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5.0 out of 5 stars The voice and the truth...
Here's the TRUTH...

The most profound truth that seems to be still ignored by many practicing internists, gynecologists, and endocrinologists (and the most important part of this book) is stated on page 90 of this book:

"When a woman has a complete hysterectomy, so many doctors make the mistake of prescribing only estrogen. This is a recipe for...
Published on October 15, 2006 by Charles Runels Md

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1.0 out of 5 stars Don't go by her recommendations for doctors
I read Suzzanne's book and I called the lady doctor she referred to in New York. She just wanted to promote all these vitamins and was hardly ever there and had me come back so many times and it was such a waste of my time and money. It was a big mistake going there. I was not impressed and paid so much money. After all that my eyebrows fell out and has not grown back...
Published on November 15, 2010 by nobnic

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466 of 492 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars The voice and the truth..., October 15, 2006
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
Here's the TRUTH...

The most profound truth that seems to be still ignored by many practicing internists, gynecologists, and endocrinologists (and the most important part of this book) is stated on page 90 of this book:

"When a woman has a complete hysterectomy, so many doctors make the mistake of prescribing only estrogen. This is a recipe for disaster."

Exactly how and which hormones should be prescribed is still a matter of research but (as a physician practicing many of the techniques described in this book) I've seen so many women go from suffering with fatigue, lack of sex drive, difficulty thinking, depression, anxiety, and weight "waking up" and feeling energetic, sexual, losing weight, and throwing away their antidepressants...that it is maddening to me that so many gynecologists continue to ignore their own research.

EXAMPLE: Years ago, in OB/GYN (like the New England Journal for gynecologists) the gynecologists published in their own magazine a study showing that women who were started on testosterone immediately BEFORE the hysterectomy (so it would be on board to help with recovery from the operation) recovered from surgery faster, had less pain, and a faster recovery emotionally and sexually than did women who were not on testosterone.

With proper hormone replacement (including testosterone), very good research in OB/GYN shows that women who have hysterectomy for the right reasons will have better sexual relations after the surgery than they had before the surgery.

If I sound like I'm ranting, it's because I am. I see so many women go from feeling miserable to feeling wonderful after the principles described in this book are applied that I find it tragic that too many women get slapped with a pap smear and a prescription for Premarin on the way out the door after their 10 minute visit with the gynecologist (where most of the discussion took place with her talking to her physician looking up from between her legs (spread by the table's stirrups).

One WARNING about the book...

Ms Somers says, "I'm sorry, but the lack of knowledge and insensitivity of doctors who think byat by removing organs unnecessarily, they are protectin women from cancer is truly disturbing! I will not even venture to think that somewhere in this scenario is a financial gain."

Actually, she did venture to think it because she said it. And the truth is that THERE IS FINANCIAL GAIN. But, if doing hysterectomy does prevent cancer, then you want doctors to have financial gain. I want Ms Someers to have financial gain for helping women with this wonderful book that wakes women to the truth about hormones, and also want doctors to have financial gain when they save lives.

Until you take care of a woman in her 30's wasting away in the hospital with ovarian cancer while her children cry at the bedside, it may be difficult to develop a hatred of this sneaky killer disease. Ovarian cancer is notorious for not being found until it's far to late to treat effectively because it has spread to the brain and other parts of the body.

If a woman is near menopause and truly needs a hysterectomy (removal of the uterus), then I agree she should probably have an oophorectomy (remove her ovearies) and lose for an entire lifetiem the risk of this horrible cancer rather than keep ovaries that will fail in a few years anyway. The mistake is not in the oophorectomy...the mistake is in improper hormone replacement after the hysterectomy.

So, though I don't find every word of the book to be the best advice, I do recommend that every man and women over the age of 30 read this book carefully and use it as a guide for further discussion with their doctor.

There's a list of physicians in the back of the book. I personally know some of these with any other profession, there is a range of quality...

On one extreme, some physicians practice medicine using many of the principles discovered by "anti-aging" research in combination with good sound internal medicine. On the other extreme, there are not-so-qualified physicians who burned out in another specialty who then use the new fad "anti-aging" medicine to be able to drum up business and charge high prices for services that are less than ideal. A good way to grade the physician you use is to ask about ligitimate research that has been conducted and how long he/she has been doing this type of endocrinology/internal medicine.

