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I didn't think much of computer games until we downloaded a trial of Age of Kings. We were completely smitten. We really loved the Age of Kings and that was our standard until the Conquerers Expansion Pack came out. Then we got this set to have all the games, and the rest was history. The improvements in the Conquerers were so amazing that we just put on the other games now and then for curiousity.
The historical background (weaponry, armor, fighters, strategies, buildings, costume, languages, maps) that went into the development of this game are simply stunning. The graphics are pretty good (we drop down a peg in resolution, however, to make the map easier to read for some details like elevation.) You really can get into military strategy and have some wonderful battles. You can even play online with friends (using a private ISP) or in public gaming zones.
If you love Age of Empires:Conquerers, it's fun to have the entire set to see how the game evolved. So I give it 4 out of 5 stars because we only play one of the games, but we did want to experience the others.
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on April 14, 2002
I don't have this item, but I have all 4 games, so I'll tell you what campaign on each game is like:
Age of Empires:
Ascent of Egypt, the evolution of Egypt. Glory of greece, warfare of Greece, from the Athens-Sparta era, to Alexander the great. Voices of Babylon, politics of Mesopotamia. Yamato empire of rising sun, the unification of Japan.
Rise of Rome:
Rise of rome, the wars of Rome as a republic. ave ceasr, ceaser. Pax romana, rome finally as an empire. Enemies of Rome, 4 battles involving rome.
Age of Kings:
William wallace, a war between Scotland and England. Joan of arc, the 100 years war. Saladin, the third crusade. Genghis Khan, the Mongol empire. Barbarossa, the holy roman empire.
The conquerors:
Attila the hun, collapse of the roman empire. El cid, reconquest of christian spain. Montezuma, the Aztecs. Battles of the conquerors, 8 battles mainly involving france.
I hope this has helped
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on November 3, 2000
Age of Empires Collector's Edition is the best strategy I've ever played. This special edition lets you to play AoE I, II, and it's expansions. If you love strategy games this is your best selection because all four games of Age of Empires are bundled together to let you the maximum out the strategy game. With the sound tracks, which included on the same disk with the four games, you can enjoy the tracks that you mostly like. These four games of Empires let you fell the king in the game and attack your enemies with the full power and watch their defeat. When you choose the hardest level you can be prepared for a very tough game, which can be played for longer than 2 hours. So if you love strategy games choose Age of Empires Collector's Edition.
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on December 19, 2000
Honestly, I believe that this packaging was made for parents who've heard their kids say the words "I want AGE OF EMPIRES", and who, unfamiliar with the series, will think that more is better.
Truth is, once you play AOE II and its expansion pack, "The Conquerors", you'll stick with that version. The original AOE (and its "Rise of Rome" expansion pack) will just gather dust. It's not that AOE and "Rise of Rome" are bad games. Obviously, they're great games--which is why AOE was one of the highest-selling PC games ever. But the improvements made in AOE II and "The Conquerors" mean that game is simply more fun. Make no mistake: it's no bargain that you're getting AOE and "The Rise of Rome" along with AOE II. These are units Microsoft simply couldn't sell after AOE II came out.
Still, it's possible this double-pack is priced right. The list price of this Collector's Edition is exactly the same as the list on AOE II and "The Conquerors" combined. Essentially, Microsoft is throwing the two older titles in for free. However, Microsoft very frequently offers rebates when buying any of these titles separately. As far as I know, this Collectors Edition offers no such rebate. I'd therefore highly recommend that you see whether any rebate promotions are currently being offered by Microsoft before buying this Collector's Edition. If there aren't any, go ahead and get this Collector's Edition. But if there's a rebate, you really are better off buying just AOE II and "The Conquerors" separately--and putting the rebate in the bank.
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on July 9, 2001
This game features 4 games: Age of Empires, Age of Empires the Rise of Rome Expansion, Age of Empires II the age of Kings, and The Conquerors expansion. These have to be my 4 all time favorite games. You must buy this pack, for this low price.
