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"Some extremely curious people can't bear to go a day without learning something new."

Working beyond age 65 may become the norm in the not so distant future. "Age Smart" gives many practical ideas on how to stay young longer. This book addresses physical, mental, financial and spiritual considerations. The author's believe that 70 percent of the aging process is under your control. They give practical advice like how you should exercise for thirty minutes a day seven days a week. They explain how to read ingredient lists so you eat better and encourage the reader to eat foods in their natural state. There is also some information on why diets don't work and how lifestyle changes are needed for long-term health. Some of the most interesting sections of the book consist of interviews with people who have aged well. It is interesting to note that some people did not find their ideal career until well into their forties. Also it seems there are some things that will make you live longer like having a good sense of humor. I wouldn't recommend this book as the only book you read on aging but there are some important facts that could lead to you living a more productive life as you grow older.

~The Rebecca Review
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What I most appreciate about this book is that it is uplifting in its sensibility. It isn't trying to provide us aging baby-boomers with some magic pill or breakthrough way of living that will defy the calendar. It is written for practical people who want to look at their whole life as they prepare for the decades when they can enjoy their senior discounts. The book begins by recounting the story of a retired executive who took on another high-powered job because he didn't like the way the retirees he knew drifted into wearing pink pants. He swore he would never wear pink pants and the authors encourage us to make the same commitment.

The authors start with a sensible and moderate approach to the care of body. While we all get new aches and pains and many have to cope with new conditions and illnesses, there are sensible ways to manage them and to give yourself the best shot at not contributing to new limitations. Moderate exercise, a sensible moderate approach to diet, and keeping an active, engaged, and curious mind are all important factors in keeping yourself active and able to enjoy your life. The only extreme they want you to take is lowering stress (without becoming slack).

The second focus is on your "soul" (in the current squishy way of referring to your emotional well-being). This is about staying engaged with other people, finding a purpose (being engaged with a community organization, a job, or something to keep you outside yourself), and enjoying your life.

The last section focuses on practical finance. It is absolutely important to stay focused on maintaining the means to support yourself as you age. While one can remain aggressive with their money, the later decades are no time to take such huge risks that you will not have to make a recovery from a devastating loss. The guide is for sensible investments and to understand clearly what you have available and arranging your expenditures to be in line with your inflow while retaining the ability to cover emergencies.

A good book with sensible, if general, advice.
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on November 7, 2012
This is an extremely interesting Kindle ebook which, as the writer says, is not about staying young but aging well. We can do this by taking care of our bodies, our minds and our souls (or spirits). This isn't just the usual inspirational mumbo-jumbo of half-myth and half-fact that we are all too familiar with. It is a well-laid out, well-written investigation into what keeps some people well and happy into old age and it aims to show how this is possible for us all.

All aspects of getting older are considered, from finances through work and personal projects and activities to socializing, and the kernel of the book is interviews with celebrities and ordinary people who have succeeded in staying young in outlook and lifestyle as they grew older.

Whether we are still looking forward to being elders of our community or have actually arrived at this time, this ebook is one that is well worth reading and keeping on our Kindles to browse through again and again.
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on February 14, 2012
Here's my honest review:

Pros: The book really pulls together the concept of living healthier in your senior years nicely. The structure was tight and the various examples of diet and lifestyle and how they impact health was good.

Cons: The book is a bit on the long side for my taste because I prefer books I can read through fast and get the points dead on. The authors advocates meat (in moderation) but my personal views do not support meat eating so we can disagree on this. The financial section of the both seemed a bit out of place and I felt it could have been a companion book.

Overall, I like this book and it reminds me of Unlock Your Holistic Health Lifestyle (The Holistic Health Nurse Series) which is a lighter read and more to the point but also focuses on a plant based diet. Both books promote healthy living but Jenny's book contains a meal plan which is a great bonus.
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on February 27, 2013
My kindle has a text to speech function and with the right cables, I was able to listen to the book while driving. There was so much good information in the book, I listened to it twice. Most 'aging right' books ignore spirituality but this book tackled this topic in what I thought was a sensitive way. I thought it was a very well balanced, well written book.
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on February 17, 2012
Having read many books during the past several years on "senior" health and retirement planning, I particularly like the chapters on health, "diet," and lifestyle in this book. The information matches what I have observed personally and learned through reading. The tone is optimistic, and the interviews with well-known people who have aged well add interest to the topics discussed.

For some reason, this book a "fun read" because of its brevity, factual approach, and encouraging suggestions on aging well.

I like the emphasis on "making a comeback" to good health through (a) daily exercise; (b) acquiring wisdom about our eating habits (clearly analyzed in terms of obesity, diabetes, and age-related medical conditions that can be avoided or diminished until "old old" age); and (c) engaging in activities (whether they be on-the-job or through volunteering) that present a challenge to which we respond with commitment, engagement, and full effort.

Although my review may create the impression that the content is predictable, I would say, instead, that the content is condensed, vitally important, and extremely optimistic and encouraging about the rewards of simple but effective changes.
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on May 25, 2006
I really enjoyed the book - it was very well written and I liked the balanced approach to aging. My favorite parts were the interviews because aging means so many different things to different people. It was good to know that things like staying curious and being an optimistic person are helpful in aging well and keeping the mind sharp. I'd definitely recommend this book to anyone in their 30s, 40s and 50s who want to make sure they get to their older years in the best shape possible!
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on February 4, 2013
Although this book seems focused on an older population than me, I love the information in it. I really found the information very thought provoking. There are stories from experts, tips, research on topics, etc. I also glad this was available on Kindle.
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on November 29, 2012
This book contains a lot of good general advice for staying healthy throughout life. It is a bit vague in parts and too general for my taste. I found myself wanting more. It is very well rounded and includes advice on all aspects of life including spiritual, mental, physical, etc.
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on August 31, 2013
Age Smart is definitely, beyond any doubt, THE single most important book I've read in a VERY long time. Not only does it provide some extremely good and practical advice, but it also conveys that advice in an inspiring manner which provides readers with hope for their futures and a strong desire to make positive changes in their lives NOW -- and ALL without being sappy or preachy. Age Smart is a DEFINITE recommend!!!
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