As for the VOICE: Ms Somers has written several books now about hormone replacement. I've recommended to my patients that they read "The Sexy Years" as a way to understand menopause and how proper and improper hormone replacement might change the body. This book was needed because it goes more directly to some of the medical options available and how they might be combined to live the most healthy energectic life possible. Ms. Somers has the gift of being able to grab more attention to the truth than could any physician and I'm grateful that she's using her position and her labors in writing for the noble work of saving lives rather than in the many other ways a movie star might squander time and money. Thank you, Ms Somers; I'm not a big on paying attention to movie stars turned expert (I haven't had a TV in my house since I left home for college), but you have become a great voice for good medicine and I have come to admire you greatly.

For more help, see the references to reasearch and to other books displayed on my website.

Peace & Health,

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4.0 out of 5 stars Ageless is informative and easy to read, but repetitive., February 2, 2007
In Ageless, Somers details everything there is to know about bio-identical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT). This differs from conventional hormone replacement therapy (HRT) because conventional hormone replacement therapy uses synthetic drugs that are slightly biologically different than the naturally occurring hormones in the human body. She uses personal accounts, informative prose, and interviews with doctors to get this information across. The variety of approaches helps explain things in various ways to more fully understand the concepts, and also add variety to the read.

This book is aimed at the demographic of middle-aged people, especially women, who are eligible for hormone replacement therapy. The book is essential for those who are considering hormone replacement therapy. Somers sings the praises of BHRT over and over again in this book.

The book is a useful tool, even for those who are not into middle age and considering hormone replacement therapy. Somers outlines and explains the function of every major hormone in the body and most of the minors as well, including adrenaline, insulin, human growth hormone, cortisol, melatonin, estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, DHEA, and thyroid.

There are two main points being made in this book. First, Somers wants everyone to understand the importance of hormones in health. This is a complex part of human life, and she does a good job of outlining the functions of hormones to her readers. She uses the metaphor of an "orchestra" of hormones to explain how interwoven our hormones are, and how if one is out of tune, the whole orchestra will sound off. However, beyond this metaphor she does little explaining of how the orchestra actually interacts, and instead deals with each hormone individually. This is a fine approach as an introduction to endocrinology.

The second point is that Somers really wants everyone to know what a difference BHRT has made in her life. This book is almost a memoir of her personal health journey. This part of the book becomes repetitive, because she constantly praises how her life went from stressful to calm, unhappy to joyous, chaos to perfection, all because of BHRT.

Somers explains the difference between synthetic hormones and bio-identical hormones, and what affect the difference makes on your body. She clearly speaks out against the health hazards of taking synthetic hormones, whether for menopause or birth control. She describes many approaches to nutritional and herbal supplementation and makes recommendations for supplements to optimize health, though this is a minor part of the book. She explains many of the details of bio-identical hormone replacement therapy, such as the difference between a static does and rhythmic cycling, and why one might choose one or the other,

She frankly discusses the signs, symptoms and options of natural aging. Her choice is to take bio-identical hormones, and she clearly thinks this is the best option for a great life. This could be construed to be a dogmatic viewpoint, except that she uses very personal anecdotes to define why she has chosen this route. This differs from the clinical approach she uses to write about the options. There are two very different tones happening in this book at the same time. She is both informing readers about hormones and health, and telling her personal story of choosing BHRT and how this has improved her life. I applaud the clear distinction between these two approaches, because it allows readers to make the choice for themselves, even while she sings the praises of BRHT.

The book contains a useful and thorough glossary that defines the medical terms used throughout the book. The glossary explains hormones like cortisol (the primary stress hormone), diseases such as acromegaly (a disorder caused by chronic overproduction of growth hormone), anatomical terms like mucosa (mucous membranes of the body), and even just words that one might not be familiar with including quartile (a fourth of a whole). The glossary is heavy on hormones (for example prolactin), environmental toxins that affect hormone function (ever heard of phthalates?), and elements that affect hormones (both those used medicinally and those found as toxins in our environments, such as selenium and fluoride, respectively).

