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on May 5, 2012
I very rarely if ever write product reviews, but my experience with this manufacturer has been so poor I had to write something.

I have about 7 IP cameras at my home and place of business. Many of them are foscam derivatives and I am reasonably happy with all of them.

This is my second experience with Agasio cameras however, and both times the product was just junk. My first try was with these HD cameras:

I bought 2 of these cameras, they never worked properly.

Despite the bad experience with the other Agasio cameras, and the bad reviews on the A602 I decided to take a risk.

The Agasio A602W is also just trash. I set the camera up easily, but after that nothing went right. The camera does not boot consistently. If you unplug it and plug it back in it only starts maybe 1 in 10 times. When it does start, the video cuts in and out. There is an audible clicking sound that the camera makes over and over again, sometimes for hours. I assume this is the cut filter or something with the IR trying to figure out if it needs to engage.

Normally I would assume that I just received a bad camera. But since this is my third product from this manufacturer I'm starting to think this brand is garbage.

Try at your own risk, but my advice is to stay away.
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on August 9, 2011
Camera is good quality for the price and works as advertised. Clear pics and great color. Wish it did have a wide angle lens though as mounted on top of my garage the area of view is very limited but to aim at a door or gate would be fine. Get it up as high as you practically can though. I use it as a wired camera even though it "can be" used as a wireless camera. I would only recommend someone use a wireless camera if it is the ONLY camera they have on their system. The ethernet cable is fairly inexpensive and will result in a much more reliable picture. Using wireless the signal can be lost often and frequently if using more than a single camera and I even installed higher gain antennas on router and cameras.
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on March 23, 2012
I bought this camera to use outdoors as a wireless webcam. It has a great picture and works well when connected via the Cat5 jack. But the antenna range for wireless is horrible. I had to move the wireless access point from my office to the garage and the camera is 20 feet from the access point. The only thing between the camera and access point is a wall and the performance is marginal and many times does not connect. Do not buy this camera if you need a wireless camera for outdoors use.
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on October 25, 2011
I use this as a WeatherCam, check it out at[...]
setup is easy, I set it to upload every 10 mins.
Viewing angle is limited, my iPhone4 have about 30% winder viewing angle.
iR LED CAN NOT BE TURNED OFF, it always be illuminated in the dark. This created a problem pointing camera out the window at night.
review image
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on December 1, 2012
The camera claims to be designed for outdoor use and the chassis seems like it would hold up in a protected area, but the antenna attachment is definitely not weather proof. The cable coming out of the back of the camera does not appear to be weatherized. It's probably suitable for my purpose (I intend to mount it under a roof to surveil my front porch), but it is definitely not suited to true outdoor deployment.

Many of the camera's functions are not available via the generic web interface, so if you aren't running Windows (and I am not), caveat emptor.

The connections into the camera are very poor choices. The 5V power supply is via a simple (tiny) coaxial plug (not weatherized). There is no POE support on the hardwire ethernet connector. A reset button is also integrated into the cable. The cable is not removable and you cannot substitute hardwired power to the camera for a more secure installation. The cable provided is only about 3 feet long so your options to secure it are limited. My plan is to place a small outdoor electrical box on the wall next to the camera mount and place all the connections and a small 5V power supply inside that (hard wired).