I first played AOE when it came out as a beta for Microsoft employees. I instantly fell in love with the style of play, and when it came out, bought the complete game immediately. It is a strategy game, where one must raise his civilization and destroy all other players. You have a wide variety of civs' to choose from, including the Greeks, the Yamato, and the Phoenicians, each with it's own bonuses and specialties. Each attacking unit has its specialties too, as each are rated in attack, range, armor, and piercing armor (to defend against missile weapons). This creates a very complicated feel, making the game fun for everyone.
The rise of Rome is the expansion for the Age of Empires, meaning you need AOE installed for this to work. It has many improvements that will keep you playing this game. Now you can queue units, so you don't have to keep on pressing the build unit button right after a unit is trained. There are some new civs too, including Rome itself. This game is not as important as the first game in the series, but is a very good addition.
The Age of Kings takes place after Rome has fallen, with (almost) all new civs and technologies. You'll battle with the Britons, the Chinese, and the Turks, each with its own unique unit and special civ bonuses. The strategy in this game is wonderful, as the scenario builder is very improved, adding many triggers and other things. There are also many good campaigns that you can set upon, from the heroic efforts of Joan of Arc to the conquest of Genghis Khan.
The Conquerors adds a few more of those complex civs, the Aztecs, the Mayans, the Spanish, and the Koreans. There are many different campaigns, including the battles of the conquerors, a string of scenarios that are related to real battles. The triggers in these scenarios are superb. The scenario building is also very easy, contributing to a great overall game play. I got this game and I love it still. I like the multiplayer strategies that are intrigued by all the bonus changes. These changes have made a more complex and fair game. To play the game, you must have the original Age of Kings (Age of Empires II) on your installed. Since I played AOK The Conquerors, I realized that I couldn't live without the special features that were not in the original AOK or AOE.
Overall, this is a great pack to get, good for days, weeks, maybe months of fun before all campaigns are beaten. Then you can play death Matches and Random maps until you master those, and after that you can play on the Internet against people from around the world. This package deserves a 5 1/2 stars out of 5.
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on April 24, 2014
This is one of the best strategy war games around, as it is of course a classic. It is a ton of fun, even though you will find yourself playing mainly just the conquerors edition because it is simply the best. The only problem with these games are that they are not designed for the newer operating systems. You will find some trouble making the game run completely smooth, as it was specifically designed for older operating systems. All around still a great game and well worth the $7. Packaging was good and shipping was just on time!
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on December 8, 2015
Plays just the way I remember. It installs just fine on Windows 10 & 7 if you install it right, what I found is with W10 it must be installed in all in the same folder in “windows program files” or it will scatter all over the C drive you may have to create a folder for it but it should work fine. With W7 I had to create a folder because it wouldn’t do so itself. Have fun and play well.
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on November 6, 2013
It will not play on my 2 year old laptop. I have an old old first version disc and it is very scratched etc. and it works fine. Cannot click on support for the issuer of this disc. Ubisoft... Thank goodness I didn't pay alot for it!! May be that is a pirated disc. Don't know why else it won't play.
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on November 2, 2000
The Age of Empires Collector's Edition brings together Age of Empires 1 and 2, with their expansion packs. Age of Empires is the award winning game developed by Ensemble studios and Microsoft. I suggest you buy this game for endless hours of entermtainment. It also has a map editor to make your own maps. Its endless features includes more than 12 civilizations, multiplayer support, map editor, plenty of campaigns and scenarios. Even if you didnt do good in your history finals, this game is a must. You will learn a lot. I rate this as the best game ever made!
Please buy this game...
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on February 11, 2015
Very happy with this order. Arrived in about 18 hours. Well protected and the DVD cover and disks are like new. I loaded AoE and the expansion package on a Windows 7 machine and it is running fairly smoothly. The picture and sound hang up for about one second every now and then but I have yet to be kicked out of the game. I have all of the original AoE games except for the first one. This DVD set was a life saver.
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