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VINE VOICEon January 7, 2014
After watching (genuinely, truly, and fully) the final series (all of the episodes), what a fitting tribute this is to the world's most famous detective. David Suchet is the quintessential Poirot. This final series culminates in "Curtain," Poirot's final case, and well done, it is. And as icing on this genre's cake, Capt. Hastings, Inspector Japp, and Miss Lemon join in in the valedictory. For Poirot followers, this is a remarkable--and memorable--exit. Viva la Poirot!
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on January 4, 2014
And just to imagine David's brother told him not to take this part. What a mistake that would have been. Miss you Poirot!!! Thank you to David, Hugh (Hastings), Pauline (Ms. Lemon), Philip (Inspector Japp), and Zoe (Ms. Oliver). Thank you all for giving us 26 years of good television, mystery, and drama. And to the directors, producers, and casting directors, thank for choosing the right actors. A&E, PBS and Masterpiece Theater, thank you as well. You all have bought so much intertainment into my life, with little to look at on T.V. I always was interested in the next episode of Poirot. Thank you once again.
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on December 24, 2013
For me David Suchet is the very personification of Hercule Poirot a bit foppish and festitous but always totally lovable. David Suchet has amassed a truly astonishing body of work in the many Poirot Series installments and while ALL installments are good most episodes are great and no David Suchet Poirot episode has ever fallen flat in my opinion. I preordered these Agatha Christie's Poirot, Series 12 and Agatha Christie's Poirot, Series 13 DVD's because David Suchet as Hercule Poirot on DVD has NEVER EVER DISAPPOINTED ME!

It appears these final DVD's will be the best production values allowing our dear Hercule to go out on the high note. In show business it is said that one should always leave us wanting more. I want MORE David Suchet as Hercule Poirot but fully understand David's desire to close this chapter of life and move on. I just want to thank David Suchet and all that have worked to bring us Hercule Poirot DVD's over the years.

I thank A&E, Granada, Acorn Media and others for always delivering DVD's of ok to awesome quality. Unlike many studios the exec's never jerked us fans around on release date and price. David Suchet's role of Hercule Poirot collectors were always treated with respect. All the DVD's were watchable or better in quality. The Hercule Poirot DVD's were always a class act in execution and delivery. I rarely write a review this glowing but there are few series like POIROT protrayed by a great man like David Suchet. David Suchet made me love tiny Belgum by making Hercule Poirot so passionate in his love of home country. I hate to say this but Hercule Poirot had lots of autistic qualities not saying he is one of us but he sure has lots of our ways.

Thanks David Suchet. David may God bess grant you a long healthy happy life. You have made life much better by your gift of Hercule Poirot given to all of us who appreciate the unique life you breathed into him.
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on March 5, 2014
I watched the last episodes with an occasional tear in my eye - especially those episodes that brought together the original characters: Poirot, Miss Lemon, Hastings & Inspector Japp. Each story was well-adapted for TV, the acting as usual, was superb and the sets and production value high. The last episode "Curtains" was a bit sad, but then so is life as we near our end. HOWEVER, my 17 year old granddaughter loved each episode including "Curtains" and predicts that another series will be produced, hopefully by the Brits who do it best, and a new Poirot will arise. She is of course correct. Great stories and unforgettable characters never die, they are just resurrected time after time.

I highly recommend the series to all Poirot fans. "Newbys" should start with the very first episodes and watch the progression or evolution in Poirot's character and in the way Agatha Christie's books have been adapted to reflect current social mores and conventions. I found the transition in the later episodes a bit disconcerting at first, but watching the newer episodes including "Appointment with Death" and "Cat Among the Pigeon" left me more than satisfied. The thematic music in the newer episodes was superb and added to my enjoyment of watching these programs. My 90 year old dad also loves all of the episodes.
When you can satisfy viewers spanning ages 17 years to 60-something to 90 years old, you know that Christie's writing was very special and the series producers have done something very right.