Otherwise the camera seems to mostly do as it claims and work reasonably well.
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on July 16, 2012
Junk. Camera FAILED after 4 months. Less than 60 degrees view, hard to setup and view, software doesn't allow more than 1/3 screen viewing on monitor, no more than 15 ft infra red night viewing, short (40ft) transmitting range even with booster on high powered router. Steer clear of these cameras.
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on October 30, 2013
Bought this product to try out the camera and quality. The daytime quality is pretty good, but the night vision is almost none even in a parking lot area with lights (In quality comparison to VideoSecu cameras used in past). The camera was set up under the ledge of a roof where it hardly would get rain or elements and power and Ethernet were in NEMA enclosure even though it was an outdoor camera. Everything went great and bam on the 3rd night the camera died. Tried to reset several times, the Ethernet port would not come on when plugged into routers or switches. I guess i had a bad model, but i have read many other similar stories prior to purchasing.
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on February 6, 2013
After receiving this camera(01/02/2013), I plugged it in and the power supply did not work. I tried to get tech help from Foscam, but they did not answer the phone. I finally got in touch with (they are in India) and they said to use my amazon order number as the RMA number and mail it to Houston and they would fix it! No one has even acknowledged that it was received and it has not been returned yet! Update:02/07/13. I received my camera back, but it appears to a complete brand new one and it works right out of the box! If this camera keeps on working like this for a few weeks outside, then I will upgrade my star rating.UPDATE: Just finished with tech support and Ralph Mendez was fantastic. He logged on to my computer and had me operational wireless in very short order. I take all my bad stuff back and give them a 5 star rating!
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on August 10, 2013
I decided to buy each of the Agasio 502W and Agasio 612W instead of the Foscams since they are the same company - this was a mistake. Stick to the Foscam brand since the Agasio website is nothing but junk and the forums are full of spam. Foscam site is a bit better. Also when planning to use these camera's with surveillance software, Foscam drivers are the most common.

I am using the Agasio 502W with the Synology Disk Station NAS that also has a surveillance software builtin. The Agasio 502W corresponds to the Foscam 8918W and the Agasio 612W with Foscam 8905W for the purposes of the configuration. Also this is an MJPEG camera and not a H264 - so audio is only possible through dedicated apps not through surveillance software like the Synology. Foscam's H264 camera's have audio but from what I hear is difficult to setup and disconnects often.

The Agasio 502W and Agasio 612W both were easy to setup and the web interface, while clunky, worked well enough. You MUST be tech savvy to know Dynamic IP vs Static IP etc. The presets in Agasio 502W are useful - however, they get messed up very easily by a cam viewer and once disturbed, it confuses the surveillance station. I have it setup so that when motion is triggered, it goes trough a preset patrol sequence and records the movie. This has worked well except when the presets are disturbed manually.

Also note that the Agasio 502W has a much wider field of view than Agasio 612W. Also while the Agasio 612W is waterproof, both are NOT meant for freezing temperatures.

I have both Agasio 502W and Agasio 612W setup wirelessly through an Apple Time Machine Airport router to the Synology DS and they have worked well without disconnect. Recordings have also been good and motion detection has worked well.

I am going to keep both Agasio 502W and Agasio 612W camera's and see how they perform.

NOTE- WARNING - If you are accessing the camera's through a Dynamic DNS service, be VERY CAREFUL - there are several hacks and cracks available online that will allow strangers to break in, view and monitor your camera's. See this:
So using the camera's via a surveillance software is recommended. Foscam does not seem to care about this - I dont see any response to this on their site.
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on April 5, 2013
This may be a great camera, but I will never know, because there is a large two-foot black wire hanging off the back of the camera. I thought that I could discretely run power to this camera and put it on my front porch, but there is no way that this wire will be discrete (see customer image).

Every photo of this camera does not show this wire. Open the box, and "Hey, surprise! Look what's hanging there." The whole purpose of going wireless is so there is no network wire running up to the camera. I am not going to give it one star for being misleading, so I will simply give it three stars.

Okay, after I got over the shock of the camera having a tail, I was okay with it. I mounted it by my front door, so we could see you is ringing our bell. I t works well at this, and it works during the day and at night, which is really cool. I would be happier, if the lens had a wider angle, because it is difficult to set up so that we can see a person's face at different distances.

I also set the email function. Now, every time someone enters or exists our house, i get sent up to six photos. Really cool to watch. Also, I can see when the UPS guy comes.

Changed my rating to a four: Wish I could remove the tail, and the camera had a wider angle. BTW, don't need software, just log into the camera!
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