The book ends with a list of resources and then a bibliography. The resources give readers many options on where to find a doctor that specializes in bio-identical hormone replacement therapy, also known as anti-aging doctors. The list is given by state, although only 15 states are listed, plus a few in Canada. Websites, pharmacies, and hormone testing agencies are also listed, as well as natural beauty products.

Perhaps even more useful is the bibliography. This cites all the sources used to write this book, and offers the reader further reading suggestions. The books cover hormones, of course, and this is good because even though Somers discuss hormones through Ageless, the readers still leaves with a superficial understanding of the hormonal orchestra that Somers so often references. Further reading will help interested readers understand hormonal processes more thoroughly. Also to be found are books on natural pest control, clean water, sex and libido, menopause, diet, sleep, and general health practices.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Go against the big pharmacopias and start to listen to others, October 27, 2006
The mere fact that large drug companies are fighting the FDA on bio identicals is a real good indication that there is something to this material.

Big drug companies are loosing money with the traditional hormones such as premarin which is made from horse urine. And hormones derived from plants which are more identical to our hormones are starting to take the lead and money from them.

I have been reading about bio identicals for some time now, and the drug companies are running scared. When in fact they should stop with the fighting and maybe join with the others and start to research the compounds and manufacturing their own bio identicals.

Suzanne is a true pioneer and knows with the aging baby boomers, we have to look at the aging process differently and shouldnt settle for becoming little old ladies or little old men, like its normal.

We still dont know why things grow old and we know quality of life doesnt improve with age, so finding out how to feel good when we age should be paramount in research. Rather than us just "wearing out our bodies" or "out living our bodies" we should be focusing on retention of feeling good mentally and physically. We dont have to age gracefully, somethings really are worth the fight and Suzanne has struck that nerve.
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5.0 out of 5 stars One of best Anti-Aging books, written for laymen, June 24, 2007
I learned considerable new anti-aging information, from Ageless, although I have read numerous books on this topic. I suspect most physicians would also learn some new information, from this book, which was written, in 2006.

Ageless, contains an abundance of leading edge medical knowledge concerning estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, thyroid, DHEA, melatonin, and human growth hormone replacement, breast cancer risks and treatment. Suzanne Somers survived breast cancer and continued on biodentical hormone replacement, while declining chemotherapy. She has researched hormone replacement far more thoroughly, than the "medical reporters," who have dominated media coverage of hormone replacement, with unbalanced, over-sensationalized, misleading articles. I have heard Suzanne Somers speak and she is dynamic, fluid, articulate, knowledgeable, humorous and inspiring.

I was especially impressed with the interviews of T S Wiley and Julie Taguchi, MD. Suzanne Somers conveyed the cancer reduction benefits of extended breast feeding, early and multiple pregnancy more clearly, than Sex, Lies and Menopause. The evidence demonstrating hormone replacement reduced breast cancer deaths thirty percent, while decreasing inflammation, deserves wider publicity.

Some of the physicians interviewed propose monthly cycling of progesterone and estrogen, citing research that monthly cycling, imitating the monthly menstrual period results in beneficial up-regulation of estrogen receptors.

Florida Detox clinical experience verifies bioidentical hormone replacement can produce dramatic reductions of depression, anxiety, fatigue, insomnia, chronic pain, fibromyalgia, migraine and interstitial cystitis. Many chemical dependency relapses are driven by hormonal deficiencies.

Suzanne Somers addresses the strange irony, that many people refuse treatment with safe, natural biodentical hormones, stating it is unnatural to avoid hormonal decline, with aging. Despite their refusal to accept natural hormone replacement therapy, these increasingly unhealthy individuals, willingly accept blood pressure, cholesterol, pain, insomnia and antidepressant medication, angioplasty, coronary bypass, and artificial joint replacement. Natural hormone replacement can reduce or eliminate the need for these medications and surgeries.

The conversational style of the interviews creates a very readable discussion of anti-aging medicine, although it is difficult to find information, using the table of contents.

This book also contains many very clever, funny jokes, regarding aging.
I did detect an apparent typo, where testosterone was said to decrease hemoglobin. Many excellent, books have at least one typo error and indeed it seems almost inevitable, that a lengthy book will contain one. Despite this apparent error, I feel this book easily deserves five stars.