As an aside, I've started watching the new Father Brown episodes and they are GOOD. There is some comedic moments, but the story lines are interesting, have excellent production value and a cast of British actors that can't be beat. I recommend Father Brown to any Brit-loving, mystery savoring fans of BBC productions.
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on January 1, 2014
I dread ordering series 13, This is the end of a truly remakable series, David Suchet and his supporting castmates have given hours upon hous of quality entertainment. I will watch each episode if this last series with joy and saddness. "Tis curtains" as they say, the end is near. On the upside I can go back and start all over as this series will now complete my collection of this incredible journery of Mr.Hercule Poirot and his band of loyal helpmates insolving delicious crimes. Bravo!
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on January 3, 2014
thank you david suchet, for countless hours of hercule poirot.....agatha christie would have loved you too!!!
my husband and i own all of hercule poirot, and have watched them countless times....i look forward to adding the
latest, and alas, the last to my collection, for more hours of pure enjoyment! the cast, the sets, the stories, are
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on January 25, 2014
I bought this series elsewhere because I wanted it now and didn't want to HAVE to wait for the amazon USA or Canada as they are STILL dragging their heels in giving us access to this series too, which I find really ticks me off!! When I received this series, I not only received it promptly -- I have also had the privilege of paying for it cheaper than what the was going to charge me for it! I have seen all of these movies now, and although a couple of them are not as good as I'd hoped, I still enjoyed watching them. I have them now to enjoy watching again from time to time, especially when I have the inclination to do so. I have no regrets in buying the last of this series. My only disappoint is that there is no more of Agatha Christie's books that have been made into movies (like "Sparkling Cyanide"). Most of what you have to do now is 'read' the stories as all her other excellent stories have NOT come out in movie form.
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on July 9, 2014
Poirot with David Suchet is a tremendous series and I love it. I've purchased every release so far. My discussion here is for the Region 2 DVD set of the final five Poirot movies in the series. I am posting it on the USA site for benefit of US viewers who are upset over the late date release of the Region 1 (R1) DVD set. In this day and age, many DVD players and computers can play PAL formatted DVDs from Europe. You need to ensure that your DVD equipment can play PAL format and also does not have a region code restriction turned on. Even if your player handles PAL format, a region code restriction may prevent your discs from playing. However, the region code setting can be turned off in many models (not all). You can usually determine if the region setting can be turned off (made Region Free) by searching your DVD player product options with the manufacturer. That can be done online in most cases. You can also ask a technician in some electronics stores as well and they can check on that for you. I live in the USA and could not wait to see these final movies in the series, so I ordered the Region 2 (R2) set from in June. The set arrived in just under two weeks (quite fast) and I paid approximately $25 in US funds after conversion of the British pounds pricing for the R2 set. It is a wonderful series and the R2 set has all five of the final films complete and uncut in 16:9 anamorphic display with optional subtitles. Also included are two bonus features with David Suchet discussing the Poirot series and how he decided on his manner of portraying Poirot as an actor. My JVC model DVD player is dual format (PAL and NTSC) and also region free, so I can enjoy DVD media from virtually anywhere in the world. For those of you who have a DVD player or other equipment that can play or stream R2 PAL formatted material to your HDTV I would strongly recommend that you consider the R2 DVD set as an alternative. It is much cheaper than the proposed price for the R1 set scheduled for November. This is just a possible option for some of you who cannot wait for the R1 release.
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on February 16, 2014
My hat is off to David Suchet for being THE Hercule Poirot. I am so glad the series of books and short stories were completed. I did not even wait for it to air in the U.S., but ordered the British DVD on and watched it on my computer hooked up to my TV. Of the five movies, I enjoyed Elephants Can Remember the best. The casting was excellent, and the characters were well developed, and the plot line was outstanding. Dead Man's Folly was faithful to the book. The Big Four and especially the Labours of Hercules took great liberties with the books, but that was probably inevitable. Although the ending of the Big Four was not very strong, I thought the writers did an excellent job crafting the Labours of Hercules into one movie. Finally, Curtain is faithful to the book, although I thought Poirot's attitude towards Hastings was too critical and mean-spirited. Finally, the Being Poirot documentary was outstanding, and a great summary of the series and the talented work of David Suchet. Do not wait for PBS to air it in the U.S., but buy the DVD collection now and watch it on your computer.
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on November 13, 2014
I wish I had listened to the review by Talulah Winter. I ordered these with great expectations and am terribly disappointed. So far I have only watched Elephants Can Remember, The Big Four and Dead Man's Folly. Dead Man's Folly seemed to be pretty close to the book, although I am now re-reading it to make sure. However, Elephants Can Remember and The Big Four have been totally rewritten, changing the whole view of the stories. In Elephants Can Remember, the murder of the doctor that opens the film is not in the story at all and the Big Four was a terrible adaptation. As Talulah Winter said, Agatha Christie is rolling over in her grave, and I would add that so is her daughter. Rosalind, who was very protective of her mother's work. If one has not read any of Agatha Christie's books, these productions would not be too bad, and David Suchet is, as always, a perfect Poirot. I wish, however, that these had stayed true to their source. If someone wants to write a new story, let them do it without trading on Agatha Christie's characters, fame and fan base.
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