Customer Reviews: Agatha H. and the Clockwork Princess (Girl Genius)
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on April 21, 2012
I usually tend to shy away from novelizations, but this is an unusual novelization--generally, novels get made in to comic books, not the other way around. But I've enjoyed Phil and Katya Foglio's "Girl Genius" series (available online for free, or from Amazon as a set of handsome graphic novels) so much that I decided to give the novels a try. I've read both this one and its predecessor, and while they tell the same story as the graphic novels, and while I miss Phil Foglio's cartooning, I find the novels quite enjoyable on their own terms and very much complementary, enabling the Foglios to develop the characters a bit more that was possible within the constraints of the comic book format.

For those who are new to the series, the Agatha/Girl Genius series is an extended dramatic farce set in a steampunk alternate europe in which scientific genius is almost always accompanied by Victor Frankenstein-style mania often with unfortunate consequences for the populace at large. Clockwork and biotechnology (of the Frankenstein style) is developed to a high level, but electronics has been neglected. The plot is baroquely complicated, with a huge cast of unique and engaging characters that the Foglios somehow manage to keep in play. The Foglios' flair for comic dialog is very much in evidence. Be sure to read the humorous and informative footnotes (which unfortunately are not hyperlinked in the Kindle edition). The novels follow the plot of the "Girl Genius" series pretty much exactly. The first novel "Agatha H. and the Clockwork Princess" was quite good, but with this sequel the Foglios (and the story) really hit their stride.

I'm eagerly anticipating future additions to both the graphic novel and prose novel versions of the story of Agatha.
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on October 14, 2012
Agatha H and the Clockwork Princess $11.99, Kindle edition, contains DRM $13.74, Nook edition, contains DRM $6.00, any ebook format, DRM-free

For shame, Amazon and B&N! You can't even pretend the publisher set that price.

Stars are for the book itself.
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on June 4, 2012
Right from the start, I'll tell you that I am a fan of Girl Genius. I read the webcomic. I've bought all of the paperback graphic novels. I also bought the first hardback novel. So why buy the book when you can get the webcomic for free?

Have you ever seen a movie and said "It was good but the book was better."? The comic and graphic novels give you amazing artwork and colors. (Yes! Go buy them as well!) This novel allows a much greater depth and insight into the story. The humor and jokes are still present. Yet this book provides so much more. Important details which a picture can only hint at, are lovingly described and expand on things which you thought you knew (if you are already a Girl Genius fan).

Even if you don't like to read because words scare you and paper makes your head hurt; you will want to read this book. It is filled with action, adventure, a few kisses and science!
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on May 15, 2012
I've been reading this comic online for a while and I must say, this novelization of it is amazing. You get glimpses of background stories that just are not possible in a comic. I can't wait for the next novel to come out. I'll be buying that one too.
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on December 2, 2013
I love the online graphic novel and faithfully follow it, unfortunately without the pictures this novel tends to be somewhat two dimensional and is a good overview of the online story but does not do it justice.
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on March 13, 2015
The Foglios have taken their brilliant webcomic and successfully translated it to a rollicking-good-fun novel. Three of them, and more coming. Agatha, the young Spark who discovers her true identity in the first novel, appears in the Clockwork Princess as a damsel on the run, but not distressed in the slightest. When she falls in with a traveling circus, she loses herself in her work, repairing the elderly machinery they use for transport and other tasks. Along the way she bonds with the strange warrior princess Zeetha, and discovers new depths to her faithful cat companion, Krosp.

I won't get into details, I hate to spoil it. Basically, I love the characters, the absurdity of the clanks and the setting, and the whole tangled mess Agatha makes of her budding relationships. I really like that the authors keep her practical and grounded when it comes to those - feelings are interesting, but saving her world comes first, and any way, she wants a man who would build her a really good death ray.

Lines that made me chortle:

An injured character insists that Agatha remain with him, "Because she's got a great big monster-killing gun!'" he exclaimed. "And I want it, and her, right here!"

Agatha's comment on romance. "People keep giving me rings," she confided in him. "But I think a small death ray might be more practical."

Now that I have assured you this is well worth reading, here's the bad news. Unless, like me, you can catch the Kindle version on sale, don't bother with the ebook. It's ridiculously priced, especially for a book with proof-checking issues. I'd bought it in hardback as well, for my Junior Mad Scientist, who loved the first one and is looking forward to these.
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on May 19, 2014
While I've completly read the on-line Agatha graphics novels, and never miss an update, I still enjoy reading the novelizations. More depth than a GN, broader look at the on-going plots, counter plots, and back story.

This second novel is a solid continuation of the series. Really whetted my appetite for the next one, due out soon.
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on March 18, 2016
Interesting book, but a bit long and off-putting in the last portion. I am not being nasty, I simply feel this particular series does NOT belong on a bookshelf. I believe it desperately needs to be turned into a series of movies. The big screen is the BEST format for Agatha as well as her feline companion. The fantasy and sheer number of characters/creatures involved, as well as the main character(s) and the stories themselves, could truly use a good fleshing out and the best place for that to be found is in the many creative minds of a "certain" type of movie-makers and their crews. This series would be a joy to watch, preferably in IMAX 3D format. There is a LOT of potential here, because of its unique and next to impossible to imagine devices and characters, and, well...EVERYTHING, but PLEASE keep Tarantino (too raw) away from it and target DreamWorks or any company with the budget (it has to be large) and minds (they must all be rarified) to bring out every bit of the drama, whimsey and creativity required to put together this work as it desperately deserves. I don't want to give away a single bit of the storyline, but if this could be turned into a screenplay targeted to a group of "someones" with unique imaginations? The sky's the limit! PLEASE go for it! P.S. NO, I am NOT tied in any way to this author/person, or anyone involved in this series. I am just an average Josephine with an eye towards creating a silk purse where a sow's ear now resides. No offense meant.
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on April 5, 2015
This is pretty much a repackaging of volumes 4-6 of the Girl Genius 'gaslamp fantasy' (aka steampunk) webcomic into novel form. For readers of the webcomic, this will be a familiar story, as Agatha and Krosp join a traveling circus, rescue some Jägermonsters, do various things with (and to) clanks, perform a Heterodyne show or two, meet the latest would-be Storm King, and get their first tastes of The Other's treachery and Baron Wulfenbach's wrath on the road to Mechanicsburg. As with the first novel, there's some additional exposition that wouldn't really fit as part of the main comic.
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on February 26, 2016
Oh, this is a rare and toothsome piece of writing! It is first, beautifully written; second, stuffed to bursting with creativity and inventiveness (it even has footnotes to contain the imaginative arabesques that don't fit into the narrative, and they are choice!); and finally, both absorbing and amusing. It is really, really hard to set it down!

Unlike most of the reviewers here, I was ignorant of the original graphic novels, and tried this volume just because it was bargain-priced. Now, halfway through it, I'm in love -- I've wrenched myself away from my kindle to come and buy the rest of the trilogy.

But, while this volume does very well as a stand-alone, I have realized I'm missing some of the harmonics of its plot convolutions because I haven't read Book 1. So here I am, shelling out big for the other two and panting to do so. This is a 1982 Bordeau of a book, a 5-pound assortment of L. A. Burdick chocolates, a perfect Beef Wellington of a book -- a rare and substantial treat!
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