Steven Sponaugle
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5.0 out of 5 stars You don't need a degree to be an expert, October 19, 2006
C. Walters (Los Angeles, CA USA) - See all my reviews
This review is specifically in response to the comments of some reviewers who express contempt for Ms. Somer's proclaiming to have knowledge about the human body.

Ms. Somers states, over and over again, that one should never attempt to correct one's own hormones, and to seek a qualified medical doctor to assist with any health needs. Who can find fault with that? She is most definitely NOT practicing medicine without a license. She is, however, sharing what she has learned.

What makes these reviewers think that only a doctor or a scientist can learn about medicine or science? We are all capable of learning about medical science- or anything else. It is an arrogant person who believes that you need to have a degree to know what you're talking about, in any field. (you don't need to be a seismologist to know we're having an earthquake!) Ms. Somers uses her celebrity to promote this new and exciting field, with the intention of benefiting all of us. I, for one, and truly grateful for the time and energy she took to educate me.
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4.0 out of 5 stars Fabulous Book - IMPORTANT TOO !!!!, November 12, 2006
With this book entertainer Suzanne Somers has probably done more good for the American people than all the work in television she ever did combined. Good for her, and good for us.

She takes the reader through interview after interview, with the doctors she believes are the best practitioners of alternative medicine in the United States today. She even provides a thoughtful resource list beginning on page 405 listing who she believes are the best anti-aging doctors, specialists, clinics and institutes in the country at this time. She provides the websites, addresses, and phone numbers.

This is especially useful because there are a great many charlatans practicing medicine in this country, both mainstream and alternative. You want a referral from someone you respect, and I respect anyone who this lady is writing about.

I do believe that Miss Somers is much too kind in her explanation as to why the medical practices she is writing about haven't been adapted yet by mainstream medicine. There is a mindset that exists in American medicine today, and it is a dangerous one.

Studies have shown that the way a doctor is taught medicine in medical school is the way he will continue to practice it for the rest of his career with very few changes, or adjustments. Doctors turn out to be no different than the rest of us. They learn a style of medicine, which is based on intervention. Have you ever asked a doctor how to prevent heart disease? You get a blank stare, since 98% of his practice is about dealing with people that already have the problem; doctors tend to be wholly uninformed about PREVENTION.

They are in fact INTERVENTIONISTS, and fortunately they tend to be pretty good at it. On the other hand they have been spoon fed this concept that drugs are the answer to every issue. Now we are fortunate that we do have advanced drugs available to us in this society. The problem is that doctors have it drummed into their heads, that drugs are the answer to every issue facing the patient.

They also suffer from an advertising media barrage, that they find inescapable. An example is hypertension, where there are currently scores of drugs available, whereas 50 years ago, there were none. Really sophisticated old-line cardiologists will tell you the drug of choice for hypertension is diuretics. They work and are so inexpensive, that we would have to call them CHEAP. They are also one of the oldest drugs used for hypertension, which means they have a long history as to safety.

If you pick up any issue of the American Journal of Cardiology, or the New England Journal of Medicine, or England's Lancet, you will never, ever see an advertisement for diuretics. Why, you may wonder? It's because they are off patent, and there's no money to be made in them by Big Pharma. Consequently, this priority drug is way down the list in terms of prescriptions written.

Ms. Somers book is FABULOUS, and truly worth reading. Her celebrity gives her access to whomever she wants to interview. The doctors in question are more than willing to speak with her because they remain prominent only within the context of their profession. Outside of their profession, they wait on lines at restaurants, just like the rest of us. They want to be HEARD.

In my own work in the stock market, and medical technology, I have noticed how readily prominent doctors, and researchers are willing to talk in order to take on a mainstream audience. It also allows certain doctors to radically expand their practice via interviews of the type you will read in the book.

The author writes about aging, and more importantly, anti-aging. This is a topic all of us have an interest in. The treatments involve natural substances, and all of them should be taken under medical supervision. Whether it's something as simple as vitamins, or supplements, you have to realize that these substances are powerful, and have effects on the human body. If you are taking medication of any kind in addition to the regimens prescribed in this book, you need to have a professionally trained medical practitioner supervise the entire process. It's your life you are dealing with.

