels like it may go bad after a few months of heavy usage but so far, no problems with me.
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on May 10, 2013
The controller is very cheap compared to the standard Sony controller

The chord for the controller is plenty long enough if you play at a reasonable distance away from your console

All of the buttons work, and the vibrate function is also functional

The buttons feel light at times when pushing them down, but it does not in any way affect gameplay and it always works

It does not quite have the feel of an Xbox controller because it is a bit smaller, but personally I believe it's more comfortable to use than the standard Sony controller

There is a small ridge on the back handles that can get annoying if you hold the controller a certain way

OVERALL: Very satisfied with this controller, by far the best cheap generic controller out there. I would highly recommend it for anyone who doesn't want to pay for the standard Sony controllers or who wants a reasonably priced Xbox controller layout for ps3.
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on October 6, 2013
We needed a new PS3 Controller, but didn't trust the 10 dollar wireless ones, and didn't exactly have 40 dollars to spare. The Controller is a tad smaller than the regular DualShock3. but feels good in the hand. The lighting effect is very bright, and may bother some people. The analog sticks aren't as sensitive as the original ones, and snap back into place as soon as you let go. The controller also doesn't have SixAxis, and if you use this controller in a game that doesn't support it, it may cause problems, like in GTA IV, the bikes would have maximum steering lock to one side. The controller isn't that durable, as I believe on the 2nd drop, the LP button broke. It still works, but the plastic button and silicone dome are nowhere to be found. i'd only recommend this controller, or the Rock Candy (Also made by PDP) as a backup, or maybe to play some PS1 or PS2 games(if you have a fat, or PS2 classics)
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on October 27, 2013
I have had this controller for about 4 days and 10 play hours,so I cannot comment yet on it's longevity.
That being said,I can say that this is a good alternative to the official Sony controller.
-It feels about the same size,and feels solid even though it can appear cheap to the eye.
-face buttons are small,but you get used to them quick,as they respond very well.
-Shoulder buttons L1,R1,L2,R2,L3 R3 etc. work just fine
-The analog sticks may be a bit too responsive and take about an hour or so to get the feel of.In tense situations
In your game you may be over steering or over correcting your movement in shooters a bit,it takes a careful hand.
it is a wired controller-no wireless but has a long chord.home button does not turn the console on ,but works to access the menu after.
The glow can be turned off,but it does light up when the dual shock rumbles.a nice effect!
at its price-about $20 it is a great purchase.
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