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on October 31, 2012
Legendary producer Kevin "Caveman" Shirley put the rock guts back into Rush in the 1980s when they started to get too keyboard and synth oriented. Guitarist Alex Lifeson was asked to ditch the reverb and Neal Peart the electric drums. The problem being addressed was strikingly clear and indicative of the Eighties. "The songs had no "balls," Shirley said. "They were thin so I was hell bent on making a heavy record." No such issue befalls his Black Country Communion project. The Anglo/American hybrid is unfairly stacked with talent even by supergroup standards. With Zeppelin, Sabbath and Deep Purple in its bloodline, their latest release "Afterglow" (out Oct. 30) is all balls; blunt force blues/rock trauma from both sides of the ocean. Fellow Brits Jason Bonham and Glenn Hughes combine forces with guitar legend in the making Joe Bonamassa and Dream Theater's Derek Sherinian for a hard rocking experience rarely seen since its golden age in the early Seventies.

Like its predecessors, the 11 track compilation starts out with a bang and then keeps exploding for another 53 minutes as Bonham channels his inner Zeppelin alongside Hughes' massive vocals and Bonamassa's scorching Les Paul.
It's difficult to label BCC. Part English, part American, blistering rock and hardcore blues. It doesn't really matter how they are categorized. If you're looking for a classic hard rock experience, there is no need to sort through your vinyl collection.

For an exclusive interview with Joe Bonamassa and al the latest music news VISIT: [...]
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on November 1, 2012
In a popular music world of Lady Gaga's and other musical crud, these guys continue to keep REAL Rock & Roll alive, and for that we are grateful! This cd rocks in every sense, from the first song "Big Train", to the last "Crawl", each song has more contrast than even ther previous 2 statements. Congrats to Kevin, Glenn, Joe, Jason and Derek for another outstanding release, and please, please guys- continue to create rock music in a seemingly dying musical genre. This cd isn't leaving my car player for a long while!(Shame on the reviewer / punter with 1 star, indeed!)
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on November 4, 2012
It only took two albums, but Afterglow finally shows BCC delivering a stellar album! There are a lot of songs to like on the first couple of albums such as Black Country, Medusa, Save Me, Crossfire, and Song Of Yesterday, but Afterglow really shows the band hitting their stride. Joe Bonamassa sounds really relaxed and loosened up and his playing is more rock than blues which is a good thing! On the first two BCC albums, he sounded standoffish to rocking which I think held the band back making Jason Bonham, Glenn Hughes and Derek Sherinian work a lot harder at reminding the listeners that BBC is as much a hard rock band as it is a blues based rock band. But Afterglow also shows the band taking more musical chances which has improved the songwriting a great deal. The album reminds me of what Led Zeppelin was doing with Physical Graffiti and what Deep Purple was doing with Stormbringer and Come Taste The Band back in the mid 1970s. I have listened to Afterglow quite a few times and I am about to start listening to it again. Glenn Hughes has never sounded better and Jason Bonham has done his dad proud. Derek Sherinian is definitely carrying the torch started by the late Jon Lord and everyone is starting to gell. I have read about the drama in the BCC camp recently and I hope that it all can be ironed out so that this band can be around for another 4 or 5 albums. It is hard to pick a favorite song on the disc because each track is a killer! There are a long list of classic rock artists who are currently making the best music of their careers, and Afterglow is an album worthy of that list. Pick it up today!
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on June 22, 2014
this band was great for the 2 years they lasted, great cd here of good hard rock, there are so many reviews that i cant see going on regarding what i think of this other then it is very good .......
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on November 9, 2013
It's difficult to adequately summarize this album for anyone who's not familiar with this band, but I can say with high confidence that there is something here for everyone who enjoys Blues-oriented Rock. This is a ridiculously talented group of musicians and their musical chemistry really shines on this album, which is a shame considering it was their last.