If I could make one more recommendation when you read the book. Get yourself a pen that's a bold under liner, and write in the book. Make notes in the margins. Write in the last few pages, which are conveniently left empty. Make this book yours, take ownership of it and the knowledge that's in it. There is too much here to try to remember. Used this book as a convenient reference for the state of the art in anti aging technology, and knowledge.

There is a bibliography beginning on page 415. You should use it, and read the other books on this subject as well. Ray Kurzweil's "Fantastic Voyage: Live Long Enough to Live Forever", is the work of a genius, who may well be the best-informed man in the world on this topic.

The Life Extension Foundation, in Hollywood Florida is also mentioned. This organization is years ahead of its time. They were talking about taking aspirin to prevent heart attacks ten years before the medical profession picked up on it, and fifteen years before it became common practice in your doctor's practice. The Foundation has a glossy monthly magazine that's quite interesting.

Here's the real deal, if you haven't figured it out yet for yourself. You're on your own out there in terms of your health. Unless you become a full partner with your doctor as it pertains to your own medical status, you are not going to get the full benefits of our medical technology as it exists today. You have to ask the right questions. You have to be knowledgeable. You have to be demanding.

More importantly, you have to be willing to fire a doctor and work with someone new. Your health is the most important objective in your life. It is far too important to have an attitude that amounts to nothing more than walking into a doctors' office, and saying to him, "FIX ME." Such an attitude amounts to a recipe for disaster, and that's what we are experiencing in American medicine today.

I am personally grateful that Ms. Somers has seen fit to bring her considerable writing skills, some 16 books to date, to bear on this vitally important topic. From topics as diverse as Keeping your insides young, Men and their hormones, to Detoxification, and Ageless living, this book delivers in a highly readable format. Sit back, and enjoy the ride that she takes you on. It just may add years to your life.

Richard Stoyeck
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5.0 out of 5 stars A review from an informed OB/GYN, November 17, 2006
I am an OB/GYN who has been prescribing bioidentical HRT for the past 18 years.

I commend Suzanne Somers for her continuing campaign to raise the awareness on the importance of bioidentical HRT and the various health options women have. The book includes a variety of opinions from many doctors of various medical specialties. This gives the patient the understanding that there are many approaches available. Women are empowered with choices to fit their individual needs.

There is plenty of published scientific data and research on the safety and effectiveness of bioidentical HRT. This book will hopefully set the wheels in motion for continued research.

After reading this book, patients will be more educated consumers, enlightened to ask questions and choose the best doctor that meets their needs for comprehensive health care. This integrative approach allows patients to receive health care that addresses the entire body.

I commend Suzanne for guiding the readers to consider doctors that are members of ACAM, American college for the Advancement in Medicine.

This organization is an educational forum for doctors who want to expand their knowledge beyond conservative medical school approaches.

Lisa B Hirsch, MD

Newport Women's Health and Wellness

Newport Beach, CA
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1.0 out of 5 stars Don't go by her recommendations for doctors, November 15, 2010
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is from: Ageless: The Naked Truth About Bioidentical Hormones (Paperback)
I read Suzzanne's book and I called the lady doctor she referred to in New York. She just wanted to promote all these vitamins and was hardly ever there and had me come back so many times and it was such a waste of my time and money. It was a big mistake going there. I was not impressed and paid so much money. After all that my eyebrows fell out and has not grown back since. I tried to call this doctor but was not getting a call back. I also took my mother to a male doctor in Shrewsbury, New Jersey who had my mother pay up front and then received payment again from Medicare and still has not reimbursed my mother. I don't think Suzzanne has ever met these doctors and should not recommend them. I am so upset that I would not listen to her advice anymore. I'm sure she made a lot of money on her book. I like Suzzane Somers and I wish her well just wish she would have a better recommendation. She lists these doctors in her book. People please be aware. I have yet to write a letter to Suzzanne to let her know this.
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4.0 out of 5 stars The Hormone Solution Revealed, October 18, 2006
David (Brentwood, TN United States) - See all my reviews
Having done research on this topic now for 2 years I am excited to see Suzanne Somers continue to carry the banner for Bio-identical Hormones. I was first introduced to Bio-identical Hormones through Dr. L. Morgan Williams of Hormone Physicians. After a careful review of my labs Dr.Williams determined that I had low testosterone and replaced my hormones with natural bio-identical hormone pellets. My life has never been the same since. I encourage anyone searching for a way to reverse the effects of aging to read Suzanne's book. You will be amazed at what having normal hormones can do.
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5.0 out of 5 stars She's got more doctor interviews and more up to date information in this latest BHRT bible, September 6, 2007
The title of this book prompts a disclaimer. The word Ageless is clearly an attention getter used to sell books. The definition is "not affected by time or age." In no way do I believe there are as yet any lotions, potions or cutting edge docs who can prevent the aging process.
What I do believe is that we can make use of the latest research to support our bodies to fight off the diseases and complaints of aging. So does the author.

