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on August 18, 2005
Have you played Starcraft, Age of Empires, Age of Kings, Rise of Rome, or Star Wars Battlefield?

If you have, you should know what this is like... Create your civilization, decide what units to concentrate on, pick which god to worship, prioritize your defenses and your offensives, thats exactly what this is like.

Differences for AoE, AoK, etc, are that they have converted the game into 3-D, creating stunning effects of biuldings, units, rivers, and forests. Also it has a twist with the gods, so you may worship the gods of your choice, and become different advantags. There are three main cultures, each with different gods and sub-gods. They are Greek, Egyptian, and Norse. Each has unique advantages and dissadvantages, offering many hours of play.

After you are tired of the single-player and campaigns (that is, if you ever do) there is more!!! You can now easily log on to a server with hundreds of other players ready for a fight. And if you win, your rank raises. This lets you easily find the right person to play with.

Okay if you EVER get tired with those, just go to, and over 100 more campaigns, maps, units, recorded games, and mods are ready of your use. Now with all of this can you ever get bored? Every preson will have a different style of play and there are SOOOOOOOOO many styles...

Now with all of this, THIS GAME ROCKS!!!

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on January 21, 2006
This game is great! The graphics are relistic while holding a mythic feel. The enviroments are beatiful, and it is a shame to chop down trees, kill animals, and build up the area. Battles are fairly easy and the AI doesn't fight often... perfect to new RTS gamers. The campain is well done. The cheats are too powerful for anything but the campain, however. For example, WRATH OF THE GODS gives you powerful god power. God powers are powers you can use once (with a few exeptions)which perform a number of results. The four culters are Greek, Egyptian, Norse, and Atlantis (which is only in the Titans Exspansion Pack)Overall, this is a great game.
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on June 6, 2005
This game is amazing. It normally wouldn't have caught my eye, but my younger brother was addicted and wouldn't stop pestering me until I gave it a try. As it turns out, I liked it so much I had to buy my own copy. The controls are very fairly easy to get a hang of, which lets you concentrate more on your stategy, attack and defense.

The campaign option lets you play through an interconnected series of at least 30 mini-missions(don't know exactly off the top of my head)which leads you in turn through the Greek, Egyptian, Norse and Atlantean lands; each with unique Gods/Goddesses, heros, and mythological creatures. You also get a limited number of "God powers" (lightning, meteors, earthquakes,etc) granted to you, depending on which God you decide to focus on with each advancement.

The Titans expansion included with this game was a bit disapointing with that campaign being way too short (with only about 10 missions). I finished it in only 2 days.

*By the way- the previous reviewer said there was no online play for this game, which isn't true. I have played online, even the back of the box states there is online play(which is free).
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on May 17, 2013
I was super disappointed because I couldn't even play the Titans expansion and was about to return it. It wouldn't open at all because it kept asking me to put in the CD, but it was already in there. Apparently, after some research, I found out it ONLY recognizes a CD drive as "Drive D", which is ridiculous because most people have multiple drives, so the disk drive is usually E or something else. This is even more stupid because I used Drive E to install it, but once you try to open the program, there's just error messages asking to put in the disk (even though it's there spinning in the drive). But, with persistence, the online "manual patches" will work. What you do is you install AOM first, then download/install the patch version for AOM Patch 1.10, which you can get online, like from CNET. Next install Titans, and download/install the Titans patch 1.03. Then you go to the file where your AOM folder is installed (like C;/Windows programs (86)/Microsoft Games/AOM, and open the folder and click on the Titans icon (the face) from there. DON'T use your desktop shortcut the first time. Then do the same for AOM by clicking that icon in the programs folder, drive C (but do Titans first). After that, everything will work!! :-)

SO, overall, AOM is good, and Titans is great. But AOM is short on campaigns. One thing that sucks about the AOM is that right when you are in the middle of winning a huge battle, it tells you, "You are Victorious!" and then freezes the game permanently. WTF?! You can't even use or enjoy your "God powers" because it freezes you out of the game at the best possible moment, or right before you are about to unleash your "powers". This can be really annoying because you just spent two hours building up to that moment. Ugh. I don't recommend "supremacy mode" for this reason.