For me, there are no filler tracks on this album, it is solid from start to finish. In today's world of picking apart albums and selling them off as individual songs through digital sales I applaud bands who make albums like this one that stand as a cohesive collection of music to be listened to as a whole. I could list my favorite tracks, but after looking at the tracklist and trying to pick out a few standouts it's nearly impossible, but I'd have to say the ones I just can't get enough of are "This Is Your Time", "Cry Freedom", "Afterglow" and "The Circle" but honestly I hardly ever put this album in just to single out one of those.

As someone who's written several reviews here and has always appreciated a good track-by-track review of an album or at least the ones that dig deeper than just a 5-star review with brief comments as this one has turned out to be, I just can't bring myself to dissect this one.
Just buy it already and enjoy it!
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on November 21, 2012
I love these guys, but something seems out-of-balance on this CD. There seems to be too much Glenn Hughes and not enough Joe Bonamassa - vocally, compositionally, and lyrically. Something doesn't seem right with the production either. I normally like Kevin Shirley's production, but this CD doesn't sound quite right. I'm not sure if was something in the recording, the mixing, or the mastering. Bob Ludwig did the mastering and he's a legend. Not sure what else to say except that is feels kind of like a Glenn Hughes solo album, not a BCC album. Maybe the CD will grow on me as I listen to it more. Bottom Line - I still love these guys!
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on October 30, 2012
Now, this is what I am talking about. Best effort yet. Glad to see these guys moving forward. When they first came out, I thought it was just gonna be a one off deal. I was hoping they would work together more. So this is there third effort. While I liked there first two efforts, they just never left the mark for me. I knew that these heavyweight players hard more to offer. Afterglow puts them over the edge.
I have been following Glen Hughes since the early 80's. Jason, was first introduced to me through his band Bonham and the song Wait For You. Joe I have been following for the last few years, and while he has never took me by storm, he has always captured my attention. This last year has been very good for Joe musician wise.
Afterglow, to me, has captured the element they have been chasing. By that, I mean all these artists these days are wanting create that 70's atmosphere. To be able to do that in this modern age and get fans (new and old) to be able to buy into it, is tuff.
If I could give this 4 1/2 stars I would. Again, Joe's vocals are missed. The guys has a great voice and compliments Glenn very well. As can be heard on Cry Freedom. On the second effort we heard more of Joe. Would have liked to again, but to be fair, Joe probably likes just being able to focus on playing guitar. I would give a breakdown of the songs, but I am not. I seem to favor the later half of this release. There playing as individuals shine on this all over the place and will be jamming this out in the truck for abit. Again, best effort yet and excited to keep listening.
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on September 27, 2015
After reading about the acrimony between Hughes and Bonamassa during and after making this record, I was in no hurry to pick it up. I also had read some reviews that referred to this as a Glenn Hughes record. Since he is a first rate hot dog and a second rate bass player, again I thought I'd wait. I finally picked it up used. Good news - this is a great damn record!!!!! Joe plays great as do the other guys. Joe's leads take off to the stratosphere.

There is a sense that I might be listening to a missing Deep Purple album. Glenn's voice gets pretty screechy and operatic. But I like his voice better than the first two albums. I also think the songs are as good or better. Frankly, I like this better than the other two albums. Maybe it's because, since they are more vocal centric, they are more song centric and less jam band, how fast can you play an arpeggio, oriented. Again, a damn fine hard hard album.
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on November 22, 2014
BCC is the best supergroup to record in the last 5 years. This is what RnR should sound like in this day and age. Buy all 3 and then go get all of Hughes' and Bonamassa's solo releases. Then go get the Deep Purple releases with Hughes. Then go get the Trapeze releases. Get Bonamassa's first CD, "Bloodline"
BCC is serious rock-turn it up-loud And don't dare convert it to silly .mp3. Listen to it like it was meant to be played-lossless and loud..
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on June 15, 2014
This one is, like the others, very good rock music which sounds like it came from the 70's. I preferred the first two but don't bypass this one. It's better than the other swill that's being passed off as music these days.
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