Now on to the book.

Suzanne Somers has pulled together an enormous amount of research and features interviews with sixteen practitioners with different but sometimes overlapping specialties. What we end up with are the key components of healing what ails you now and preventing what lurks in the future.
"I believe it is possible to experience aging without illness, which is the big dream for all of us. We don't fear getting older; we fear getting sick, really sick" says Ms. Somers.

Yes Suzanne is a Bio-Identical Hormone replacement (BHRT) zealot. She is a well educated one and someone who lives what she preaches. Her life is vastly improved through the concepts proposed--detox, healthy lifestyle, sleep!, and BHRT for women and men.

Lest you don't know her story she is a breast cancer survivor. She was diagnosed when she was already well into feeling better than ever through her hormone replacement choices and refused to give them up during her treatment. Bold yes, some might say stupid, but her decision served her.
I mention that bit to get you past the misconception that bio-identical hormone replacement causes to cancer. It does not. The reasons are complex and too long to go into here. Get the book. It speaks to this specifically.

So what can bio-identical hormones do for us? They can turn off, or slow down, the "time to die" signals. Hormones keep us strong and healthy when we are younger so we can breed and care for our young and ensure the success of future generations by doing so. Once we are done with that whole process our hormones start to dry up and the signal that sends to the body is, "time to go, you are no longer a productive."

That's the simplified Greg-speak version. The big point is when hormones decline or are out of balance we are susceptible to the diseases associated with aging. These include Alzheimer's, cancer, and heart disease. Dr. Robert Greene of Specialty Care for Women in Redding, CA has this to say, "Take Alzheimer's disease, for example. Several studies done on both men and women show if someone has an estradiol level of less than 20 pg/mL, they are at highest risk of developing Alzheimer's disease and cognitive disturbances." And we wouldn't want to prevent that why?

It's not just the hormonal decline that's responsible for our poor health and disease rates it's also the toxins we ingest. Exogenous (foreign essentially) hormones--found in dairy products, birth control, and in some instances the water supply-- are toxic since they are not made in our bodies and are said to be responsible for the increase in reproductive organ cancers such as breast, testicular and cervical.

Add to this the toxic load we ingest daily in the form of pesticides, plastics, creams laden with non-cancer causing but non-the-less disturbing chemicals and our bodies begin to break down under the weight. The burden of toxicity causes fatigue, aches, pains, and upsets and we call that "normal for someone my age."

Detox is a big part of the The Ageless prescription for wellbeing.

Sleep is another biggy in this book; an underrated "miracle cure." Sound sleep is hard to come by when your hormones are out of whack though. During deepest sleep our body does its repair work and pumps out restorative hormones. No stages of deep sleep and health decline is inevitable.

This book is far more comprehensive than her first visit to the BHRT world, The Sexy Years. Medicine moves at the speed of light and since her first book there have been many studies, clinical trials come to term, and women with stories of success to draw from. But stories don't guarantee safety and this book backs up all of the successes with science.

If you are currently a woman of a certain age, even if you are "too young" to think about hormone replacement--and if you have PMS, PCO, or other "female" malady you are not too young--you might want to use this book as a primer. Learn what is preventable and then you can figure out how you want to go about preventing it. Or not. It's obviously a personal thing.

Long term care is expensive, far more so than a book with practical information that you can implement now. Ignorance is also expensive. Give yourself the inexpensive gift of an open mind and you just might want to spend some of that insurance money on making your wildest dreams come true.
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