Also, the graphics are just ok, they are a bit dated, but it's not too bad really because of the overall charm of the design of the divine characters, scenes, and units/buildings, etc. Make sure you update the game options to your correct screen resolution for optimum results. This software is, in fact, quite old, but it's pretty good-looking all things considered. Overall, it's too bad that Microsoft gave up on these games because they were so cool and had a lot of potential for development and still have a lot of fans many years later. If you are curious, I have a 2013 Lenovo Ideapad gaming laptop with Windows 8, so with the above fix, you CAN make it run on a similar or newer PC system. I have no idea if it works on Mac. I would also not recommend buyng AOM alone without the Titans expansion because Titans, for me, is way more fun and the better of the two.
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on August 4, 2005
This game is absolutely incredible! Not only is it fun but it is also something that you have to learn about it in high school which gave me a head start! The game is very, very true to mythology. It talks about Greek, Atlantean, Norse, and Egyptian mythology. It also has some very important and minor gods like Apollo, Poseidon, Zeus, Osiris, Isis, Hel, Anubis, Loki, and Thor(just to name a few). The thing that's so different about this game is that you get to make your own army with as many warriors and monsters(or myths) as you want. Addictive should be this games middle name! Long story short this game is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!
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on February 27, 2009
This item was made by micoshaft, and Ensemble studios (EOS). EOS was the online multiplayer engine that ran all the fun. Well they went out of business, so Ubisoft is now the ones that are selling the game.

When Ubisoft released the game, they shipped every single copy with the same CD KEy, thus making the online multiplayer useless.

I called Ubisoft, and they are out of product keys to re-issue, and Microshaft AKA little India, is not covering this game anymore because it is out of their 5 year window of support.

Ontop of all this I received the $9.99 jewel case edition that you are debating on buying this one or that one... they are one in the same.

IF, and only IF you get the actual product that is pictured above of the Original box will you receive the correct product to get online with, because it will be a unique CD Key... (not included in this product...grrrr)
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on December 2, 2013
Worked great for me out of the box on Windows 7 64-bit. No tweaking needed.
If you are having problems with newer versions of Windows and like the old games, you should have installed a virtual machine by now anyway and should be playing the old games on it.
Pretty solid game, never had any crashes and no bugs to report. After playing it a few times, decided it was time to cheat like a madman and see what the game can do. Google around and you'll find cheats for resources and ways to break the population cap (my personal fav).
Now, now, cheating isn't for everyone, so at least play the game through once before you start being a dirty cheater!

All in all a pretty good game. Even though I've beat it and abused it, I still like to go back and play once in a while.
The soundtrack got stuck in my head for several days, but it is pretty cool so it wasn't all bad.
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on November 15, 2014
Sadly, I love Age of Mythology but I hate Ubisoft's support of the Gold Edition they produced. If you have older Microsoft Ensemble CD-ROM versions even with the AoM 1.10 & AoMX 1.03 updates you will not be able to play Direct LAN games with this version from Ubisoft. Sadly, there are posts out there about this issue and about how Ubisoft made every copy of this version have the same Product Keys and Ubisoft didn't help. If you look on Ubisoft's website they do not even have anything about Age of Mythology. If you download the Microsoft Patches for Age of Mythology and run them with this Ubisoft version you will be out of luck and have to uninstall as the Microsoft Patches require a CD version and not the DVD Ubisoft packaged this "Exclusive" copy as. I know it's an old game, but you can at least make it compatible with the same version # of the original CD-ROM distros. That's what I get for being legit and buying multiple copies for my LAN games.
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on January 10, 2014
I regularly play this one on the network with my 11 years old son. This has been going on for quite some time and I don't see that stopping any time soon.

This is the last in the series of the "Age of empires", the Microsoft real time strategy game series which also spawned "Age or kings" and "Age of conquerors". This "Age of Mythology" (AoM) was the first of them to fully utilize the modern 3D graphics.

For those who are not sure, real-time strategy is a class of games where the players start building an economy on some terrain by gathering resources and assigning them to constructions or units. Each player starts with a town center and a few villagers who can gather food, wood or gold and build different structures, each with its characteristics: you need houses to expand your population, you can create soldiers in the barracks, you need food to create new villagers at the town center, your forge can improve weapons and armor in exchange for some gold etc.

The beginning of the game is usually pure economic growth and environment discovery, and then you realize you are not alone on the map. Depending on how the opponents behave (whether controlled by the computer or another player) they will be more or less aggressive - some build strong defenses, others will raid your towns at the first opportunity. This means there is not one good way to play; the good players do develop a personal style but also learn to adapt to changing situations.

Unlike the seminal early 90s "Civilization" by Sid Meyer, real-time strategy games are not turn-based but all actions develop concurrently based on the orders each players have given to their units (military or not) and how the simulation unfolds. Timing is of the essence, and the game ends typically when one player has eliminated his opponents or constructed and protected a marvel for 10 minutes - a long time in these fast-paced games. AoM supports many fun variants.

Age of Mythology did not only add a dimension to the graphics of its predecessors, but to the game-play as well: not only do the various civilizations have different units and characteristics, but the technological leaps known as "age changes" borrowed form earlier games give the player a chance to worship an additional god who in return gives the player a divine power, the opportunity to develop different technologies and the possibility to create new mythical units at the temple.

The original game featured three civilizations: Egyptians, Greeks and Vikings, each with an assortment of gods and monsters. Extremely fun and educative.
Then came the "Titans expansion" (included in this edition) which did improve the game-play and added the possibility to "free" a 30m tall Titan that can the be directed to go wreck havoc in the opponents' fortresses. This much was very funny.

The expansion also came with a new civilization, and here I am a little less thrilled: the Atlanteans are a different version of the Greeks, different enough to really change the game, yet I would have much preferred the Mayas or the Indians for they both featured very rich folklore and mythologies. I could have seen praying to Gilgamesh, Vishnu, Kali, Quetzalcoatl or the Pachamama. Not so - I guess Microsoft didn't want to hurt the sensitivities of the cultures who still believe in these mythologies and I can respect that.

Learning this game is made easy by the expansive tutorial. It is not necessary to go through the whole of it although it can be fun if you are playing on your own.
You can also set the difficulty of the game and learn in the random map - the real thing: one of maybe 30 types, mountainous or covered with forests, sand deserts or islands, some with a specific goal (conquer the big island, capture and hold the center monument, start without a town center...).
People will typically first enjoy the building and not like too much when enemy soldiers show up, so I would advise avoiding this class of games for kids younger than about 10. This is better for teens and above, although compared to what kids watch on TV these days this is very tame.

This game might be construed as promoting aggression and war, but it is really more about learning the rules of a game and finding a solution to winning - it does not have to be through complete annihilation of the others as with Command and Conquer Generals (a good game too).
AoM also feeds the need for culture of my 11 years old son - I had to find Edith Hamilton's "The Mythology" to quench his thirst for the actual stories.

Ages of Mythology is all in all probably the best game ever, especially when playing it with friends over the network.

Fun : *****
Educational: *****
Lifespan of the game: ***** (hundreds of hours and counting, over many years)

This edition contains both the original game and the "Titans" expansion.

It also comes with all supported languages - you just have to pick the one you want at install time. This is great as my kids are bilingual French-Spanish and their English is still quite limited; they still could lend the game to English- and German-speaking friends of theirs.
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on May 24, 2016
This version of the game did not work well for me. There are minor quirks in the play that did not make it enjoyable to play. Also, it crashed my windows xp when I installed the Titans pack. I uninstalled it and then installed a different version. Now I have no problems.
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